Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our Last Full Day with Chuck and Melissa!

Ken and I woke to the 6:45 alarm and got ready to go to LCBC.  We were excited that Melissa and Chuck were going to go with us.  The 4 of us left the CG at 7:45 to go to the Berks campus of LCBC where Joyce, a member of our small group, was going to be baptized today.  We were excited for her and wanted to be part of her special day.  

We were there by 8:45 and joined the rest of our Life Group who had come to support Joyce also.  Alton and Jane couldn't join us for they were out of the area.  It was a great service and afterwards about 16 of us all went to breakfast/lunch together.  A great time was had by all!!!!

We were back to CG around 2 and stopped at the camp store for some hand dipped ice cream.  We agreed to meet around 4 to play our last games of pickleball for this trip.  Ken and I spent the time getting ready for our departure tomorrow morning.  We loaded the CRV with clothes and other items that need to go back to the apartment and put away the things that were outside - rope lights, bikes, etc.  I also got most of the inside things in their proper place for traveling.  Ken was awake for an hour during the night, so he took a short nap while I worked on the blog.

At 4:30 the 4 of us went to the pickleball court for our final games of playing for this time together.  We played about an hour before Wade, Tiffany, Denise, and Holly joined us.  It was so hot and especially humid.  We played many games and were soaked when we left the courts at 7.  It was time for showers, a light dinner, and then the 4 of us got together in their motorhome for game playing from 8:15 to 10:45.  The men won pinochle and spades, but the women finally won a game of Skip-Bo, imagine that!  I will add that we won that game rather handily!

All of us were tired and we went right to bed when we returned to Waldo. It was another very special day!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pickleball Morning and an Evening with Fred and Doloris!

Ken was up before me, again, and did some reading.  I did my reading while in bed.  We got ready for pickleball and ate our breakfast outside.  It was an off and on sunny morning with temperatures in the 70's early and about 80 at noon.

The 4 of us were on the courts around 8:30 and there were about 9 players today, so we got to play a lot more games.  We had so much fun.  Wade and Tiffany are lots of fun to play with and Dick, who is 80, is such a nice man.  He was so excited to have a chance to play the game, for he has had some health issues and been in areas where no one played.  He is a good player and we were happy to have met him.  Denise and Holly are often at this CG when we are here.  They live nearby and are in for 2 weeks and then home for 1.  So, we have played with them many times.  Ken, Chuck, Dick, and Wade played 5 games and after 4, had to have a tie breaker.  They had some great points with many volleys.

Dick and Wade vs. Denise and Tiffany!

Melissa and I......

against Chuck and Holly!

I don't think Holly was happy with her shot!!!!

The Happy Pickleball Players!  What fun!

The 4 of us returned to our campsites at noon, so it was a long pickleball morning.  We were glad for the lower temperature and only occasional sunshine. We ate lunch and I did some work on the computer.  After showers, we spent some time just relaxing.  Imagine that!!!!!  I talked to Doloris around 3:15 to decide where we wanted to have dinner.  We had hoped to eat at The Deck in Ephrata, but we had heavy rain off and on, so eating outside was not an option. Long story short, we decided to met at Dukes near Palmyra at 5:15.

By 4:00 Ken and I were ready so we texted Chuck and Melissa that if they were ready and wanted to play cards to come on down!  So we almost finished a game of Pinochle before leaving for dinner at 5.  The men had mentioned earlier that whoever was winning the game when we were ready to leave would be the winner. Melissa and I never agreed to that arrangement, but for some reason they claimed they won. 

As soon as Fred and Doloris arrived at Dukes they asked the "impartial judge", Fred, if he didn't agree that they were the winners of Pinochle.  Well, which team do you think Fred voted in favor of, the men or the women???  Dah!!!!!
So, all night long the men would confer with "the judge" for his interpretation of everything that happened!  What a hoot!!!!

We had a delicious meal at Dukes and their drinks were 1/2 price until 6.  What a deal.  The 6 of us were back to Waldo around 7:30 and the game playing began.  The men won Skip-Bo (of course) and 6 handed Hause, but the women were victorious playing 5 Crowns.  Doloris brought each of us a delicious whoopie pie that she had made. 

Can't help but smile when eating the delicious
whoopie pies Doloris brought for us!  Thanks!

We had such a fun evening.  The "party" ended at 11:15 and it was right to bed for Ken and I.  This was another day to celebrate!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Imagine This??? Another Hot, Humid, Sunny Day!

