Friday, June 23, 2017

Rick's Surgery Day!

Ken left at 7:30 to have breakfast with his mentor for the one class he is taking.  While he was gone, I showered and made myself breakfast.  My friend, Jackie, called and we talked for about 40 minutes.  She and Dan just returned last Sunday from a trip to Norway and she was sick most of this week.  She is finally feeling better and called to discuss our couples card club that will be at their house this Saturday night.  We had a great phone conversation.  I also talked to Deb, Jane, and Joyce all ladies in our Life Group.  We discussed our "strategy" for spending time with Rick and Joyce.

Ken was home by 10:15 and by 11:15 I left to head to Reading Hospital to sit with Joyce and her sister-in-law while Rick was in surgery.  He had left his room at 11 and was expected to only return in about 4 hours.  I was so happy I was available to spend that time with Joyce.  It is always nice for people to be with you when your loved one is in major surgery.

At 3 the surgeon came to talk to Joyce and she was very pleased with how well the surgery went.  It was a robotic surgery which will make his recovery so much better.  They took him to what they call Cardiac Intensive Care and by 4:15 Joyce and her sister-in-law went in to see him.  Linda came out after a short visit and said I was welcome to go back.  He was sitting in a chair but looked so groggy.  I only stayed about 5 minutes so Joyce and he could have some quiet time together.  He was having pain, so they gave him morphine.  Hopefully tomorrow he will feel a lot better!

Now the humorous part - I spent at least 45 minutes walking around the parking garage and could not find my car!  How embarrassing.  So eventually some security men came to get my keys and then went on a search.  After about 10 minutes they brought the car to me.  I did not realize I had parked in the lower level and never found that area to look for it.  Quite an adventure!  I headed home and positively drove through the worst torrential rain I have ever experienced when driving.  It poured!!!!  I had wanted to stop at Wal-Mart in Ephrata and by the time I got there the rain had ended.  I don't think they even had any in that area.

Now here is the good part - Ken had dinner waiting for me.  What a guy!  We spent the evening relaxing in front of the TV - Ken read and I worked on this blog!

Tomorrow we will leave around 7 to go to Rick and Joyce's home to help load the truck with the things they will be taking to Florida.  It will be stored at Rick's niece's home until they are able to head south.  They have settlement on their house in the Reading area on Tuesday, so everything has to be out of there.  After that Ken has his class and we have card club in the evening.  It will be another busy day, but good!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Time with Mom and Dad and Then to a Swim Meet!

Ken had breakfast with Gary and then went to Reiff's, a roadside stand, for some fruits and veggies.  I cooked breakfast for myself and did a load of wash. When Ken got home I put on my SAS and we went for a walk.  It was fairly warm, so showers were needed when we returned.

Ken drove to Jamie's for a haircut.  I painted some frames while he was gone. When he returned we ate lunch and then left to spend the afternoon with mom and dad playing pinochle.  We played 4 games and the women only won one - what is that about?????

We left Masonic Village at 4:45, enjoyed another "fancy" meal at Subway, and were  at Bria and Cali's swim meet by 6.  It was a nice evening to be outdoors. Again, the girls had unbelievable swim times.  Cali was 1st in 2 of the heats, Bria 2nd in 2 races (by a hair) and both of them swam in the winning relays. Cali's team finished 1 1/2 lengths faster than the 2nd place relay team!  It is fun to watch them and amazing at how they keep improving year to year!

I talked to my sister today to check on her.  She had cataract surgery this morning and is doing well.  Also checked in with Rick and Joyce and he will have surgery tomorrow sometime late morning.  The plan is to do his surgery roboticly.  Both of them seem to be handling this whole situation very well trusting that God will keep them in His care!

We were home around 8:30 and decided to go to bed and read. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday - Another Gorgeous Day!

Ken was up very early and spent more time studying and doing devotions.  I arose at 6:40 and cut-up fresh fruit for us and peppers and onions for our omelettes.  We both watched the beginning of the morning news.

I put on my SAS and left for my walk around 7:30.  It was a great morning for a walk around the downtown area but I am still a bit uncomfortable with my hip and back.  Not terrible, but not as comfortable as I had hoped.  I guess I just need to be patient and give the whole process time!

Ken left for his job at MCC and I enjoyed my breakfast on the deck.  Showered, worked on the blog, and then I had time to do some crafting.  Messaged Joyce several times throughout the morning to see how Rick made out at his 11 AM appointment with his cardiologist.  She texted back that they were on the way to the hospital for a catherization that would take place around 1.  Wow things certainly happened quickly.  

Ken was home by 12:30 so we ate lunch on the deck and then he went for a long walk.  I continued working on sea glass pictures.  Around 1:45 we got a call from Joyce that they discovered his widow maker artery was 99.9% blocked and they could not insert a stent during the catherization.  He would need open heart surgery in the next day or 2 and would have to remain in the hospital until that time.  They are hoping to do the surgery robotically, but it may require cutting the chest open to do it depending on what else might need to be done.  What a shock to both of them.  Their house settles on Tuesday and they were supposed to leave later that day for Florida - the best laid plans!  Fortunately they are mostly packed and all of the furniture they planned to sell has been sold and picked up by the buyers.  

