Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend!

This has certainly been a wonderful, fun-filled weekend!

We had received a text message last Friday night from Jamie asking if we wanted to join her family for breakfast at 8:30 Saturday morning.  We saw the message when Ken got up at 6:15 and we were excited to be a part of their family breakfast.  A fun time was had by all.  From the restaurant we headed to a local roadside stand to buy veggies, fruit, and a hanging flower.  Their family joined us there too.

We were back to the apartment by 11:15 and by 1:00 we were at Masonic Homes for an afternoon of card playing with my parents.  Again, we all had a fun time together.  Ken and I left at 4 and I went to Park City to shop while Ken attended a church service in downtown Lancaster regarding Celebrate Recovery. Of course, cities are not Ken's favorite place to spend time especially when he is by himself.  He did manage to get lost when he left the parking garage to go the church and he was sure he was going to get mugged!  He did return to pick me up at the mall and I am happy to say he was in "1 piece"!

Sunday morning was spent at church attending a wonderful service with a thought provoking sermon.  Pastor Scott certainly knows how to get you thinking on how to improve yourself and your Christian walk.  Again, we spent the morning with Jamie and her family.

By 1:00 we were at Jamie's house for a family picnic.  Lanie and her family arrived at the same time.  Another great family day with lots of fun, good conversations and some exciting game playing. 

This is how the day began for the gals!  Jamie bought this
hammock for Dane's birthday, but he hasn't used it yet!

The girls enjoy the playhouse too and we all appreciate the
beautiful setting on the creek!

Samantha made this sign to inform
us of the upcoming Flag show!

Let the show begin....

.... and it was appreciated by all!

 Jamie and Dane were the perfect  host and hostess and with the gorgeous sunny, warm day, it was a wonderful picnic day.  We enjoyed playing Can Jam, Kubb, and Ladder Golf. 

The ladies played the men in Kubb.  

We didn't win, but we surely had a good time trying!

 Lulu, the puppy, had a fun time too, but was exhausted when the day ended.

Katelyn is sure a dog lover and Lulu didn't mind!

After dinner, there was a light rain, so
the girls were excited to put on their suits
and play in the rain!

We only got home at 9:30 and watched the Memorial Day Celebration from DC.

Today, Monday, started with a relaxing morning of doing some devotions, taking a walk around Lititz, cooking breakfast, and then going to Park City to get Ken some new shorts.  All the ones he wore this winter were  too big - a good problem!  After getting him some new items for his wardrobe, he sat in the mall and waited while I looked for a bathing suit (a favorite thing for me to purchase - NOT!!)  Both of us had a successful shopping experience.  Of course for Ken that means only shopping in one store and being done!  He succeeded!

Back home to enjoy eating lunch on our deck and then relaxing until leaving at 5 to go to LCBC for a family picnic for Celebrate Recovery!  I was happy to meet some of the folks Ken spends time with on a Monday night and to understand the Celebrate Recovery program.  I am so proud of Ken for being a part of it.  They had delicious food including pulled pork, grilled corn on the cob, baked beans, a spinach salad, and desserts that were contributed by people who attended.

We got home by 8:30 just before the rainstorm began.  We were excited to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins 1st game of the Stanley Cup Final.

Friday, May 27, 2016

A Fun Time with Lanie, Samantha, and Katelyn!

I am very happy to say that I had a good night and felt great when I got up this morning!  Thank you modern medicine and a good surgeon!

After cooking breakfast, Ken and I were on our way by 8:15 to Samantha's school for Grandparents Day!  We arrived at 9 and were surprised how many people were already there for the 9:30 program.  

The school goes up to Grade 4 and all of them participated in the musical program.  We were so impressed with the quality of the presentation and the song selection by their music teacher.  There are 4 classes in each grade level and each grade sang 3 songs.  A long program, but it was so enjoyable.  I give their music teacher a lot of credit for most of the songs had difficult rhythms, motions, and lots of words.  The students were amazing.

Some of these pictures are a little blurry, but Ken took them from the audience and we were back about 15 or more rows!

This is just the 4 First Grade Classes!

A happy little singer with a pretty necklace!

Samantha is a bit blurry because she is really getting into
the motions that go with the song!

What a smile!

