Monday, August 27, 2012

Adjusting to Being Back Home!

The weekend was a typical one after returning from being away for a week!  I spent numerous hours getting ready to display the jewelry that I make at our local Curves.  Every 2 weeks a different member has the opportunity to display their crafts/hobbies so the women are aware of the "talents" of fellow members.  I was amazed at all the work required to get ready for today's set-up.  Fortunately some of my "Curvette" friends were there to help and give me ideas. 

 Here is the display when it was completed - 

I could not believe how many pairs of earrings and pendants I had made over the last 8 months, considering that I had sold many of them before this display.  I really enjoy making these pieces, so I hope I can found a good outlet for the finished products.

Our Last Full Day at the Beach!

Ken woke me at 5:50 so we could go for a bike ride before the house "woke up".  Both of us tired after only getting to bed around 12:30.  We rode to the new bridge that crosses Indian River.  We missed seeing the sunrise from the bridge by about 10 minutes, but it was still beautiful.  We were back at the Condo by 7:40 after riding 10 1/2 miles.  So glad we got out of bed early!

Beautiful New Bridge

Ken loves taking photos of sunrises and sunsets!

More tennis for Grandma, Lanie and Jamie while the girls were entertained on the playground by Dane, Bob, and PaPa.  I must get together with the girls more often to play tennis.  All of us play at about the same level and it is great fun while getting some good exercise. 

It was a beautiful day, so we were all on the beach by 10:45.  All the girls love standing on the surf edge with their feet in and out of the water and playing in the sand.  Bria likes to help me look for shell pieces for my jewelry making projects.  Ken and I stayed an extra hour while the moms and dads got the little ones bathed and down for their naps. 

Lanie and Bob left when we returned to take a 1 1/4 hour bike ride.  Good for them to have some alone time!  The ladies spent time doing laundry and some packing since we have to be out of the Condo by 10 AM tomorrow.  Can't believe the week is almost over.  It went by so quickly!

We ordered in Grotto Pizza for dinner on the deck and then to Bethany Beach for our last walk on the beach and ice cream.  The little ones went right to bed when we returned at 8 and the adults were in bed by 10:30 following a game of 9 Hole Golf.

Jamie and her daughters

They are just so "darn cute".

The entire happy family!

What an unbelievable sunset the last night.  The sky really
was this red!!!

It was raining when we got up on Saturday so we ate breakfast, loaded the cars and we were all on our way home by 9.  What a fun and memorable family week!

Love this Family Time

Thursday, everyone got up later than usual and after breakfast watched the girls play in the LR of the Condo.  Later, Ken and I decided to take a walk around Bethany Lakes, the community where we are staying.  It really is a beautiful area that is so well maintained.  When we returned, everyone was getting ready to go to the pool, so we got ready too!  The girls have such a good time jumping in and out of the water.  It was cloudy when we got there, so we used the indoor pool.  By 12, the sun was shining, so the girls had their lunch at the outdoor pool.  We all headed back by 12:30 so the youngest ones could take their naps.  Dane stayed at the pool with Bria for another hour.  She actually jumped in without "floaties" and even swam by herself.  Amazing how daring children can get in such a short time!

1, 2, 3 and jump!!!

These cousins are having so much fun together!

Hang on Sam!!

Jamie and Cali on the speeding cars!

Lanie and Sam on the same ride!

By 3:30 all of us were at the kiddie rides in Rehobeth Beach, a very inexpensive place for children to enjoy.  Jamie and Dane picked up take-out for everyone at Bethany Blues in Bethany Beach and we enjoyed a delicious supper on the deck.  The girls watched 1/2 of the Lorax movie and were in bed by 7:45.  All of them were exhausted.  You can only have so much fun!

The adults enjoyed a late evening playing 9 Hole Golf and then Catch Phrase.  It was a silly evening.  Only went to bed at 12:15.  We are getting too old for such a late night!

A Beautiful Fun Filled Beach Day!

