Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fun To See Our At Home Camping Friends

We must have been exhausted.  I was in bed by 9:30 last night and only got up at 7 this morning!  Wow!  We got to go to our home church, LCBC, and sit with our daughter and son-in-law, plus his parents.  Also saw some of the people in our life group.  Good to reconnect!  Bria always runs to her PaPa with such a sparkle in her eyes just waiting for him to hold her.  She loves him so much and she positively warms his heart!  

After going out for breakfast, our camping friends Fred, Doloris, Kathy, and Sam, cam to get acquainted with Waldo!  It was wonderful to see them again and "catch up" on the last 9 weeks.  We have a camping trip a month planned with these folks throughout the summer.  Each summer we also plan a 2 week camping trip with Sam and Kathy.  So, we have many adventures to look forward to.  

Also, we will be heading to Goshen IN around the 10th of May to participate in the Escapees Rally.  We are really looking forward to the new adventure!  Also, my sister and her husband will be going with us on that trip.  They just bought a Motorhome at Lazydays in Florida when they came down to visit us and will fly down to get it the end of April.  Then their "virgin voyage" will be with us to the Rally in Goshen.  It should be a lot of fun and informative for all of us!

We had a relaxing evening and are slowly adjusting to life back in PA, but we are ready now for the temperatures to warm!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cali is 5 Today!

Ken and I got up around 7 to start "the now we are home and there is plenty to do" process!  Ken did some work on the tanks and then we worked together to get Waldo level on the pad we have here at the house.  It was the 1st time we have had Waldo at home, so there was some work to do to get it just right!  Then more unloading!  Boy, if you lived in a Motorhome all the time you wouldn't have to load and unload, or winterize!  Wow!  

Then Ken began the winterizing process and he did plenty of reading.  This is the 1st time he had to winterize a Motorhome and it was a bit different than the 5th wheel.  He did a great job!  I was busy doing all the wash, but I did get to hang it outside, as it was in the 50's today and very sunny!  Not to be fooled - it is to be in the 30's all next week, with temperatures in the 20's at night!  Not exactly Florida weather!

Our daughter, Jame, did stop by this morning with Bria and Cali to check out Waldo.  I think they were impressed with all the room.  The little ones are ready to go camping!

We left at 4:15 for Cali and Bria's birthday party (Bria will be 7 on April 1st, so they celebrated their birthday together!) and also got to be with our daughter, Lanie, and her family.  What a nice time!  It was so good to see all of them.   By 8:15, Ken and I were ready to get home.  We were so tired from all the work we did today and all the driving on Thursday and Friday.  

Our 4 granddaughters and 2 of their friends!

The movie, Frozen", was the party theme!

Katelyn was playing ball with Grandma

Katelyn and her Mommy!

Grandma had fun playing with the little ones!

It is good to be home, but our heart really loves traveling and the Rving lifestyle!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Where is Waldo Now! Akron, PA!!!

Ken and I got up at 6:30 at Swamp Fox CG near Florence, SC.  That is about 40 miles from the southern border of NC.  We left the CG at 7:30 and headed to the Pilot Service Center about 4 miles down Interstate 95.  Our CRV left turn signal had a burned out bulb and we needed to purchase one. Unfortunately they didn't have the right bulb.  Throughout our travels today, we tried to get a bulb, but were unsuccessful.  We decided to wait until we got home!  We made one gas stop on the way home and also got a sub from Subway while there.  We had thought we would stop somewhere in VA for the night and arrive at home around noon on Saturday.  

We drove on Interstate 95, then took 295 around Richmond, back on 95 until Fredericksburg, VA where we got on Route 17, then 66, and onto Interstate 81 near Front Royal, VA.  We originally planned to stop on the north side of Richmond, but we got to that area around 2:15 and Ken said he really wasn't ready to stop.  We realized that from that point on, there were no Campgrounds that were open due to the time of year.  So, it was stop then, or go the entire way home.  We opted to keep going, arriving at our house around 8:15.  It was a long day of driving, but it is to be in the 50's here tomorrow and Ken will be able to get Waldo winterized (the next 5 or 6 nights are supposed to be in the 20's) and I can get the laundry done!  We are happy to be home!

We didn't plan to do much unloading, but somehow that plan never works!  We unloaded almost everything and put it where it belonged.  We have to bring in our clothes tomorrow and unload a few items we have in the CRV, but that shouldn't take very long!

Ken sent a text message to our girls that said "Where is Waldo now?  He is back home in Akron".  In a minute we got a call from Jamie and a text from Lanie welcoming us home!  Tomorrow is a birthday party for Bria and Cali and everyone will be there.  We are so excited to see  them.  

