Saturday, June 23, 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday - Our Arrival at Timothy Lake South at the Delaware Water Gap!

Ken and I were up at 6:30, got ready, ate breakfast, and were on our way to pick up Bria and Cali by 7:45.  We hooked up the CRV and were at their house by 8:20.  We loaded their things in the card and were on our way to the Delaware Water Gap by 8:45.

The girls got to ride sitting on the couch in Wilbur playing on their I-Pads for the 2 1/2 hour drive.  All went well and the girls enjoyed riding in Wilbur.  We got a very nice site in the CG and the girls were a big help setting up.  It was an off and on sunny day, so as soon as we were organized, we ate lunch at the picnic table and then headed out for the girls to see their 1st waterfalls (the main reason for this trip!)

Imagine our disappointment when we got to Dingman's Falls to walk on the beautiful boardwalk area to view 2 of Ken and my favorite falls in this area.  Because of a nor'easter in March, the entire area was closed!  We stopped and talked to a ranger and he said another area, Child's Park, another favorite hiking area with waterfalls was closed also.  Both places will probably not be reopened until 2019 or maybe even 2020.  Well, so much for best laid plans!  It was time to revamp!
So, we decided to do the hike at Raymondskill Falls so the girls could get their 1st view of a waterfall  We walked on a rather short path that gave you a great view of the top of the falls.  

Bria and Cali's 1st view of a waterfalls!

Kena and I loved being the ones to introduce them to this
wonderful display of nature!

Looks like a great place for a bear to live!

 Then we continued the walk to the lower part of the falls.  We decided to continue on the hike all the way to the bottom, which proved to be a rather strenuous hike down.  But, as PawPaw told us, "what goes down must go up"!  It was a rather step climb back to the car but it was so worth it!  Bria and Cali loved the falls and the hike and they did so well!  It was so much fun seeing the excitement on their faces!  I was thrilled at how well I did on the walk.  My back was very comfortable as well as my hip and we went up and down so many steps.  

The lower part of the falls!

How beautiful!

What a view!

At the bottom of the falls!

Bria loved jumping the stones!

Just nice to sit, relax, and enjoy the beauty!

From there we headed back to the CG but we stopped at a boat access area for the Delaware River where all of us looked for river rocks for me to paint.  Bria enjoyed being in the water and eventually Cali went in too.  Ken spent time showing them how to skip stones across the water.  They had fun practicing!

Grandma is looking for river rocks for painting!

Bria and Cali liked being in the water!

Back to the CG by 5:00 and we played a game of Skip-Bo outside and Ken and Cali won.  Ken started a campfire  and we played a game of UNO which they also won.  Ken cooked hamburgs on the grill while I made Mac and cheese and salads for Ken and I.  We ate outside and then it took quite a while to clean the mess we created in the kitchen.  Time for dessert - s'mores and they were delicious!  

By 9:45 Ken and I were exhausted and so ready to go to bed.  Bria and Cali were still a bit "wound"  but by 10:30 we were all asleep.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday - Cloudy, Rainy Morning Followed by Sunshine!

Ken was up early after a rather "rough night" of being awake quite often.  He spent time reading and doing devotions.  I did my stretches in bed and was up by 7 to watch the beginning of the morning news.  Then it was time to get ready to go to physical therapy.

I was there by 9 and Megan did work mainly on my back.  I am still having so many spasms whenever I bend, even just a little.  She gave me another exercise to do at home and some suggestions on how to bend properly.  I certainly hope it helps because the "shock type pain" can take my breath away!  Fortunately I don't have it when in bed or sitting.

I was back home by 10 and Ken had returned from a long walk and going to a local roadside stand for some fruit.  I did a load of wash and we continued getting some items ready to take to Wilbur.  It was too hot to load until this evening.  

After lunch, we left to spend the afternoon with Mom and Dad playing pinochle.  The men won the 1st game, we won the second, and then the men won the 3rd.  The women were ahead in the 4th game, but we didn't get to finish that one.

We were back home by 5 and it was time to get serious about loading and packing for the camping adventure with our granddaughters.  Because of my back "situation", Ken didn't want me helping to load, so I cleaned up the kitchen and did some organizing of the things that needed to be loaded.  I really have trouble not getting upset when Ken makes so many trips back and forth.  I dislike feeling like an "invalid", but I know he only wants to help me control the back spasms.  What a guy!

We had some of the white chicken chili for dinner that I had froze several weeks ago.  It was a "treat"!  By 7:30 we had loaded most of the items we feel we can put in Wilbur tonight.  Ken did run the air in Wilbur off of the generator, but it is still so warm inside.  Maybe when the sun goes down we can put things in the pantry.  We shall see!

