Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Long Weekend of Camping

Ken and I left home around 10:15 yesterday and arrived at Pine Hill RV Resort near Kutztown by 11:20.  Nice distance to travel for a long weekend!  This is a well maintained CG near Interstate 22, a great stop over when traveling with all pull thru sites.  The traffic is rather noisy, but it is a nice setting overlooking the countryside.  Not really a destination CG, but it was a good place for us to camp so we can drive to Hawk Mountain for hiking and to check out the bird sanctuary.  The Martins arrived around 7:30 last evening and Frankhousers should be here around noon today.

Ken and I had a campfire last evening for cooking our dinner and then walked around the CG.  We were stopped along our walk by a couple, Melissa and Chuck who remembered us from the RV-Dreams Rally that we attended last Sept. near Hershey.  This is the 3rd couple we have met up with while camping.   We met the 1st couple, Lisa and Gary, while camping in VA and they are from Texas.  Then George and Jean arrived at Gettysburg Farm and they are from North Carolina.  Now we reconnect with Chuck and Melissa who are from Tennessee.  It really is a small world.  Lisa and Gary and Chuck and Melissa are now full-timers!  How exciting!!!

Last evening the Martins and we played cards and the women were finally victorious.  It has been awhile since that has happened.  Earlier in the day Ken and I played 2 games of miniature golf - I won the 1st and we tied the 2nd 9 hole round.  Then we played a game of Pinochle and I won again.  So, when Doloris arrived I told her the women were already ahead by 2 for the weekend.  Ken had some trouble with that!  I guess we just have to start with last night's card game.

So good to be back in Willie!

Really nice office and store at the CG!

Only 130 sites in this CG, but a very nice setting!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

What a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Spent Friday evening playing cards with Fred and Doloris.  We won't mention how "lucky" the guys were that evening!  It was silly!!!!

Saturday we had a family picnic at our house for my extended family.  Counting all the little ones, there were 26 people here with 5 little girls 7 and under and 2 little boys under 1.  It was busy, but so much fun.  Enjoyed watching the interaction between all the children.  The adults have very little time for game playing, but we were entertained by watching the action in the little pool. 

Plenty of food and drinks throughout the day and fortunately the rain held off until about 7:30.  Ken and I were thrilled with entire day and feel so blessed to have such a special family.  We were so glad that my father and mother could join us.  They are living at Masonic Homes in Elizabethtown.  Mom still is able to drive, which is so nice!  Last year Dad spent the day in his wheelchair, but this year he was able to walk to and from the car.  Hallelujah!  Dad is a WWII Marine and mighty proud of it, as it should be.  We are proud of him too!  Not too many of those gentleman are still around to tell their story.  It is special!

Lanie's sister-in-law, Nancy, was able to join us too.  She was visiting Lanie from Iowa from Thurs. till Monday while Bob, Lanie's husband and Nancy's brother was in NC for a bachelor party for his college roommate who is getting married in July.  It was so nice to have Nancy here!  She hadn't seen Sam and Katelyn since Thanksgiving so she was having a great time reconnecting with them. 

Yesterday, Monday, Ken and I went to Lanie's to watch and play with Sam and Katelyn while she took Nancy to the airport for her return flight to Iowa.   Before we left and after we got home we spent a lot of time sanitizing our water holding tank in Willie.  It was a new thing for us, but went well.  We followed some info Ken found on some blogs and forums including putting apple cider vinegar into the tank following the Clorox sterilization to "sweeten the tank".  Hopefully that is a good thing!

Today we will be loading Willie for our trip to Pine Hills RV Park near Kutztown so we can spent time at Hawk Mt. Bird Sanctuary.  Lots of hiking trails in that area.  We will be there from Wed. to Sunday and are looking forward to a great time with Fred, Doloris, Sam and Kathy.

My 88 year old Dad.  He is amazing!

Bria and Cali chasing bubbles!

Cousin Alexandra playing with Bria and Cali!

Some of the picnic gang.  It was a full backyard!

The grandchildren were happy it was our
son-in-law's 32nd birthday!

The pool was small but a "hit" with the little ones!

Our 4 granddaughters!

Aunt Nancy enjoying time with niece Katelyn!

My mother with her great grandson, Bennett!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Relaxing and Fun-filled Day!

Our time at French Creek has certainly been a lot of fun and very relaxing!  Today was another perfect weather day with plenty of sunshine and in the mid 70's.  What more would you ask for when camping? 

We had a "slow" relaxing morning sitting around chatting and enjoying our tea and coffee.  Had a great cooked breakfast with the added bonus of some delicious pastries from the St. Peters Village Bakery.  They were given to us by the owner when we left there Friday night, since they did not have our called in table reservation.  All the tables were reserved when we got there, but fortunately one on the deck was available until 7:30 and we were able to use it.  Then another party didn't show, so we could use their table.  But, the owner felt badly about the mix-up and gave us the free pastries.  Worked for us!!!!

