Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wednesday - A Sunny Beautiful Day!

Ken was up and reading by 5:30 and I decided to make an entrance around 7:30.  It was a rather busy morning getting ready because the 4 of us planned to leave around 10:30 to take a bike ride through Avalon before heading to the beach. 

Ken had work to do outside to dry off everything, including the bikes and their seats.  He also rinsed the sea glass and then washed the basement doors of Wilbur.  Everything gets so sandy and dirty while in this CG.  I was inside getting ready, packing lunch and drinks for the beach, and making omelettes for breakfast.  We were able to eat outside and it was already in the 70's.  

Ken continued washing Wilbur while I did the dishes and then worked on this blog.  By 10:30 we were on our way to the parking lot in downtown Avalon.  The 4 of us unloaded our bikes and were on our way to ride to the shopping area of Stone Harbor.  What a gorgeous ride checking out all the gorgeous million dollar plus homes that are being built or are new this season.  They are positively amazing and the landscaping fantastic!  It also helps that it is such a level ride, but don't be fooled, the breeze off the ocean can make it a bit challenging and especially on the way back!  How come that is always the case or that when you turn around the wind shifts and you are riding into it again?????  We returned to our vehicles after riding about 12 or so miles.  I was so grateful that my back, hip, and thigh were fairly comfortable throughout the trip.  

I don't think Ken should be taking "selfies" while he is riding!

The 4 of us headed to the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunny day.  There were many more folks on the beach today but we certainly had no trouble finding a private spot.  We ate the snacks/lunch we brought and sunbathed while reading (some chose to do some "heavy breathing") and after about 2 hours Ken and I decided to go back to the CG to finish prepping for tomorrow's early departure.  I can't believe we have been here 4 days, for they positively flew by!!!

Upon our return, Ken continued to do some work outside and I did the same inside.  It is amazing how much work needs to be done to prepare for leaving.  Because the sites here are sandy and we had some rain, everything needed some extra washing before putting them away.  Ken also had to get on the roof to sweep the leaves and debris off the awnings before leaving.

We showered and I did my devotions while Ken rested.  We headed over to Fred and Doloris site to cook our hamburgs on their campfire and then the 4 of us ate together.  After clean-up, we returned to their RV to play 3 rounds of Hand and Foot which the men won and a game of Haus that was a win for the women.  We certainly laughed a lot and had so much fun!  Spending these few days with Fred and Doloris has been wonderful!

We said our good-byes around 10:00, threatening to knock at their BR window before we leave early tomorrow morning!

Back to Wilbur for a little reading before turning out the lights!  What a wonderful time in Avalon.

Tuesday in Avalon!

Today was an off and on sunny one but it was warm and humid.  What a relaxing morning.  Ken was up bright and early (5:30), no sleeping in for that boy!!!  I only appeared at 8:15 and so enjoyed having some extra sleep!  We weren't in a big hurry for breakfast so I got ready for the day and then Ken cut-up fruit while I made us omelettes.  We enjoyed eating outside and just chatting for quite a long while.

Ken started dishes and I went to talk with Fred and Doloris to let them know of our tentative plans for the day.  Ken and I both wanted to do some reading so we decided to only go to the beach around 1, weather permitting.  They were forecasting some rain from Hurricane Florence.

I spent time outdoors going through Facebook and Pinterest and also chatted with Ken's sister, Priscilla, and left a message with Nancy Savage.  Then I did my devotions.

We packed a few snacks and drinks and left at 12:30 to go to the beach.  Fred and Doloris had left around noon.  Ken and I weren't on the beach more than a 1/2 hour when he announced that it was supposed to start raining in 3 minutes, but not for very long.  It did look rather dark behind us, but we decided to wait and see what happened.  Needless to say, by the time we got back to the car we were very wet!  It stopped in about 10 minutes and no more rain was predicted, so back to the beach the 4 of us went, only to get rained on again about 5 minutes after we got there!  By now I was cold and wet and told Ken I would be ready to go back to the CG.  Also, Ken had planned to go to the car from 2:30 to 3:15 to listen to a conference call from the Red Letter Christians.  I thought he would enjoy it more if we were back at the CG.  We were back just when the call began.

So glad we could find a private spot on the beach!

No one in sight that direction!

Getting rather overcast!

Fred and Doloris decided to check out the water and
large waves following the 1st rain!

He listened to the call outdoors while I showered and did some reading.  Then I worked on this blog and downloaded photos.  We both did more reading and I finished my book after reading about 100+ pages.  It was a good one!  It rained rather heavily for an hour or so and there were many puddles around our RV's.

Ken grilled salmon and a pork chop for dinner to go with our salads.  After doing dishes, we went over to the Martins and spent the evening playing a game of Hand and Foot which the women won - hallelujah!  It was another fun evening.