We watched some TV while I continued working on the card holders.  At 9 we finished taking food items to Wilbur and it appears that almost everything is out, in its place, and we should be ready to go!

We were in bed by 9:30, did some reading, and turned out the lights by 10.  Delaware Water Gap, here we come!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wednesday - Gorgeous, Less Humid Day!

Ken was up by 5:45 and was busy reading when I "came alive" at 6:30.  I did my stretches and then got ready for the day.  I called my sister and told her I  realize I should not play pickleball today due to the ongoing spasms in my back.  Yesterday at the Mission I bent to get something out of a box and I got that nerve pain that made it hard for me to stand up.  So, I know pickleball today would not be a smart thing to do, but I was disappointed.  Also, we hope to do hiking at the Delaware Water Gap with our granddaughters and I don't want to jeopardize being able to do that. Our schedule is rather full until we leave on Friday morning, so that would make life easier until then!

Ken and I left at 8 and I dropped him off at the Resource Center (couldn't have done that if I went to Hershey to play pickleball) and then headed to Wal-Mart for the remainder of the items needed for our trip.  Back home by 10 to work on this blog and e-mail a list of items to Lanie and Jamie that our granddaughters should bring with them while camping.   Then back to Ephrata to pick up Ken and go to the storage area to get Wilbur!  So good to have him back home again!

Ken read and rested and then met one of the young men Ken encourages for coffee.  I put my clothes in Wilbur and a few other items.  When Ken returned we loaded a few more things and then Ken grilled chicken for dinner and we also had salads and quinoa.    After cleaning up, Ken did some reading while I started making a few more card holders while watching the World of Dance.  

We were in bed by 11 to do some reading.  Tomorrow we will spend more time loading for our camping adventure!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday - Humid, Cloudy Start, but Then the Some Relief from the Heat and Humidity!

Ken was up early to do his morning routine.  I woke at 6:45, but still felt like I should rest.  I resisted the temptation to go back to sleep and did my stretches in bed.  Finished the remaining ones listening to the 1st 15 minutes of the morning news.

Ken left for a walk while I showered, had breakfast, and then left for my 9:00 physical therapy appointment.  I told Megan I had good news and bad news.  My hip was doing so much better but my back has been having shooting nerve type pain whenever I make a slight bending movement.  It can actually take my breath away.  So, she did a lot of work on my back and a few stretches for my hip.  She certainly found the "spots" on my back that were extremely sensitive!  I felt better when I left.

Ken worked at his desk most of the morning while I did my devotions, some crocheting, and chatted with my sister, Cindy.  They are camping at Hershey and had 2 of their young grandsons Saturday, Sunday and yesterday.  I plan to go there tomorrow morning while Ken is at the Mennonite Resource Center to play some pickleball.  I worked on this blog and then we left at 11:40 to go the Water Street Mission to help in their Food Bank which for us, is time well spent.  The people are appreciative that receive the food and the volunteers are so friendly.

We left there at 2:45 and went right to Costco to get items for our camping adventure.  Back home in time for Ken to rest while I did some crafting.  He left at 6:30 to go to Celebrate Recovery and I spent the evening x-stitching while watching America's Got Talent.  I find that show amazing with the caliber of the talent.  

I had nice long conversation with Ken's sister who called to get an update on my back.  We used to spend a lot of time with Dwane and Priscilla when we co-owned the condo in Ocean City, MD, but since we sold it and Ken and I began RVing, we rarely see each other.  We need to correct that situation.  Dwane is waiting for test results from a biopsy of a growth on his thyroid that we are praying will be negative.

Ken was home by 9:30 and by 10 we were in bed reading.  This was another day to celebrate life!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Monday - Very Hot, Humid Day!

Ken was up early to do his reading and sent messages to several of his buddies!  I did my stretches and by 7:45 we left for about a 2 mile walk.  Ken's foot is much better and I have had some hip relief - hallelujah.  After about 3/4 of a mile, I did experience some hip pain, so we sat on a bench to rest.  The rest of the walk home my hip felt much better.

Ken decided to continue walking when we got back to the apartment so I started cooking breakfast.  I was eating when Ken returned, but had sauteed the veggies for his omelette.  After breakfast, Ken did some work in the kitchen while I did my devotions.  Then I had a nice phone conversation with Diane Weaver, a friend who has severe scoliosis too and had bought the Scoliosis Activity Suit.  Since we hadn't chatted since last November, we decided it was time to "compare notes" as to what is happening and what we have been doing to try to reduce our pain levels.  I felt the conversation was helpful for both of us.  We still have our challenges, but are seeing some improvement!  A day without pain would be such a wonderful thing for both of us!!!