After getting ready to play pickleball and eating a light breakfast, Chuck, Melissa, Ken and I got to the courts around 8:30. People were already playing but the one court was available so the 4 of us played our 1st game together. After that additional players arrived and we rotated in and out.  It was another fun morning but again, very hot!

We were back to Waldo by 11:30 and the 4 of us decided to "just chill" until we get together around 5:15 to drive to swimming relay championships for Bria and Cali.  Ken and I relaxed for a little and then showered.  We decided to grill for lunch instead of dinner since we will be leaving around eating time!  Ken grilled steak and salmon and I made us salads and sauteed fresh beans with onions and peppers.  Delicious.

Ken paid some bills and worked on the computer while I dusted and scoured Waldo.  Ken had vacuumed yesterday.  Ken had also done some clean-up outside and put somethings in their proper place before some expected rain arrives.  He took a nap and I played Pop Words on the I-Pad.  I am sort of addicted to that game.

We left the CG at 5:15 and arrived at the New Holland pool to watch the county swimming championships.  Tonight it was only the relay events and both Bria and Cali swam in 2 of them.  Cali's team came in 3rd in the one relay and one of the good swimmers on the team was on vacation and couldn't participate. Individually both Bria and Cali had amazing races, having some of their best times of the season.  We were thankful that Chuck and Melissa went with us.

After Bria and Cali were finished swimming for the night, Chuck, Melissa, Ken and I went to The Jigger Shop in Mt. Gretna for one of their amazing ice cream sundaes.  Both couples shared the Chocolate, Marshmallow, Peanut one and it was delicious.

We were back to the CG by 10 and we called it a day!  Looking forward to more pickleball in the morning!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pickleball and Then Eating Our Way Across Lancaster County!

Ken and I were up before 7 and did some reading before eating a light breakfast outside.  We got ready for pickleball.  Chuck and Melissa stopped by and the 4 of us walked to the courts.  Already there were about 6 people there so it was a great morning of playing with many different folks which only helps to improve your game.  We had a lot of fun and played from 8:45 till 11:15.  Again, we were hot and getting tired.  

Back to Waldo to relax outside just a little before going to visit Eddie and Lori Paparo who are at the CG and members in our small life group at Church.  After a nice visit with them, we headed back to Waldo for showers, lunch, and clean-up.  

We walked to Chuck and Melissa's site and the 4 of us drove in their CRV to make some stops in Lancaster County.  1st stop was Kohl's at Lebanon for Melissa to pick up a red polka dotted sundress for her granddaughter Ruby's 2nd birthday in August plus a book about Clifford, The Big Red Dog and a stuffed Clifford to go with it.  She was beaming because of these purchases.  Next stop was Speedway for .69 cent any size sodas. Then on to Eli's Farm Market on Stumptown Road for the best soft pretzels in Lanc. Co.  Melissa was salivating by the time we arrived. 

We were loving Eli's soft pretzels.  Melissa was having
"a special moment"!  I think it almost brought tears!

From there we went to Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop for their incredible whoopie pies, again a favorite of Chuck and Melissa, especially the pumpkin ones.  We considered leaving there and heading back to Eli's for more warm pretzels, but we remained strong and drove to Costco, but we made a detour at the Visitor's Center across from Costco and the 4 of us shared a Mr. Stickie stickey bun. That was another exceptional treat. One of the best ones Ken and I have ever eaten. 

We divided this scrumptious stickey into 4, but all of us could
have had "more"!  It had just come out of the oven and was
warm and gooey!  The best!!!!

After Costco we were back to the CG around 5.  On the way we called Neil Savage and the 4 of us sang Happy Birthday to him.  They left their 5th wheel at the Redwood plant to have some work done so they are feeling "homeless", living in hotels while it is being repaired.  

Eddie and Lori stopped by to get the pretzels and whoopie pies they had asked us to buy for them while on our excursion.  Ken also made a call to Verizon and we will start a new program with them August 3 getting 16 gb of data per month for $90.00 and the data you do not use will roll over to the next month. Also, we will be able to make calls to Canada and Mexico free of charge.  Get ready, Ernie, Noela, Barry, and Deb for you will probably be hearing from us!

After all our treats today, none of us were very hungry for dinner, so fruit and salad were Ken and my choice.  We did some clean-up in Waldo and I did some work on the blog.  Chuck and Melissa were here from 7:15 to 10 and we had so much fun playing games.  The women won 5 Crowns and Pinochle, but the men continued their long winning streak playing Skip-Bo. 