I got a bit behind in my blogging, so I will bring our vacation up to day!  Wednesday was a gorgeous day in Bethany Beach!  Lots of sunshine, but mild temperatures and lower humidity!  Ken and I were bike riding by 6:45, riding along Route 26 into Bethany Beach.  We enjoy the quietness of being on the beach early in the morning!  Rode about 6 miles and were back to the Condo by 7:30.  Dane had lifted weights at the clubhouse and everyone was up and excited about the day.  After breakfast, Lanie, Jamie, and I went to play tennis for about 1 1/4 hours.  Lanie has been taking some lessons and was willing to share some tennis info with us.  We really had a good time and my back definitely knows I was doing something out of the ordinary!  The men took the little girls to the playground near the tennis court while we played.

Breakfast time for the little ones!

The daddies and Grandpa (he's taking the photo) on their way
to the playground next to where the ladies were playing tennis!

Bria and Sam "hiding"!

You jusst want to "squeeze" Katelyn.  She is so adorable!
Spoken like a true Grandma!
We packed lunches and changed to go to the beach.  It is amazing how much "stuff" you need to go to the beach with 6 adults and 4 little ones!  All the girls had so much fun, even 16 month old Katelyn enjoyed the sand and surf.  They were all on the beach from 11:00 to 12:45.  Ken and I decided to stay and enjoy some relaxing time just reading, looking for jewelry shells, and Ken actually took a short nap!  We were back to the condo by 2 and the 3 youngest ones were sleeping.  Bria starts kindergarten on Monday, so she is getting to big to rest!

After showers, we spent the after sitting out back, playing with the girls, and feeding the ducks.  We decided to eat in tonight, so Ken made chicken on the grills and we had oven baked potatoes and a tossed salad. 

The girls look alittle sad.  The ducks decided they had
eaten enough bread and started "waddling" away!

Bria and Cali were enjoying holding and watching the kite.
Sam had enough!

Sam enjoyed looking at the ocean!

Bob, Lanie, Sam, and Katelyn

PaPa, Grandma, and their favorite Granddaughters!

Time to head back to the car!

She knows how to "strike a pose" already!

By 6:30 we were on the beach at Bethany flying a "Barbie" kite and taking family photos.  The photos were a challenge, but I think we got a few good ones!  Of course it was time for more ice cream before heading back by 7:45. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lanie, Bob, Samantha and Katelyn Arrive!

Ken got up early this morning and was participated in the 6:00 AM yoga class on the beach.  Really enjoyed.  He was back when I rolled out of bed at 7:15.  Everyone was up around the same time.  After breakfast, we drove to the boardwalk at Ocean City to rent bikes at 27th Street.  Ken and I took our bikes and Jamie's family rented a Surrey for 4.  Made me laugh to see Jamie and Dane pedaling their family around in a surrey with a red and white striped top!  Probably not what they envisioned 6 or so years ago.  It was busy on the boardwalk but lots of fun!

The happy family is off and riding!

Ken and I made a few stops on the way back and when we arrived at the Condo at 11:20, Lanie's family had just arrived.  After they we unloaded and unpacked we ate lunch and the men filled the pool in the garage so all the girls could swim.  Sam decided she needed a nap after the long trip in the car, so she went to bed.  Katelyn, Bria, and Cali enjoyed their time together.  Then it was napped time for all the little girls.

This pool works well in the garage!

Our youngest granddaughter, Katelyn.  Love the curls!

A Cloudy Day at the Beach!

Ken and I got up at 6:30 and decided to take a walk around the area.  It was a cloudy morning, but very mild.  Really was a delightful morning for a walk!

Back to the Condo by 7:45 and everyone was up and ready for the day.  Dane had taken a run into Bethany Beach before the girls were up.  After breakfast we all relaxed and then changed and headed to the Clubhouse to swim in the indoor pool.  It is amazing how comfortable the girls have become with being in the water.  In June they didn't like water in their eyes and needed someone to hold them.  Now they are jumping off the side of the pool and moving all around with "floaties", laughing when water gets in their eyes. 

