Friday, January 31, 2014

Love Being Back on Pine Island!

What a very special day!  Ken and I only got up around 7:45 and slowly got ready for the day's activities.  We made a cooked breakfast with plenty of delicious fruit from the farmers market at Marco Island.  By 9:30 we knocked on Melissa and Chuck's door to see if they were ready to go for a walk.  It had poured most of the night and then we had light showers early this morning.  It had stopped when we got to their motorhome, but when we began the walk, it started to rain.  We decided to go anyway, since it was a mild morning.  So, we stopped to get Neil and Nancy to join us.  The 6 of us walked 7500 steps and it probably rained about 1/3 of the time.  We went to the area where we see bald eagles every year, not far from the CG.  We were fortunate enough to see 2 eagles and their large nest.  

Susie feeding the woodstork that comes by her campsite

A bit "damp" on our walk, but at least it was mild!

We see this eagle and its nest every year!

The happy camping group here at Pine Island!

We got back to the CG at 12:30 and planned to meet again at 1:30 for a bike ride.  All of us are striving to get back to better eating and trying to get 10000 steps each day and do some bike riding when possible.  Ken spent time getting out the grill, outdoor rug, etc. while I made lunch.  At 1:30 Ken, Melissa, Chuck and I went for our bike ride.  Nancy and Neil decided not to join us, since it looked like it would rain.  We rode about 6 miles to St. James City and found the Jug Creek Fish House where we can buy fresh fish right at the commercial fishing dock.  We will do that sometime this week.  We were back by 3:00 and started loading the car for the craft show here at the campground tomorrow morning.  

By 4:00 the 6 of us met at Nancy and Neil's new 5th wheel to have appetizers and drinks.  Nancy out did herself with the great food!  No need for any of us to make dinner.  We had another fun time of sharing and just being together.  We must have had a good time, for we only left at 9:00.

Nancy and Neil's new Redwood 5th wheel is gorgeous!

Tatem likes having company at his new home!
Do you think we looked relaxed????

Looking forward to a great craft show tomorrow and many more days of spending time with special friends.

On to Pine Island!

Ken and I took our time getting ready this morning since it was raining hard! We were on our way to Pine Island by 9:30 - all went well.  Ken had no trouble getting out of our site, hooking up the CRV  went very smoothly, the drive went well even though we were in heavy rain, and getting into our site at Pine Island was simple.  Ken is really enjoying having a Motorhome.  He just wasn't comfortable being a trucker!!!!!

The rain had become a drizzle when we got to Pine Island, so set-up went well.  Amazing how quickly we have gotten comfortable with so many aspects of our new home!  We made lunch and then spent time working on our computers.  Neil and Nancy came to see us at 2:30 - so good to see them again.  They will be here till a week from Sunday.  Then around 3:00, Chuck and Melissa came by.  We hadn't seen them seen last winter here in Florida, so it was a great reunion.  We enjoyed visiting and sharing our adventures of the last year until 4:45.  

The 6 of us (Ken is taking the picture) reconnecting in Waldo!

This is Waldo in our campsite at Pine Island!  We are
in the front of the CG only 2 spots from Coy and Betsy.
Nancy and Neil and Melissa and Chuck are in the back of the CG!

At 5:00 to have dinner with Coy and Betsy, whom we hadn't seen since Pine Island last year.  Another great reunion.  Betsy made a delicious dinner for us of fresh grilled shrimp, twice baked potatoes, beans, and then choc. cupcakes and ice cream.  What a nice gesture!  We were so grateful for their hospitality.  We had a fun evening of sharing stories from the past year.  We got back to Waldo around 9.

The fresh shrimp kabobs were so good and I''m usually not
a fish eater!

What a great day of spending time with special friends and sharing life.  We are so blessed!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Last Full Day in the Naples Area!

Ken and I were up at 6:30, cooked breakfast, and took a walk around the CG.  We left at 9 to meet at Barry and Deb's campsite to go together to the Farmer's Market on Marco Island.  On the way to meet them we talked to our daughter, Jamie.  She had checked our house to make sure the furnace was working and that there was enough oil in the tank.  All was well.  We certainly appreciate her willingness to stop in occasionally and make certain everything is working properly!

The 4 of us rode in their car to Marco Island.  Not a great day for an outdoor market - mild, but rainy!  The market was very impressive - lots of fresh fruits and veggies, crafts, cheese, etc.  We had fun stocking up, especially on the delicious fruit.  So glad Barry and Deb had suggested we go there!

A busy place even on a rainy day!

So many beautiful flowers including Ken's favorite,
Bird of Paradise!

Lots of special cheeses!
From there we headed to the local Dunkin Donuts for some hot drinks and time for chatting.  Then we stopped at the local hardware store and The Kitchen Store so I could look for a few things I needed for Waldo!  We decided to stop at Joey's Pizza for lunch for some of the best pizza we have ever eaten.  Their specialty is a pizza with sausage and it really is soooo good!  Ken and I had pizza there last year and we were so happy to share this "experience" with Deb and Barry.  

Barry and Deb enjoy time at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts
for their specialty drinks!

If you are on Marco Island, you must try their delicious Pizza!

Back to their CG by 3:30 where we said our good-byes, having had such a wonderful week together.  It went so quickly.  I am not sure that we will see them again until next year in Florida, but we always look forward to our time together!  They were the 1st people to share a meal and happy hour with us in Waldo.  Maybe we need a plaque with their names on it!!!!!