This has been another very memorable day with Chuck and Melissa! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

7th Straight Day of Temperatures Over 90 Degrees!

Ken did some reading in the LR and I read in bed.  We made flax pancakes with lots of fresh fruit for breakfast.  We left with Chuck and Melissa for the pickleball courts at 8:30.  Denise and Holly were waiting for us.  Again we took turns playing.  Eventually Dick and Devon came to play too, so at least we got chances to rest between games.  There were some very close, exciting games. We played until 11:30 and then headed by to our campsites, hot and sweaty!

Looks like the boys were tired and hot!

After cooling down, we showered, ate lunch and then the 4 of us drove to Masonic Homes to visit and play cards with my dad and mom.  The 6 of us played Up the River which the men won and then Chuck and Melissa played 2 games of Pinochle with Dad and Mom (which the women won).  Ken and I also played a game with them and the men won.  It was a fun afternoon.  We had stopped at Turkey Hill for drinks for everyone and Chuck and Melissa treated  - thanks, y'all.

We were back to the CG around 5:30 and it was time to prep for dinner.  We made salads and grilled peppers, onions, and chicken burgers.  After cleaning up, the 4 of us got together at their motorhome for game playing.  It was a good night for the  men - 2 games of Sequence Dice (M), Spades (M), Skip-Bo (M Again), and Pinochle (W - Yeah).  We were back to Waldo by 10.

A special thank you to Chuck and Melissa for going with us to visit my parents. Also, a thank you to Eddie Paparo for the tomatoes given to us and Chuck and Melissa from his daughter's farm.

It has been another day to Celebrate Life!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What Can I Say??? Another Extremely Hot, Humid Day!

Ken was up early to read but I only woke at 7:20 and read in bed.  Ken prepped fruit for breakfast and we got ready to play pickleball.

The 4 of us got to the courts at 8:45 and played a game.  Holly and Denise came and so the 6 of us rotated in and out of games.  That was a good thing because of the heat and humidity.  We needed to rest occasionally.  We had a lot of fun and only stopped playing at 10:45.  We were all very hot and tired.

Back to Waldo to shower and get ready to go to Dragon Hibachi and Sushi Buffet on the Fruitville Pike near Lancaster.  It is a relatively new restaurant (actually it has been there 3 years) that several people have recommended we try.  So, today was the day.  

We left the CG at 12:15 and drove to the restaurant via Route 72, which allowed us to show Chuck and Melissa where Ken lived as a young boy and drive by the house my father had built for my family.  Then it was on to the Dragon Hibachi and Sushi Buffet.  Wow, what a treat and I didn't think I was a fan of this type of food.  It was such a clean, beautiful place and the amount and variety of food was amazing.  For $8.65 the lunch special included your drink, a salad bar, fruit and dessert bar, lots of seafood, sushi, a hibachi bar, and even hand dipped ice cream.  It is well worth the money and all the food was excellent!

Lots of Sushi!

So many hot items on the buffet....

.....and more

...and more

.....and more!

This was the salad, dessert, and fresh fruit bar!

From there we drove to Root's Country Market and Auction and because our bellies were so full, we were not tempted to buy anything except fruits and veggies.  We got some tremendous buys on grapes, cherries, blueberries, etc. Back to the CG around 4 and Ken and Chuck left to drive to a Camping World about 30 minutes away so Ken could pick up the radio antennas they had ordered for him for Waldo.

I spent that time washing fruit and taking a nap.  This heat and all the pickleball playing had me very tired.  Ken took a nap too when he returned from Camping World.  Chuck and Melissa came to Waldo around 7:15 and we played 5 Crowns (M), Pinochle (L), and Spades (W).  It was a fun night.

We are so thankful that Chuck and Melissa joined us for 10 days here in Hershey.  We are having such a great time with them.  


Monday, July 25, 2016

A Fun Time of Pickleball and Then to a Funeral!

Ken was up before me and did some reading.  I did some work on our blog when I 1st awoke and then we got ready to play pickleball.  It had rained rather heavily last evening, but only for a short time.  So, as Chuck and I could have predicted, Melissa and Ken met each other when Ken was on the way to the pickleball court to see if they were wet.  Melissa had already been there when they met and said they were dry.  Chuck and I never have to be worried about the details, for Ken and Melissa will always be 1 step ahead of us (maybe 2 or 3!).