We were so thankful that our house had "weathered" this winter so well.  No problems at all!  We were able to have a wonderful 9 weeks in the warm weather enjoying Waldo and so many special friends.  We are truly blessed!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Homeward Bound!

Ken and I were up at 6:30 and I had a bad headache.  I think I wasn't ready to leave Florida!!!  Ken ate breakfast while I got ready.  I thought I better wait to eat until my head felt alittle better!  We were ready for "take off" by 7:20 and Chuck and Melissa were out and ready to say good-bye.  None of us were able to do much talking, so hugs were given.  I think all of us felt the tears might start flowing if we tried to do much talking.  We all hope to meet up sometime this summer or at least by fall.

We left the CG at 7:30 - I was following Ken in the CRV to the gas station right down the road.  After getting gas, we hooked-up the CRV and were on our way northbound by 8.  Fortunately, it was a mild and sunny day.  We made one stop in Florida and got to the border by noon - the trip was going well.  We didn't even have much trouble going through Jacksonville on I95. Stopped right before the border of South Carolina/Georgia to get gas and subs and then enjoyed eating the sandwiches at a Rest Stop only 4 miles into South Carolina.  It was about 70 degrees and so sunny!

We decided to stop at Swamp Fox CG at exit 157 on I95 in South Carolina, traveling about 430 miles today.  Enough miles for 1 day!!!!  This CG was only 
$19.60 for the night if you are a Passport America member.  Fairly small CG, but handy stop with some pull through sites.  After leveling, we decided to take a walk around the CG and the neighboring development - time to get our 10,000 steps.  After 8500, we said we had enough for today.  We made dinner, watched some TV and went to bed at 10.  It was a long day of driving, but Ken really enjoys driving our Motorhome!  He is like a kid with a new toy!

Talked to Nancy Savage this evening.  Neil and she are back in PA at Pinch Pond CG.  Not enjoying the colder weather, but making it work!  I also talked to both of our daughters while we were driving and so excited that we will all be together on Saturday evening to celebrate Bria's 7th birthday and Cali's 5th.  How quickly they are becoming little ladies!!!!

Hope to be on the road fairly early tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Last Full Day in Florida!

Well, can you see the tears beginning????  Our final day in Florida for the winter of 2014 and what an amazing adventure is has been!  We are so blessed to have had these 9 weeks here and to spend it with so many special friends.

We were up by 7:45 and met Chuck, Melissa, and Bonnie for a walk around the CG starting at 8:30.  We walked and chatted until 9:45.  Ken and I needed, not wanted, to spend some time getting ready for our departure tomorrow morning, so after showers, he worked outside and I worked inside doing the necessary preparations!  I decided it was time for a thoroughly cleaning inside.  You know your "home" is the right size when you plug in the vaccum cleaner and can sweep all the floors and never have to move the plug - perfect!  At 11, Ken and I drove to Wal-Mart to get some groceries, stopped by an orchard to get fruit to take home, and then got me a shamrock shake - Yes!!!!  They are even better when you have them put a small amount of chocolate shake on the bottom and then fill with the minty shamrock shake - YUM!!!

After a quick lunch in Waldo, the 4 of us headed to the Bocce and shuffleboard courts - Let the Games Begin!!!!!  After 2 games of Bocce, the men were in the lead!  We had a close 2nd game, but they came on so strong at the end. Then on to shuffleboard where is was a great victory for the women - 81 to 4! That score definitely required a photo!!!!  Time to say good-bye to the fun outdoor games and prepare our minds for the evening card games!

Just relaxing while waiting for our turn to "roll"!

Chuck, are you sure you measured correctly?  How is it
that your red balls are always closer???

Oh yes, the big winners, but also the 2 players with
the tape measures!!!!  A bit questionable!!!!

Bonnie and Richard came to the courts to say their good-byes
to us!  They live in NJ, but will put their home on the market
as soon as they get home and when sold, begin full-timing!

Oh, what form and concentration!  No wonder we were
 the winners!

I tried to imitate Melissa, but she has more charisma!!

This shuffleboard game was a "landslide" for the ladies!!!

So, back to Waldo and while I got dinner prepared, Ken emptied, backwashed, and disconnected the hoses.  Over to Chuck and Melissa's to start the game playing around 6:30.  It was the women's night as we won all but 1 of the games.  We had plenty of laughs, but you could tell we were a bit "mellow" knowing that this was our last evening together for at least several months and maybe not until fall.  Chuck and Melissa's daughters are both pregnant - one due in May and the other in August.  So, they will be "hanging" close to Atlanta (both of them live there) during those months and not coming too far north.  We are hoping to be able to get together before next winter - that is just tooooo long!!  We ended the evening around 10:00 knowing that we wanted to get an early start in the morning.  Chuck and Melissa are heading to Wilderness CG in Florida today (only an hour drive) for 1 week and then going to Nashville (their home area) to spend time with Melissa's mother!

