Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday - A Snow "Recovery" Day!

Ken and I were both up at 5:30 to check the snow situation and than my phone to see if the Curvettes were still planning to meet for breakfast.  We showered and got ready and then I got some messages that most of the ladies were not planning to meet.  That was okay with me because the roads around our apartment were not looking too good for traveling.  Ken had offered to take me, but we were both happy that we didn't need to risk driving!

Ken spent most of the morning reading and doing some "homework" for meeting with his mentor when we return in December.  I had the opportunity to finish several of my crafting projects, including gifts I am making for Christmas and the crocheted afghans for Knots of Love.  I hope to ship about 8 of them in the very near future.

I also starting working on the scrapbook pages for Bria, Cali, Sam and Katelyn from our 2 camping trips with them this summer.  Last year I had sent the pages to add to their albums for Valentine's Day while Ken and I were in Florida.  I hope to do the same thing this year and I would like to complete them before we head south.  I had better get busy!  So, I downloaded all the photos to a zip drive and now I am ready to create the pages.  Once I get started I enjoy doing it, but getting started is the problem!

Ken and I picked up Polly at 12:30 to treat her to lunch at a surprise location - Gracie's in Leola.  We had such a good time and really enjoyed the menu choices.  Gracie's is known for their bacon creations and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Our waitress recommended their bacon grilled cheese on toasted sourdough bread which Yelp rated in the top ten grilled cheese in the US.  All three of us ordered it and we were not disappointed!  Bacon is something Ken and I never buy so it was a treat!  

We had Polly back home by 2:30 and Ken and I went to Target to complete our Christmas shopping for our granddaughters.

Both of us were tired after getting up so early, so we took naps.  Earlier in the afternoon we had called Dan and Jackie and invited them to come over around 7 to play cards.  Ken and I were "stuffed" from lunch (we even had PB Pie for dessert) so we didn't eat dinner.  We played 2 games of Pinochle with Dan and Jackie and the men and women each won a game.  It was a fun evening with special friends!  They left around 11:15 and Ken and I went right to bed, did some reading, and lights were out around 11:45.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Thursday - A Winter Weather Event!

Ken was up at his usual time to read and I appeared at 7, just in time to watch the Morning News.  He left at 7:30 to meet Gary for breakfast and I completed my morning "stuff" till he returned around 10:30.  He had run some errands and stopped by Wilbur to run the generator and just to make sure everything was okay!

Bria had an exciting day - she got her braces today!  Last week she had spacers put in, but now she has a complete set of braces.  She had them put on before school, so hopefully she will be "distracted" enough that the pain will be minimal.  

Looking Good!

Wow, that is quite a picture!!!!

By 10:45 it had really started to snow and it did look beautiful.  Before that we had some sleet and freezing rain, but it didn't "stick" to the roads.  It continued snowing until 4:30 and we had about 6 or 7 inches, about 4 inches more than predicted.  

A photo of the view from our deck!

We had at least 6 inches and it was beautiful!

Lanie called when parked at the bus stop waiting for the girls because of an early dismissal.  She had been there about an hour and got an e-mail from the principal that the bus had still not left the school.  Roads were very bad and it was taking the busses a long time to get to the school.  About 20 minutes later she left us a message that they were home safe and sound - hallelujah!

I spent the afternoon making some cards with new stamps and die cuts I had ordered and received a few days ago.  It was a lot of fun being creative and using some new products.  I am making more dimensional cards and I really like that they look more "professional"!

Ken went outside for about an hour and helped Johnathan, the young man who is in charge of our apartment building, get all the cars in our parking lot moved while a truck with a plow was here to clear the area.  They also brushed the snow off all the cars.  It was sleeting/raining while they we shoveling, so Ken came in cold and very wet!

We had salads for dinner and I spent the evening crafting and Ken did some reading, etc.  We were in bed by 9:30 after a rather relaxing day enjoying the snowfall.  We are very thankful that we weren't planning on leaving this Friday for Florida.  It would not have happened.  Hopefully the weather will be a lot more cooperative next Friday when we will be heading south!  I am excited that I got to witness a snowstorm before leaving.  It rarely happens that we have a measurable snow before Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Busy but Good!

Monday was a typical day for the Hoslers.  Ken did his morning routine before leaving for an 8:30 breakfast with one of his buddies from CR.  I had just about completed my morning routine when Ken returned.

He went for a long walk, but it was rather chilly outside and I decided to stay in the warm.  When he returned we ate a light lunch and then he left for a 12:30 appointment with Dane and I headed to Masonic Village to help my mother sort through her rubber stamps and hopefully get rid of some!