Ken and I decided to drive to the Reading Hospital just to give them moral support and pray with them.  I am so glad we chose to do that!  They are still in a bit of shock but handling the whole situation very well.   We will go to their home on Saturday along with others and load up all of their things that will be going to Florida and taking them to Joyce's niece to store in her garage until they are able to leave.

Ken and I stopped at Subway for dinner and were home by 6:45.  I spent the evening crafting and Ken had a hour chat with Ernie in Canada.  They must have had a lot to talk about.  I sent messages to our Life Group to keep them updated and had a nice conversation with Deb, another member of our Group.

I worked on the blog, downloaded some photos, and the 2 of us were in bed by 10:00.  What an unexpected turn of events today, especially for Rick and Joyce!

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Left Hershey on Monday and Tuesday Was Still a Busy Day!

We were up by 7 on Monday and after a light breakfast we were on the pickleball courts by 9.  We had Wilbur all ready to depart when we left him - all we needed to do was "turn the key".

It was already very hot and humid when we began playing.  Wade and Tiffany, the folks who gave us their wooden paddles and taught us the basics of pickleball arrived at Hershey yesterday and it was so great to see them again and actually play pickleball together.  There were 7 of us who played and we had a very good time.

We said our good-byes and were on our way home by 11:15.  We had a fun time at Hershey, but it was not a relaxing trip.  By 1:15 we had Wilbur unloaded, wash started, and we sat down to eat lunch.  We had left Hershey a day early because of predicted storms and because our schedule for this week was rather crazy.  We felt our week would be a lot more "manageable" if we were home a day early!

By 1:30 they were predicting a possible tornado for our area and torrential rain. They interrupted TV shows to have continuous weather forecasting and tracking of the storms.  Fortunately, a tornado never struck this area but we did have some heavy rain and stronger than normal winds.  Ken and I decided to take a walk when it was just "showering", but by the time we got back, we were soaked.  Actually, it was a fun walk because it was so warm.  

Ken did a lot of homework for his class and then left at 6:15 for CR.  I finished all the wash and had a rather relaxing evening.  I was too tired to work on any crafts, etc.  I did have nice chats with Doloris and Cindy and enjoyed watching America Ninja Warrior.  For some reason, I enjoy that show.

Tuesday was an extremely beautiful weather day with temperatures in the mid 80's but very low humidity. Ken and I took a long walk, made breakfast and then showered.  I followed Ken to Beasley Ford in York (about a 35 minute drive) to have some warranty work done on Wilbur's engine.  We were back home by 11:15 and Ken went to his desk to do more homework.  I decided to organize and clean-up our very small outside storage area that is off our deck.  

We ate lunch and I left for my eye appointment at Costco.  Spent some time there just browsing, but I did buy some Tranquility Skorts.  They are so comfortable and just down right cute!  Then I left to get a haircut that was necessary.  Ken spent the afternoon with his brother Phil and his daughter Bella and son Lance.  They drove to Harrisburg to pick up a newly equipped handicap van for Lance that will be much easier for him to get in and out.  Ken drove their older van back for them and was so glad to have the opportunity to spend time with them today.

Lance can now get his motorized wheelchair to the front
of the van instead of always sitting in the back!

Phil and Lance were very excited about all the updated
equipment in this new van!

We both got home after 5:30 and by 5:45 were on our way to Bria and Cali's swim meet in Ephrata.  They are having a phenomenal year and enjoy being on the team.  It was a gorgeous evening to be outdoors and we were so happy to see them swim.  Cali came in 1st in 2 events and also was on the winning relay team for her age group.  Bria came in 1st in one event and was also on the winning relay team for 10 and under girls.  How exciting!

Bria was happy after coming in 1st
in butterfly!

Daddy was happy too!

We were home by 8:45 and I watched America's Got Talent.  Ken went to bed to read and I joined him at 10:30.  It seems like it was another very busy day!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Very Special Father's Day!

Ken and I were up by 7, got ready for church, and were on our way to LCBC by 8:10 arriving there at 8:50.  We had a nice visit with members of our Life Group and then sat with Jamie, Dane, Sue, and Dan.  It was another very thought provoking service with exceptional music!

After church we were invited to a brunch at Dane and Jamie's house to celebrate Father's Day.  How nice of them!!!!  We had a delicious meal of homemade sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, and an egg casserole with ham, cheese, onions, peppers, and a base of crescent rolls.  Everything was so good.  We had a wonderful time sitting around their table just chatting about life and reminiscing about the early years of our marriage and family life.  What a special time.

We left there around 2 and returned to Wilbur at the Hershey CG.  It got to the high 80's today and with the humidity it felt like 98 - wow!  We both took a short rest and then we started preparing for tomorrow's departure.  Ken worked outside while I dusted and scoured inside.  I also packed most of our clothes and shoes, etc.  Ken vacuumed and I washed the floors.  It was a needed job!