I guess the fun has to end somtime!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bike Riding and Game Playing Day!

We woke at 7:15 just as the rain was stopping and it was 58 degrees.  We exercised, got ready, and made a cooked breakfast.  I had called Bonnie Waltman to see if they wanted to walk with the 4 of us at 8:30 and she said yes.  She arrived at 8:20, but Richard had already left for a walk when I had contacted her.  So, the 5 of us walked for about 1 hour around the CG.  By then it was a bit breezy and just a little cool, but still great for walking.  We returned at 9:45 and planned to meet again at 10:45 to drive to The Villages (about 45 minute drive) to ride bike and have salads at Crispers.

So much fun to walk with special friends!

"Dim and Dimmer" (and their names can change at
any moment!) enjoy walking together too!

Bonnie and Richard decided not to go with us, but the 4 of us left around 10:45 with all 4 bikes on our CRV.  Melissa is such a terrific navigator and that is one of my goals - to be more like her (in many ways!)  She is so good with a GPS and even better with the navigation system on her cell phone.  So, she gave me instructions on Ken's phone while we were heading there as to how to use it.  Her system is alittle different than ours, I think more user friendly, but maybe it is just me as the operator!  I think I helped to get us there, but not really!  Just made me feel good!  We arrived at The Villages, got on our bikes and enjoyed riding through the community.  We had to share the golf carts paths and let me tell you, there are hundreds of golf carts on those paths.  I think they should pass some kind of law about golf cart pooling.  1 person to a cart shouldn't be allowed.  After about 5 1/2 miles we arrived at Crispers and had a wonderful lunch, spending about an hour after we were finished eating just chatting.  You would think after being together non-stop for almost a week and 2 whole weeks earlier in this trip, we would run out of things to talk about, but we aren't even close!!!!!  We need more time together!!!!  Got back on our bikes and rode back to the CRV - about an 11 mile round trip and it was fairly windy today.  I was supposed to be the navigator on the way home, but Melissa's help was much needed.  Who knows where we would have ended up if I was the sole direction person!

They have fancy golf carts here!

This is a hotel on the grounds of The Villages!

This is one of many tunnels that go under busy roads
for golf carts and bike riders!

The price range and style of homes in The Villages
is all "over the charts"!

There are 60+ golf courses of all different levels at
The Villages!

Entering a tunnel to go under a major highway!  It's
good to be safe!!!!

This is on the grounds and it is a college where residents
can go to classes that are of interest to them!

Just a gorgeous day for riding bike!

Arrived at the CG in time to head to the Bocce and Shuffleboard courts for more competitive men vs. women games.  Unfortunately, I had a really bad day and Melissa tried to carry us and she did a great job, but the guys were in the groove.  I need to get my mojo back!!!!  Ken walked to the back of the CG to get a view of the owl one more time!

We decided it was time to get back to the RV's (we weren't there very much today) and think about dinner.  Planned to get together for game night around 8.  There just aren't enough hours in the day for all of the activities we enjoy doing!  Again, there are fewer hours per day and less days in the week here in Florida!!

Since we knew it was the last night of late game playing, we made sure we did our job!  We only got back to Waldo around 12:30AM, after playing many different games and sharing many silly and special moments.  We will be so sad when we leave Chuck and Melissa on Thursday to head back to PA.  This week together has been awesome!

Monday, March 17, 2014

One of a Few Rainy Days on This Trip!

Ken and I woke around 7:30 and after looking at the local weather, we knew we would have to go for our walk quickly, or it would be raining.  So, we did our exercises, dressed, and called Chuck and Melissa to see if they wanted to go for a walk.  In 15 minutes we were on our 10,000 step walk around the CG.  We stopped by Richard and Bonnie Waltman's site to say hello.  They were fellow campers we had met at the RV-Dreams Rally in Hershey 3 1/2 years ago and we have kept in touch.  Chuck and Melissa had been at that Rally too, so even though the 4 of them don't know each other well, they recognized each other from that Rally.  We chatted for awhile, and then continued on our walk.  We were able to get in all 10,000 steps before the rains started.

As soon as we got inside Waldo, the heavy rains began.  By then we were starved, so we made breakfast, showered, and then we did some work on our computers. It was still really raining at 1:45.  Waltmans were going to come by Waldo this afternoon, but decided to wait until tomorrow - just too ugly and they are predicting some heavy winds and possible local tornadoes.  (Fortunately, that watch was lifted later in the day.) We talked to Chuck and Melissa and decided to get together for game time around 3. 