Across from our Condo are several butterfly bushes, and the girls and I really enjoy checking to see what butterflies may be there each day.  We have seen some beautiful ones, and PaPa likes to take pictures of them.

We got back from the pool in time for lunch and then Cali took her afternoon nap.  By 2:30 the sun came out and it was beautiful.  We sat around the deck table chatting and playing with the girls.  Left for Rehobeth Beach to enjoy burger night at Summer Place and then go to the boardwalk for some ice cream.  We were back to the Condo by 7:45 and after watching a DVD with the girls, they were in bed by 8:40.  The 4 of us enjoyed playing Sequence Dice and Toss Up.  Supper was excellent, but it did not seem to "agree" with 4 out of the 6 of us.  Stomach aches seemed to be a problem!  Maybe we should go back to Summer House again and see if the same thing happens!  (Probably not!)  Not to take away from the restaurant.  It really was good and the service was great!

What a beautiful family!  Maybe I am alittle biased!

Monday, August 20, 2012

1st Full Day at Bethany Beach!

Our 1st day was busy and fun.  Ken had gotten up early and headed to the boardwalk at Bethany Beach.  He really enjoyed the sunrise and watching the yoga class that is held every morning at 6 at the concert area on the boardwalk.

After breakfast, we headed to the playground, but everything was too wet for playing.  So back to the Condo to get ready to go to the beach.  The little ones were very excited.  We were at the beach from 11 to 1 and had such a good time playing in the sand, looking for pieces of shells for Grandma's jewelry making, and standing in the water at the edge of the surf.  It was mostly sunny and in the low 80's, a perfect beach day. 

The Happy Family!

Cali really enjoyed playing in the sand and we certainly
had plenty of sand toys!!

The afternoon was spent relaxing at the Condo.  Cali and PaPa napped (I think Mommy snoozed alittle too), Bria rested watching a video, and I made a few pieces of jewelry.  We tried to eat at the Cottage Cafe along Route 1, but the wait time was 40 minutes - way too long for little ones.  So, we drove into Bethany Beach and ate at Mangos.  No wait and the food was so good.  Bria and Cali were so good and everyone had a great time.  The girls got their ice cream and we were back to the Condo by 8:15.  After Bria and Cali were sleeping, the 4 of us played Sequence Dice and then 9 hole golf.  It was a fun time.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Left for a Week in Bethany Beach!

Friday evening Ken and I packed and loaded the CRV for our week's vacation in Bethany Beach with our 2 daughters, their husbands, and our 4 granddaughters.  We were on our way by 8:45 on Saturday morning after taking a 2 mile walk.  Traffic was so heavy, especially when we got close to Rehobeth Beach.  It was bumper to bumper in that town!  Thought this would be a relatively quiet time at the beach since a lot of the schools are either starting this week or next.  But it certainly doesn't appear to be true!  The beach towns are so crowded and busy!

We arrived around 1:15 and the Condo we are renting was cleaned and ready for us.  We have stayed a week at this same place for the last 3 summers and it works out so well for our family.  I just prefer to have my own bed, bath, etc.  I guess Willie has me spoiled!!!  We were unloaded and unpacked by the time our daughter Jamie, her husband Dane, and their 2 daughters, Bria and Cali arrived.  Lanie, Bob, Samantha, and Katelyn will only be here from Tuesday till Saturday. 

The goggle princesses!!!

By 4 we were organized and the men had inflated a pool for the little ones.  Jamie and I headed to the grocery store, which was very busy.  We picked up 1/2 baked Grotto pizzas to eat at the condo.  If you never had Grotto pizza, you don't know what you are missing!  Their pizza is the best!!!!  After spending sometime at the playground, we headed into Bethany Beach to see the Ocean and get some ice cream.  They were having a concert on the Boardwalk, so again the traffic was crazy!

Mommy liked the playground too, but skinned her elbows
going down the slide!!!

Our 1st day at the beach was a delightful one!