Monday, February 18, 2019

Monday - Cool, Damp Day!

Ken had a rather restless night (he said someone in our room was making some unusual sounds - who could that be?) and only got up at 6, the same time I made an appearance!  It is a whole different way of getting ready when you have to go to a bathroom and shower area outside of your room. I forgot how hard it is to dry your feet and put on clothes when the floor in the shower area is very wet!!!!

We were at breakfast by 7:30 (which meant we were on time - yeah!) and it was delicious with so many options.  Then it was off to another area for our formal orientation (they have rules that we have to follow - imagine that?).  From there we walked to the Depot to get another orientation of what is available for us to do here this week and how it needs to be done.  We were also able to sign-up to leave the property and go out into the area to help with needs like sorting clothes at thrift stores, cleaning homes of the elderly, playing bingo with the elderly, painting projects, etc.  

You aren't able to see how large this warehouse actually is!

Just a small section!

Here we are learning about the jobs that are available and
then we got to choose what we wanted to do!

Different churches or organizations send filled disaster relief buckets and school kits to this facility and our job is to go through them to make sure that have the property items in them.  Today Ken helped go through the disaster relief buckets to make sure the items were not moldy or leaking.  Unfortunately, some of the sponges put inside were not the proper kinds and they had gotten moldy and needed to be replaced.  I helped with the school kits and where we took all the items out of the material handmade bags making sure all the items needed were there and of the right size and quantity.  Each day we work from 9:00 to 11:30 and then from 1:00 to 3:30.  It is amazing how much gets accomplished in those time frames and all the new people you meet.

One area where they were working on the school kits!
Behind them they are doing the disaster cleaning buckets!

Burt, Pat, and I, plus numerous other folks worked on
school kits in a different area that was more climate controlled!

Ken worked with these folks on the buckets!

After our afternoon work session, we checked out the gift shop and then our small group met for devotions.  Then back to our rooms where I had time to do my devotions and work on this blog before dinner.  The food here is excellent but today's weather was very chilly and so damp.  Looking forward to warmer weather the rest of the week, but some rain is expected.

Our group from Edgewater elected me to represent them for the organizing of the Vesper Service on Thursday evening.  There is one person from each of the 6 teams who met to plan the service during dinner this evening.  I will be the worship leader that evening and will sing in the small choir we are hoping to organize.  It should be a good experience.

After the meeting, 6 of us met to play Hand and Foot, all from our team.  What a fun time.  Back to our room by 9 to finish this blog and go to bed.  It has been a busy, but great day!

Just a footnote - There are about 67 volunteers here this week from Texas, Florida, and Ohio, but people are really from all different states - example, we are here with the team from Florida, but we are PA residents!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday - Another Travel Day!

Ken was up early to do his normal morning reading routine and I got up at 6:00 to do my stretches and devotions before we got ready.  We went down to the continental breakfast at 7:45 and it was rather skimpy.  We loaded everything back in the car and by 9 all of us were leaving for Louisiana.  

Phil, our leader, said that we would be very close to the French Quarter in New Orleans if any of us chose to stop.  So that is what Burt, Pat, Ken and I decided to do.  We had very little traffic going in and leaving and we found a parking space immediately (they say all of that is very unusual!)  My mother told me if I got near the area that I had to try the beignets.  Wow, was she right.  They were positively delicious!  At Cafe Beignet you get 3 of them for $3.99 and they almost melt in you mouth.  We only spent about 1 1/2 hours in the French Quarter before continuing our trip to Baldwin.  

We parked in this block of the French Quarter

Reminded me of Mallory Square in Key West.

The most famous place for getting beignets but there was
such a long way.

Pecan Pralines!

One of the local tour guides recommended the Beignet Cafe
these delicious treats.  The make them to order!

Cute little cafe and very full.  We had to wait at least 20 minutes!

I'm waiting!

.....and here they are!

Positively delicious!

I don't understand how this mime is sitting this
way without moving!


Some interesting music!

Our traveling companions and good friends, Burt and Pat!

The skyline of New Orelans!

The rest of the trip went very smoothly and we arrived at our destination, UMCOR Sager Brown around 4.  The rest of our group had already arrived.  Our room is more than adequate and the large bathrooms very nice.  It will be a comfortable 5 night stay.

