Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday - Our 1st Full Day at Jellystone!

Bria and Cali awoke around 6:30 but stayed in bed to read and play my handheld Yahtzee game which they learned to play yesterday.  They really enjoy it!

By 7:15 we where all up and about and the girls played games while we got ready and made breakfast.  Grandma did her special pancake breakfast and PawPaw got all the fresh fruit ready.  It was a great morning to eat outside.  

After cleaning up, we played some more Uno and then I put on my SAS and we went for a walk around the CG.  It is very large and I think I counted about 80 log cabins that are available for rent throughout the season.  Ken sat at the bouncy area watching the girls while did more walking.

By then it was time for the waterpark to open, so we headed back to Wilbur to change into our suits, lather with suntan lotion and go to the water area.  It is such a fun place with so many powerful water guns and cannon like "things" as well as 2 large water slides.  The 4 of us had water battles and the girls had a great time going down the water slides over 25 times.  Ken and I participated some of the time, but we also just enjoyed watching them.

We returned to Wilbur for lunch and then it was back to the water area.  After another "fierce" water battle, we decided to play a round of mini golf and then we deserved another ice cream treat.  Ken took the girls back to the waterpark and I went to Wilbur to shower and start prepping for dinner.

They were back by 5:45 and everyone showered before we had a delicious dinner of grilled chicken and fresh corn on the cob.  We were able to enjoy eating outside.

By then it was 6:45 and time to head to Bingo where the prizes were candy bars.  PawPaw stayed back to clean-up and then joined us later.  Fortunately we won 1 time and the prize was 6 bars of candy!  Of course, we had to try some of them.

The girls wanted to go to do more bouncing, so we watched them until the area was closed down at dusk.  Next activity - a laser hay ride around the park.  It was fun thing to do and everytime you passed a site where people were outside we all yelled "hay"!  (Do you get it????)

We were back to Wilbur by 9:30 and as soon as the sofa was made into the girl's bed, we all called it a day.  The girls were asleep almost immediately.  I worked on this blog and then was sooooo ready for a good nights sleep.  It has nnbeen a fun day but rather exhausting for the "old folks"!

Looking forward to the arrival of Samantha and Katelyn around 9 AM tomorrow.  The 4 cousins will have so much fun together.  Bria and Cali will be leaving after dinner to tomorrow night and Samantha and Katelyn will be with us until Thursday, that way all of them have equal time with Grandma and PawPaw.

We felt fortunate that we didn't get any rain today.  In Lititz they have bed storms with heavy rain.  So glad it missed us!  We were too busy having fun!

Again it is too late to add photos!  I will do that when I am not so tired!!!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday - RVing at Yogi Bear Jellystone CG

Ken and I were up by 6:30, ate a light breakfast and headed off to church by 8:30.  Dane and Jamie had left yesterday for a four day trip to California, so we sat with Dan and Sue, Jamie's in-laws, who had brought Bria and Cali to church.

After the service, we took Bria and Cali home with us and we did some last minute loading in Wilbur.  Then the 4 of us went to Isaac's for a delicious lunch - it was the girls choice and a very good one!  Upon our return, we hooked up the CRV and were on our way to Jellystone by 1:45.  It was about a 1 hour drive.  

It was a "zoo" when we got there because check-in was at 3 and there were numerous rigs arriving at the same time.  We were escorted to our site and we were extremely pleased with our large, stoned and very shaded site.  All of the sites are very nice and spacious, probably one of the nicest CG's we have been to.  

We were set-up rather quickly and Bria and Cali wanted to go the the bounce area and check-out the playground.  They really had a fun time trying to do flips and cartwheels on the "bouncy thing".

Back to Wilbur where Ken grilled hamburgers and we had salads, cut-up peppers and baked cheese curls.  Bria helped wash dishes and then we went to play miniature golf.  They have a nice course that is perfect for young children and even a bit challenging for the adults.  Then it was time for an ice cream cone.

We had started a game of Uno in the afternoon, so we sat outside and finished the game by lantern light.  By 9:15 we were all in bed after a rather long, tiring day.  Looking forward to going to the waterpark area tomorrow.

It will add photos later!  I am too tired to go through them tonight! 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saturday - Kubb Tournament Day!

