Friday, October 31, 2014

A Perfect Day In Paradise!

When we woke up this morning at 6:30, we were hearing some raindrops on Waldo's roof.  Not heavy, but just enough to make us wait to go for our walk.  We got ready and left for our walk around the CG with Chuck and Melissa at 8.  It was done "dripping".  It was already 72 degrees at that time.  We did about 4500 steps and then decided we would get the remaining steps doing other activities throughout the day.  We ate breakfast and instead of chit chatting, we left at 9:45 for the pickleball courts. 

It is amazing how much the 4 of us have improved our game and volleys since we started playing together about 2 weeks ago.  All of us can't seem to get enough.  If our bodies would allow it, we would play several times a day, but the knees, backs, etc. tell us that just wouldn't be a good idea!!!  We played until 12:30 and then headed back to the CG to shower.

By 1:15 the men had loaded our bikes and we drove out to Nokomis Beach, got on our bikes, and rode along the beautiful Casey Key Road.  You get to enjoy the homes, beach, Gulf, and the gorgeous landscaping so much more when you are riding bike instead of driving in a car. 
The view along Casey Key Road is just spectacular!

Not a bad place to ride bike!

Just one of the huge mansion along the ride.
What an entrance and the landscaping isn't
bad either! This castle type home is FOR SALE
at only $15.9 Million!  Thought you might
have an interest!

Just another typical home!

This one is just being built!

 After 4 1/2 miles we arrived at the Casey Key Fish House where Ken was able to get his 1st Grouper Sandwich during this trip to Florida. Imagine, 22 days in Florida and no grouper sandwich! It was starting to really "affect" him! He was one happy camper when his beautiful blackened grouper sandwich was served. Hallelujah!!!

This is one of Ken's favorite places to eat and we have
shared it with so many friends and fellow campers!
Not a bad looking blackened grouper sandwich!

After eating our delicious lunch we went to the large Tiki Hut Bar they have on their property and enjoyed relaxing in the Adirondack chairs overloooking the Intracoastal Waterway!  Even our feet were happy!

Relaxing at the Tiki Hut!

Happy Feet!!!!

Maybe we did too much physical activity today!

We rode back to Nokomis Beach and then about 1/2 mile further to the North Jetty.  Back to the car and then as a reward for our 10 mile bike ride with the wind in our faces "both directions" (at least it seemed that way!), we treated ourselves to some homemade ice cream.  It was an extremely windy day, but still so nice!

This home has a marble stairway and marble trim
around the windows!

How beautiful, peaceful,

The homes on the left side of this road overlook
the Intracoastal Waterway and own the property
on the right side of the road on the Gulf!  Many
have little cabanas across from there houses for
changing clothes, picnicing, and relaxing on the beach!

Because of the strong winds today, there were breakers
in the Gulf and the waves came up over the Jetty!

Back to the CG by 5:15 and we stopped to play 2 games of shuffleboard - we split the wins.  When we got back to Waldo we each did some work on our computers and did some clean-up.  Chuck and Melissa joined us in Waldo at 7:45 and we played 1 game of Pinochle, Spades, and Skip-Bo.  The women only won Skip-Bo!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pickleball Is In Our Blood!!!!

We set the alarm for 6:45 and it actually woke both of us.  We met Chuck and Melissa at 7:15 to walk to the boat area here in the CG to see the sunrise.  We were alittle early, so we got in some of our steps before the sun actually appeared.  The photographers, Melissa and Ken, got some great pictures.  Chuck and I are the support team, telling them where to stand, what to take pictures of, etc.  We take our jobs very seriously!!

This blue heron was waiting for the sunrise too!

The sun is coming.....

still coming.....

almost here.....


This CG really is an incredible Encore Resort.  The amenities are so picturesque, looking like a resort you would find in the Carribean.  We continued walking around the CG to get in at least half of our steps for the day.  Back to our rigs to cook breakfast and eat outside.  Then we got to chatting again and before we realized it, it was 10:30.  Why not wait until it gets really hot to play pickleball???  So, we headed to the courts at 11 and played till almost 1, playing 7 games.  We must be crazy, but it is so much fun!

2 sand volleyball courts behind the pool

A newly added tiki hut!

One of the raised Tiki Huts near the pool area!

Taking a water break and a breather during the
tough pickleball matches!

These are the 3 fairly new pickleball courts at
Venice By Pass Park!

From there we drove to a open air fruit stand in Venice to get some produce.  Melissa could not believe the prices!  Ken and I have stopped there many times and everything is so reasonable and good.

