Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Last Full Day in Avalon!

Ken and I had a relaxing morning which included a cooked breakfast and then 2 rounds of mini golf here at the CG.  Today I was the winner!  It was only 51 degrees when we got up, but it was a beautiful day with full sun and temperatures around 70.  Very little wind today.

Love playing this mini golf course.  Challenging
and well maintained!

We packed our lunches, loaded our bikes, and headed to 30th Street in Avalon.  We rode our bikes to the end of Stone Harbor where there is a wildlife area.  Great view from the lookout area.

Great designated bike lane in Avalon and Stone Harbor!

This is the view from the lookout at the Santuary\
area in Stone Harbor!

We rode back to the beach in Avalon and spent from 2 to 5 eating our lunch and then walking the beach for the last time in this area for 2013 looking for pieces of shells and more seaglass.  I was successful with the shell hunting, but we only found about 4 pieces of seaglass.  Ken found a beautiful etched green one!

Another Day at the Office!!  Not too many people
on the beach today!

Back to Willie to begin packing up for our return home tomorrow.  Things get fairly dirty when you are camping in a sandy area for several weeks. 

Loved our campsite here.  Feels like you are in the
mountains even though you are at the beach!
So quiet and shaded!

Later Ken and headed to Sea Isle City to get a take-out lobster dinner from Famous Mikes where we had eaten last Wed. night.  He is so excited to enjoy that meal again!  Since I am not a seafood eater, I will have a salad and a Cafe Steamer!  Exciting huh????

More jewelry making this evening while watching the finals of America's Got Talent!  Can't believe 2 weeks have gone by already!  Where does the time go when you are having fun? 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Relaxing Day at the CG!

Today, Tuesday, was a rather cool and very windy in the Avalon area.  It was 53 when we got up and only got to the mid 60's at best!  We cooked and ate inside! 

Ken spent time on the internet looking for a bike rack for Willie.  Thought he had the perfect one, but after talking to a company rep, realized that the receiver would be to close to Willie - no way to get the bikes far enough away from the RV.  So frustrating.  We really don't like having the bikes inside when we travel.

I did some research on the Internet looking for nickle free headpins and earwires for my jewelry making.  Some are available but I need to do some additional looking!

Ken left at 12:15 to go to the beach to look for more "treasures".  I decided to stay back and continue making jewelry.  I knew it would be too windy and cool for me to enjoy beach time!  He returned around 2:30 with a few pieces of seaglass, but said it was so windy and cold that he had his hood up!  Glad I stayed back!

Looks like most people decided it was too cool
and windy to go to the beach.  Ken could
sit and walk anywhere!!!

The surf was really rough and choppy!

Love finding seaglass in the sand!

Ken's treasures for the day!

After a late lunch, we play 36 holes of golf!!!  Oh, I forgot to mention it was miniature golf here at the campground.  Ken beat me badly!!!!  I must get him back tomorrow!  We walked around the CG and sat on the lounge chairs at the lake.  There we were in the direct sun and shielded from the wind.  It was so beautiful!

More jewelry making before and after supper.  Then we watched the finals of America's Got Talent!  Who will win???  All of the people are so talented and so different!!!!!

Some of the shell pendants and earrings I made
last evening!

Evening with Fellow Camping Friends!

After enjoying a delicious breakfast outside of Willie on Monday, Ken chopped wood while I did some cleaning inside.  Then we ran some errands - groceries, wine, etc.

After lunch, we went to the miniature golf course here in the CG and played 2 rounds - I won both!  We love this little 9 hole course - fun and challenging!

I spent about 2 hours making jewelry and then Ken started a campfire while I got some appetizers ready for the arrival of Richard and Bonnie.  They live about an hour from the CG and had met them at the RV-Dreams Rally in Hershey 2 years ago.  They plan to put their home on the market in April and go full-time when it is sold and settled.  They arrived at 4:30 and we spent the evening sitting around the fire talking and having an old-fashioned campfire meal complete with s'mores for dessert.  It is amazing how much information and helpful tips you learn by talking to fellow camping friends.  We were so happy they could join us for the evening which ended around 10:15.  We hope to meet up with Richard and Bonnie in Florida this winter!

The Happy Campers!!

Good-Bye to Fred and Doloris!