After some chatting, we returned to Wilbur and were in bed by 11.  A short time of reading and then off to dreamland! 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday - Mostly Cloudy Day with a Breeze, Perfect for Sea Glass Hunting!

Ken was up before me to read.  He took our bikes and hitch off the CRV because we were going to drive the 4 of us Fortescue.  We packed some drinks and snacks and by 8 AM we were on our way.  It was about a 45 minute drive from the CG and we made one stop at WaWa for hot drinks.  I was so excited to have my 1st cup of Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino for this season and any size hot drink was only $1.00.  No way we could pass up that deal!!!

Ken stopped along the road to take pictures of some wild turkeys and also 3 bald eagles.

Interesting coloring on the one on the left!

We spent about 3 hours at Fortescue and had a successful time finding some beautiful pieces of sea glass.  I felt fortunate that my back and hip were so willing to cooperate and allow me to spend that time walking and bending!!!  From there we drove about 15 minutes to Gandy Beach, another area where we have found sea glass previous years.  Not as successful here, but it was still fun!  

Fortescue - not many folks around today!

A few fishermen!

We were back to the CG around 3 and showers felt amazing!  I did some prep work for dinner and we cut-up some fruit!

I did my devotions while Ken did some reading.  I sauteed onions and peppers with shredded rotisserie chicken, added some teriyaki sauce and bingo, we had delicious salads.  Fred had started a wood fire so we took our food over to their RV and ate with them outside.  Back to Wilbur to clean-up and then Fred and Doloris joined us for an evening of card playing.  The men won Skip-Bo handily and the 1st game of Haus but the women finished the 2nd game as victors!!!  There may have been a bit of cheating going on, but we would have won anyway, at least that is what we told the men.  It was a crazy evening with so much laughter, fun, and some great reminiscing.  

We only called it a night around 10:30 because we are looking forward to a relaxing morning of sleeping in, especially for some of us!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday - On Our Way to Avalon, NJ!

 Ken finished some last minute loading and by 7 we were heading out of the apartment parking lot.  We stopped about a mile from the house and hooked up the CRV, leaving again by 7:25.  It was a great morning for the drive with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 70's.  When we got close to Avondale,  we stopped at a large shopping area, turned on the generator, and had oatmeal with fresh fruit along with coffee and chai. 

All went well on the drive and by 11 we arrived at Sea Pines CG near Avalon Beach.  We were fortunate to find a 3 point site (they have very limited sites with sewer hook-up) right behind Doloris and Fred.  They had left at 9 to meet their son part of the way back home, because they had their granddaughter, Faye, here at the CG since they arrived last Thursday, and she was heading back home with her dad.

We were able to get set-up and actually be sitting outside when they returned.  We chatted for about an hour and then we went to our rigs for lunch.  They decided to go to the beach for a short time while Ken and I rested and did some reading.

Ken grilled us Mahi Mahi and a steak (guess which was mine???) and the 4 of us ate together outside of Wilbur.  Fred had made them salmon over an open fire.  After doing dishes, we got together at their 5th wheel and played 2 games of Haus, with the men winning both of them!!  Not good!

We were back to Wilbur by 10:15 and it was off to bed to read!  Looking forward to the 4 of us going to Fortesque tomorrow morning in search of sea glass!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday - Finally a Nice Sunny Day!

Ken was up before me and did take a few more items to Wilbur.  We left at 8 to meet our good friends, Dan and Jackie, at Knight and Day restaurant for breakfast and time to "catch up" on life.  From there we went to the townhouse they are having built in a community here in Lititz about 2 minutes from our apartment- looking forward to having them as neighbors!  What a beautiful one floor home that they are really going to enjoy!

They came back to our apartment where we played 3 rounds for Hand and Foot with men against the women, of course!  The women were the winners by a rather large margin.  What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning with special friends.

Ken made some phone calls while I worked on this blog.  He also loaded a few more items in Wilbur before leaving at 2:30 for his Step Study!  Ken had decided he was going to fast from after breakfast this morning until tomorrow morning, so I had a light dinner while he was gone and watched some college football.  When he returned, I wanted to help load the refrigerator in Wilbur, but my hip and thigh were really hurting and walking was quite a problem.  So, I felt bad watching Ken making the trips back and forth, but like the great guy he is, he never complained.  

We spent the rest of the evening watching some college football and by 9:30 we went to bed, hoping to leave around 7 AM to head to Sea Pines CG in Cape May Courthouse and join Fred and Doloris for a few days.  Ken and I haven't been camping by ourselves in Wilbur since late May, so we are excited for the adventure to begin!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday - Woke to Another Dreary Day, but It Is Ken's Birthday!

Well, Ken is finally as old as me (well almost!)  He was up early to do his routine and for some reason I was up getting ready for about 1/2 an hour before I  remembered to sing Happy Birthday!  This getting old is for the birds!!!!

