Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday - Finally a Sunny, Warm Beach Day!

Ken did some reading, we watched the News, and then decided to try a new item for breakfast - oatmeal.  Ken had done a lot of reading of labels before picking and chose Think Thin Berry Crumble.  It actually has 10 grams of protein and only 190 calories!  We both thought it was very good!

Jamie called and the 3 of us chatted for about 30 minutes.  What a wonderful time of sharing and catching up on life!  It really was special!

Ken and I packed drinks and a light lunch and by 9:30 we were on our way to Manasota Beach to meet Cindy and John, Rick and Joyce, and Ernie and Noela.  1st we made a stop at the bank and the Post Office which took a bit of time because the Post Office was not in a handy or "close by" location.  We arrived at the beach at 10:40 and met John and Cindy.  So good to see them, for we had not spent time together since Thanksgiving.  After some chatting and "catching up" it was time to get serious and start looking for shark's teeth.  Ernie and Noela got there a little before noon.

This blue heron was extremely calm and not concerned about
people walking by.  

A fun day with friends on the beach!

Unfortunately I did not carry my phone with me on the beach and didn't realize Joyce had left me a message asking if we were there and where could they find us.  I only discovered the message when we got back to the CG, so even though they were there for 3 hours, we never met up.  I was so sorry and disappointed, for they have never met Cindy and John.  Hopefully it will happen another day!

It was a good day for finding shark's teeth and we had a great time.  Ernie and Noela left mid afternoon, but the 4 of us only said our good-byes around 4:45.  It was a perfect beach day with temperatures in the upper 70's, light winds, and mostly sunny!  It felt good to finally spend so many hours enjoying the beach and sharing with friends and family!

We had salads and black bean burgers for dinner.  Ken and I had decided to "fast" for this week (Sunday to Sunday), but fasting meant picking 1 or several things to give up for 1 week.  Ken chose meat and soda or any drink with artificial sweetners and I decided on meat and game playing on my tablet.  I can get "hooked" on Pop Words or Word Twister!  Soda is a tough one for Ken!

Ken left at 6:45 to go to CR at the Church and I did my devotions which I didn't have time to do this morning.  Then I went to visit Ernie and Noela.  They were sitting outside in their screened in gazebo and enjoying their gas campfire.  She had made a fresh pineapple upside down cake and it was delicious.  Ken joined us when he returned around 9:15.

By 10 Ken and I were in bed reading.  It was a fun day!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday - Relaxing Football Watching Day!

Ken was up a little before me but by 9 we were on our way to Edgewater Church. He had time to empty the car from the craft show before we left and I surely appreciated it!  We had fun chatting with numerous folks we have learned to know and then were inspired by a sermon by Pastor Dan on Lying to ourselves, others, and God.  Ken and I are really enjoying our time at this church!

We did a little grocery shopping at Wal-Mart before returning to the CG around 1.  On our trip back, I talked to Cindy and we will meet them tomorrow at Manasota Beach.  Looking forward to spending time with them!  

We ate lunch outside because it was a gorgeous warm, sunny day!  Ernie and Noela stopped by when they returned from taking a bike ride.  They knew we wanted to watch the 2 football games today, so we said we would talk to them a little later.  Lanie has her 40th birthday on Friday, so Ken and I spent time reflecting on events that have happened in Lanie's life.  We decided to each write down 20 things that are memorable to us and when we read each other's, we did not have any duplicates - crazy!  It was a trip down memory lane for both of us!  Now we will put the 20 messages written on note paper in her birthday card so she can reflect and hopefully smile when reading them.  

We were disappointed with the Patriots game - we were hoping for a win for Tampa Bay!  Ken and I did join Ernie for a walk around the CG during halftime of that game.  I worked on camping scrapbook pages for our granddaughters for Valentine's Day while watching the game.  I actually finished them during the Eagles game, and what a game - Go Eagles!  They were unbelievable!  

We ate leftovers for dinner from Briandi's along with a salad.  I worked on this blog and downloaded photos towards the end of the game.  

We headed to bed following the game.  We enjoyed having a rather relaxing day!  Looking forward to a day at the beach tomorrow for are time there has been few and far between since we arrived in Florida - just too cool!  Tomorrow it should be sunny and near 80 - YES!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday - A Long, Fun Day!

Ken and I were up by 6:30 and got ready for our craft show.  We had to go to the neighbor's outdoor refrigerator to get our breakfast "fixins"!  We made a cooked breakfast and Ken finished loading a few items in the car.  We were on our way to the craft show by 8:15.

It is so nice to participate in an indoor show in a great facility and be all set-up the day before.  It allows for a relaxing morning!  The show had a little bit of a slow start, but by the end of the day we were thrilled with our sales and all the positive comments from the "shopping folks"!  Rick and Joyce spent about an hour with us and we appreciated their support and thoughtfulness.  The show was a short one, 9 to 2, and we were out of there by 2:45.

Sold 1/2 of my small sea glass pictures!

Sea Glass Pendants!

Sea shell pendants and earrings to match!