After clean-up, we took a walk around all the campground loops and we certainly gained many more campers for the weekend.  But, the CG is still very quiet!  Today we spent time sitting around just chatting about life and playing several games of cards with the men always being victorious.  Doloris and I just didn't get good hands dealt to us.  Not sure what was going on.  Ken says it isn't what you are dealt, it is how you play the cards.  Doloris and I were quick to tell him what we thought of that philosophy!!!

We did take a walk to on a trail to Scott's Run Lake before we started dinner.  What a pretty area! 

This walk out on the fallen tree was abit of a "stretch" for
Ken.  He really has trouble with heights!

An interesting "arrangement" of the fallen trees!

 Another delicious meal over the campfire with "snakes" for dessert.  If you have never had a snake, you must give it a try.  The men had spent some time earlier in the day whittling proper "snake sticks" so we had to give them a try.  For those who aren't familiar with them, you open crescent rolls and wrap one of the triangles of dough over the trip of the stick and then around the stick for about 4".  Then you "bake" the dough over the fire like you would if toasting a marshmallow.  Believe it or not, when it is finished cooking, it will come right off the stick.  Then you stuff it with whatever you like - peanut butter, marshmallows, jelly, chocolate, or a combination of everything.  What a dessert treat!

What a day!  None of us are ready to even think about going home!  This is just too much fun!  We certainly have a great time camping with Doloris and Fred.

This beautiful flower we found on the ground was a
perfect match to my homemade coconut fish with the
palm branch tail!  Love his pouty mouth!

The campsites here are large with great fire rings
and sitting areas.  Doloris and I had come the end of
April to walk the campground and find the best sites
for us to camp together.  They were perfect!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fun at French Creek Continues!

Thursday and Friday were exceptional weather days for our camping adventure at French Creek.  Ken and I had a leisure morning on Thursday and then decided to take the Boone Trail Hike around some of the park.  We started from Hopewell Lake and only got lost 1X while hiking the 6 mile trail.  (It wasn't marked very clearly - at least that is what we are saying!!  It was a 3 hour hike, and we were ready to be done!!!  Back to Willie for a late lunch and to await the arrival of Fred and Doloris.  They were here by 3:15, earlier than we expected, but we were happy to see them.  They had some trouble with the electric hook-up on their site, but could use the 30 amp that we had available on our site. 

After they were set-up, we sat outside playing a game of cards, which the women won.  Yeah!  Again, no competition among us campers!  The men started a campfire and we enjoyed a great meal.  More card playing and the men were victorious this time.  It started to cool off, so we sat by the campfire and enjoyed having our s'mores of dessert.  At 11:00 we headed off to bed.  What a delightful day!

Friday was abit of a "sleep in" morning as we only all got together around 9 AM.  It was a lot milder out than we anticipated - a perfect morning for making and eating breakfast outside.  So, we made our omelettes and enjoyed our fresh fruit and pumpkin muffins in the great outdoors.  After clean-up we took a walk around all three loops of the campground.  Not very full now, but they are expecting a "full house" for the weekend.  We packed a few snacks/appetizer type foods and drove to the lake with our kayak.  Fred and Doloris were anxious to try it, for they are thinking about buying a kayak in the future.  They enjoyed their "paddle" and thought it handled well.  After Ken and I took a "spin", we enjoyed our snacks at a picnic table by the lake and some more cards were played.  The men are definitely taking the lead in card games won!

Back to the RV's by 4 to shower and get ready for the evening.  We left at 5 to go to the bakery at St. Peter's Village to have dinner while listening to the music of Rick Skye, a musician that we have heard 2x before.  Sam, Kathy, and her sister, Susie, joined us there.  We had such a wonderful, fun time eating on the deck.  Their food was delicious, especially their pizza.  Plus, it is a BYOB place, and we had our share of wine!  Sam, Kathy, and Susie headed back to Ephrata and the 4 of us were back to Willie by 9:30.  We decided not to build a fire, so we played more cards inside Willie and were in bed by 11:00.  Another full, fun-filled day.  These camping adventures are certainly special!

Different types of vegetation, but lots
of beautiful ferns!

At places, the path even had boardwalks!

Fred and Doloris enjoying a kayak ride!

A ride on Hopewell Lake

Thursday, May 17, 2012

1st Day at French Creek

Today was Family Day at French Creek.  Ken and I arrived around 11:30 after about a 50 minute drive from home.  Just a nice traveling time!

French Creek really is a lovely State Park with 2 lakes, 1000's of acres, quiet shaded campsites, swimming pool, and tons of hiking trails.  After set-up and lunch outside, we headed to the office for an overview of the area and then to Hopewell Lake, in the park, to get the kayak inflated so it would be ready for the granddaughters to have a ride.  Ken and I paddled around the lake before they arrived.  It is small but lovely.  Lanie came around 3:15 with Katelyn and Samantha, and Sam could hardly wait to get in the kayak.  She loved riding and helping PaPa paddle.  Walked up to the very nice playground area to wait for Jamie and the little ones to arrive.  Cali and Bria enjoyed their kayak rides too, and after being so patient watching the two of them take their turns, we gave Sam another short ride.  We all headed to our campsite around 5:15 to start a campfire for roasting hot dogs and making s'mores. 