Ken and I were up by 6:30 and packed some snacks and drinks and were on our way to a Kubb Tournament about 1 hour from Lititz at Elverson (very near to Lanie and Bob's house).

Bob, our son-in-law, goes to about 5 major Kubb tournaments annually and his team tied for 5th in the National Tournament in Wisconsin.  He takes it very seriously.  He along with some help from his teammates, decided to host the 1st annual East Coast Kubb Tournament and boy it was a lot of work.  But he did a great job of organizing a great tournament.  There were 20 teams that participated, including Ken and I as team "Over the Hill Gang".  There were 9 different states represented so I questioned why we would even be a part of this event!

Even our granddaughters, Samantha and Katelyn, helped at
the tournament.  They checked in all the teams and then
helped post the scores from each match!

These are the "trophies" and ribbons
for the winning teams!

Samantha's brownie troop had the food
stand, so she was a "worker"!

It was a gorgeous day to be outdoors and we got to be with our family and our good friends, Dan and Jackie, who came to cheer us on and watch how really talented participants play.  (That would not be us!!!!!)  Ken and I really did have a great time and meet many very nice folks.  Amazingly, after playing 7 games, Ken and I played in the Gold Division, which unfortunately for us was all the better players and we tied with 4 other teams for 5th place - crazy!!  A fun time was had by all!  Hats off to Bob and Lanie for a job well done!

There were 10 courts and all teams got to play at least 7 games!
A winner had to be declared after 25 minutes of play and
then right on to the next game!

The Over the Hill Gang!

Bob had purchased 15 stained Kubb sets for the tournament and
decided on the paint "design". (Why not 1 color!) Each set had
 10 Kubbs and a Queen, all painted the same - blue, white stripe, yellow,
 another white stripe and then blue.  It required two coats of
paint for each color.  Quite a job.  Ken and I spent about 5 hours one
Saturday being "painters"! 

These folks shaking hands were an extremely nice couple that
drove from Wisconsin to participate.  Ken and I lost to them, but
we had a lot of fun.  They own a business they founded called
Gorilly Goods, organic natural snacks. Very interesting to chat
with.  They had lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean for several
years paddling in a kayak each day to their workplace!  
By the luck of the draw, this was the 1st team we played and
they beat us handily.  No wonder - they ended up being the winners of
the entire tournament.  No wonder we felt outplayed!   Bob's team was 2nd! 

This was the local cheering section, neighbors of Bob and Lanie
and are friends, Dan and Jackie!

Our daughter, Lanie, chatting with her neighbors!

Our long time and very dear friends, Jackie and Dan.  We
have so much history together!  We appreciated them being
part of this day!

Ken and I left at 3 so he could go to his 4:00 Step Study.  I dropped him off and then went to Wal-Mart to get the needed groceries for our camping adventure with our granddaughters.  Back to get Ken at 5:30 and we headed home totally exhausted.

Now it was time to load more things into Wilbur - refrigerator and freezer food, etc.  After having leftovers for dinner and doing dishes, more loading continued. By 8:30 we were done for the night and so ready to get showers and go to bed.

It was a fun day, but for the Over the Hill Gang it was time for sleep! 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Thursday - An On the Move Day!

Ken and I went for a 45 minute walk before he left for his 8:30 breakfast with Gary.  It was another nice morning to be outdoors.

While he was gone, I showered and did some clean-up around the apartment.  I also found just a short period of time to work on some cards.  At 10:45 we left for Masonic Village to have lunch with my parents and then play Pinochle.  It was a fun afternoon but the men won 2 of the 3 games.  We were back home around 5:00.  

After enjoying some salads, we changed and met our friends, Dan and Jackie, at the pickleball courts.  It was a bit overcast and just enough breeze to cool us a bit but not affect our games.  Again, it was another fun evening and nice to spend time with them.

We were home around 8:30 and were in bed by 9:15.  Being a year older seems to make me tired more quickly!!!!!!

Today, Friday, we were up at 5:40, a ridiculous time for us retired folks, and Ken drove me to Ephrata to have breakfast with the Curvette Ladies.  He went to McDonald's for coffee and then met his mentor at a local eatery for breakfast. Polly brought me home at 8:30 and I started to do some packing for our camping trip, taking several trips to Wilbur.  I also had a nice phone conversation with my friend, Doloris.  

