Sunday, August 14, 2011

Great Trip near North Wildwood NJ


We left at 7 AM on Wednesday morning with Fred and Doloris following us with their trailer and headed to North Wildwood.  Our 1st stop was at Perkins for breakfast.  I believe they make some of the best pancakes around.  So light and fluffy!  Then we went non stop to our campground - a Thousand Trail property called Sea Pines that we reserved through Encore.  We were very happy with this campground.  The gentleman who greeted us was so friendly and helpful.  A great PR person!  The CG offered many amenities including a mini golf course, nice pool, shuffleboard, several playgrounds, a small beach area, and very large, wooded sites.  It was an amazingly quiet park.  We did not have sewer, but they came around with the honey wagen on M, W, & F and pumped for free.  A nice service. 

The weather the entire time was gorgeous - in the 80's with plenty of sunshine and lower humidity.  We drove into North Wildwood, about a 15 minute drive on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and had so much fun relaxing on the beach.  There were several games of Kubb played, but unfortunately, the men won most of them.  We played about 5 games of cards of which the men won 3, but the women did win shuffleboard and mini golf.  Another competitive trip! 

The Kreiders were there the entire time too with their grandchildren, so they were not able to spend much time with us during this trip, but it was nice to have them there.

We had campfires all but one evening and enjoyed some wonderful meals and of course, s'mores. 

On Thursday morning Ken and I loaded our bikes and took an early morning bike ride on the 7 mile island of Avalon and Stone Harbor.  The bike path on the road is so well set-up for riding and both of the towns are beautifully maintained and landscaped.  The 14 mile ride was fun and good exercise.  We also took a long walk along the seawall in North Wildwood that leads to the boardwalk.  The inlet area we "beach" at is a nice area convenient to the boardwalk and downtown and we are always able to find free parking.

When we left today, Sunday, it was overcast with a few spotty showers.  We had a very tight spot for Willie (our 5th wheel) that took alot of work to get into.  So, we were abit nervous as to how we would get out.  But, that went well and Ken is getting more comfortable with that part of RVing.  We drove through heavy rain on the way home and some flash flooded areas.  Fortunately, we did not have to detour around any of the water.  Martins left after us, and did have to detour off Route 40 to avoid the heavily flooded areas.

We had such a good time on this trip and really enjoyed our time with the Martins.  It is some much fun to travel with special friends and share special moments.

Willie will be in our driveway for the next 3 1/2 weeks, probably shedding a few tears.  We are leaving next Sat. for a week in Bethany Beach DE with our girls and their families, staying in a Condo.  We have to be careful that Willie doesn't see us leave with our suitcases.  It makes him sad and probably a bit upset!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Special Trip with 2 of our Grandaughters!

Our youngest daughter, Jamie, brought Bria and Cali to our house at 9 AM on Wednesday for a camping adventure with Grandma and PawPaw until Friday!  Bria is 4 1/2 and Cali was 2 the end of March, so Ken and I knew it would be a busy few days.  We originally planned to take Bria and have Cali join us on Thursday afternoon, but we realized Cali would be devastated not to be with her big sister.  We were happy we decided to have both of them with us the entire time.

We only went about 18 miles from home to a Thousand Trail Resort, Circle M just south of Millersville PA.  It is a nice place for children as far as amenities, but they could do a much better job of maintaining the property.  Upon arrival, you do not have an assigned site, which has its pros and cons.  We really don't enjoy driving around trying to find 2 sites beside or behind each other.  We were camping with our friends, Gary and Marcia and their two adopted grandchilden, Anya and Camrin who are 4 and 7. 

Unfortunately, the weather was not great - warm but cloudy most of the time, except for today when we were leaving.  Last year we had all spent 2 nights there too, and the kids just loved the indoor waterpark that was perfect for the age of the children.  But, this year the waterpark was closed for repairs, which was probably a bigger disappointment for the grandparents than the children. They do have an indoor and outdoor pool, an indoor small maze/ball pit area, and a covered miniature golf course.  So,  we did have plenty to do.  We had campfires both nights complete with hot dog roasting, s'mores, and cinnamon buns in the pie maker over the fire.  The girls wanted to wash dishes outside so they could help, so of course, we had to do that too!

We left around 11:30 today, but not before Cali and Bria and a chance to play some miniature golf.  That was fun!  I am sure there are 2 very tired little girls that are ready for naptime.  They played so hard.