Sam was so excited to take her 1st kayak ride!  She
even enjoyed paddling!

So hard to be patient and wait your turn for a kayak ride!

Kately was too young for a ride, but she enjoyed herself
watching and waiting, especially with her snack!

Cali on her 1st kayak ride!

S'mores are messy but sooooo good!

Camping is alittle tough for Katelyn, who is only 1 and walks holding your hands, but not on her own.  She was a "trooper" and I think had a good time.  The hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and s'mores were definitely a "hit" and also the time spent at another playground area that was a short little hike from our campsite.  The girls really enjoyed playing on the equipment, especially when PaPa was chasing them.  He will be very "stiff" tomorrow!

Everyone left by 7:30 and it certainly got very quiet around our campsite.  It is amazing all the excitement, laughter, and noise that can be seen and heard when 4 little girls are together and running around outside!

Ken and I did the dishes outside and then I got to watch American Idol.  I can't believe the wonderful TV reception we get in the park with only our antenna.   Also, our mifi card works very well, so being on our computers is not a problem.   Our only hook-up here is electric and I must admit that I miss the water and sewer connections.  I am not used to camping without them.  Call me "spoiled", but I like having them available!

Ken and I will probably have to rest some today after our busy evening.  We love when we are all together and look so forward to it, but it can be exhausting!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ready to go on the Road Again!

Well, Ken and I will be heading out tomorrow morning to go about 50 minutes from our house to French Creek State Park.  There was a fire there in April that destroyed about 5,000 acres, but it did not affect the camping area.  We ae looking foward to being back in "Willie".

It appears that we will be camping just about every other week starting with this trip.  Our longest trip will be the 1st two weeks of July when we head to Letchworth State Park and then Wellesley State Park near 1000 Islands in New York.  We will enjoy that trip with our friends, Sam and Kathy.  We have done a 2 week trip with them for the last 2 years and always have a great time!

Why is it that you make as many trips loading the RV no matter if you go for 3 or 4 days or for a month or so?  Seems crazy!  Just verifies that every trip should be a longer one!!!!  YES!!!!!

Hope to see some of you out on the road during these summer months.  We will be in the Thousand Trail Park outside of Hershey for a week starting on Sunday, June 10.  Nancy and Neil Savage from our area have sold their home and are in the process of selling their furniture and belongings.  They will be full-timing at that park until October, so we hope to spend some time with them there.  They are not certain when they will actually arrive!

Happy Traveling!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ready for More Camping

Ken and I will be getting on the road again next Wednesday, but only about 45 minutes from home at French Creek State Park near St. Peter's Village.    We will be there through Monday.  Martins, one of our summer camping friends will be with us from Thurs. night until Sunday morning.  We plan to go to St. Peter's Village to the Cafe to hear music by a local artist, Rick Sky.  We are hoping to have our 2 daughters and their families join us on Wed. night for a cook-out and time around the campfire.  Should be a fun time!

Today we signed up to go to the 52nd  Escapade in Sedalia, MO.  We are so excited to attend, for it has been on our "Bucket List" for quite sometime.  They have so many great seminars for learning and just having fun.  It starts on Sunday, Sept. 16 and ends on Friday, the 21st.  We plan to arrive on Saturday, for we want to attend the Hershey RV Show before we leave.  The RV Show starts on Wed., so we will head out to MO on Thurs.  If you have any interest in joining us, please let us know.  We would love to see some of our RVing friends there!

Here is the website for the Escapade if you have any interest or would like additional information -

Then click on the Escapade link!  Enjoy!  There is a list of all the seminars and most of those look amazing!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Back Home Again!

Our last day at the campground, Sunday, was another fun day and the best day weathe wise.  Warm and Sunny!  Where was the sun the rest of the time we were here!  Oh well, this group has fun despite the weather!!!

We ate our blueberry pancakes and sausage outside and were actually warm!  All of us spent sometime getting our RV's ready for heading home.  Martins had to leave by 1:00, but the rest of us decided to take our time and enjoy some game playing.  It was a victorous time for the men.  They won both Kubb games and a game of Bocce.  George and Jean watched the Kubb games but joined in the Bocce match!  All of us were on our way home by 2:45 with Ken and I and George and Jean being the last ones to leave.  What a fantastic weekend and so glad that George and Jean joined us!

Well, we have now been home for 2 days and I would be ready to go again, even though there are things here that need our attention - weeds, grass, etc.  We will be camping again starting 2 weeks from tomorrow at French Creek State Park about 35 minutes from our house.  Only the Martins will be joining us that weekend.  Hopefully our oldest daughter, Lanie, her husband & 2 girls will join us that Wed. night for a dinner around the campfire.  That's the plan!!!!

In the meantime,  we will keep busy around the house and look forward to our next adventure!