Sunday morning we had a pancake and sausage breakfast with the Martins, eating outside at our picnic table.  We talked about our wonderful week together and how blessed we felt with the great weather and being able to create memories together!

They were on their way home by 12:30, a bit sad that their 10 day trip was over!  We will miss having them and their rig right behind us!

Beautiful and quiet beach!
Ken did some research on the internet and discovered that Higbee Beach near Cape May was a good area for finding seaglass.  So, he packed lunches while I posted on our blog, and we drove to Higbee Beach.  Very nice, quiet beach near the Cape May Ferry.  It is a dog friendly beach too!  Unfortunately, we found very little seaglass!

Very close to the Cape May/Lewes Ferry Terminal

The rest of Sunday was rather quiet for us.  We were still tired from our busy day Saturday, so we relaxed the rest of the day.  I spent time making more jewelry.  I am doing another show on the bridge near Columbia PA the 1st Saturday in October, so I have to get busy and replenish my inventory!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Craft Show at Sea Isle City!

Ken and I were on our way to Sea Isle City for the Family Fun Festival at 6 AM on Saturday morning - way tooooo early!  Fortunately we were able to park close to the Promenade for unloading for the craft show.  It was only 53 degrees and dark so alittle chilly setting up.  All went well in the set-up process, but it takes longer than one would think.  The show officially started at 9 and we were ready by 8:15 or so. 

At the beginning I was concerned.  Seemed like not too many people and more "lookers" than buyers.  But I was proven wrong as the day progressed.  Lots of favorable feedback and many buyers too!  A winning combination.  It was a windy day too, but we and a large condo in front of us and high dunes behind us, and with Ken's weights that he made for holding down the canopy, the wind was not a problem.  At the end of the day, we were thrilled.  It was the best show we have done so far and it was only a 1 day show from 9 to 4.  And to think that 2 weeks ago we had no plans to do a craft show while in this area.  What a bonus!  We are so thankful!

Got very busy as the day progressed

It was dark and cool when we arrived, but what
a great setting for a Craft Show!

This is our set-up and notice Ken great weights!

A view looking up the Promenade and all the vendors!

This young guy was tossing pizza day right in front of
our craft space.  He was very good!

We were exhausted by the time we were loaded and heading back to the CG.  Unpacked a few items and then sat outside to relax and have a drink.  Talked to Nancy Savage - they ordered a new Redwood 5th Wheel at the Hershey RV Show that will be ready in about 6 weeks.  They are full-timing, so the new rig will be great for them.  We are so excited for Neil and Nancy! 

Martins were back from the beach around 6:30 so we chatted and then the men built a campfire.  We had grilled Caesar salads with our turkey sausage.  Then we enjoyed s'mores.  So good!  It really cooled off, so we played cards in Martins RV.  Surprised Ken with a birthday cake complete with candles.  He worked hard today on his birthday at the craft show, but we have so much fun doing this new venture together! 

Happy Birthday,Ken!  6 plus 3 candles!

No, No Ken!  You are supposed to share!  I guess
you can do whatever you want when you get to your age!

Ken and I were very tired and at 11:00 while playing a round of cards, we were waiting for Ken to play a card when we realized he was nodding off - he had actually fallen asleep.  So we called it a night.  Can't believe Martins had home tomorrow!  These 10 days together had flown by.  It is great to have such special friends who share your love of RVing!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Spent the Day at Cape May!

Ken and I were only up at 8:30 today!  I guess we are getting used to this lifestyle!  None of us were in fast motion, so we only sat down to eat our breakfast around 10:30.  After doing a few things in our RV's, the men loaded our bikes and we drove to Cape May. 

We unloaded our bikes a block from the main road along the beach and rode to Sunset Beach to look for the Cape May diamonds and possible seaglass.  That area is so picturesque!  We did find about 6 pieces of beautiful seaglass and some "diamonds", but again, it was rather windy.  Decided to enjoy lunch at The Grille at Sunset Beach and the sandwiches were very good.  Rode back to the truck, loaded our bikes and then headed to 2 local Wineries - Cape May Winery and Willow Creek Winery.  The 3 of them (I am not a wine lover) preferred the wine at Cape May Winery.  The wineries were very beautiful.  At Cape May Winery they had just started to harvest the grapes, so we were able to see what they do with the grapes when they bring them in from the vines.


