Monday, September 29, 2014

More Relaxing Days!

Sunday morning I got up early to get ready for Church before Bria and Cali got awake.  While I made Mickey Mouse pancakes the girls watched the last part of The Sound of Music.  The 4 of us headed to church and were back home by 11.  We packed a lunch a headed, again, to Lititz Springs Park.  More playing and feeding the ducks and then enjoying eating our packed lunch in the park.

We went back to the apartment and the girls did such a good job playing together.  They enjoy playing with some Barbie Mega block sets I have and also being creative with Grandma's rubber stamps.  Jamie and Dane picked up the girls on their return from Pittsburgh around 2.  After they left, I made some jewelry and Ken read.  I also enjoyed watching some football, but not the losses for the Steelers and the Eagles!

At 5 we went to Jamie and Dane's to have dinner together.  It was good to spend time with them.  We had to leave by 6:20 to go to our small group from Church.  They have become very special friends.  We were home by 9:15 and went to bed to read.

I was up this morning by 5:45 and got to Curves at 6:30.  So good to see my Curvette friends again.  When I got home, Ken went to have a chest x-ray and lab work for his cauterization.  Then we went to a viewing for a dear lady who babysat Lanie and Jamie when there were very young.  She kept them every Friday when we went to market at Green Dragon.  Then we headed to our rented storage area to get everything out of it, since we ended our storage agreement at the end of Sept.  We only planned to keep it for 4 months when we moved, so the time had come to make some decision of what to keep.  (We had paid for 2 months and got 2 months for free!)  We did take our bikes to Polly's house (a fellow Curvette) who will store them in her basement until we leave for Florida.  Thanks Polly!!!

Ken ran some errands while I balanced checkbooks, worked on our blog, etc.  Ken rented 2 movies from Redbox that he enjoyed watching while I was a women's card club!  The 8 of us hadn't all been together since May, so it was a fun evening.  

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fun Day with Bria and Cali!

Ken and I headed to Ephrata to pick up Cali and Bria at Sue and Dan's around 9.  We drove right to Halifax (above Harrisburg) to go to the Safari at Lake Tobias!  Briia and Cali thought it was a long drive (about 1 1/4 hrs.), but we did a lot of singing and talking.  Once there, we rode on the camouflaged painted school bus with the roof removed to drive through the area with lots of animals.  The girls wanted to sit on the inside of the seats for they were scared to be so close to the animals.  By the end of the ride, they were feeding the animals crackers and petting the buffalo - Wow!  After the safari ride, we walked around the grounds where animals were caged and enjoyed an informative show at the reptile house.  They even got to pet an alligator and a snake!  But, their favorite part was probably the petting zoo.  The loved feeding the llamas and goats and petting the large pot bellied pig.  Before we left, we enjoyed eating our picnic lunch and playing on the playground.  We spent 4 1/2 fun-filled hours there!

Riding the safari bus and seeing the deer and antelope!

Open bus surrounded by buffalo!

Bria and Cali are feeding crackers to the buffalo!

They had lions, tigers, zebras, monkeys, bears, etc!

Huge snakes!

Feeding and petting the goats!

Ken looks like he is ready to go on a safari!

We stopped at the Lititz Community Park when we got back to town and had fun playing there and feeding the ducks.  After dinner and baths, we watched The Sound of Music, one of their favorite movies.  (Grandma likes it too!)

Sisterly Love!

Lititz Springs Park is so pretty and they love feeding the ducks!

I think this past week caught up with me, for I was very happy to go to bed when they did at 9!  It was a fun day with 2 special granddaughters!

Friday, September 26, 2014

2 Medical Days!

Yesterday, Thursday, Ken and I did some errands (groceries, going to our storage shed, etc) and then by 1:00 we were on our way to the surgical center for my bladder biopsy.  Unfortunately the Dr. was running behind schedule, so even though I had a 2:30 surgery time, I only went into the OR at 4:15.  The procedure went well and the Dr. said there were "no surprises"!  We were back home by 6:15.  I had no pain and felt as if nothing had been done - hallelujah!  Didn't even feel very tired!