After the program, we went back to Samantha's classroom to meet her teacher, get a tour of her room, and check out her books, workbooks, and art work. Then we headed to the cafeteria for some snacks.  We only left the school around 11:45 and were so glad we could be a part of this special day.

Grandma is enjoying checking out Samantha's classroom!

Time to work on some projects their teacher gave the
students and their grandparents

Don't you just love the cowgirl boots???

We went to visit with Lanie and Katelyn and then all of us went to lunch at the local Subway.  Hard to imagine that the girls picked that over having pizza. Then we went to McDonald's to have ice cream for dessert.
I think they liked the ice cream!
Back to their house to spend time play with the girls and having them show us some of their favorite things in their bedrooms.

We were back home by 3:15 and both of us were tired.  So, I rested and Ken took a nap.  Then we were ready to take a walk, so we did about 5000 steps.  I decided that was probably enough for me to do today.  They told me I could take a walk but I shouldn't over do it!

We spent the evening watching TV, reading, and I did some work on the girls digital camping books.

This has been a wonderful day!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Gorgeous Weather Day!

I went out for a 5,000 step walk around 7:45 and Ken left to have breakfast with his friend, Gary.  It was a beautiful morning with plenty of sunshine and about 68 degrees.

Because I couldn't eat since midnight and could only have 8 oz. of water before 9:15, I had plenty of time to do other things.  Following a shower and doing some clean-up I answered some messages and e-mails and then decided I should dust the apartment.  I needed something to do to "kill some time".  Ken was back by 10:30 after getting some groceries and then decided to go for a walk to get his needed steps.

We left at noon for my 12:20 appointment at the Surgical Center.  To my surprise, the lady asked me after I registered if I was aware that I was 2 hours early.  What????  I told her they had called me yesterday with the time of 12:20.  They had no opening in today's schedule, so Ken and I decided to go back home and return at 2:20.  I think my blood pressure may have risen abit.  It is so hard to continue waiting when you are ready to "go".  Actually the time at home went rather quickly because I worked on our granddaughters digital scrapbook pages for our camping trips last summer.  (I am a little behind schedule!  Actually I was having a problem with the digital scrapbooking program.)

So we arrived back at the Surgical Center at 2:20 and went right back to the waiting area.  I must say that all the nurses and doctors there are so nice and caring and make you feel so welcome.  Dr. Del Terzo was so much fun today.  As soon as he entering my waiting area he asked if Waldo was in the parking lot because he would like to see what he looks like.  So, Ken showed him a photo on his phone.  He thought it looked like a nice one that would be lots of fun.  His wife's family lives in Taos, New Mexico and when he realized we are going near there, he wrote down some things we should see, some restaurants we should go to, and even texted his wife for the name of a church we need to tour.  What a guy!

I went back to the OR at 3:20 and was probably asleep by 3:40.  Next thing I knew the nurse was talking to me and I was in the recovery area.  I really was ready to be awake - my eyes just didn't want to stay open.  But, in about 15 minutes I was walking (with help) back to the waiting area where they brought Ken back to be with me.  I was excited to have a small diet Coke and some Lorna Doone cookies for I was very hungry and thirsty.  I was the last patient in the Center and I am sure they were happy when I was ready to leave.  We were on our way by 5.

I was still feeling a bit "drunk", but we did stop at a local restaurant near Lititz, Night and Day, where I had soup and a roll.  Tasted great.  We were back to the apartment by 6:45 and I was ready to rest and relax.  

I did take time to e-mail, phone, and text (I hope everyone) who was thoughtful and caring throughout today and asked to be updated.  I could feel everyone's love and support and it helped to keep me relaxed!  I am happy to report that the DR. said the spots were very superficial (not invasive) and when I see him for a follow-up in 10 days he will have the pathology report.  He expects it to show abnormal cells with a slight chance of some cancerous cells but if anything, only Stage 1.  I asked when he needs to see me for another cystoscopy and he asked when I will be in the area!  I told him either the end of August or the beginning of Dec.  He said Dec. would be just fine!  That made me feel very good!  So, December it is!!!!

Thanks again for everyone's concerns and prayers.  You are the best!

We spent the evening relaxing, having some ice cream, and watching TV.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at Home!

Monday was one of those relaxing, somewhat lazy days.  After doing some devotions and reading, we decided to make breakfast together before going for a long walk.  We ate out on the deck while reading the newspaper - life is tough! We got out 10,000 steps before lunch walking around town and on the nearby trail.