Ken had gone to Jamie's for a much needed haircut (it had been 2 months and he was rather "shaggy").  He was home by 11:45 and we loaded wood into Wilbur for some upcoming campfires!  After lunch, we continued taking trips to Wilbur.  It was an extremely hot, humid day, rather stifling.  I did 2 loads of wash and worked on this blog.  It was a special day - no place to go from lunch time on - WOW!

We continued preparing for our camping trip, leaving on Sunday!  Ken rested and I made a baby card for my nephew and his wife that had their son, Austin , earlier this week.   I did a little ironing (what is that?) and then after dinner we went for a walk.  We had a bad storm with lots and lots of rain before we ate and we could hardly believe hot hot and humid it was when we left for our walk at 7:15.

We showered when we returned and then Ken cleaned his grill and packed it up for Wilbur!  We were in bed by 9 and are trying to mentally prepare for our Kubb tournament tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday - Happy Birthday to Me!

Wednesday morning Ken and I had breakfast together and then he left for his job at MCC.  I went for a long walk in my SAS.  It was a nice morning for my "trip" around town.

Some how the morning flew by and at 11:45, John and Cindy picked me up and we met Ken at The Deck, an outside eatery in Ephrata.  It was a bit hot sitting on their deck, but the food and company made it a very special meal.  It is one of my favorite outdoor places to eat.

The 4 of us headed to the pickleball courts (it was hot) and we played for about 2 hours with many of the games being very close and with lots of good points and volleys.  We have so much fun playing together and the added bonus is spending time with family!

Ken and I were home by 4, showered, and then we both needed rest time (naps actually!).  By 5;15 we were at Jamie's house for a delicious dinner.  She had made a combo of sauteed onions, pepper, spices, spaghetti sauce and homemade zucchini noodles.  My gift was a spiral veggie maker and so the dinner was a recipe that I could make using my new "toy".  She also had cream filled donuts and pumpkin whoopie pies from my favorite donut shoppe and another favorite of mine - raspberry ice cream with chocolate slivers.  It was a special evening.  Bria and Cali enjoyed showing PawPaw and me their new school clothes and some special things in their rooms.  What a great way to spend my birthday evening.

When we left there, we went to Wilbur's storage area and brought him home for our upcoming camping trip with the granddaughters.  We watched America's Got Talent and were in bed by 10.

This was a special day and I want to thank everyone for my birthday cards, texts, and messages on Facebook.  They were very much appreciated!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Monday and Tuesday - Fun and Relaxing Days!

We were up by 6:30, watched the news, made breakfast, and then left to meet Cindy and John at the pickleball courts at 8:30.  It was a perfect day for playing with temperatures in the upper 60's when we started, cloudy, and no wind!  

We had a great time playing and had some excellent points.  Cindy was a very good tennis player and it comes through in her pickleball.  She has so many good shots - impressive!  We played for 3 hours and we really didn't want to stop.  While we were there, Cindy's son and his wife gave birth to their son, Westin.  They were scheduled for a C-Section at 8 this morning.  Westin weighed 11 lbs. 3 oz. - quite a big boy!  Ken wondered if he walked from the operating table to his bassinet!  We left the courts at 11:30 so Cindy and John could go to the hospital and meet their new grandson!

Ken and I stopped at a local roadside produce stand for lots of fruits and veggies.  Our refrigerator was rather bare after returning from vacation!  It was lunchtime when we got home and then I put on my SAS and we went for a walk around town.  Upon our return I played some Pop Words and then started making some cards at my desk.  I also had a very nice chat with my good friend, Jackie.  

Ken left at 6 for Celebrate Recovery and I spent the evening creating more cards.  Unfortunately my creativity was not flowing!  He was home by 9:15 and we watched America Ninja Warrior.  Bed by 10:15.