Today we were up by 7:30 and decided to go out for breakfast.  Yesterday was a long day without food, so I was ready for some good food.  Again we did some errands and then home for lunch.  We were at Ken's cardiologist by 3:30 - what a busy place!  Can't imagine how many folks have heart issues!  It was not a surprise - he said Ken really needs to have a heart cauterization.  So we scheduled it before we left for next Wednesday.  He needs to be at the hospital by 9:30, but they tell you to plan to spend the day.  Procedures often are more involved than planned.  Dr. Casala said that it could be a false/positive reading on the stress test, a small blockage that could be corrected with medication, or he may need a stent or so.  Any of those 3 scenarios could still have us on the road for Florida by the weekend - amazing!  So, we are hopefully that all will go well and that the problem can be easily corrected.  

We were supposed to pick-up Cali and Bria for the weekend, but since our appointment took a lot longer than planned ( we only left there at 6), Dane's parents offered to keep them until Saturday morning so we could have a relaxing evening.  We decided that would probably be the best.  So we had a quiet evening and I was in bed rather early.  The stress of the week had caught up! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Too Many Medical Issues to Deal With!

I was up at 5:40 to get ready to go to Curves.  My friend and fellow Curvette, Polly, picked me up.  After our work-out the 7 of us went out for breakfast, since I won't be able to join them on Friday, following my surgical procedure on Thursday.

Ken picked me up and we went to our storage shed to clean it out, since we did not renew it for after Sept.  We planned to be leaving for Florida, but now Ken has to see the cardiologist and the family Dr. feels he will probably need a catherization.  Fortunately, our good friends, Dan and Jackie, offered to keep a bit of our "overflow" at their house - Christmas Decorations, weathers, suitcase, cooler, and some clothes.  So, we loaded up the things and headed to their house. After getting the things in place, Ken left for a Dentist appointment and I stayed to visit with Jackie.  We left there at 11:30 and I had a call from the Lancaster Surgical Center.  They informed me that my EKG came back abnormal and they can't do the procedure tomorrow unless they get an okay from my family physician or a cardiologist.  What is that about?  I had the EKG done a week ago and never heard a word about it and even talked with the anesthesiologist yesterday confirming my appointment.  I was in shock.  So, I will see my family Dr. at 3:20 today for another EKG and at that time it will be decided if I can have the procedure done tomorrow.  I don't think I can take much more!  I had myself prepared for tomorrow's surgery, and now I am hanging in limbo - not a good place for me to be!  Hopefully my family Dr. will give approval for the procedure.  Both of us needing to see a cardiologist would be a bit much!!!!!!!!

Good results from the EKG done by my family Dr.  She did an EKG and it was totally normal.  When they read the one I had done last week, they said it showed that I had a heart attack sometime in the past.  She said their result could not be accurate since today's showed no abnormalities.  She thinks the one section of the read out was from a place where they did not have the patch in the proper position.  So, I will have the surgery tomorrow.  I am so thankful to be able to move forward and get this procedure behind me!

We left there and went to Jamie's house to see the girls and the float they would be riding in the Ephrata Farm Show Parade tonight.  We walked down to the midway at the fair and had dinner.  Then we met with some of our friends to watch the parade.  It was a pleasant weather evening, perfect for a parade.  Home by 9! It has been quite a day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fun Weekend with Some Stressful Moments!

Friday evening we joined Fred, Doloris, Sam and Kathy at Ten Thousands Villages to have a light dinner and enjoy the musical group, Voxology!  It is just a man and a woman who write songs and sing with such great harmony.  He is a great guitar player and they provided a great 2 hours of entertainment.  They sing there occasionally and I would highly recommend going to see them.  You give a donation for the musicians and it is a BYOB place!  An inexpensive evening of enjoyment!