Back to the CG by 1:45 and we at lunch outside together.  We relaxed for about 1/2 hour and then walked to the shuffleboard courts.  Unfortunately the men won both games!  Ken headed back to get a shower and take a nap and the 3 of us went to the heated pool.  What a treat!  Then back to Waldo to shower and start dinner.  We decided to cook indoors, but Ken and I ate outside even though the bugs can be very pesty.

There are 6 very nice shuffleboard courts!

A beautiful pool and deck surrounding it!

After cleaning up, I made some phone calls.  We went to Chuck and Melissa's at 7:30 to discuss tomorrow's schedule and play 3 games of Spades and a short version of Pinochle.  We called it a day at 10:20.  Ken is feeling okay, but sounds congested with either sinus issues or some bronchitis.  Time will tell!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Funfilled Day!

Ken was up fairly early, but I only got up around 7.  We decided to take a walk around the park and get in half of our steps for the day.  When we got back, Chuck and Melissa were outside looking sad and unhappy!  We had left without them.  We were going to call them to see if they wanted to go with us, but we weren't sure they were up!  We were bad!!!!!  Actually, we just wanted to get ahead of them for the day!!!!!

We went into their motorhome to discuss our plans for the day.  Yesterday was such an "on the go" day, that we thought it might be better if we slowed down the pace abit.  We were all in agreement.  So after firming our plans for the day, we had breakfast together outside, chatted alittle, and then drove to Venice By Pass Park to play Pickleball.  Ken had gone on-line to the Pickleball Association website where they list by state pickleball court locations.  We realized at this park they have 5 public pickleball courts that are relatively new.  It is a great park with exceptional courts.  Chuck and Melissa were eager to try their new paddles.  We had such a great time and probably played at least 9 games, switching partners every couple games.  It was in the mid 80's and very sunny, so we were hot and tired when finished.

Back to the CG for lunch and some more talking.  Then we changed and headed to Nokomis Beach from 2:25 to 5:15.  It was a gorgeous day to be on the beach and a fairly decent day for finding sharks teeth.  As soon as we got back to the CG we started cooking supper on the grill.  We wanted to finish eating before the mesquitoes got bad.  After clean-up, Chuck and Melissa came over to Waldo and brought the movie, Parental Guidance.  Ken and I had never seen it and all of us had many good laughs.  We played one game of Skip-Bo which the men won.  To bed by 11:15.

The water was glistening on Nokomis Beach!
What a beautiful shoreline!
The beach is made up of  a little sand among
lots of shell!
Busy hunting for shells
and sharks teeth!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Very Active Day!

Ken went to the LR early to read.  I got up at 7:45, but had a rather restless night and was awake many times.  Ken took a short bike ride to see if he could find where they had recently made a pickleball court.  He found it marked off in a large pavilion, but there was no net.  So, he talked to one of the maintenance men and he said he will see what he can do to get the net set-up.

I started breakfast and Ken finished it.  Chuck and Melissa came over at 9 and we ate breakfast together outside and then made our plans for the day.  We left on our bikes from the CG at 10:15 and rode the Legacy Trail into downtown Venice.  Of course we had to stop at The Upper Crust for one of their delicious scones - a raspberry with some kind of homemade whipped cream you bought separately.  Delicious!!!  After a short walk around downtown, we got back on our bikes and rode the Venetian Waterway Park Trail,  which follows along both sides of the Intracoastal waterway, all the way to Caspersen Beach.  Once there we walked the beach looking for sharks teeth and shells.  Ken was definitely the champion shark tooth finder!  We stopped at a picnic table to eat a cereal bar and an apple and then rode our bikes back to the CG - 20 mile round trip.

A biking bridge along the Legacy Trail!

You get off this newer bridge over Route 41 to get
to downtown Venice!

Delicious scones in the window of The Upper Crust!

Ken and I enjoy these scones every year, but it was
the 1st time for Chuck and Melissa.  Worth the bike ride!

Saw this beautiful bald eagle along the Venitian Waterway
Park Trail.  So majestic!

Gopher turtles along the trail!

This is Caspersen Beach, known for sharks teeth!

Before heading back to the CG, we stopped to eat
the snacks we had packed.  A little nourishment was

I talked to my mother and then Ken and I chatted with Bria and Cali.  After showering, we made chicken wraps for dinner with salad and the 4 of us ate together.  At 5:45 we headed to the Venice South Jetty to enjoy watching the dolphins and the beautiful sunset.  We left there around 7:15 and all of us were so tired.  We decided to take the night off from game playing and catch up on our blog, pay bills on the internet, and watch The Voice.  It was fun day, but we were tired by the end of the day!

The Venice South Jetty!

We saw lots of dolphins frolicking in the water!

It was a gorgeous sunset!