Today, Tuesday, we had planned to meet John and Cindy for pickleball at 8:30, but it was very cloudy and looked threatening.  So I chatted with Cindy and we decided to wait till 9 to give the court time to dry from the overnight rain.  Ken and I left at 8:45 and it was lightly raining.  Another chat with Cindy and we said we would try to get together a little later.  (They weren't predicting any rain this morning).  Ken and I drove to Wal-Mart, passing near the pickleball courts, but there was no reason to go by them, for it was really raining!  Called Cindy and we decided we would get together tomorrow to play.  It amazes me how Accuweather says there will be no rain for 120 minutes while it is raining.  I guess you just have to look out your window!

When we returned home, we both spent time at our desks.  After lunch we took our walk stopping at a shop in downtown Lititz where I had seen some unique outdoor metal sculptures.  Ken and I spent time looking at all of them and after narrowing it down to about 4, I got to choose my favorite for my birthday tomorrow.  We brought it home and placed in the flowerbed near our front door. I look forward to taking it with us when we go camping.

This is called, "Love Birds".  It's hard to see, but it is Mommy
and Daddy birds with their 2 baby birds in the nest.

It is just balanced in the center so it swings and goes up and
down with the wind!  I love it!

We spent more time at our desks, Ken working on his step study homework and I made a few more cards.  We worked together to make salads for dinner and cleaning up the kitchen.  I worked on this blog and by 6:30 we had dinner - hamburger, fish sandwich for Ken, salads, and fresh corn on the cob.  We decided to try playing hand and foot, getting the directions and score sheet from Google.  We didn't play a whole game, but Ken was ahead when we stopped to watch America's Got Talent!  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Saturday - The Huge Craft Show in Downtown Lititz!

Ken was up rather early this morning.  I think the Java at Ruby Tuesday last evening was not a wise choice!  He worked on his homework for today's Step Study.  I had a book on my tablet from the library that was going to expire today and only had 3 chapters to read, so I stayed in bed until I finished it - 7:45.

I put in a load of wash and got ready.  We had a light breakfast and then I did a 2nd load of wash before putting on my SAS and the 2 of us walked to the Lititz Annual Craft Show. Stands are set-up in the park and along the streets going for several blocks in many directions. There were hundreds of vendors and probably thousands of buyers.  This show has been going on for many, many years and draws people from everywhere.  It is a bit overwhelming. 

Some of the vendors along the main street!

People, people everywhere.  Where
do they all come from?

This shows just a very small portion of the vendors in the

Looking down Broad Street!  Hope
there isn't an emergency!!!

Ken and I enjoyed walking around and seeing all the creativity, but we didn't buy anything except a funnel cake and Peachy Paterno ice cream from the creamery at Penn State.  So much for beginning our healthier diets today - maybe tomorrow.

We were back home around 12:45 both tired and hot.  They were predicting some rain this afternoon, but it held off until after 4 when the craft show ended.  
I worked on this blog, we both showered, and Ken left a 2:40 for his Step Study.

We left at 5:15 to meet our couples card club at Charcoals in Lancaster for dinner.  We thought the food was very good but you have to enjoy a smoky flavor. Back to Kreiders for card playing.  What a fun evening.  We did miss that Jackie couldn't join us.  She wasn't feeling 100%.

We were home around 11 and went right to bed.

Today, Sunday, was a gorgeous day with low humidity, plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 80's.  We sat with Jamie's family at church and then Ken and I went out for breakfast at Old Hickory Grill - delicious quesidillas.  

We were back home around noon and I stopped in to visit our neighbor, Ginny, and then had long phone conversations with Cindy and my mother.  At 2:30 I put on my SAS and we walked to the Lititz Park to see the musical group Servant Stage perform the show, Sing, Sing, Swing!  It was very well done and extremely entertaining.  After the show we continued our walk.

A cast member dancing with a gentleman from the
audience before the show!

What an enthusiastic group of performers!

The Bugle Boy of Company B

The Finale - Swing, Swing Swing!

I made salads for dinner, worked on this blog and downloaded photos.  Ken spent time doing homework for his Step Study.  He grilled chicken and salmon and after dinner, I did more work on the blog and then we played Hand and Foot which we played with Jamie and Dane at the beach.  Cindy and John play 2 handed a lot, so we will have to talk to them about how many decks etc. you use when there are only 2 players.  We did have fun and Ken was the winner.

To bed around 9:15 to do some reading.  Looking forward to playing pickleball with John and Cindy tomorrow morning!