Ken did some errands mostly stopping at several places to see if they had room to store Waldo.  He is still in the parking lot here at the apartment which is fine with the other tenants and the landlord, but the borough does not allow for long term storage at your property.  It is amazing how hard it is to find a place nearby to store him for the summer.  I wish we had some land that we could use for storing RV's.  There definitely appears to be a shortage in this area.

Ken and I spent most of the afternoon in our shared office, Ken on his computer and I made cards.  He left for Celebrate Recovery and was gone from 6 to 9:15. I called my sister, Cindy, and she is doing well recovering from her foot surgery. Now she is having trouble with a trigger thumb and my need some minor surgery on it.  I watched The Voice and appreciated the wonderful talent on that show.

Tuesday we took a walk early, getting about 5,000 steps before our flax pancake breakfast.  We left at 9 to go to our youngest granddaughter, Katelyn's graduation from Pre-School.  I can't believe she starts full day kindergarten next year.  Wow, all of our granddaughters will be in elementary school.  Aunt Jamie came to join in the festivities too!  What a cute program complete with singing and caps and gowns!

The happy graduate!

Everyone in Katelyn's class got an award.
Katelyn received the sunshine award because
she always came to class happy and with a
 big smile!  That award was a
surprise for Lanie!
I think Katelyn looks like her mommy!

Bob and Lanie, the proud parents!

Love that pose and the boots!

After the program we were invited to the Church's Fellowship Hall for lunch.  It was only 10:45, so we really weren't ready to eat!

Proud grandparents too!

We were back in Lititz by 12:15 and Ken dropped me off downtown so I could meet my card club ladies for lunch at Po-Boy Pub.  There were 10 of us and we had a great time.  I am so glad they include me in the group since I only get to play about 2 of the 8 times they meet throughout the year.

I walked home and Ken was in Lancaster doing more errands.  I spent time making some jewelry using the new shell pieces we had found on the Outer Banks.  Ken took a walk when he returned.  

After dinner we watched the finale of The Voice, which was on for 3 hours.  I cleaned up my office space during the 1st hour.  I was happy with the winner. She wasn't my favorite at the beginning of the search, but she ended up being my favorite of the final 4, all of them very talented!

Today, Wednesday, we decided to continue our search for a storage place for Waldo.  After breakfast, we drove to Manheim,  the neighboring town where we grew up, and checked out the place where John and Cindy store Harvey.  We called the number on the fence and it appears that they have a space behind the gated area, but we can't meet with the owner until Tuesday.  Hopefully the borough will not say anything until we get Waldo moved.  

When we returned we took a walk and then enjoyed lunch on our deck.  Ken took me to a 55+ neighborhood near our apartment to play pickleball.  My friend, Jackie, had invited me to play with one of her friends that lives in the community.  I had a fun time but it was fairly hot and a bit windy.  I was happy to have an opportunity to play again.

Jackie lives close to Jamie in Ephrata and since Ken had gone there to walk with Jamie and Lulu to Bria and Cali's bus stop, she drove me there to meet them. Also, Jackie was excited to see Jamie's new kitchen.  A fun time for all of us.

We were back home by 4:30 and after dinner, Ken left to visit Ed, a gentleman who worked for a title company and did many settlements for Ken when he was in Real Estate.  Ed has been battling cancer for quite awhile and has decided to stop treatments and enjoy his last days.  Ed and his wife are encouraging people to visit, so Ken was happy to the have the opportunity to spent time with them.

The weather these 3 days has been amazing with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's.  So nice not to have cloudy, rainy weather.

Tomorrow I have my bladder surgical procedure around 1:00.  Since I can't have anything to eat after midnight I am about ready to go to the kitchen and enjoy a bowl of ice cream - definitely a treat!  The procedure is relatively simple, but I will have anesthesia.  I will be glad when it it finished and I am back home.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Home!

I began my day on Friday by having breakfast with my Curvette ladies.  So good to be with them again.  All 8 of us were there and a fun time was had by all.

From there I went to Wal-Mart and then AC Moore and Michaels where they were having great sales and I was able to purchase some needed craft supplies. Ken spent a lot of the day working at his desk paying bills, checking accounts, etc. but only after doing some devotions and taking a long walk.  I spent time making some greeting cards too!