We went directly to Rick and Joyce's home and the 4 of us chatted just a little before leaving in our car to met 3 other couples for dinner at Briandi's at 4.  It is such a great authentic Italian restaurant right outside of Venice.  We met 2 other couples from LCBC back home, Barb and Frank and Marilyn and Gene.  Skip and Judy also joined us who were introduced to us last year by Lloyd and Deb.  They used to work with Skip at Sperry in New Holland, PA.  Skip and Judy moved to Florida in 2003 and are really enjoying being Floridians.  The food was delicious and the company amazing.  We had such a good time.  Skip and Judy had to leave after dinner, but Rick and Joyce invited all of us back to their home for an evening of getting better acquainted.  Again, we had a wonderful time.  Ken and I were back to the CG at 10:15 after a long, amazing day!

Sharing an evening with folks from Lancaster County -
Frank, Gene, Marilyn, Barb, Joyce, Judy, Me, Skip, Rick and Ken!
We are truly blessed to have such great people to share our time
in Florida!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday - Cool Start and Then a Nice Day!

Ken was up before me, as per usual, and it was 61 degrees in Wilbur - Cold!  For some reason, he decided to turn on the propane furnace and see if it would run (quite the optimist!).  Well, bingo, it ran fine and in no time Wilbur was up to 70 degrees.  I couldn't believe that it was warm when I got up!

We did some chatting, had a light breakfast, and then decided I would stay at the CG while Ken went to work at the Food Bank at Edgewater Church.  I called Gary right before Ken left and he said he would be by sometime this morning.  Ken was gone from 8:45 to 12:45 and I kept busy while he was gone.  Did some clean-up around Wilbur, did my devotions, and then made some jewelry!

Gary and his worker stopped by and said the refrigerator needs a new cooling coil and we might as well put a new gas regulator on the furnace since we have had some trouble with it before.  Fortunately we have an extended warranty because he said the refrigerator repair is rather pricey!  By doing both repairs at the same time we will only have to pay the deductible one time - YES!  The bad news is that he will have to order the parts and because of his very busy schedule, he may not be able to get back to fix them until the latter part of next week!  Well, we do have heat, if needed, and neighbors who can keep our food in their refrigerator.  It may be a bit inconvenient, but we are thankful to have such good neighbors.  We are definitely getting to know Jim and Joyce better during this process!

Ken and I ate lunch when he returned and then finished loading things and drove to Englewood Sports Complex to set-up for Saturday's Craft Show.  All went well and we were back to Wilbur around 3:45.  

After "retrieving" our food, we made salads for dinner and Ken grilled chicken sausage, onions and peppers.  After cleaning up, Ken had a call with one of his buddies from CR.  At 7:30, Ernie and Noela came over to play cards!  It was a fantastic night for the women winning both Uno and Skip-Bo.  I think the "boys" are getting a bit discouraged!  That's 2 nights in a row that they didn't win a game!

I finished this blog and Ken did some messaging before heading to bed at 9:45.  Looking forward to a good craft show tomorrow (I hope!).

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday - A Night Under 32 Degrees! What is Happening????

Ken turned up the heat when he got up and the furnace starting running, but it wasn't very long till it stopped.  The refrigerator was also throwing a code when he tried to run it with gas saying there was no gas coming through.  Then we tried a gas burner on the stove and no gas again!  Wow, this is getting exciting!

Fortunately our Eden Pure Heater does a great job and we could keep relatively warm - 67 degrees in Wilbur.  If we turned the furnace off, we could get the stove to light, so apparently we are not getting the right amount of pressure off the gas line.  The refrigerator will not work no matter what we try.  So Jim and Joyce have an extra small refrigerator outside their RV and said we could put our items in there - so grateful!

Ernie and Noela stopped by to see if they could help in anyway and they recommended an RV Tech that comes to the CG.  I did talk to Sam, our service Tech at Lazydays to report the problem (we had some trouble with the frig when we 1st got here and she was aware of that) and asked if it could have anything to do with them pulling the refrigerator when they repaired the slide.  She said we should get the tech to come to Wilbur and if it is something they did incorrectly, they will pay the bill.  Next call was to Gary, the mobile service tech, and he had us turn off the fan in the frig and see what happens over the next 5 or 6 hours.  That will give him some idea of what is needed.  He thinks the gas line probably needs a new regulator.  He will stop by either later today or tomorrow.  So, these issues are a bit inconvenient, but we are still able to function well - a temporary inconvenience for hopefully a "permanent" improvement!  We shall see!!!!!

Ken and I decided to relax a little and enjoy playing a game of Hand and Foot.  It was good for me, but not too great for Ken!  He lost "big time"!  He put out the awning since the wind had diminished and then loaded the car for setting up at the craft show tomorrow afternoon.  I worked on some items for the show after doing some back stretching exercises.  I can not believe how little flexibility I have.  Hopefully some stretching will help!

I talked to Lanie and she had a root canal and crown put on a molar 7 years ago and now it is infected.  She is in some discomfort, but not too bad.  The endodontist wants her to be on an antibiotic over the weekend before he sees her on Monday.  Katelyn is still having a very "itchy" time with her hives.