We were at the courts by 8:45 and the 4 of us played a game before Denise and Holly arrived.  We all took turns playing.  Then at 9:30 Andy, Adam, and a younger son came and joined in the fun.  We really did have a good time.

Ken and I left at 10:15, gathered our dirty laundry and somethings we would need when we arrived at our apartment to take showers, do a load of wash, and get ready to go to Ed Williams funeral in Lancaster.  We were there by 1 and got to talk to Ed's family and numerous fellow realtors Ken used to work with.  Ed worked for a Title Company and often conducted closings for Ken.  He was a fantastic guy who touched so many lives with his strength, character, and strong Christian faith.  It was a very moving service through the messages and beautiful hymns.  Ed will be missed by many!

Back to our apartment to get the clean clothes and change.  We were back to the CG by 3:45 and after unloading the CRV we went to chat with Chuck and Melissa.  We did some additional planning for the rest of our time together, but we did allow some flexibility.  

We left their motorhome and had a chance to talk to Neil and Nancy - they had just returned after leaving the CG early this morning.  They are hopeful that their truck is repaired after having it checked out and the computer system "adjusted".  By 6:45 they were leaving the CG on their way to Indiana to have some repairs on their 5th wheel.  It was raining heavily when they left and they are hoping to drive about 2 hours tonight.  We wish them safe travels!

After dinner Ken and I went to Chuck and Melissa's to play games.  I think we were fortunate again this evening as the severe storms were north of us.  It did rain, but the winds were not very strong.  We had a fun evening playing many games - Skip-Bo (M), Pinochle (M), Spades (W), and 5 Crowns (to be continued).

We were back to Waldo by 10 in time to watch the beginning of the Democratic Convention.  I listened while finishing this blog.  It has been another best day!  

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Another Extremely Hot, Humid, Day! The Heat Wave Continues!

I got up at 6 to put my bean mixture into the crockpot and Ken heard me working and got up also.  He stayed up to do some devotions and I went back to bed until 7:15.

The 4 of us were on the pickleball courts by 8:30 and there were 12 of us ready to play.  So, we had to take turns.  It worked out well, for we needed some breaks for relieve from the heat and humidity.

We were back to Waldo by 10:20, took showers and loaded the CRV to go the Hosler family picnic at the Ephrata Church of the Brethren pavilion.  Amazing that Ken's entire immediate family was there except for Bryant and Bridget, his younger brother Phil's son and his wife.  It was fun to watch all the little cousins playing together.  It was extremely hot, so we didn't play any outdoor games. Instead we sat in the pavilion chatting with everyone.  We had lots of delicious food and great fellowship.  We were so thankful that Chuck and Melissa were willing to go with us and meet Ken's family.  What good "sports"!

The church pavilion was a great place for the Hosler picnic but
it was extremely hot!

Lots of good food, conversation and "catching up" throughout
the afternoon!

Ken's brother, Phil, and his wife Sherry, have 2 Rita's Italian Ice
places and they provided some welcome ices and custard
for the hot day!

So many cute "little ones" at the picnic! 
Samantha found a way to cool down.....

Katelyn thought it was a good idea....

and Cali thought so too!

The picnic ended 1 hour before we were supposed to be at another picnic in Ephrata with our small group from Church.  So the 4 of us went to Dane and Jamie's house and sat in their backyard and spent that hour talking with them and watching Bria and Cali kayak and play in the creek that borders the back of their property.

These girls loved showing us their kayak ability!

They do a great job paddling their kayaks!

Maybe this could be a new Olympic Event - synchronized kayaking!

Their feet were quite muddy when they got out of the creek!

Then from 5:30 to 9 we were with our small life group from church (10 of us including Chuck and Melissa).  Again, lots of good food and plenty of laughter and conversation. 

We are so happy that Chuck and Melissa spent this day with us and got to meet our family members and special friends.  We loved being able to introduce them to all of these folks.  After all, Chuck and Melissa are important people to us who have enhanced and enriched our lives in so many ways.   

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Another Very Hot, Humid Day!

 Ken and I both got out of bed around 7:30.  Ken actually slept about 8 hours - Wow!  We got ready to play pickleball after eating a light breakfast outside.