The 6 "alike houses" that a dad built for his 6 daughters!

Nice setting for lunch at The Grille on Sunset Beach!

Note the sunken cement WWII ship out in the
water on the left of the photo!  Don't believe
those ships floated very well!

This winery only opened in December!  It is
quite a fancy, special place!

We enjoyed a glass of wine looking out over the
vineyards.  I actually had sangria!

They had free range chickens on the property and this
was their special hen house!
Entrance to Cape May Winery

So many grapes on the vines!

View from the wine tasting deck!

Bringing the grapes into the juicer!

Back to the CG by 6:30 and Ken started loading for our Craft Show tomorrow at Sea Isle City on the Promonade.  Certainly hope it isn't too windy!  Doloris and Fred went back to Famous Mike's for the lobster special again - they have it on Wed. and Friday nights!  We decided to eat here!  Can't believe we have been here for 8 days already.  The time has gone so quickly!

Tomorrow is a very special day - Ken's 63rd Birthday and he gets to spend it doing a craft show!  What a guy!!!!!!

Another Beautiful Beach Day!

We have had positively gorgeous weather every since we arrived in Avalon.  Sunny and warm.   After cooking and eating our breakfast outdoors on Thursday, we played a round of miniature golf here in the CG.  It was so hot and humid so we stopped after the 1st round with the woman being victorious.  Changed and headed to the beach by 12:30.  It was warm and not too windy when we 1st arrived, but by mid afternoon, it got extremely windy.  Ken and I walked the beach and found more pieces of seaglass.  Then the 4 of us played a game of Bocce, but it was chilly and so windy!  I think we let the men win rather quickly just to head back to warmer conditions!!!

By the time we were ready to leave the beach, we
were the only sunbathers still there!!!!

We only arrived at the CG around 6:45, so the men started the campfire right away.  All of us were so ready for a shower after being "bombarded" with sand.  It seemed to be everywhere!!!  We only sat down to eat around 8:00 - not sure if it was breakfast or dinner????  As soon as we got inside Willie to do dishes, the rain began.  Just got finished eating at the right time.  We spent the evening at Martins RV playing more cards, splitting the wins.  Stopped at 11:30 when all of us were too tired to focus!  Another great day in the Avalon area! 

Time at the Hershey RV Show!

Ken and I were on our way the Hershey RV Show on Wed. morning by 7:45.  Stopped at Subway to get sandwiches to eat for lunch while at the RV Show.  Then we had a delicious breakfast at the Quentin Restaurant on the way to the show.  Were inside the Giant Center by 9:30 (Senior Day!).  We stopped to purchase a Hershey Chocolate Bar for Josh, our contact person at Encore.  He has been so good to us over the last several years and I finally got to meet him.  We spent time at the Encore Booth booking our camping weeks in Florida for both the fall and the winter.  They were running phenomenal specials - $89.00 per week at any of their Florida resorts, except Sunshine Key.  You can only stay for 2 weeks for that price before moving to another, but Ken and I like being in different areas, so it works out well for us.  Also booked a week in the Naples area at a Sun Resort for $175.00.  Not bad for that area!  We are so excited for those adventures.

After those bookings, we toured some Class A Motorhomes and still prefer Winnebagos!  It maybe in our future, but no hurry!  We left the show at 2:00, stopping at home to pick-up a few items and were on our way back to Sea Pines by 3.  Arrived at the CG by 6 - quite a busy 32 hours!  By 7 we were at Famous Mike's Seafood House in Sea Isle City with Fred and Doloris for their $15.99 1 1/2 lb. whole lobster dinner.  I had chicken fingers and fries, not many choices for us non seafood lovers.  Ken loved it and it was BYOB.  What a deal!

Back to Willie to play cards.  We were in bed by 11:30, tired but happy.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Drive Back Home!

Ken and I were up by 7 this morning and finished organizing the things we want to take home.  We had breakfast outdoors with the Martins and were on our way back to PA by 10:30.  Missed our exit off of Route 55 and ended up coming home by way of Phila.  Actually it was a good mistake for it took us almost 1 hour less to get home.