Before leaving for breakfast with my Curvette ladies I gave Ken his card and watched him open the shirts and swim trunks I had bought for him!  There were 9 of us at breakfast and we had such a good time. Again Polly made it an interesting breakfast.  We each had to share something that happened this past week that would make everyone laugh and then we received a bag with a piece of fruit, a chocolate Halloween lollipop, and a little sign with a cute saying about chocolate.  A fun time was had by all!

I came right home, did my devotions while drinking my chai and starting getting clothes and food ready to take with us on our camping adventure.  We will be leaving for Avalon Beach from Sunday till Thursday, then head to Hershey Preserve till the following Sunday before leaving for 17 days in New England.  By going to Hershey for those 3 days, which is very close to Lititz, we don't have to unload and reload before our trip north!  Worked on this blog and did some spot dusting!

Ken was treated to breakfast by his friend, Gary, and from there went to Jamie's for a haircut.  Because it is National Creme Filled Donut Day, she had one for her dad when he arrived!  Ken only got home at 11:45 and we headed to Costco and Oregon Dairy for a few needed items for our trip!

We put everything away that we had purchased and then loaded the car with things to go into Wilbur.  We were pleased with all that we accomplished in a short time.  Ken rested and I worked on the blog and played some games on my tablet.  At 4:30 we drove to Ruby Tuesday in Lancaster which is where Ken chose for his birthday dinner.  He really enjoys their salad bar.  To complete the celebration we stopped at McDonald's for a hot fudge sundae.  We are really the last of the big spenders!

Once back home, we did a bit more packing and watched the news to see an update on Hurricane Florence.  What devastation she is causing!

Ken really enjoyed all the birthday cards he received, messages on his phone and Facebook, and the singing of Happy Birthday by family members.  It was a special day for the 68 year old!

Today was not a good one for my hip.  For some reason, I am having nerve pain that flies into my hip and thigh area.  When it "strikes" I have such a difficult time walking.  So, I am wondering if starting up my stretches and exercises again has contributed to the problem.  Again, I am comfortable sitting, but walking hurts so much!  Maybe it is the storm before the calm!!!!!!

Chuck and Melissa called to sing a gorgeous rendition of "Happy Birthday" and when we put the on speaker, the 4 of us had a great phone chat!  He is doing well since his rotator cuff surgery in April and Melissa's second back shot has really helped with her pain and ability to take walks!  We look forward to seeing them in April!

We watched some of America Ninja Warrior and I did some x-stitching!  In bed by 9:15 to do some reading.  Except for my hip, it was a great day!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday - Another Mostly Cloudy, Dreary Day!

Ken left at 7:30 to have breakfast with one of his CR buddies.  I did my normal morning routine, including my stretches and exercises which I began again yesterday.  Just for an update - my back pain is fine, and my hip may be slightly better, but since the shot in my back I now have pain in my shin and thigh which make it difficult to walk without a limp.  I only had the shot about 1 week ago, so I am trying to continue to be cautiously optimistic, but that seems to get a little less as the days go by.  Not complaining, just stating the facts!

Ken and I left at 11:45 for a volunteer appreciation dinner for Lititz Meals on Wheels.  Currently there are about 150 volunteers and many of those folks were there for the once every 5 year event.  Lititz Meals on Wheels is celebrating their 45th anniversary and have served over 1 million meals.  To this day, they remain the only 100% volunteer MOW group in the area.  They receive no funding from national, state or local governments and they only charge $5.00 per day for a hot meal and bagged lunch.  We were served a great catered meal and really enjoyed the informative program.  They also gave out many door prizes that were gift cards to be used to support the businesses in downtown Lititz - how appropriate!  Unfortunately Ken and I were not winners!  We did meet some very nice folks at our table and look forward to "connecting" with them again!

After returning home, I drove to Boscov's in Lancaster to get myself a pair of sneakers and to purchase some birthday gifts for Ken.  It was a successful trip and I was back home by 4:30.  Ken had done some reading while I was gone and then went for a long walk.  We decided to skip dinner because we had plenty to eat at lunchtime and neither of us was hungry!

We finished our game of Hand and Foot with Ken being the victor (hey, it is his birthday tomorrow so I decided to be kind - NOT, I just lost!!!

I did some x-stitch while listening to music and by 9:30, we were in bed to do some reading.

As Ken has reminded me, tomorrow is a special day, actually he has been using the phrase "it's my birthday week" whenever he wanted to do something out of the ordinary since Sunday!

Just an update - John and Cindy did buy a new 2019 Silverwind Motorhome at the Hershey RV Show, trading in their 2014 Bounder.  They are so excited and so are Ken and I for them.  They are really going to enjoy it as they continue on their RV adventures!