We rode our bikes to Polly's house where she graciously stores them for us when we are in the area.  She introduced us to her neighbors who do a lot of craft shows and she thought they could give us some suggestions of ones that could be good for us.  We appreciated their willingness to help us.  Ken enjoyed a 45 minute phone conversation with Chuck.  We surely miss seeing and spending time with them.  I hope we get together some time this summer! 

Saturday was a very rainy, rather miserable day with temperatures only in the 50's.  Of course, that was the day that our son-in-law, Dane, had a  sprint triathlon about 1/2 hour away in Mt. Gretna.    We arrived at the race at 7:45 and met Jamie, the girls, Lula, and Sue and Dan, Dane's parents, at the race site.  It was really rainy, muddy, and cool.  The competitors swim 500 yards in Mt. Gretna lake, did a 16 mile bike ride, and a 5K run (3.1 miles).  Jamie, Bria, Cali, and Lula left for home before Dane finished the bike ride, because they we so wet and cold.  The "parents" stayed until he finished. 

Okay, the swim is done, now for the
bike ride and the run!

The finish line is in sight!

He thought he finished 4th in his age group, so he left before the awards ceremony.  Later in the day he discovered he was 1st in his age group and 12th overall - Wow!  What an accomplishment!  Way to go, Dane!

Right after finishing the triathlon!
Couldn't you at least look tired??

His next race is another one we will attend - the Ironman in Tempe, Arizona on November 20th.  That will be a fun time for all of us and a big test of endurance, strength, and physical conditioning!

After going home and changing to some dry clothes we met the same group for lunch at The Hilltop in Ephrata.  Another fun time.  Ken and I spent the afternoon relaxing and I made more cards. 

We headed to our special friends, Dan and Jackie, at 5:30 to have a delicious dinner with them that they cooked and grilled, catch up on life, and then play pinochle.  We have shared so many wonderful adventures and special times together as couples and families when our children were growing up and after the children left home.  We look forward to spending more time with them this summer when we are in the area.  

Today, Sunday, was another cloudy, rainy day with temperatures below average! We had a great service at Church, Ken and I enjoyed breakfast out, and then I returned to Michael's for their Today Only BOGO sale on jewelry supplies.  I bought enough wire to make lots of shell pendants with the special shell pieces we found at the Outer Banks!

We spent the afternoon playing pinochle with my parents at Masonic Homes.  It was so good to see them again.  They are so appreciative when the 4 of us spend time together playing cards.  They are very "sharp" card players and we always have a lot of fun.

We were back home by 5:15 and spent the evening relaxing, watching some TV, reading, doing this post, and I recorded our expenses on our internet budget program.  Where does all the money go?????  

Hopefully the weather will improve this week and we will have some warmer temperatures. It certainly has been a dreary, rainy, and cool spring for this area! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Long Drive But We Are Back Home!

On Wednesday, Ken and I woke at 6, cooked eggs, hooked-up the CRV and left Ocean Waves CG on the Outer Banks at 7:05, earlier than we expected!  I was almost certain that because we got an early start Ken would want to get the whole way home today but that meant a long day of driving!

It was a great day to drive with it being a bit overcast but only a "spritz" every once in awhile.  Traffic seemed to be rather light too, so all went well.  We stopped 2X's for gas, 2 rest stops, and had lunch at a Sheetz where we also got gas for $1.99/gallon - yes!  We had decided ahead of time that we would not go around DC on I-95.  So, we got off of I-95 just north of Richmond, VA and got on 17 over to I-66 and then on I-81.  Those are great roads to take and much more scenic and a lot less traffic than 95.  The only minor traffic "jam" we got into was within about 10 miles of home on 283. 

We arrived home at 6:00 PM after about 11 miles on the road.  Not sure how many miles, but we know it was over 500.  Ken did a great job again, and both of us never felt tired the whole drive - Wow!  Well, then the work began - unloading the car and about 2/3's of Waldo!  We really didn't plan to do all of that, but once you get started it is hard to stop.  By 7 we had everything in the house that we were bringing in tonight.  