Ken and I worked together to hang the shell shadowbox on the wall (we had to reposition the hanging hardware) and then he did some reading while I worked on this blog.  After lunch, I decided to spend a lot of the afternoon doing some counted X-stitch, something I really haven't done for quite a long time.  I used to do so many pictures that had to be framed and boy they were time consuming, but fun!  I also did my exercises, again, and probably forever!!!!

We made salads for today and tomorrow, cleaned-up, and after dinner, we went for another short walk to downtown.  It was hot but a nice evening.  That walk went well for both of us.  We played the last 2 rounds of our Hand and Foot game that we had started Sunday night.  Ken was winning by 2,000 points, but when we finished he only beat me by 500 points.  I had quite a comeback.  

Ken did some reading while I continued x-stitching watching American Ninja Warrior - I just don't get how they can do some of those challenges!  We only went to bed around 10:15, read, and then off to dreamland!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Saturday and Sunday - Busy But Fun Weekend!

Ken and I were able to do some of our morning routine before leaving at 8:15 to go to Bria and Cali's swim meet that was held here in Lititz.  It was a dual meet with LOTS of teams, but fortunately no relay races.  When you have "heats" for about 5 different age groups doing all of the strokes, it takes a long time.

In between some of the races, we were able to go to the areas where the girls waited for their next event and fortunately that was in the shade.  Most of the time we were sitting on bleachers in the hot sun and it got very warm as the meet progressed!  The girls did well, but it is a bit of a different year for them.  Last year they were the oldest in their age groups, but both of them moved up this season and are now the youngest competitors in their age brackets.  So, a lot of the swimmers have at least a year or 2 of more experience than Bria and Cali and though they are doing extremely well, their times will not put them in the upper rankings, at least not at these large dual meets.  They seem to be okay with that and keep working and practicing really hard to continue to get better.  But, for their age, there times are amazing!

Cali is ready for her next swim!

Bria is looking so grown-up!

Ken and I left around 12:15 and headed back home to have lunch.  By then the temperatures were in the upper 80's!  Ken read and relaxed while I started trying to glue the shells we had found in the shadowbox we had bought to display them on the wall.  I tried different kinds of glue before discovering that the hot glue gun worked the best, but what a job.  I only had about 1/4 of it done when Ken left for his Step Study at 2:30.  It took me till almost 4 to get all the shells glued in the box, but I was very pleased with the result.

Lanie's family arrived at 4 and after some chatting, we walked to Lititz Springs Park so the girls could play on the equipment.  Ken joined us around 5 and we all walked to the local authentic Mexican Restaurant for Ken's Father's Day dinner.  From there Ken and I offered to get the girls ice cream at a local homemade ice cream shop.  When they finished their cones (which they shared with the adults), all of us walked back to the apartment.  By then it was 7:30 and they decided to head back home.  Tomorrow Lanie's family is meeting friends at Hershey Park where they will spend the day enjoying all the amusement rides.  So, the girls needed to get to bed at a reasonable time!

If only we could get Samantha to smile!  Katelyn is always
ready to strike a pose!

Ken and I spent the evening relaxing and by 9:15 we were in bed!

Sunday, we were up early enough to get most of our morning routine completed before leaving for church.  It was a very good sermon on how to control angry and there were many useful "tips" on how to stop it before it becomes "full blown".  Although neither Ken nor I have a tendency to really get angry, there were helpful tidbits on how to just control thoughts that could lead to anger, definitely things for us to learn.

After church, we were invited to Jamie and Dane's for a Father's Day brunch - how nice!  When we arrived, Bria and Cali were busy in the kitchen helping Jamie prepare the sticky bun French Toast and the western quiche.  Grandma had a chance to help Bria make the topping for the French toast.  It was so good to see the girls learning how to be cooking and baking helpers.

Such helpers in the kitchen!

Even Grandma got in on the act!

When the "goodies" were in the oven, Ken, Jamie, Dane and I sat outside chatting and it was so nice to have time just to share life with them.  All 6 of us got to eat the delicious food outside and then it was time for more adult conversation while the girls kayaked on the creek with their neighborhood friends.  Bria and Cali are so fortunate to have many friends  so close by and a creek in their backyard!

Ken and I left there at 2:30 and I spent the afternoon playing some games on my tablet, doing my exercises, and then doing some counted cross stitch.  Ken went for a long walk but I decided to decline the offer to join him!  After dinner we played two rounds of Hand and Foot of which Ken is leading AGAIN!  I also had a great phone conversation with Noela.  Ken and I are looking forward to our road trip to Canada after the 4th of July to spent time with Ernie and Noela and Barry and Deb.  I hope the Canadians will allow us Americans to enter their country!  Hopefully they will not detain us to check if we are guilty of anything before we can be on our way!

By 9:15 we were in bed to do some reading.  It has been a wonderful weekend.