Mom and I had a good time going through the MANY stamps she has accumulated and we actually filled a large bag with ones she would like to sell.  We priced each one before placing them in the bag.  She was pleased with all that we accomplished before I left at 4.  Dad stopped by twice to see what we were doing!

Ken had done numerous errands after his time with Dane.  We left home at 5:30 to go to a viewing for Galen Crouse, the husband of Carolyn, with whom I had worked with for many years at the Ephrata Church of the Brethren.  She was the very talented organist when I directed the choir and also played for me many times when I sang in church.  She is a special lady and I so appreciated how she made me "look good" even when I wasn't quite sure what I was doing!

We made a pizza for dinner when we returned and then had a relaxing evening watching The Voice.  Ken read and I did some crafting - a typical night at the Hoslers.

Tuesday was another typical morning and by 8:30 we left to meet our couples card club at Old Hickory Grill for breakfast before heading to Kreiders for card playing.  We had a great time together and Ken and I had the high score of the day, so we brought home an extra $6.00 - wow! When we left around 3 it was much colder and very windy.

Ken rested while I did some crafting and made salads for tonight and tomorrow.  Neither of us were very hungry, so we just had salads for dinner.  Ken left at 6:15 for CR and I spent the evening watching The Voice and my favorite new show, New Amsterdam.  Ken was in bed around 10:15, but I only got there at 11.  

Today, Wednesday, Ken left at 8 for his work at MCC.  I spent the morning just getting ready and doing my normal morning "stuff".  When Ken returned, we ate a quick lunch and by 1:30 we were at Masonic Village to play cards with Mom and Dad.  We had decided to go there today instead of Thursday because they are predicting a "wintery mix" of snow, sleet and freezing rain tomorrow afternoon.  We wanted to get to see them and spend time together so today worked out well for both of us.

It was a fun afternoon with the women being victorious again - we won 4 out of 5 games.  Wow, we are good!!!  We only got back home around 5:45 and Ken grilled numerous pieces of meat so he wouldn't have to grill tomorrow night with the bad weather.  We ate dinner while watching the evening news.  No cards tonight after playing all afternoon, so we watched the Country Music Awards while he did some "stuff" on Facebook and messenger and I worked on the calendars I will give for gifts for family and friends.  It was bedtime around 10.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Saturday and Sunday - Cold, Blustery Weekend!

Ken was up early to do his morning routine, but I only appeared around 7:15.  It was so windy and cold today, way too chilly for these Florida Snowbirds!  We made a cooked breakfast and then got ready for the day.  We talked to Lanie and Jamie and decided that today we would go to Bria and Cali's swim meet about an hour from here.  Bria had swam last evening in one event - 20 lengths of the pool of freestyle.  She said it went well, but she was definitely tired - I wonder why?????

Ken spent most of the morning at his desk doing some necessary paperwork while I did my devotions, stretches, and then worked on a cardholder.  After a quick, light lunch, we left at 12:45 to go to Bria and Cali's swim meet that was in Mechanicsburg, about an hour from home.  It was so cold and so windy, really feeling like winter.  The meet went well for the girls, but I think a bit frustrating for Cali.  She added several seconds to most of her events and looked especially tired during one of them.  She recently started on a new medicine for her OCD and we all wondered if that might be affecting her.  Maybe her body just needs a little time to adjust to the medication.

These photos are Bria swimming.  

We left there at 4:45 and stopped at the Manheim campus of our church and attended the 6:15 service.  Sunday we want to go to Katelyn soccer game and going to church this evening was a better option.  We were home by 7:45 and spent the evening watching some college football while I downloaded photos to Costco for the calendars I make for family and friends each year for Christmas.  It took me over 2 hours to complete the project - Wow!!!

Today, Sunday, was a less windy day but still in the 40's.  We had a rather relaxing morning doing our normal routines and having time for Ken to work at his desk and for me to get some cards ready to send to friends.

We had a late breakfast and left at 11:45 for Katelyn's soccer game which was about 45 minutes from home.  It was the semi-finals today and it was a fun game to watch.  After 2 twenty minute periods the game was tied, so they played 2 additional 5 minute periods with it still being 0 to 0.  So it was a time for kicks on goal and Katelyn's team won by 1 point.  She was so excited.  Next Saturday they will be in the finals for 1st or 2nd place.

Katelyn is the back left player in orange!  She loves to run

Us spectators did our best to stay warm!

After the game, we went back to their house and the girls wanted to watch a video of somethings they would like for Christmas.  I had asked them to give me some ideas.  Boy, Grandma is certainly "out of the loop" when it comes to the toys girls enjoy these days!  We had a nice visit before the 6 of us left at 5 to have dinner at a local restaurant.  It was so nice to spend time with Lanie's family.