After dinner, Ken did some financial things on the computer while I cleaned up.  Then I downloaded photos and worked on the blog while Ken read the paper.  Around 8:15 I put on my SAS and we went for a walk around the CG.  We could have some rain overnight, but they are predicting some severe storms tomorrow afternoon.  We hope to be home before they materialize, but we also plan to play some pickleball around 9 AM.  We only played about 3 times since we got here and I am looking forward to being on the courts tomorrow morning!

Melissa returned a call to me around 8:15 and we had such a nice time chatting. We certainly miss seeing Chuck and Melissa and hope we can meet up sometime later this year.  It was nice to reminisce about some of our adventures together and to "catch up" in what is going on with each other and our families.

We finished our conversation around 8:45 and I put on my SAS and we went for a 30 minute walk around the CG.  What a nice evening.  It was still warm, but there was a nice breeze.  We went to bed to read as soon as we returned to Wilbur.  This has certainly been a great day

Saturday, June 17, 2017

No Time at the Campground!

It was a hot day but didn't feel too badly because it was cloudy most of the day. It was a very busy one for us, leaving the CG around 8 AM and only returning at 7:30.

Ken and I made a cooked breakfast and were on our way to Lanie and Bob's, about a 50 minute drive by 8:10.  We didn't take the turnpike, which would have been the quickest route, because we stopped at Shirk's Bike Shop to leave our bikes there so they could have their yearly tune-up.  We arrived at Lanie's around 9:30 and the painting began.

Bob is hosting a Kubb Tournament near Elverson on August 19th and has 17 Kubb sets that needed painted.  They were stained when purchased, but he wanted to paint them blue with 2 white stripes and then an additional yellow one - nothing simple about this project!  He had painted them white and then Lanie and Bob had taped them in preparation for the remainder of the painting. They had everything very well organized and it went very smoothly.  3 of his co-workers that are part of his Kubb Team also came to help.  When we left they were waiting for the kubbs to dry before the final coat on half of the block could be finished.  Then all that was needed was the yellow stripe.  We did well. 

We had quite an assembly line for this project!

Anyone who has an interest in being in the tournament should check out this website  There will be all levels of players and should be a fun and interesting day.  I look forward to seeing some the "professional" Kubb players.  Bob and his team travel to several major tournaments throughout the spring and summer and do very well.  They are hosting this tournament with the hopes of getting more people introduced to the game.  It really is a great game!

We left their home around 1:30, stopped at a local roadside stand for some fruits and veggies and were at our apartment by 2:10.  Ken showered and left for his Step Study and I stayed at the apartment till he returned around 5.  We drove into Lebanon to Hobby Lobby so I could get the mat board needed for the background of my sea glass pictures.  Then we stopped at Leisa's in Palmyra for a light dinner, a place where we often ate with Ken's mother and stepfather.  It was fun to reminisce and the food was as good as we remembered.

Only got back to the CG around 7:30, changed clothes, and took our chairs to Neil and Nancy's campsite to enjoy a campfire with them and 4 of their friends. It was a delightful evening, despite a few light showers.  Back to Wilbur by 9:45 and we went right to bed.

We are supposed to stay here until Tuesday, but I think we will leave by lunch time on Monday because the are predicting severe storms later that day.  We shall see!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Quiet at Wilbur Today!

Ken was up before me and did some reading till I got up around 7:30.  It was a rather cloudy day but did get into the low 80's.  They were predicting some rain, but for some reason it never got to our location!

So, we had breakfast and were on the pickleball court by 9:15.  I was so excited to have a chance to play.  Ruth was the only person who joined us, but we had such a good time.  We played 2 on 1 changing after one of the sides got 5 points.  It was a great way to practice having better ball control.  We played until 11 and felt like we had some really good exercise.

We shower, changed, and then ate lunch outside.  We were at Masonic Homes by 1 and spent the afternoon playing Pinochle with Mom and Dad.  We played 4 games and it was a tie - 2 to 2.  Again they expressed how thankful they are that we are so faithful in coming to visit and play cards.

Back to Wilbur by 5 and we decided to do some prep work inside and out for our departure. We aren't leaving until at least Monday, but they are predicting some rain off and on the next several days with heavy storms on Monday, so we wanted to put the carpet, some chairs, wood, etc. in the basement of Wilbur before everything got wet.

Before we made dinner, I did some work on the blog and Ken read.  He grilled salmon and chicken for dinner while I made salads and sauteed veggies.  It was a great night to eat outside.

After dinner, I downloaded photos, worked on the blog again and Ken did some more homework outside for his class tomorrow afternoon.  At 8:30 we decided to go for a walk (time for the SAS to go on!) and we spent sometime chatting with Neil and Nancy and some of their friends that were enjoying a campfire. We did some more walking (it was a perfect evening with no bugs) before arriving back at Wilbur.  By now it was 9:45, so I quickly finished my blog, showered, and we were in bed by a little after 10.

It has been a wonderful day!