Chuck and Melissa came to Waldo at 8:30 and we headed to the pickleball courts.  No one else showed up until around 9:30 so we were able to play together.  Then Andy and his son came and we took turns playing.  It was a lot of fun.  By 11:15 we were soaked, hot, and tired so we all sat in the shade at Waldo (there was a nice breeze) to discuss what we wanted to do today and tomorrow.    I needed to make a bean mixture that goes in the crockpot to take to 2 different picnics we have tomorrow.  So, we decided to get together at 3:54 (Ken's time) to go to church at LCBC and then drive to Mt. Gretna to enjoy dinner at The Hideaway and an ice cream treat at The Jigger Shoppe!  Sounds like a plan!

I got the sauce ready for my bean mixture while Ken showered and worked on the computer.  Then I showered when Ken cleaned up my mess in the kitchen - what a guy!  We ate lunch outside and I worked on my blog.  Then we both took short naps!

We got a phone call from Nancy Savage.  We looked out our window and they had pulled into the site right below Chuck and Melissa.  We were happy to see them again, but sad that they did not "get on the road" to Indiana today.  When they started the journey, they noticed that codes were appearing on the dash of their truck.  They had just had that issue addressed and "fixed" (or so they thought) last week, so it was very frustrating to have it happen again.  They are hoping to have it repaired 1st thing Monday, but not sure what will happen.  We feel badly for them!

Chuck, Melissa, Ken and I left to go to the Manheim campus of LCBC for the final sermon based on At the Movies.  This week's feature was Inside Out, a Disney film about emotions, and again, the church did  great job of tying the movie to Biblical truths.  We all enjoyed it.

We went to The Hideway for dinner and were surprised what a nice evening it was to sit on the deck to eat.  We enjoyed the food and the setting.  Ken really loved his Black and Blue Salad which was blackened shrimp on greens with blue cheese.  He said it was a Flavor Explosion!

We decided we were too "full" to go to the Jigger Shoppe, but we did have enough "room" for a small ice cream treat from Twin Kiss in Colebooke.    We got back to the CG at 8:45 and they came to Waldo where we played 1 game of Pinochle and Up the River.  The women won both games.  Go, ladies!!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2016

A Hot But Fun Day At Hershey Preserve!

Ken and I were up at 7:30 and got ready to play pickleball with Chuck and Melissa!  They called and said they might be a little late because they decided to move to the site right below them for better satellite reception.  So, we changed our meeting time till 9:00 so they wouldn't feel rushed.

While we were outside eating a light breakfast, when Eddie Paparo from our small group at church, stopped by.  He and Lori arrived here yesterday and will be heading home tomorrow.  We had a nice little visit and Chuck and Melissa got to meet him when they came by to go to the pickleball courts.

We actually played pickleball from 9:15 till about 11:30 and it was hot. Fortunately there was a bit of a breeze.  Denise and Holly came to play so we did have time to sit out and then 2 newbies arrived and wanted some help to understand the scoring.  It was a father and son and they do well for just beginning to play the game.

We planned to go to Green Dragon and some roadside stands in the Ephrata area, but we had a message from Neil and Nancy Savage that they would like to visit with the 4 of us and would we be around if they stopped at Hershey to swim with their 2 year old granddaughter around 3:00.  So after talking to Chuck and Melissa I called her back and said we would love for them to come to Hershey Preserve.  Chuck, Melissa, Ken and I went to the Wal-Mart in Palmyra and a local produce stand and returned to the CG at 2:45.  Nancy had called and said they would only get here around 3:30, so I worked on the blog before we headed to the pool. 

The 4 of us were waiting there for Neil, Nancy, and Olivia. We had about a 1 1/2 hour visit while cooling off in the pool.  The 6 of us hadn't seen each other since Florida, so it was so good to all be together again.

Nancy, Neil, and Olivia who will be 2 in October!

What a cutie!

The ladies seem to be having a serious discussion!

Olivia certainly loves her Grandpa and Grandma!

Back to Waldo for another quick shower and then it was time to start dinner. Ken grilled salmon and chicken and we had salads and corn on the cob.  Good dinner.  At 7:15 the 4 of us got together in Waldo for some card playing.  We each won a game of pinochle, but the men won Skip-Bo.  I don't know why Melissa and I ever play that game with them.  We never seem to win!

They left around 10:15 and Ken and I went right to bed.  It was another fun, hot day!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Chuck and Melissa Arrive Today - Hallelujah!!!!