Ken and I took a short walk on the property, which is bordered by the Bayou and than sat in one of the deck areas meeting a few new people and chatting with some of our group.

On the back of the property at Sager Brown!

A large tugboat!

This bluebird came to visit us!

The door to our room for this week!

We had a meeting at 6 to learn more about our week and then our group went to a local Mexican Restaurant that was excellent and the server amazing.  What fun.  Back to our room by 8:15 and I downloaded photos and worked on this blog.  

Our group from Edgewater Church in Port Charlotte, FL!

A great Mexican Meal!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Saturday - On Our Way To Baldwin, LA

Ken and I were up bright and early and got ready for our Mission Trip to Sager Brown in Baldwin, LA.  Ernie and Noela stopped by at 7:15 to say good-bye and wish us a safe trip.

At 7:30, Burt and Pat arrived and we loaded ALL our things in their car.  We were concerned that we would have a lot more "stuff" then they had, but they packed rather "heavily" also.  We are used to packing for a trip in Wilbur, and Ken and I tell each other to pack anything you think you will need, because we have plenty of room.  Needless to say, we always take too much stuff and this trip is probably not an exception!

We met the other 5 folks at the church and by 8 we were on our way.  We started as a "caravan", but knew we would end up separated for most of the trip.  One other couple will be joining us tomorrow at our Sager Brown destination after spending last week in Texas with family.

The drive went extremely well with a few stops for gas, drinks and lunch at Wendy's near Lake City.  We arrived at the Red Roof Inn at Pensacola around 4:15, and we were the last one's to arrive - we definitely had a lnice, leisure drive although the rest of the group only arrived a little before us.  

We all met at 5:30 and walked to Sonny's Barbeque which was right next store.  We had a fun time of fellowship and good food (you know how much I like Sonny's!).  Back to the motel and Burt and Pat came to our room to play Hand and Foot.  There were no tables and chairs available anywhere in the hotel, so we set up the ironing board between our 2 queen sized beds and played - worked well.  The men gave up after 3 rounds.  In bed by 9:15 to do some reading and then off to dreamland!

Looking forward to getting to know this group better and all the other people we will be with this next week plus the projects we will do to help those folks less fortunate!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday - Beautiful Warm, Sunny Day!

No walking for Ken and I today because we left by 8:45 to help at the Foot Pantry.  We didn't have an overabundance of food but it went well and we served 75 needy folks.  After the Pantry closed and we cleaned up about 14 of us went to Beef O'Brady's for lunch.  That time of fellowship is very special and the food and service at that restaurant is always great!

Ken and I were back to the CG around 3 and it was time to do some additional packing for our mission trip.  We will be leaving the CG around 7:30 tomorrow morning.  Ken rested while I did my devotions.

At 4:30, Ernie, Noela, Ken and I headed to the shuffleboard courts and it was not a good day for the women.  The men won the 1st 2 games by a huge margins, but we had a very close 3rd game (the men still won)!  Back to Wilbur by 6 and Ken emptied our tanks, backwashed, and made sure everything was away or secure on our campsite. We had leftovers from today's lunch for dinner.

We decided not to get together with Ernie and Noela this evening so we could relax and do any last minute things before our week's departure.  I worked on our blog and started to crochet another baby afghan, which I want to continue working on while driving to Louisiana. We enjoy a nice phone conversation with Jamie and her girls.  Jamie was at Urgent Care on Monday with a bad case of bronchitis and still coughs so much and sounds terrible.  She feels a lot better, but the cough just won't go away.

We went to bed at 9 and feel good about our preparation for tomorrow morning's departure for our Mission Trip.  As per usual, we are probably taking way toooo much stuff, but we both like to be prepared!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Thursday - Cool Morning and Then Warm Afternoon!

It was only in the upper 40's when the four of us were on our morning walk, but it was beautiful and sunny.  Ken put the awning away before we ate breakfast.  He left at 8:45 and went to help set-up for tomorrow's Food Pantry at Edgewater Church.

