Saturday, May 18, 2013

Last Full Day at Hershey Preserve!

Ken and I were up so early so we could leave by 7:10 to go to the Triathlon in Mt. Gretna and watch our son-in-law compete!  I was a rather cool and dreary morning, but near 60 degrees, okay for a sporting event!  It was nice to spend time with our daughter, Bria, Cali, and Dane's parents.  It was a great event for Dane.  He finished in 1 hour and 17 minutes and was 2nd in his age group.  Way to go!!!!!

Dane just getting out of the water after swim in the lake!

After completing the bike ride, he began the run!

Heading to the finish line!

Crossing the line!

The happy couple - she is relieved and proud!

We returned to the CG around 10:45.  Some of the group went for a bike ride but Martins and us decided to play pickle ball.  So we went up to the courts and 4 men were playing including Travis and Wade, our 2 instructors from the 1st time we ever played.  When they were finished, they gave us more coaching and helped Martins, since it was their 1st time playing.  We really enjoy the game!

This is a pickle ball court - a small version of a tennis court!

One of our instructors - Wade!

Martins, Ken and I following our pickle ball match!

Back to Willie for a light lunch and a game of cards.  When everyone returned, we had a small Happy Hour and then played an electronic type game of Pictionary, which the women won!

Then it was time for the campfire and we all decided to have hot dogs and baked beans.  Following clean-up, it was time for a surprise for Sam.  Kathy had brought a cake, some decorations, party favors, and ice cream to celebrate his 70th Birthday that is actually next Sat.  But we wanted to celebrate while we were all together.  A fun time was had by all.  We decided to call it a night around 9:15 - there was a slight mist falling and we were all tired.  Not ready to leave this CG and our friends, but we head out tomorrow morning!

Sam likes fly swatters, so it was the perfect gift from Fred
and Doloris!

Cake cutting time!!!
Happy 70th, Sam!!!!!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Such a Fun Day!

Ken and I left the CG at 7:00 and picked up our oldest granddaughter, Bria, to go to her school for a Grandma and PaPa breakfast.  Her grandma, Mimi went too!  We had a good time eating with her and then going to the different "stations" that had activities.  We read questions about our school days such as our favorite subject, a favorite memory, our friends, etc.  Then we read books to Bria about grandparents.  It only lasted 1 hour, but it was a special time for all of us.

Such a grown-up young lady!  She just needs her front teeth!

Talking about our school days!

Grandmas get to read!

We were back to the CG by 10, just in time to make our breakfast outside to be with our camping friends.  After all, we only had a continental breakfast at the school and we still had a whole day of activities!  We needed energy!

Gary, Sam and Kathy left before lunch.  (Sam and Kathy attended a luncheon in the Reading Area).  So, we played cards with Fred and Doloris and then packed some snacks, loaded the bikes and headed to Mt. Gretna to the Rails to Trail Bike Trail.  It was a gorgeous warm and sunny day and we enjoyed the 18 miles we rode on the scenic trail.  Had some ice cream at the local Twin Kiss before heading back to the CG.  Everyone had returned.  Ken and I took a walk to complete our steps for the day.  Sam, Kathy, and the Kreider family went to play the CG miniature golf course.  The campfire was started at 6:15 and supper wasn't ready till 8:15, buy it was worth the wait.  Had a fun evening laughing around the fire and eating the delicious brownies that Doloris provided.

What a beautiful bike trail!

Nice setting for the miniature golf course at the CG!

This is a photo of all our "rigs" in a circle at
the CG!

Another fun day at the Hershey Preserve!

Busy Time at the Campground!

I'm alittle behind in my blogging, so here goes!

Wednesday was a beautiful day except for a short shower around 1.  We took a long walk around the CG to get our 10,000 steps.  (Some days this is a major effort!).  We stopped to watch people playing Pickle Ball, a game Ken and I have wanted to learn, since we both enjoy tennis and ping pong.  The folks invited us to watch and then they loaned us some paddles and gave us some instruction.  Then they hit with us and eventually we actually played a game.  Some much fun and something Ken and I could really get into.  Wade invited us back to his RV and gave us the paddles he had bought when he 1st starting playing the game and 3 balls.  Said they were ours to keep and practice with.  How Nice!!

After lunch I cut Ken's hair and made some jewelry.  My sister, Cindy, and her husband, John arrived around 6 for dinner.  It was a beautiful, mild evening for sitting around the fire chatting, eating, and making snakes and s'mores.  We had such a good time together.  Sisters are so special.

Sisters and John enjoying the campfire!

Thursday morning Ken and I headed back home to go to Cali, our 4 year old daughter's pre-school graduation program.  It was so cute.  She did a great job.  Spoken like a true grandma. 

They were told to enunciate!  I think Cali is doing a good job!

 After a light snack, we headed back to the CG and the Kreider's had already arrived.  The Martins and Frankhousers were here about 45 minutes later.  It has been awhile since the 8 of us were together, so we spent time in a circle just talking.  Then we took a walk around the CG, followed by cooking our dinner around the campfire.  Marcia had left around 3:30 to be the children.  Gary will go home in the morning to bring Marcia, Camrin, and Anya to the CG.  The 7 of us enjoyed dinner and making s'mores.  We called it a night around 10:15.

Goslings and Momma Goose

Beautiful Baltimore Oriole

spooky Halloween Trail here at the CG!