Ken and I were actually in bed until 7:45, almost a record for Ken.  He must have been very tired!  We made flax pancakes with lots of delicious fresh fruit, cleaned up, and then John, Ken and I took a walk around the CG.  We will be so excited when Cindy's hip and foot are healed and she can join us for bike rides, walks, etc.  

After the walk, the 4 of us headed to the 18 hole mini golf course where we had so much fun on a rather challenging course.  Cindy was one sharp golfer and was the driving force in the women winning, AGAIN! 

We take golf seriously when we are trying to beat the boys!

I'm not sure, Cindy, but I think they
will notice if you surround the hole
so I make this in a hole in 1!

We were victorious again.  The men
have not won a game since we starting
our competition  here at Hershey!

They went to the pool and Ken and I returned to Waldo to shower and have lunch while waiting for Chuck and Melissa to arrive.  We were like little kids just waiting to see them again.  

After eating our lunch at the picnic table and doing some work on the computer, at 2:00 we saw Chuck and Melissa driving into the CG.  What a nice reunion. They actually are on the site that we moved from yesterday and it is very close to us.  Perfect location for the next 10 days.  Ken and I came back to Waldo so they could get set-up on their site.

Ken took somethings out of the back of the car so we would have room for chairs and extra "stuff" when the 4 of us ride together!  Ken took a nap outside while I did some reading.  At 4:15, Cindy, John, Melissa, Chuck, Ken and I drove to the Quentin Tavern to have an early dinner.  We ate outside, but it was well shaded and the food was delicious.

So good to be back with Melissa and Chuck!
This is a special group!

Cindy and John went back to the CG and they decided to head home tonight instead of tomorrow morning.  The 4 of us drove to the swim meet at Ephrata to watch Bria and Cali.  Melissa and Chuck had never been to a swim meet and we appreciated that they were willing to go with us.  The girls swam so well and we were so proud of them.  Bria has been trying this whole season to get under 20 seconds on her butterfly stroke so she could participate in Championships doing butterfly in 2 weeks.  A week ago her official time was 20.1 and she was determined to break 20 seconds this week, the last week she could qualify.  She did it tonight in 19.6 and we were all cheering and so excited for her.

Bria is preparing herself for the
upcoming Butterfly heat!  

Getting ready for the big race!

Bria did a great job and is now qualified to go to Championships
in Butterly!

Cali swam an amazing back stroke coming in 1st in her age group and would have set an Ephrata Swim Team record if she wouldn't have slowed down on the very last stroke. 

Concentrating on the upcoming race!

Competing in Backstroke!

I think I did well!

I can't believe I almost beat the Ephata Swim Team record!

And now it is time for Cali to swim

Ready, Set......

Go.  It was a great race for Cali!

We left the meet at 8:10 and drove to our apartment to get a few things we had forgotten and credit cards Melissa had the company send to our address.  While there Ken almost walked through the new screen door out to our deck, but Chuck and Melissa took the time to fix it.  Thanks y'all!

We only returned to the CG around 10:15 and decided to go our separate ways. It was a great day and we are so excited to be able to share this time with Chuck and Melissa.  We had not seen each other since mid March and when we get back together it's like we've never been apart.  We are so blessed to have such special friends and be able to share such wonderful memories of all of our adventures together.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A "Moving Day" at Hershey Preserve

Ken worked on the computer checking out some financial "stuff" while I made us breakfast.  We cleaned up and got ready to go to 9 AM pickleball.  As we were walking to the courts, we noticed that 3 sites in a row at the base of the hill had been vacated this morning and one of them is our favorite site in this CG.  We debated if we wanted to take the time to move and decided we would stay where we were.  As we continued our walk, we both looked back at those 3 sites and at the same time said, "Yes, let's move"!  So, the fun began.

1st I moved our car to the new site so no one took it while we were packing up to move.  I also called the office to make sure it was okay to switch sites.  No problem!  So in 1 1/4 hours we were set-up on our favorite site and so happy we made the move.  After all, we have 11 more days of camping here, so it was a good switcharoo!!!

This site is the best.  No one in front of us and such a great
view of the lake! Plenty of space around us for outdoor games!

Needless to say, there was no time for pickleball this morning but we did make time to put out my 100 feet of rope lighting and it is going to look beautiful if I do say so myself!  Cindy and John stopped by while we were eating lunch outside.  They had gone back home this morning for Cindy's physical therapy appointment.  She got to exercise in the pool today.

