Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Finally a Full Sun Day!

We watched the 7:00 news and enjoyed an omelette breakfast with delicious fresh fruit - the pears are so tasty!  We cleaned up and packed our lunches and snacks for today's adventure!

It was 32 degrees this morning but we saw this strange circle in the sky - the sun! Hadn't seen that for almost a week!  We were excited to drive about an hour to Promised Land State Park, but we decided to wait until about 10:30 to leave so it could warm up a bit!  Ken did some reading and I made a few more sea glass pictures.  

We really love our campsite!

We were on our way NW by 10:30 and really enjoyed the drive on a winding road through a lot of the Delaware State Park.  When we arrived at Promised Land SP our 1st stop was the Visitor Center.  We got a great map of the area and a list of the hiking trails and there were many!  The lady at the center told us some of the most scenic trails and off we went.  We drove to the Conservation Island Trail and what a gorgeous one it was.  The trail was very rocky and had lots of roots along the way, but it followed along the Promised Land Lake and the reflection of the trees in the water was breathtaking.  It was a little over a mile and we made many stops along the way to get pictures and just enjoy the views!

Hope you enjoy these photos of the foliage along
Promised Land Lake!  It was beautiful!

The beginning of a baby hemlock or could it be a pine????

This was along a wider section of the trail.  Most of it was
very narrow!

The reflections in the water were amazing!

I want to come back in the spring when the rhodadendram
and mountain laurel are blooming.  I think it would
be gorgeous!  

You had to go over this stone bridge to get on the trail!

From there we drove to Pickernel Point, stopping along the road so Ken could take some additional photos of the foliage along the lake!  We drove through  the camping area and ate our lunch on one of the picnic tables overlooking the lake.  It was still a bit chilly, but the sun felt wonderful!

Definitely looks like a mirror image!

That is the bridge that we went over to get on the trail!

What a great view for eating our lunch!

After looking at the map and trails, we decided to drive to the Little Falls Trail which was listed as another scenic one.  Again, it was only about a mile loop trail, but it was beautiful.  No big waterfalls, but plenty of Little ones, hence the name.  We were the only people on the trail and it was so peaceful, relaxing, and quiet!

I am walking towards the light!

The hillside was covered with beautiful ferns!

A babbling stream!

This waterfall area was so peaceful and serene!

This was the 1/2 way point of the trail - a bridge, waterfall,
and a bench to rest!

It was 3:15 when we returned to the car, so we chose to drive around the park via the loop around the lake and again, it was a beautiful drive.

Ken had to stop and take just a few more pictures on our
drive around the lake!

Again, the reflections are breathtaking!

We stopped to drive down a narrow dirt type trail to the rustic Whitaker cabin, which you can rent.  Wow, it was rustic but so well maintained and the setting was incredible.  It certainly would be a quiet and deserted area to stay!

So great to see a building so well maintained in a State Park!

We got back to the CG about 5 and by 6:30 we were eating grilled salmon and steak and of course, a salad!  Ken had a nice long chat with Ernie and I talked to my mother.  I also left a message for Jamie! 

Ken and I played 3 rounds of Hand and Foot - he won the game we finished and with 2 rounds to go we are within 300 points of each other!  We went through the photos Ken had taken today while watching The Voice!  I worked on the blog and Ken did a post on Facebook and a few e-mails.

This was a Celebrate Life Day!  Tomorrow we are leaving a little before 8 AM to drive to Jim Thorpe and take the shuttle with our bikes to White Haven, near the top of the Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail and ride the 25 miles back to town.  It should be a beautiful ride along the Lehigh River.

Monday, October 16, 2017

A Day Spent in the Campground!

Ken was up by 5:30 to do some reading and devotions.  After a great night's sleep, I only got out of bed around 7:15.  It was in the low 50's, cloudy, and extremely windy, and with no improvement in the weather predicted, we decided to spend the day at the CG.

We watched the news and then made eggs for breakfast.  After doing the dishes, we played 2 rounds of Hand and Foot to finish our game - I won!!!  It was shower time and then Ken spent time on the computer checking accounts and renewing our Passport America membership.

I sent some messages, completed yesterday's blog, and then went through my sea glass to figure out what pieces could go together to make palm trees, boats, flowers, etc.  It takes quite a bit of time to find the right shapes and colors for the designs you are trying to make!

Ken headed to the office to renew our cable for the next week and to pick up the hiking poles he had ordered for me that were delivered yesterday!  When he returned it was time for lunch and obviously it was too cold to eat outside!  Ken did some more reading and I started making some sea glass pictures.

Ken made us salads for tonight and tomorrow while I continued making pictures.  Then at 5:00 we "bundled up" and went for a walk around the CG.  It was very windy but it felt good to be out and about!  While walking we spotted 8 deer on one of the campsites.  It was amazing how close Ken could get to them to take a photo.  They seemed rather tame and unafraid!

I love how the sun is creating shadows on the deer!

Ken took these photos on his phone with limited zoom so you
can see how close he got to them!

After 40 minutes of walking, we returned to Wilbur and Ken grilled a hamburg for me and a fish patty for himself.  We also enjoyed the delicious salads he had made earlier.  We cleaned up and then played 3 more rounds of Hand and Foot.  Ken has a very impressive lead!