I spent most of the morning cleaning and scouring Wilbur and then starting packing for our mission trip to Louisiana.  Ken was back by 11 because the truck had come earlier than usual and it was unloaded quickly.  We did some additional prep work for the gentleman who was coming at 1:30 to wash and wax Wilbur.  Ken went for a haircut while I did some rock painting.  Noela and I left for about 1 1/2 hours to go to a landscaping place to buy some rocks by the pound for painting (25 cents a lb.) and then I went into Michael's to buy some yarn so I can work on some baby afghans during our drive to Louisiana.  

The gentleman finished cleaning and shining Wilbur at 4:15 and the motorhome looks terrific!  Ernie, Noela, Ken and I headed to the shuffleboard courts where the men won again.  Noela's having some aching muscles today, so we only played one game.  Ken and I played a game and he won by a rather small margin, but none the less, it was a win.

We ate our leftovers from Chipotle for dinner and Ken washed the dishes when I left to play pickleball.  Unfortunately no one showed up tonight, probably because it was Valentine's Day.  I was disappointed but it gave us the opportunity to get together with Ernie and Noela earlier than usual.  We went to their 5th wheel and the woman won our game of Hand and Foot!  Back to Wilbur by 9:30 and off to bed!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wednesday - Rainy and Cool!

Around midnight, it started raining heavily  and I remembered that I had opened the sun roof on the CRV and didn't remember closing it - not good!  Ken woke from the noise of the rain and I asked him if he remembered closing it.  He thought he had, but we weren't positive!  Not much to do about it now!  Fortunately when we got up, we saw that it was closed.  That was a good thing because it really rained a lot during the night and this morning!

Ken was up early, but because I knew we wouldn't be walking and had stayed up till 11, I slept in until 8:15 when I heard Ken doing a Facebook chat with Samantha and Katelyn.  I jumped out of bed to be apart of it.  It was so great to talk to Samantha, Katelyn and Lanie.

Ken and I had a very leisure morning in Wilbur just chatting, doing devotions, etc.  It continued to rain until about 11:30, but remained cloudy and cool.  We ate a light lunch and then we picked up Ernie and Noela and went to see the movie, Green Book!  What a phenomenal movie, that made you laugh and cry.  Hard to imagine how badly we treated the blacks not that many years ago.  It is a must see show!

After the movie, we went to Chipotle Mexican Restaurant for dinner.  Ken and I both really enjoy Mexican and Ernie and Noela have never been to this chain.  It was delicious!  Back to the CG by 6:45 and we got together in Wilbur to play cards. We finished our Hand and Foot game and the women won rather handily, but the men beat us in Skip-Bo, but it was a close one!

We finished at 9:15 and it was off to bed!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tuesday - Warm and Humid, but Very Windy!

The 4 of us enjoyed our morning walk and after breakfast, Ken and I walked back to the CG pickleball courts where about 20 or more players were participating in a tournament.  I would have played, but I am committed to playing on Tuesday mornings with the ladies from Edgewater Church in North Port.  It was fun watching folks who I have played with over the last few years.

I left at 9:45 and went to North Port to play about an hour of pickleball before the church ladies who are learning to play arrived.  It was a tough morning to play because of the extremely windy conditions!  While I was gone, Ken had taken down most of our outdoor decorations and wind screen because on Thursday afternoon a gentleman is coming to wash and wax Wilbur.

I met Ken, Ernie, Noela, Jim and Joyce at Bocca Lupa Pizza at 12:15.  Today, 25% of your bill went to Angel Kits for homeless children in the North Port area.  The pizza was delicious and it felt good to contribute to a cause that Ken and I hope to get involved with.  Ken and I went to Wal-Mart and when we returned to the CG the 6 of us got together for ice cream.  Ken and I had told them about the Key Lime Pie with Mango Ice Cream that Rick and Joyce had introduced to us and the group wanted to try it.  Wow, everyone agreed it was yummy.  Unfortunately it looks like it might have been a feature flavor for just a short time.  We will be on a search to be sure!

I finished "touching up" my coconut fish while Ken read and then after a light dinner, I went to play pickleball.  It was a warm evening and the wind had stopped.  Over to Ernie and Noela's to play Hand and Foot.  After 2 rounds the women were winning by a huge margin, but the 3rd round Noela and I didn't get into our feet and the men nearly "caught up"!  I guess the 4th round will determine the winner!

Back to Wilbur by 9:20 and after a shower, I watched that favorite show of mine, New Amsterdam. and it didn't disappoint!  Bed by 11!