I worked on jewelry quite a bit today and then Ken and I took a short walk before dinner.  I even put on my SAS.  We stopped and chatted inside Bill and Donna's motorhome for about an hour.  They are a great couple from Pottstown, PA.  We met them when camping in Florida several years ago and always enjoy chatting with them.  

Back to Wilbur and we had leftovers for dinner plus a salad - of course!  We were at Ernie and Noela's from 7:15 to 9:00 and they women "whipped" the men in Hand and Foot.  They were so far behind when the game ended.

Gary, the mobile RV Tech, will stop by tomorrow morning to diagnosis our problems.  Hopefully the refrig and furnace will soon be running efficiently.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday - A Beautiful, Warm, Sunny Day!

Ken had done some reading when I got up in time to watch the Morning News.  He decided to catch up with Ernie for part of his walk, but after walking about 15 minutes, he started having pain in his knee (it had been hurting off and on) so he came back.

We had a light breakfast and then called Jamie to talk and sing Happy Birthday.  Our "baby" is 38 today!  Where do the years go?  We had a nice conversation and she was talking via her new birthday gift from Dane and the girls, an Apple I Watch - Amazing!  Bria and Cali are home today because of more snow!  Their weather has been brutal!

I decided to head to the pickleball courts at 9:15, for it was now in the upper 50's.  I had a fun time, but only played 3 games.  I do not want to overdue it!  Ken had gone to Wal-Mart to get a few groceries and ink cartridges for our printer.  

I worked on this blog when I got back.  After lunch, which we were able to eat outside and I had a nice phone chat with Lanie.  Her girls were home from school today because of the snow also!  Katelyn has a sever case of hives all over her body which the Dr. believes is a viral infection.  They did give her medication and today was better than yesterday but she is so itchy!

Ken changed his bike tire while I did my devotions.  He also brought the awning in because of the windy conditions which are supposed to get worse by evening.  Then we took the shower doors outside and worked on removing the soap scum.  I think we may have waited a bit long to try to clean them, but they do look better!  Ken did some reading outside while I made some sea glass pictures.  

We had salads with salmon and chicken for dinner while watching the evening news.  By 6:30 it had really cooled off outdoors.  They are predicting a freeze this evening in lots of areas in Florida and temperatures only near 60 degrees tomorrow.  Then they are expecting a warm up for the weekend!

Ernie and Noela had gone to Cape Coral today and she purchased a "new" used bike that she will be able to get on and off more easily (lower bar)!  She bought the bike off Craig's List and it looks brand new.

We went over to their RV to play games around 7, but we watched the David Letterman interview with Barack Obama instead.  We thought the show was well done.  After some chatting, we were back to Wilbur by 9:15.

We had discovered earlier today, that the refrigerator did not appear to be working properly.  Even with turning the temperature gauge to the highest position, it was only 48 degrees inside.  So, we had tried both using gas or electric, and it wouldn't run on either.  We took our frozen food to Noela and she had enough room in her freezer to store the items.  This lifestyle can certainly be challenging at times, but it is still so worth it!  

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday - Sunny, Mild Day!

Ken met Ernie for part of his walk while I got ready for the day, did my devotions, and then had breakfast.  I decided not to play pickleball since we were going on a long bike ride today.  I did watch the Morning News and there was a segment on Babcock Ranch, the solar development we had toured yesterday.  I found it very interesting to hear about it on National News!

The canal behind the campground.
Our sites backs up to it!

Not the Blue Heron between the
palm trees!

Ken loaded our bikes and by 10:30 we were on our way to Rick and Joyce's home in Venice.  I had not ridden bike since November so not certain how my back and hip would do!  Because of that, we decided to drive to the Publix parking lot on Laurel Road and start our ride from there instead of their house.  So, we rode to the Legacy Trail, getting on at the Laurel Road entrance.  What a nice ride! 

The Legacy Trail is a beautiful bike ride!

We crossed over Route 41 to Casey Key Fish House for a delicious lunch sitting outdoors with a great view of the water.  The 4 of us had a great time chatting and sharing life!  

We had to wait just a little at the Casey Key Fish House because
it was busy!

The Happy Bikers!

Our bellies are full and it was time to get back on our bikes!

We continued our bike ride on Casey Key Road, a ride we take every year viewing all the huge homes, gorgeous landscaping, and phenomenal views of the ocean.  On our way back to our vehicles, Joyce and I realized the "boys" were not within site.  So, Joyce called Rick and Ken had a flat tire.  Joyce met Rick to get a truck key and Joyce and I rode our bikes to the truck and she went to "pick up" the boys.  Fortunately, we were a little less that 2 miles from Publix when we had the problem!

What a view!

We decided to stop at Nokomis Grove on the way back for their delicious vanilla and orange swirl ice cream - so good!  We spent the evening playing cards at Rick and Joyce's with the women being the winners of Hand and Foot and double deck Pinochle.  We really came from behind in our Pinochle game.

Delicious orange and vanilla ice cream!

Ken and I were back to the CG around 9:30 and went right to bed.  We had an 18 mile bike ride today and I am so thankful for how well my back and hip cooperated.  I believe bike riding may be good exercise!