Saturday was a special day at Masonic Homes at Elizabethtown where my parents reside.  They dedicated an eternal flame monument that day to honor all veterans combined with their annual Harvest Day Celebration.  My dad was a Marine in WWII and he was thrilled to be a part of the day.  Our family dedicated a paver around the monument in his honor from his children, grandchildren, and great grandchilden.  It was a touching ceremony that ended with a jet flyover.  As part of Harvest Day, there was free food and drinks throughout the campus and special events for children.

My mom and dad at the special dedication for the
Veterans Eternal Flame Monument at Masonic Homes!

Dad with Bria and Cali!

Bria and Cali with Mom and Dad!

Dad was able to stand for Marine Hymn!

A Special Moment - Lighting the Eternal Flame!

A Special "Fly Over"!

Ken had a stress test on Friday and while we were at Masonic Homes his Dr. called with the results.  Unfortunately we missed his call and had to wait until we got home to talk to him - a bit stressful.  Ken has to see a cardiologist as the test showed some abnormalities in his heart muscle.

That evening we had couples card club at our house and it was a good diversion for us, but a late night.  We only got to bed at 1 AM, tired both physically and emotionally.

Our small group from Church (4 couples) had planned a few days at Rehobeth Beach at one of the couples beach house.  Sunday morning Ken and I debated if we were too tired and emotionally spent to go for about 30 hours.  All of the others had gone on Saturday afternoon.  But, we decided it would be a fun time with special friends, so we arrived there around 11:30 and it was definitely the right decision.  We had such a good time.  Went to Cape Henlopen to tour and visited the fishing pier.  Had a great dinner at Jake's Seafood House and then spent the evening playing games.  It was a fun time with special friends.We left there around noon on Monday.

What a group!

The ladies enjoy some laughs!

On the fishing pier!

A view of the fairly new bridge over Indian River!

Sitting at the dock in the community where Lloyd and Deb have their
beach home!  A great view!

Time for a silly photo of the group!

The ride home was rather stressful again.  Ken was supposed to call the cardiologist 1st thing in the morning, but they didn't have the necessary paperwork to make the appointment.  To make a long story short, it took the whole ride home and 6 phone calls to finally get an appointment.  By then it was 3:45 - wow!!!!  We spent the evening just trying to relax and calm down!

Today, Tuesday, was a more relaxing day.  I spent most of my time making jewelry while Ken had breakfast with his friend, Gary, and lunch with his RE partner, Kevin.  I did get a very needed haircut from my daughter, Jamie in the afternoon.  We watched The Voice which is a show we both really enjoy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Homeward Bound!

Ken and I were up at 7:15 and got ready for our trip home.  Amazing how much time it took until we actually got on the road.  All the hoses and electrical cords were so sandy.  I finished inside including vacuuming and washing the floors.  We hooked up the CRV and were out of the CG at 10:10.  We were ready to go home to see family and friends, but we were also sad to leave the area.  We have been going to this CG in the fall the last 3 years and we also find it exciting and fun.

We made 2 stops on the way home arriving at the apartment around 2:45.  The drive went well, except for an 8 mile detour.  Then the work began.  We started unloading, unpacking, and putting everything away.  I started the washer and 3 loads later everything but the rugs were clean.  

I also went to our local hospital lab to have blood work and an EKG for my upcoming surgical procedure.  I thought if I went this afternoon, I wouldn't have to wait very long and that was definitely the case.  I was in and out in no time!!!!!

This evening we walked downtown to have supper at Jo-Bo's, a local eatery/pub/brewery that opened here in Lititz over July 4th.  We wanted to try their pulled pork.  It was good, but Ken and I still love the pulled pork sandwiches we get in Florida at Sonny's!  They have the best!!!!

Then it was time to watch the finals of America's Got Talent!  I think all 6 acts deserve to win - they are great!  I guess my 4 top picks are the magician, the acrobats, the lady singer, and Sons of Serandip, but I don't know which would be my favorite.  How can you pick when they are all so different?????  While watching we both caught up on our e-mails.