Another enjoyable dinner for the camping group!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Relaxing Day at Hershey Preserve!

Ken and I had a slow paced morning.  He spent time getting re-organized outside, since the rain and very windy condition seemed to have passed, but it was only in the upper 30's when we got up. Too cold for this time of year.  Only supposed to get into the low 60's today. Then we took Diesel to the garage for a check-up and oil change scheduled for tomorrow and from there went to Hobby Lobby for a few jewelry making supplies!

We took a walk around the CG to get our 10,000 steps and then the afternoon was spent inside Willie where I made some additional jewelry pieces and Ken read and rested.  After supper, Ken built a campfire and Nancy and Neil Savage joined us to sit around the fire "catching up" on our adventures and enjoying some s'mores!  They are here for the next 3 weeks while working at their jobs and enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle.  They left around 8 and Ken and I watched The Voice and making jewelry.

It could be a bit stormy tomorrow with possible spotty thunderstorms, but much warmer.  Hallelujah!  Our camping friends arrive will be here from Thursday to Sunday and it looks like we will have beautiful, warm weather.    We are excited! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

We Will Come and Go During This Camping Adventure!

It rained hard during the night on Friday and was cool and cloudy when we got up.  They were predicting some strong winds, so Ken brought in all of the things that had gotten wet including the awning.  I did some work inside and got to make a few pieces of jewelry. 

We left the CG at 1 and went to visit my parents at Masonic Homes to celebrate Mother's Day.  My parents love to play Pinochle, so that is what we did and the men won all 3 games!  Not good!!!

From there we headed to the 4:30 church service at the Manheim campus of LCBC.  Great sermon on Pressure in our daily lives.  Very insightful!  Back to Willie by for a quiet evening.

After a long walk around the CG on Sunday morning we headed home to plan for a family picnic at our house to celebrate Mother's Day!  We kept so busy getting ready for when our daughters and their families arrived at 4.  Ken made delicious ribs and chicken on the grill.  Unfortunately we had to eat inside - it was so cool and we had 20 mph winds.  Crazy weather for this time of year.  We had such a good time with all the children.  A 2 year old, 2 four year olds, and a six year old can be so much fun when they are all together!

Love these kids!!!!!

Our annual photo taken in front of Grandma
and PaPa's azalea bush!

Like mother like daughter!!!

Ken and I slept at the house because I was leaving 1st thing this morning for a train trip to Philadelphia with 7 of the gals I exercise with at Curves.  We have such a good time together.  We took the 8:30 train from Lancaster and arrived in Philadelphia at 9:30 at the 30th Street Station.  We spent a great deal of time eating, snacking, and looking for the public restrooms.  We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the tower at City Hall and the self-guided tour of The Mint.  It was so interesting.  We ate at the oldest Pub in Philly, McKillians, very close to Macy's.  Great good at very reasonable prices, including complimentary soup of the day.  Check it out if you are in the area!

Back to Lancaster by 6:45 and Ken and I were back at the CG by 8:00.  We watched the incredible talented singers on The Voice.  Happy to be back in Willie!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Back to Thousand Trails Hershey Preserve!

We arrived at Hershey Preserve last evening, Thursday, around 5:45.  It was a nice evening for setting up Willie.  We chose the same site we had last year, B63.  By 7:00 we were all set-up and sitting outside relaxing with a cold drink. 

After watching Idol and Grey's Anatomy we called it a day.  So excited to be back in Willie!

It was in the upper 50's when we got up this morning and just kept getting warmer and warmer as the day progressed.  Probably got into the low 80's.  It was sunny all morning and the early part of the afternoon.  We went to the local Wal-Mart for a few groceries and then Ken washed our outdoor patio carpet.  I spent time cleaning the underside of our awning.  Worked well with a rag on the end of a broom!

Took a long walk around the CG and then started getting ready for our dinner guests, Ken's sister Priscilla and her husband, Dwane.  They arrived around 5 and it was a great evening for sitting around the campfire chatting and then eating outside.  For dessert, we introduced them to "snake making".  We had to hurry the "experience" for it started to rain and continued for the rest of the evening.  So, we came indoors and enjoyed playing Sequence Dice.  It was such a fun evening.  They left around 9 and Ken and I cleaned up from supper.  It was a wonderful 1st day! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ready for Our Next Camping Adventure

Ken moved Willie to the front of the driveway this morning so we could start packing for our upcoming trip to the Hershey area.  We will be staying at the Hershey Thousand Trails from tomorrow, Thursday, until Sunday the 19th.  We will come back and forth to home several times, but will spend most days at the CG. 

So, Ken is busy mowing and trimming and I spent time today loading clothes, food, etc. into Willie.  We won't be able to leave tomorrow until about 4 because of spending some time with our granddaughters, which we are very happy to do.  Our camping friends will join us next weekend starting on Thursday.   We look forward to hiking and riding bike in Mt. Gretna and just relaxing.  I will also make some jewelry for a craft show I am hoping to do in Lititz on Sat., June 8.

Last week, Ken spent several hours each day enjoying time just being in Willie in our driveway.  Friday evening I made jewelry in Willie while we watched TV and then spent the night sleeping in our "extra home at home".  Spending time in Willie just feels good!!!!

We are excited to return to Hershey Preserve and seeing our friends, Neil and Nancy Savage who will be there quite abit this summer, since they are full timers!