Ken and I left around 12:30 to spend the afternoon playing pinochle with my parents - we each won 2 games.  We left around 4:15 and Ken did some grocery shopping while I went to K-Mart with my mother.  We took Mom back to Masonic Homes and we were back to the CG by 6.

Ken grilled salmon, pork chops, and potatoes and I made us salads.  We were able to eat outside.  It really was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the mid 80's and finally, low humidity.  After cleaning up we walked over to Cindy and John's site to play cards and make s'mores using the new square Campfire marshmallows.  They make the best s'mores. We played Racko outside, which Cindy won and had to go in to finish our game of Up the River because it was too dark.  The ladies finally beat the men in that game.

Back to Waldo by 10:30.  It was a very good day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Fun Day at Hershey Preserve!

Ken and I had gotten to bed fairly late so we didn't get up very early.  It was actually 7:45 when we got out of bed.  We got ready to go to the Pickleball Courts at 9:00, for that is when the CG has Pickleball on their schedule each day.

We got there a little before 9:00 and started hitting.  The 2 of us had fun hitting back and forth and by 9:30 we decided to play some games.  Usually 4 people play, but no one came to the courts.  At 10, Jerry and Diane arrived at the courts and the 4 of us played 3 games.  We had played with them here about 2 years ago and it was good to see them again.  They had lived in PA, but moved to Fort Myers, Florida where they spend 7 months and then travel in their trailer the other 5 months.  After finishing our games we spent time chatting and discovered they are considering buying a motorhome and the Winnebago 33C Sightseer is their 1st choice.  So, we invited them to stop by this evening to check out Waldo.

We only got back to Waldo at noon and ate lunch.  Ken decided to take a walk and I headed to the pool to spend time there with Cindy and John.  It was another very hot, humid day and the pool water felt great.  Unfortunately I forgot to remove my pedometer when I jumped in and even after drying it out, it is not working.  John left the pool around 2:00 and after some more talking, Cindy and I went back to our campsites at 3:00.

After showering, Ken and John went to Camping World and Cindy and I drove to Hobby Lobby.  All of us returned to the CG around 6:15.  Ken and I made salads for dinner and then Jerry and Diane stopped by to tour Waldo.  Cindy and John came around 7:15 and the 6 of us visited.  Jerry and Diane left and Cindy, John, Ken and I played Skip-Bo and Pinochle.  It was a strong winning night for the ladies.

We called it a night around 10.  It was a fun day and I am glad the 4 of us have the opportunity to spend time together.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Arrival at Hershey Preserve for the Next 2 Weeks!

We woke to another brutal weather day - temperatures in the 90's with lots of sunshine and high humidity!  Ken made numerous trips to Waldo loading some clothes, food, electronics, etc.  I made breakfast after helping him pack what needed to go to Waldo.

We always like the apartment to look good when we return from a camping adventure, so Ken vacuumed while I dusted, scoured the bath, and washed the floors.  We were finished by 9:45 and by 10 left for the 35 minute drive to Hershey.  I followed Ken in the CRV.

We were able to get a very nice site on the hill (same site we had when we were here with Chuck and Melissa last summer) and spent time setting up.  As usual, Ken is busy outside while I work inside.  He spent time washing the windshield and the front of Waldo.

We stopped to have lunch inside (it is so hot outside!) and Cindy and John stopped by.  She had been to physical therapy for her foot this morning and to her thumb surgeon to get those stitches out.  I certainly hope she is finished with surgeries for a long time.  She has had enough!!!!  We had a nice visit and plan to meet at the pool a little later.

Ken decided to spend his time washing the rest of Waldo.  He really did need a "bath"!  He was so dusty and dirty from our trip at Sea Pines in Avalon, NJ.  I went to the pool from 3:15 to 5.  Cindy and John thought they would go too, but because the weather was a bit "iffy", they didn't join me.  I did meet a nice couple from Buffalo and we had an enjoyable chat.

Ken left at 6 for his CR meeting and dinner at the church.  I enjoyed a large salad with leftovers from our kabobs.  Cindy called and asked if we wanted to play cards.  I said I would be happy to play but Ken wasn't available.  So I went to their campsite and we played Up the River outside.  It was a nice evening to be outdoors!  Then we played 5 Crowns in Harvey when it got dark.  Ken stopped by around 9:30 and by 10:15 we were back at Waldo.