Well, so far my predictions of who will win are right.  I thought the 2 guys would be the 1st to go and bingo, I was right.  I thought Quintavious was terrific, but I couldn't see him at 12 being an act at Las Vegas.  I really would like to see the magician win.  He is such an entertaining performer besides being an unbelievable magician.  Hallelujah!  Mat Franco is the winner.  This has been an amazing season for America's Got Talent!!!

After all that excitement and anxious moments, it is time for bed.  I'm exhausted!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our Last Full Day at Sea Pines!

Ken and I were awake around 7:15 and we read in bed.  I made omelettes for breakfast and cut-up fresh fruit.  Ken started to clean-up outside.  We ate breakfast outside and after cleaning up, we both continued getting organized for our trip home tomorrow.  Everything gets so sandy and dirty when in a campground at the beach.  Ken had so many things to do outside.  I spent my time inside going through all the cupboards and closets to see what we might want to take out.  Then I dusted and scoured.  Amazing how much time both of us spent at these jobs!

At 12:30 we went up to the miniature golf course and played 2 rounds.  I was victorious by 4 strokes - Wow!  It was so much fun on a small, but challenging course.  Back to Waldo for lunch and then we drove to Sea Isle City to check-out the boardwalk (Promenade) and the beach.  We had never walked the boardwalk or spent any time on the beach in that area.  It was a warm day, but the sun was in and out.  We enjoyed our time at Sea Isle City!

The boardwalk or Promenade!

This is the beach at Sea Isla City!

Ken did a good job with this bird photo!

The center of town in Sea Isle City!

Looking towards Atlantic City!

That is Mike's Seafood House where the group enjoyed
Lobster Tail.  It is on Fish Alley!

We were back to Waldo by 4:30 and sat outside playing 2 games of Pinochle.  We each won a game.  We made wraps and salads for dinner and after cleaning up and packing a few things away for the drive tomorrow, we relaxed watching TV - America's Got Talent!  

These 2 weeks have flown by.  So glad we got to spend the 1st 10 days with Cindy, John, Doloris and Fred.  It was so much fun!

Monday, September 15, 2014

What A Great Day!

Ken and I were up around 7:30 and did some reading.  After breakfast, we went outside to fold up our craft canopy which had gotten wet on Saturday.  We realized it was missing a washer and we didn't have the right size.  So, Ken left on a mission to find the missing piece.  Why is it that things are often not as easy and simple as you think they should be?  He had trouble finding the right store for the needed part and when he did, it was fairly far from the CG.  While he was gone I washed the edges of the sides of the canopy that had gotten dirty from being on the ground at numerous Craft Shows.  Then I packed our lunches for a trip to the beach at Avalon.  We got the canopy in its case, Ken loaded our bikes, and we were on our way to Avalon by 12:30.  Where did the morning go????

We decided to ride from Avalon to the end of Stone Harbor, a 12 mile round trip. We passed some amazing huge homes on the bay side.  Also made one stop at a bakery in Stone Harbor where we shared a chocolate croissant.  It was delicious and we can't believe we decided to share one! 

Both of these photos are from the beach at Stone Harbor!

We were on the beach by 2:30 and I spent the afternoon reading.  Ken read, took a short nap, and walked along the water.  We stayed there until 5, before heading back to the CG.  We played a game of Pinochle outside (I won) and then we cooked dinner.  Ken cleaned up and I worked on my computer.  We spent the evening relaxing and watching America Ninja Warrier.  Not sure way, but we really like that show.  I also worked on my computer scrapbook program doing pages for our granddaughters camping books.  It takes a lot of time, but I do enjoy it!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our Friends Left and We Are On Our Own!

Happy Birthday to Ken.  Today is his 64th Birthday!  