We stopped at Joann Fabrics so I could get some velvet cards for displaying my earrings and then on to Costco for some food items to take back to the CG.  Home a very short time and we went to our daughter Jamie's to walk with her to the school bus to meet Bria.  I actually stayed at the house with Cali who had a bad boil that made it hard for her to sit!  Had a nice time visiting for about 1 hour.  Ken headed to the post office and then home to mow.

I went for groceries and fruit at a roadside stand.  Felt like we were on a treadmill since we got home.  Looking forward to going to the RV show tomorrow.  We always have a good time!

Games and a Jewelry Making Afternoon

Monday started with another outdoor breakfast and then off to play shuffleboard.  The men won both games! 

The Martins headed to Famous Mikes in Sea Isle City for a soft shell crab sandwich and some mussels.  Said they were delicious.  Then they spent the afternoon on the beach.  Ken and I went to Sea Isle City also to get our site location for the Craft Show on Saturday.  Drove to the spot on the Promenade to see where it was and what parking would be available for loading.  Then back to Willie for a light lunch.  I spent the afternoon at the picnic table making jewelry for the show!  Ken was busy sending out e-mails. 

No campfire this evening - we had leftovers and Martins had crock pot stuffed peppers.  We played cards inside Willie with the men being victorious again!  They must be cheating!!!

Ken and I got somethings ready to take home.  We are heading there tomorrow morning so Ken can mow and then we will be available to go to the RV Show in Hershey for Senior Day on Wednesday.  We want to book our CG reservations for Feb. and March in Florida.  Also looking forward to meeting Josh with Encore who is my contact person whenever I call there.  I have never met him and he will be at the show.

Another Perfect Beach Day!

Sunday, we took a walk around the CG and then enjoyed breakfast outdoors with the Martins.  So nice to be able to eat outside and this CG setting feels like you are in the forest!  So shaded and quiet!

Back to the beach to do much of the same as yesterday!  We all found more sea glass and beautiful shell pieces.  Another game of Bocce but the women won this time! 

Back to Willie where we cooked dinner on another open fire and then had brownies and ice cream for dessert, compliments of Doloris!  More card playing!  So much fun to share our camping experiences with Fred and Doloris.  We always have a great time together!

Perfect Beach Day!

Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day near 80 degrees!  Great breakfast that we cooked and ate outdoors with Fred and Doloris!  Then we played 2 rounds of miniature golf with the men winning!  What is happening????  Packed our lunches, changed, and headed to Avalon Beach.  We all walked the beach and found treasures - sea glass, shell pieces, and Ken even found a large shark's tooth!  What a find!!!  More bocce on the beach where the women actually one a game! 

We made steak and salmon on the open fire and then had fresh peaches that had been soaking in Ice Wine over pound cake!  We are living large!!!  More games with the wins being split!  What a fun day!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back to the Avalon Area in New Jersey!

We were home about 1 week and it was time to head out for another adventure!  Our week at home was so busy (what always happens when you have been away) with lots of lawn care and flowers maintenance needed, plus a house that required cleaning!  Plenty of wash too!  Make it stop!!!!!

By Thursday, we were excited to be camping again and Fred and Doloris will be with us for 10 of the 14 days!  That is great!  We always have fun tallying wins for the men vs. the women playing all sorts of games throughout our time together!  Ken and I arrived at Sea Pines CG by noon and spent quite a bit of time trying to decide on a site that had 2 close together for when the Martins arrived.  After getting in our "spot", we went to the tourist center at Sea Isle City to sign up for the Family Fun Festival Craft Show that will be there on Saturday the 14th.  Excited to be a part of that 300+ vendor show!  Back to the CG to welcome Fred and Doloris.  We ate supper together outside, but no campfire.  Then we played 3 games of cards and the women won 2 of the 3.

Yesterday, Friday, was a beautiful, mild, partly sunny warm day.  We had a very "laid back morning" cooking and eating our breakfast outside but not until 10:45.  Sat around chatting and then were on the beach at Avalon around 1:00.  Great shell "piece" collecting day.  We also played Bocce on the beach, the perfect play to play that game, but the men won both games.  I think Doloris and I are ready for a rematch!

Back to the CG by 6:00 and we cooked supper over the open fire, with s'mores for dessert.  Then another game of cards with the men winning!  Not sure what is happening!!!!  Great 1st full day together!