Samantha and Katelyn are ready
to go to dinner!

We were back home by 7 and spent the evening watching 60 Minutes and football.  Ken went to bed by 10 but I stayed up until the end of the disappointing Eagles game.  I only turned out my light around 12:15, way too late for this gal, but I did finish another cardholder and baby afghan.  It was a great weekend with family!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Thursday and Friday

Thursday was a relatively nice day but a bit cool.  Ken had a wonderful breakfast with his brother, Paul, and sister, Priscilla.  Unfortunately Phil was not available to join them.  I spent the morning doing laundry and a few things around the apartment.  I got a bit concerned when Ken wasn't home by 11:30, because he had met them at 8:30.  Apparently they had a lot to talk about and share.

We ate lunch and by 1 we were at Masonic Village for our weekly pinochle game with Mom and Dad.  It was a great day for the ladies winning 3 of 4 games - that hasn't happened for quite a long time.  I had taken a batch of oat bran muffins for mom, which she just loves to have for breakfast!  She was so grateful.

Ken and I were back home by 5:15 and both of us were rather tired after having rather a restless night of sleep.  We had another salad with sauteed peppers, onions, and leftover grilled chicken - YUM!  After playing cards all afternoon, we decided we were all "carded out" for today.  So, Ken spent the evening reading and corresponding with friends and his buddies from CR while I did some crafting while watching TV.  We did see a little of the Steelers game before heading to bed by 10:15.

Today, Friday, was a blustery, cold day, but at least the sun was shining.  We were both up early and I left by 6:20 for breakfast with my Curvette ladies.  Today we were celebrating Deb's birthday, but we would meet for breakfast even if there wasn't a special celebration.  After a fun time, I stopped at Dollar Tree for a few items and then went to Jamie's to pick-up Cali and take her to school for Grandparents Day.  Ken had stopped by Jamie's too so we could visit for a short time before heading to the school.  Sue and Dan met us there where the school treated us to fruit, coffee and delicious cinnamon rolls.  Then we all went to the library where they were having a book fair and the grandparents bought some books for Cali that she wanted as part of her Christmas gift.  Off to her room to check it out - it is nice to be able to imagine her in that classroom each day.  Cali was a gracious hostess and was so grateful that all of us were able to attend her special event.

Ken went to meet with one of his buddies from CR and I took Cali back home and then returned to Lititz.  I was thankful that I didn't have anything else to do today except to enjoy the warmth of our apartment.  It started raining early afternoon and got rather windy, a great day to be indoors.  

Ken was home for lunch, rested, and then left to meet another buddy for coffee at 3.  I spent almost the entire day cardmaking, cardholder making, and then crocheting.  We did take time to make salads and play an entire game of Hand and Foot which Ken won.  We had stuffed peppers for dinner that we had bought at Costco and they were positively delicious - recommend you try them!!  It was a relaxing evening and we were in bed by 9:30.

Just a little extra info - Ken is in a "stache" contest so Nov. 1 he became clean shaven, something that has hardly ever happened since we got married.  I swear he doesn't have an upper lip when his moustache is gone.  Soon he  will need to shave his beard again with only a moustache "allowed" until the end of the month.  Dane hosts the contest each year with the participants paying $25.00 to enter and then all the money goes to the "winner's" charity of choice.  Ken is hoping to win and give the money to the Mennonite Central Committee.  You win by having the most amount of votes on Facebook from family, friends, etc.  So, if you are so inclined, please vote for Ken at the end of November.  He would appreciate it!

Before the shaving took place!

Ken, where is your upper lip?

The "stache" and beard are slowly
reappearing.  Unfortunately, the
beard will have to go very soon!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday - A Rainy, Rather MIserable Day!

Monday was a miserable weather day with rain and cool temperature.  Both of us had a rather restless night and woke up earlier than usual.  The time change has not been our friend!!  Ken left a little after 7 to have breakfast with his friend, Gary!  I spent that time getting ready for the day and making myself breakfast.

I finished getting ready for card club and by 9 Ken was back home.  He did some work and clean-up at his desk while I worked on this blog and did my devotions.  I  called and sang Happy Birthday to my mother and then together, Ken and I sang for his sister's birthday.  What a special day for our families!

Ken left when the ladies arrived around 11:30.  We had such a good time playing cards and socializing.  This group has been together for about 30 years, playing 8 months (each time at one of our homes) and then the 9th month we go out to eat!  I had the high score of the day (wow!) and won $10.00!  Everyone left around 3:30 which the same time Ken returned.  He had spent his time at the library and then going to Costco.