It was a busy day and we are looking forward to some relaxing ones while here.
Hopefully we will play pickleball in the morning if it isn't too hot!  So much for relaxing!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Family Fun Day at a Polo Match! An Annual Event for Us!!!

The girls did a great job of sleeping all night only coming out of their room at 7:00 AM.  Grandma made them the breakfast they always want when they have a sleepover with us - pancakes and lots of fresh fruit.

We left for church at 8:30 and they were excited to see their cousins, Bria and Cali.  Samantha got to be with them but Katelyn was in a separate classroom. She did so well even though she had to be apart from the other girls.

The church is doing a series right now of At the Movies and this week's feature was Jurassic Park.  Again they did a wonderful job of giving some biblical truths using the movie as a good example of things that go on in our lives and how those challenges are related to parts of the movie.

Back to the apartment after church to get ready to go to polo.  The girls were great helpers putting pieces of fruit on fancy toothpicks for kabobs.  After all, we had to make food that fit in with our luau theme!  Ken and I worked together making chicken kabobs with peppers, onions, and pineapple.  We loaded everything in the coolers and car and were on our way to the polo field by 12:30.

Lanie and Bob were already there when we arrived and Samantha and Katelyn we so happy to see them.  Dane, Jamie, and the girls arrived a few minutes later and the set-up for the luau began.  We had 2 canopies which were greatly appreciated in the very hot and humid conditions and lots of decorations including leis for everyone and grass skirts for the 4 little ladies.  All of the adults wore clothing with an Hawaiian theme.  We had coconut and pineapple cups, palm tree straws, special  table edging, etc.  Most of the food was rather "Hawaiian" too!

The hula dancers are ready for the fun day!

....and so are the parents!

An editor for a local newspaper stopped by to take pictures of our "spot" and the 4 little hula ladies!  She said she hopes it will make the front page next week. How nice!  The girls loved posing for her photos!

This is the editor from the local newspaper taking a picture
of the little ladies!

The 2 judges stopped by via golf cart with 3 categories for prizes - best presentation of your theme, your signature drink, and to sample and judge who had the best food.  We couldn't be judged in the signature drink category, since we didn't know about it and we didn't have any fancy alcoholic drink.  But, in the presentation category we rocked.  The girls held the Aloha sign and did a great hula dance that they had practiced.  You couldn't help but love it!

Practicing their synchronized hula dance!

Here come the judges - get ready girls!!!

Our food included kabobs with chicken or meatballs, fruit kabobs on a cut-up pineapple, chips with peach/pineapple salsa, and adorable hula dancer rice krispie treats that Lanie had made (Samantha and Katelyn colored them).

Lunchtime.  PaPa did the grilling of the kabobs!

You got to love the desserts!

All the girls had a pineapple cup/bottle!

Here are Lanie's special little hula dancer rice krispie treats.
Didn't Samantha and Katelyn do a great job coloring them?

The luau is in full swing!

Katelyn enjoyed drinking out of  her pineapple!

After the 4th Chucker, the winners were announced and Hosler Hawaiians won for the Best Presentation.  The girls went with PaPa to get our prize - 4 engraved glass mugs that said, "Lancaster Polo Club".  Fortunately there were 4 of them and each of the girls got one to put in their bedrooms.  We had fun with this project and look forward to doing it again next year.  Maybe we will do Christmas in July.  We would already have a lot of decorations for that theme.

The winners for Best Presentation of their Theme!

Polo is an interesting, fun activity to watch and it is amazing how coordinated the riders must be.  You have to be a great horseman, making quick stops and turns while using a mallot to hit a wax type ball about the size of a baseball.  

After several of the Chuckers, PaPa took the girls to the horses and with permission from the riders they were allowed to pet and feed them the horses. They also got to see their "special friend, Nick" who usually rides but was the official today.  Sam had even made a special sign for him!

The girls enjoy going with PaPa to see the horses!

After the match, they could feed carrots to the horses!

This is their 18 year old friend and rider, Nick!  He is always
so kind and friendly to the girls!

We were back home by 5 - sweaty and so hot!  It was a brutal afternoon sitting outside.  We spent time taking trips to Waldo loading for our trip to Hershey. We will be leaving sometime tomorrow morning!  Showers felt incredible!

Cindy and John are at Hershey since Wednesday and she sent us a message that they extended their stay until this Friday.  We look forward to spending time with them and now they will be able to see Chuck and Melissa too!

We are anxious to spend some relaxing time in Hershey and very excited to see Chuck and Melissa!