It was time to work on this blog and watch The Voice.  The rest of the week is supposed to be sunny and warmer each day!  We certainly hope so!  Our 1st week here certainly was a cloudy one!

This is a picture of Ken and I at Dingman's Falls several days ago.  He had taken it one his phone and only sent it to me today.  I thought I would share!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Fun Day in Jim Thorpe!

Ken and I had a quick cereal breakfast and were on our way to Jim Thorpe by 8 AM.  We did stop at WaWa so Ken could have coffee and I could enjoy a pumpkin spice cappuccino.  The weather was not great with a slight drizzle, some fog, but temperatures in the low 60's.  Earlier they had predicted temperatures near 80 today and some sunshine - that did not happen!

We stopped at the park that has statues that honor Jim Thorpe -

A little bit of history!

and then we drove to  the Lehigh Gorge State Park to one of the trail heads for the Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail!  Not exactly great weather for riding - it was still drizzling and rather cool, but we got on our bikes and started the ride. 

Would have been even more gorgeous if the sun would have
been shining!

The fog was starting to lift, but there was
still a slight "drizzle"!

We rode about 6 miles before turning around and seeing more nice sites along the trail -

Ken and I didn't realize we could take the train from Reading
to Montreal.  A special warning to our Canadian friends, for
we might show up at your doorstep!

This really is a beautiful Rails to Trails, definitely on the
top of our list!
Just a small waterfall along the trail!

There is some changing colors on the tree leaves, but we are
hopeful it will be more dramatic by the end of the week!

Crossing over the railroad bridge as we get close to
downtown Jim Thorpe!

What can I say?????

We headed into the town of Jim Thorpe to have lunch with our friends Dan, Jackie, Frank, and Judy.  They had gotten on the train at Reading around 9 and had a 3 hour ride to see the fall foliage.   Unfortunately, the leaves have not really changed their color very much at this time, maybe in another week or so!  Ken did stop near where we had parked the car to put 2 quarters on the railroad tracks so the train would drive over them.  We planned to look for them on the way back to the car after lunch.  We had parked about 2 miles from downtown, so we had ridden 14 miles by the time we met up with our friends.   We ate lunch at the Inn at Jim Thorpe and had a very nice lunch.

It was a special treat to catch up with our friends at the Inn
at Jim Thorpe.
We all walked around the town after lunch enjoying the shops as well as the vendors and music that was located near the train station for the weekend Fall Festival.  They had to board the train for the return trip at 3, so Ken and I stayed to see them pull out of the station.  We were so thankful to have the 3 hours with special friends!

You can even take carriage rides in Jim Thorpe!

The downtown area was very crowded for one of the 3
Fall Foliage weekends!  The train from Reading, PA had
hundreds of people aboard and they were all visiting the
town from noon to 3!

The beautiful old Inn at Jim Thorpe!

Frank and Judy, great people that we
met through Dan and Jackie!

The interior of a very old Church in Jim Thorpe!

Asa Packer, a well-known business man in the 1800's who has a
"mansion" in the town that is open for tours, built these row homes,
called Stone Row,  for his railroad engineers and foremen.  He was big
in the railroad industry!  He also founded Lehigh University!

Dan and Jackie boarding the train for the ride back to Reading!

Looking forward to seeing them back in Lancaster County!

Powered by both a coal steam engine and a "regular" engine!

Ken and I rode bike back to the CRV and rode just a little further to look for his quarters.  Sure enough, we found them in the stones all flattened.  Ken was one happy person.  He had done the same thing several years ago at about the same place and at that time it was one of the things on his "bucket list".  His bucket list now has more "elaborate" things he is looking to do and see!

After loading our bikes, I sat in the car (my back and leg had had enough!) and Ken took a very short path to the river to see who was playing a wooden flute.  He had a nice chat with Chris who played a song just for Ken.  

Ken saw these cairns down by the stream and you know how
I love to see and build cairns!

The flute used by Chris, a native American!  

He loves to come to the area to embrace nature and send positive vibes to
all who are willing to listen.  
He plays for numerous powwows
in NY.  Ken and Chris 
"shared" a moment!

Now it was time to head back to the CG.  For some reason our Google Maps gave us a different route for the return trip and it definitely was not the "short one"!  I thought we would never get back.  We did stop at a McDonald's for a hot fudge sundae for me and coffee for Ken.

On the back road to the CG and right before the entrance, we saw 5 plump wild turkeys and about 10 deer grazing along the road.  We weren't able to get a photo of the turkeys but we did get one of the deer.  It was rather dark so the picture isn't very clear!

It is hard to see, but there were about 10 white tailed deer.

We got back in time to watch the last quarter of the Steelers game - Yeah Steelers!  Then it was time to watch 60 Minutes.  We did play 2 rounds of Hand and Foot and I have the lead going into the last two rounds of the game.  We were in bed by 9:30 after a fun day!  I must admit that we are looking forward to some sunshine this next week.  We are supposed to start seeing it on Tuesday and it will be very welcomed!!!