When we got back to Waldo, Ken started packing up for our departure tomorrow morning.  I went to the laundromat so that wouldn't be the 1st thing I had to do when we got to Pine Island.  Talked to Nancy Savage, our friends from Lanc. Co. who have been at Pine Island since last Sunday.  We will share time with them at Pine Island for the next 1 1/2 weeks.  She told me that the husband of the minister lady in the CG died from a heart attack at Christmas.  What a shock!  Ken and I had talked with her for 1/2 an hour when we were there in Nov.  He had died very unexpectedly and was in his 60's.  So sad!  

We spent the evening packing up some things inside Waldo and relaxing watching TV.  Love this area but are very excited to go to Pine Island where we will spend time with 5 camping friends we meet there each year - Nancy and Neil, Melissa and Chuck, Betsy and Coy, Paul and Regina, and Sandy and Ed.  We will have such a good time.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beautiful Day in Naples!

What a gorgeous day in Florida - near 80, sunny and bright!  We were at Barry and Deb's CG by 9:45 and we followed them to downtown Naples.  What a beautiful area.  Deb led us on a bike ride on Gulf Shore Boulevard and on different areas of downtown Naples.   The condominiums and homes we passed were incredible.  Definitely an affluent place!  We probably rode at least 10 miles, stopping twice to view the Gulf.  The landscaping is also a sight to behold - meticulous.  It really was a wonderful ride.  

You can find all of these shells on the Florida Beaches!

Naples Beach!

What a gorgeous beach day!

Hard at work!!!

These water side properties are incredible!

The Happy Bikers!

Just a "small" house on the waterfront!

After the ride, we ate our packed lunches in the downtown park area.  Then we loaded our bikes and walked down to 5th Avenue.  I enjoyed checking out the jewelry at the Best of Everything and then joined the 3 of them at Starbucks.

Fifth Avenue in downtown Naples!

On the way back to their campsite, we stopped at a Fresh Produce Market - a very interesting supermarket with lots of fresh fruit, veggies, meat, seafood, and cheese.  From there we went to their CG for Happy Hour and then dinner in their Airstream enjoying the food bought at the Fresh Produce Market.  After dinner, Deb provided a light show for us on the side of their Trailer.  It has a lot of people talking in their CG.  We played Miles Bournes before getting back to Waldo at 9:30.

Another great day with special friends.  Another reason to Celebrate Life Daily!

Great Time with Dave and Sharon!

Yesterday, Monday, was a special day with Dave and Sharon.  We arrived at their home around 9:30 and the 4 of us rode in their truck along with their dog, Daisy, to where their boat is docked.  We boated to Keewaydin Island, near Marco Island, unloaded and walked the short path to the Gulf.  Ken and I were amazed when we got to the end of the path and saw the view of the water.  What a beautiful area. We enjoyed our 3 hours there walking the beach looking for shells and sea glass. Sharon discovered that this is one of the only beaches in this area where you find sea glass.  We did find numerous pieces and I picked up shell pieces to use for my jewelry making.

Daisy loved being part of our adventure!

Boating past Marco Island!

Getting ready to anchor at Keewaydin Island!

This is the path to the Gulf of Mexico!

What a beautiful sight when we got to the end of the path!

Welcome to the Gulf!

The pelicans like this area too!

We left the Island at 2:30 and rode to Kice Island to look for the whales that had washed onto that shoreline several days ago.  We assume they must have washed back out to sea, for we didn't see any in that area.  We got back to there home at 4:30 after driving 30 miles on their boat.  It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day, a perfect day for shelling and boating.

Back to the boat for the return voyage!

The jewelry makers sharing ideas and "checking out"
each other's crreations!

Examples of Sharon's earrings and necklaces!

Ken and I came back to Waldo and got ready to host Dave and Sharon for Happy Hour and supper.  They are always so generous and kind when we are here and we decided it was time we do our part and at least cook dinner.  They had wanted to stop by to see Waldo, so it was the perfect time to do something for them.  We had a fun evening sharing stories and enjoying each others company.  They left around 9:30, all of us tired from the busy day.  Sharon and I did find some time to talk "jewelry", each of us getting some new ideas.  Sharon makes earrings and necklaces that are very unique and special.

On Tuesday we will have another fun day bike riding on Marco Island with Barry and Deb.  This time in Naples is certainly going by quickly.  We are so thankful to be able to share it with special friends.  

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Beautiful Day in Naples

Today, Sunday, we were on our way by 8:45 to go to the Naples KOA where Barry and Deb are RVing for their 3 months in Florida.  The 4 of us headed to Goodland to launch our kayaks.  Ken and I had not kayaked since last May but the inflation process for our Sea Eagle Kayak went very well.  Soon we were on the water and we immediately saw the dolphins up close and personal.  One of them totally leaped out of the water.  A great sight!

Ready for the big kayak launch and paddle!

Barry is well prepared to be on the water!

Deb pedals instead of paddle!

The dolphins were fairly close to our kayaks!

Note the pelican with the swallowed fish!

The weathervane on top of Stans Bar and Eatery!

Time to relax (note Ken's feet) and chat!

We paddled for a couple hours and then drove to Goodland for lunch.  We ate at the Old Marco Lodge Crab House sitting on their outside deck right on the water.  A beautiful place to have lunch and watch the boats.  The food was exceptional, especially the sweet potato fries.  I guess our diets and better eating will start a bit later!  We were there until 3:30 and then we parted ways, both heading back to our CG's.  We made a stop at Wal-Mart.

What a nice setting for a delicious lunch!

We needed to clean the kayak and dry it when we returned to our campsite, which took longer than we would have liked.  We decided a walk was needed after our large lunch.  It was a great evening for walking around the CG - 70 degrees with no wind.  You have to love this Florida weather!

Tomorrow we will be spending the day with Dave and Sharon Horst - boating, shelling, and having dinner together.  We invited them back to Waldo so we could cook dinner for the 4 of us.  We always have such a great time when we are together.