Ken and I were up around 7 and Ken made a call to Tech Support at Lazydays regarding a code that came up on our inverter.  There was a simple solution and now the code is gone!  We love easy answers to what could be a problem!

Ken spent time unloading the CRV from the craft show yesterday while I made a cooked breakfast.  We sadly said our good-byes to Fred and Doloris and they were on their way home by 11.  Ken and I played 2 rounds of 9 hole mini golf and then loaded a few items and headed to Sunset Point at Cape May to do some beach walking.  Then we enjoyed a great lunch at the Sunset Grill sitting on the outside deck.  We drove to North Cape May to visit Ron Wenger, Marcia Kreider's brother.  Over the years Ken helped Ron with some house purchases and sales.  He has a lovely home with less than a block to the beach along the bay.  You can see the bay from his front yard!  Ron gave me some instruction on how to drill holes in seaglass and I showed him how to do some wire wrapping.  Then we took a long walk on the beach looking for seaglass.  We found a few pieces and also got to see his catamarans.  We had a very nice visit!

The beach at Sunset Point!

Hunting for more shells and seaglass!

Our view while eating lunch!

I was giving Ron a lesson in seaglass wire wrapping!

Ron and his dog Tressa in front of one
of his catamarans!  He keeps it right on
the beach!
What a beautiful early evening sky over the bay!

Getting close to sunset!

After stopping for a few groceries, we were back to Waldo by 7.  We made a light dinner and relaxed, watching some TV.  We actually signed up for cable for the next 3 days since all our friends left and there will be no more game playing!  After all, I would hate to miss America's Got Talent!

All four granddaughters sang Happy Birthday to Ken today, always a special moment.  He also had many special wishes on Facebook.  I talked to Cindy and they were at the Hershey RV Show today.  They bought a Zone Pass and made all their reservations for their winter in Florida.  Exciting stuff!

Can't believe we have been here 10 days already!  The time is going so quickly!

Great Craft Show!

Ken and I were up at 6 AM to get ready to go to the Craft Show on the Boardwalk (Promenade) at Sea Isle City.  We were on our way by 6:50 with Cindy and John right behind us.  (They did have to return to the CG because they forgot to bring a folding chair!)  We were very thankful that it was raining like they had predicted, but boy was it ever windy!  We really had to work together (struggle) to get the canopy up!  Set-up actually went fairly well, but Ken thinks we should consider doing only indoor shows - he was just kidding!!!!  We were ready for sales by 8:45!  

The wind at times was very strong, but fortunately, the rain held off most of the day.  We had some light showers around 2, but they only lasted a very short time.  Then the clouds started to move in at 3:15 and we started to slowly tear down our space.   It was raining lightly for our last 2 trips of loading the CRV.  It started to really pour just when we left the area.  We were so grateful that the rain held off most of the day!  Cindy had the space beside us, but we really couldn't see each other because we had the sides up on our canopies.  The show started out very slowly - I think people were waiting to see what was going to happen with the weather.  Both of us thought we would have trouble meeting our rent, but by 10 the attendance really increased and we had a steady flow of buyers.  Even Fred and Doloris stopped by to see how we were doing!  It turned out to be a great show for both of us!

We were back to the CG by 4:15 and Cindy and John came back at the same time.  They were going to hook up their Jeep and head for home!  We said our goodbyes and headed to Waldo.  Then it started to pour again.  Poor Cindy and John had to unload their Jeep, and then hook it to their Motorhome and put their bikes on the back.  Not fun to do in the pouring rain!

We relaxed under our canopy enjoying the rain and mild temperature.  Fred and Doloris joined us to play a game of Hause, which the men won.  We decided to cook our dinners on our gas grill and eat together inside Waldo.  After clean-up, we played another game of Hause with the men winning again.  They claimed they could easily win with one eye "closed".  Sometimes Dim and Dimmer are crazy!  (Not sure which one is Dim or Dimmer, it just depends on the moment!)