We decided to go to an Italian Restaurant and have some brick oven pizza.  That has been on Ken's list of "food wants" for quite awhile and after all that driving, we thought it was the right time to indulge!  It was delicious.  We were back home by 8 and exhaustion was starting to "kick in".  We put lots of things in their proper place, but by 9:15 we were in bed.  Felt good to be home!

Today, Thursday, we a very busy day.  When we walked into the apartment, it looked terrific because it was clean and everything was in its proper place.  Now we had "stuff" kind of everywhere and we realized we have too much of that "stuff".  

Ken left at 8:15 to have breakfast with Gary and I was on a mission to get this place in order!  He did some errands after their breakfast and by the time he got back I had accomplished a lot.  Between doing laundry, cleaning out closets and drawers and going through most of our tubs and bins, things were looking better!  I do like re-organizing, but you also need to get rid of things if you want to the place to look different.  Mission accomplished.  We still have too much stuff, but it is better!

We went to Costco and then drove right to Jamie's house to meet our new family member, Lulu, the Bernise Mountain Puppy.  What a cute little fur ball.

They have a professional trainer come to the house 2X per week for training and she asked them to walk her 1/2 hour 3X's per day to help her get rid of some of her energy.  So, we walked with Jamie and Lulu and ended up at the bus stop to meet Bria and Cali.

I think we did too good a job walking her!
She was so exhausted!

No, I am not moving from this spot!!!!

So good to see all of them again.  We visited at their house until 5 and then headed back to the apt. 

We had stopped to see Doloris and drop off some toys our granddaughters had "outgrown" and she could share with her younger granddaughter.  Nice to see and chat with her. 

After putting the groceries away, we did some clean-up in Waldo, made dinner, and decided we had done enough for another day.  I decided to work on this post before going to bed.  Welcome back to reality!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Didn't Leave the Campground Today!

This was a day to relax and slowly get ready for our trip back home, leaving early tomorrow morning.  Wow, 3 weeks have gone by quickly and we certainly have seen lots of special things and places!

We began the morning by discussing some devotional readings we had done when we had gotten up.  After breakfast we decided to start doing some packing for heading home.  Ken reorganized the back of the car, for the more we can put in there that is going back to the apartment, the easier it is when we get home.  He also did some clean-up in the basement of Waldo.  I started packing up food from the pantry that will go home instead of staying in Waldo and we put clothing on hangers and put on the rod in the back of the CRV.  We really believe in prepping early when going back home.  

It was partly cloudy most of the day, but warm.  After lunch we decided to take our chairs and head to the beach for the last time on this trip.  After doing some reading, I decided to look for jewelry shells and there were plenty to be found at the water's edge.  

We were back to Waldo around 3 and after showers, I started making salads and pulled chicken barbeque for dinner.  Ken worked on the computer and then disconnected the sewer.  After dinner we took a walk around the campground and stopped to talk to the campers from York who are also leaving tomorrow morning.  What nice people!

When we returned I vacuumed Waldo while Ken unhooked the water.  It won't take us long to be ready to pull out in the morning.

We watched some TV, but unfortunately the local cable isn't working properly, so we can't get the major networks.  No watching The Voice tonight and that makes me sad.  Last night the cable went out after half of the singers had performed.  Wow, what a disappointment.

Well, there are no photos to post today since we really didn't go anywhere.  Not sure how far we will drive tomorrow, but we plan to be home by Thursday! Knowing Ken, we will probably be home tomorrow night!

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Walk Up Bodie Lighthouse near Nags Head!

Ken and I had a very leisurely   morning.  He was up by 6:15 and I was up by 7:15.  After breakfast we took time to enjoy a cup of tea and chai and discuss our plans for heading home on Wednesday.  Probably too long a drive to do it all in one day, so we were looking for possible campgrounds along the way and mileages to them.  We have 2 different options depending how many miles we choose to go.

I had a long conversation with my sister who is doing well following her foot surgery.  The worst problem is the inconvenience of getting around on a little scooter.  We discussed my father and mother and the cellulitis that dad is dealing with.  We had a great conversation and I am so blessed to have a sister who I can talk to and I love how we can be strong supporters for each other.