We cleaned-up and since both of us had plenty to eat, skipped dinner and drove to Masonic Homes where we celebrated my mother's birthday with Dad, Cindy, and John.  We had taken a large cake from Costco that mom enjoyed sharing with the residents.  The 6 of us played 2 games of Up the River and the women won both.  It was a fun celebration!

Happy 89th, Mom!

Tuesday was another very rainy one until about 12:30.  Ken and I got haircuts at Jamie's which gave us a chance to have a nice visit.  We left there at 10 and went directly to pick-up food to deliver for Meals on Wheels.  It positively "poured" on our way there, but thankfully it only rained lightly when we were delivering the food.  I took Ken back home and went right to Masonic Homes, arriving around noon to pick up my mother and take her to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist in Lancaster.  She has been experiencing hoarseness for quite sometime and was concerned that she had a major problem.  I am happy to report that her throat has a "clean bill of health" and it is just a case of senility laryngitis - who knew such a thing existed???  Apparently our vocal cords can lose their elasticity as we age and that is the case for my mother.  She was so relieved.  We made several additional stops on our way back to Masonic.  It was a fun day with my mother especially after the Dr. visit!

Ken had spent most of the day reading and on the computer ordering somethings we needed before heading to Florida.  I was home by 4:15 and by 6:30 we were on our way to celebrate 9 years of the Celebrate Recovery program at LCBC.  Our friends, Dan and Jackie, went with us as well as one of the young gentleman that Ken works with.  It was an amazing evening of fantastic music and tear jerking testimonies of folks who have overcome so much heartache in their lives because of Celebrate Recovery.

We were back home by 9:30 and went right to bed.  It was another good day!

Today, Wednesday, we watched a little bit of the news and then Ken ate breakfast before going to volunteer at MCC.  By 9:45 I had finished mixing and baking 2 batches of those delicious oat bran muffins, eaten breakfast, and cleaned up.  I spent some time on the internet ordering some die cuts for making greeting cards and then worked on this blog..

Ken was home by 12:30 and we had lunch.  I spent the afternoon making cards while Ken read.  We mad salads for dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and then went for about a 2 mile walk.  It was in the 50's but offered plenty of sunshine.  More time for crafting and reading before Ken grilled.  After dinner we finished a game of Hand and Foot that Ken was winning, but I was victorious at the end!  I watched a couple reruns of Frazier and x-stitched while Ken listened to some Bible Study Videos from his friend, Rick.  Bed by 10.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Great Weekend!

Saturday morning was a bit rainy and we had lots of rain last evening and during the night, but by 7:30 it was clearing.  The rest of the day was mostly sunny and temperatures were in the 50's.  The trees in our area are at their "peak" and we are positively marveling everytime we take a walk at God's beautiful creation!

After doing some reading, Ken and I left for a walk downtown.  Upon our return, we ate breakfast and then I started cleaning the apartment.  Ken took an additional walk and then worked at his desk and did some reading.  I also did some preparation for ladies card club which is here on Monday morning. 

The afternoon was extremely relaxing as I enjoyed making some cards and a cardholder while watching some college football games.  At 5:20 we left to pick-up a pizza at a local shop and drove to Dan and Jackie's (their new home is about 1 mile from us) where we enjoyed dinner together and then spent the evening playing Hand and Foot and a game of Pinochle.  The women were easily the winners in every game we played - amazing!!!  It was so much fun to spend the evening with them.  When our children were growing up, we spent so much time together including a week's vacation at Ocean City, MD every year.  We share so many wonderful memories with them and look forward to creating many more!

We were home by 11:15 and it was off to bed!

Sunday, we were up early enough to get our devotions done before heading to church.  We started a new series of messages and it was another thought provoking one on the power of love.  After the service, we took Jamie's family to breakfast and we had such a wonderful time.  It was so nice to spend time just chatting and sharing life.  Bria and Cali are such a "captive audience" in a restaurant and we definitely took advantage of being together.  

Bria loved her hot chocolate with all the whipped cream!

When we got back home, we changed and went for a longer walk around town.  Again, it was a gorgeous day with plenty of brilliant sunshine and temperatures in the 50's.  Ken continued on a longer walk and I decided to crochet and make another cardholder while watching the Steelers game.  At halftime Ken and I worked together in the kitchen - we made salads for dinner and I made a dessert for card club.  Then it was time to return to the LR to watch the 4th quarter of the game!

Back to the kitchen to prep the remaining for card club and get everything set-up and organized - I like too be ahead of schedule!!!!  Ken very graciously vacuumed the apartment, a job that is so hard on my back!  I continued crafting the rest of the day while Ken read and spend time responding to e-mails and texts.  As you can tell, it was a rather relaxing day and it was bedtime at 10:30.