 Then it was time to see who was the champion of Skip-Bo for the week and the women won!  We had such a fun evening.  They left at 10:30 and we were all sad that they have to head home tomorrow morning!  We have had a wonderful 10 days with John and Cindy and Doloris and Fred.  We wish it didn't have to end.  We are thankful to have another 4 nights to enjoy this area!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Beautiful Day!

Ken and I made breakfast for the "gang" today.  We provided fresh fruit and made homemade pumpkin pancakes.  Cindy and John brought some sausage and bacon  Everyone seemed to enjoy the breakfast!  After clean-up we all went our separate ways. 

Cindy and John took a bike ride around the CG and rode to a neighboring CG to check it out and then spent the afternoon at the pool.  Martins decided to go to Cape May and walk the beach at Sunset Point.  Ken and I took our bikes to Stone Harbor and rode to the seawall at Avalon.  We planned to ride from Avalon to Stone Harbor, but the wind was coming from Stone Harbor, so we decided to go the easy direction 1st.  The ride to Avalon and then back to Stone Harbor was much easier.  We did stop to walk on the beach at Lois Lane, a beautiful path to the beach looking back on huge beach homes.  We rode 12 miles before loading the bikes and heading back to the beach at Avalon.  We only got there around 2.  Martins joined us around 2:15.  It was a beautiful day on the beach.

We are at the end of Avalon at the seawall looking towards
Sea Isle City where we will do a craft show tomorrow!

This is a photo of the beach off of Lois Lane in Avalon!
Plenty of room for sunbathing!!!!

We were back to Waldo around 5.  I got Waldo better organized and prepped for dinner.  Ken loaded all the things we need to do the craft show in Sea Isle City tomorrow from 9 to 4.  Fortunately he was able to get everything in the CRV.  The weather is not looking too favorable (we hope they are wrong)! They are predicting rain for most of the day, not good for setting up, selling, or tearing down!

Cindy, John, Fred and Doloris left at 7 to go to Mikes Seafood at Sea Isle City for the special lobster dinner.  We decided to pass and make supper at the CG.  So we had chicken sausages, salads and baked beans.  They were back by 8:30 and we got together with Martins to play Skip-Bo.  Cindy and John are doing the craft show tomorrow to and they needed to load and make some signs, etc.  They decided to go to bed early and skip game time tonight!  We played until 10:30 and then called it a night!  Tomorrow will be an early, busy day!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Morning at the Zoo and Afternoon at the Beach!

Ken and I were up by 8:15 and after getting ready, sat outside with Fred and Doloris having tea and coffee.  We did all eat our breakfast together on the picnic table.

Martins decided to go into Avalon after breakfast and do some bike riding and then go right to the beach.  We went with Cindy and John in their Jeep to the Cape May County Park and Zoo.  What a pleasant surprise!  The zoo is free (they will take donations) and what a beautiful, well-maintained property with more exotic animals than we anticipated.  The cages and grounds offer lots of natural habitats for the animals including many swings, seesaws, ladders, etc for the animals to play and exercise on.  It makes it lots of fun to watch them.  We saw giraffes, monkeys, zebras, leopards, black bears, reptiles, beautiful birds including flamingos, etc.  It has been listed as one of the top zoos in the US and it is here in small Cape May County!

Entrance to the Zoo

Snowy Owl


Red Winged Hawk

Silly Monkey


Beautiful Peacock


Huge Turtles

Many Turtles sharing one space!

"Waldo" went to see the Black Bears

Loved the Giraffes!

Zebras are so unique!

This porcupine could cause some trouble!

We got back to Waldo around noon, packed our lunches, changed, and headed to Avalon Beach.  All 6 of us spent most of the afternoon relaxing and walking the beach.  

Fred built another campfire and that is where all of us cooked our dinners - more delicious food.  Then we went to Harvey (Cindy and John's Motorhome to play another game of Up the River and Tongue in Cheek!  We got back to Waldo around 11:15, tired but happy!