Ken and I left around 10:30 to drive to the Bodie Lighthouse.  It is located just south of Nags Head.  This lighthouse is the last of three to bear this name.  It was completed in 1872, replacing a tower destroyed by the Confederate forces during the Civil War. The 1st one had a bad foundation and ending up becoming the "Leaning Tower of Pisa" before it crumbled.  This one stands 156 feet and still possesses its beautiful first order Fresnel lens, which magnifies a flashing beacon visible up to 20 miles away.  Bodie (pronounced body) is one of Cape Hatteras National Seashore's three lighthouses.  It was refurbished from 2010 to 2012 and it has only became available for tourists to climb since 2012.

A very interesting and beautiful stairway!

It is a impressive lighthouse!

The original lens!

The stairway is unusual for each section is "free floating" and only connected at the landings. So, they only allow one person at a time to be on each section of the stairway as you climb.  There are over 200 steps, but the climb is so worth it.  

Pretty cool, huh????

Love this photo!

Only one climber on each section of stairway at a time!

Fancy windows as you climb to the top!

A view of the marsh land from the top!

The lighthouse keeper's house from up above!

I have discovered an important thing on this trip when talking to park rangers or tour guides.  They always say if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  Well, this girl never knows what to ask, so I say, "what would you like us to know?"  I have learned so much from these folks just by using that line!  They have a wealth of info, but only share if you seem to have an interest.  Just food for thought!!!!

We stopped at Jeanette's Pier and walked along the beach for a short time. 

This building and the cement fishing pier are relatively
new, only built in 2011.  The original pier was destroyed.

Not the typical wooden pier - cement!

This is the beach near the pier!

Then we decided to go out for lunch.  I told Ken we had to find a place that had good seafood, since he didn't have any since we arrived on the Outer Banks. After some searching on the internet, we headed to Blue Moon and no wonder it is #1 on Trip Adviser for this area!  The food and service were incredible.  Ken had a delicious salad with scallops and I had their pulled pork.  Amazing!

We stopped at one more pier and checked out the beach, but not much to see or find.

The typical wooden pier!

Back to the CG and we took our chairs and headed to the beach.  Did some reading and resting and then it was off to find more shell pieces.  At 5:30 I told Ken I would like some ice cream for dinner, so we took about a mile walk down the road and the ice cream shop was closed.  The CG office recommended another place the opposite direction and when we got there it was closed on Mondays.  What is a girl to do?  We passed a Dollar General on the way back and yes, they had Edy's Ice Cream.  So now I have some extra for another night!  I am one happy girl!

Talked to Mom and they are not so concerned about the cellulitis issue but his retention of water.  So some water pills and some antibiotics are called for. Time will tell but the redness from the cellulitis has definitely improved.

We watched The Voice while I worked on this blog and downloaded photos.  It has been another special day here in the Outer Banks!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Relaxing Day at the Campground!

Ken only got up at 6:15 after a great night's sleep.  I was up at 7:45 and we decided to have a relaxing day and not drive anywhere!  We have been keeping busy everyday since we left home 2 weeks ago and a day with no specific plans sounded great!

So, after breakfast, we relaxed with a cup of tea and chai, did some clean-up and then decided to walk to the beach here at the CG to look for shells - something new!!!!  It was a beautiful, sunny day but cooler than the last few - only 67 degrees.  Ken came back before me and I was back by 1:30 to find Ken watching TV outside.  We ate lunch on the picnic table and then I set-up outside to make jewelry using my new "shell finds".  Ken went for a walk, read the newspaper, and then took a short nap.

These are the type of shells I am finding - lots of brown striped
ones and purple!

Some of my finished pieces with these new findings!

Ken made us salads and grilled a pork chop and salmon while I kept making some jewelry. After dinner, we sat on the sofa and watched the movie, "Nights in Rodenthe".  What a wonderful movie but such a tear jerker!  It was so interesting watching it here where we just photographed the Inn.  So many of the scenes are places and things we have just visited or passed by.  It was fun!

Just thought you should see it again!

I did talk to my mother and my father is still battling a bad case of cellulitus that is not getting better.  Tonight they are putting in a port and starting him on an IV antibiotic.  Not sure why they waited so long to begin the process, but we surely hope it takes affect quickly.  It is always a concern when he gets another infection because of all the antibiotics he has been on so many times.  We just hope they find one that works!

We finished installing and downloading Windows 10 tonight and we are hoping we will have no trouble using it.  Change is never easy! 

We were in bed by 9:00, did some reading, and off to dream land!