After a late lunch, Ken took a short nap and we went to Chuck and Melissa's "home" at 3:15 to start game playing. It was still pouring!! We chatted for awhile and then they shared pictures of the home they sold 2 years ago when they started full-timing in their Motorhome! It was a beautiful home on 72 acres. I can hardly imagine how they got rid of everything to begin their life on the road! It would be quite an undertaking!

We played 3 games of Sequence Dice with the woman being the winners. Then we started a game of Pinochle, but stopped after 2 hands to make our dinners. Back to their "home" by 7:15 to continue game night. We finished our game of Pinochle, then played Skip Bo, LCR, and Snitch! It was a very busy evening and we ended just about tied as far as men vs. women. A fun time was had by all!

No photos from today's adventures! It was too rainy!!! Looks like tomorrow will be partly cloudy, but no rain and in the upper 70's. Hoping to go to The Villages to ride bike, maybe walk, and have lunch at Crispers. I think Richard and Bonnie will join us! The rain certainly didn't stop these campers from having a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Great Bike Ride and Then Fun Game Time!

Sunday was such a fun day!  Ken and I were up at 7, exercised, and then took a 1/2 hour walk around the park.  Back in time to shower, make a cooked breakfast, and leave for a contemporary church service in a Presbyterian Church in the town of Eustis.  We were so happy that Chuck and Melissa went with us.  It was a very good service with many friendly members.  We were back to Waldo by 11:00. 

It was a warm, but very windy day, with 15 to 25 mph winds and temperatures in the low 80's.  We debated if we wanted to ride bike or wait till another day, but Ken thought we should just go and see what it was like at the macademed trail.  So, we packed some drinks and snacks and headed to the Sanford area by noon.  We were able to get all 4 bikes on our CRV.  We did stop in the town of Mt. Dora at the Gatehouse Gift Shop.  I had given them some of my jewelry to sell last March  before we headed back to PA.  She has the pieces on consignment and will continue to keep them.

We got to the Seminole Wikiva Bike Trail around 1:30 and it was protected enough from the wind that riding was fine!  What a beautiful trail and the amazing part was how an artist had painted portraits on some of the wooden fence sections along the ride.  They were unbelivable!  On our ride back, we saw the artist doing some work on one of the section and we were able to talk to him.  He has painted over 1/2 mile of pictures along the trail over the last 2 years.  He sort of started it as a prank, and everyone loved his work.  He says he will have to "get out of town" when they start to "wear" and look trashy!  Currently, he does touch them up and also has to cut down weeds in front of the paintings frequently, or they would not be visible from the trail.  Really adds a lot to the bike ride!  We rode out the trail about 7 1/2 miles and came to a Panera Bread - yes, lunch!!  It was delicious and we were able to sit out on the deck along the trail.  Then we rode back to the CRV - 16 1/2 miles of riding.  We stopped at Toppers for a Blizzard type ice cream concoction.  Back to Waldo by 5.

The beginning of the trail!

....and off we go over the beginning bridge!

It really was a beautiful trail!

This tunnel took you under a major highway!

Some of the paintings were pertinant to the area!

Hard to imagine that there is 1/2 mile of paintings!

They are so clear and detailed!

This one depicted Seinfeld and sayings from the show!

This is the gentleman responsible for all the paintings!
Just got back from the ride and we are already


Because of the ice cream treat, we weren't in a hurry for dinner, so we headed to the shuffleboard courts and got in 2 games.  The men won the 1st and we globbered them the 2nd.  Lots of good laughs and bullying!

My goal was to give Chuck a 10 Off
every turn, and I did it fairly often!  I
loved the challenge!

One way to take your dog for a walk!

Consoling the losing team member!

Then we spent in alittle time in our RV's and got together at 8 to continue the game playing.  Tonight it was 2 games of Skip-Bo and 1 game of Pinochle.  The men only won 1 out of 3.  (It was time for the women to be victorious).  Looking forward to the tie breaking shuffleboard game and Skip-Bo match.  We got back to Waldo at 11:15 and went right to bed.  I think we lost some weight today just from all the laughter! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Enjoyed Our Day at Southern Palms

They have a garage sale at the CG today from 8 to 1, so Ken and I decided to try to sell my jewelry in front of Waldo.  We were up at 6:30, did our exercises, made a cooked breakfast and were still set-up by 8:00.  It was only 52 degrees - a bit chilly, but warmed up quickly when the sun came up.  We didn't expect to have many sales, but anything was better than nothing, so we were pleased to sell $70.00.  We were rather jealous when Chuck and Melissa left to get their walking steps and we couldn't go along.  When they returned the 4 of us sat outside just chatting. We enjoyed watching a squirrel "steal" an orange from a fellow campers outside hanging basket and watching a woodpecker doing his job on a pole!  We also met some very nice fellow campers while sitting in front of Waldo.

The squirrel was very busy peeling his orange!

Aren't woodpecker colorful??

We cleaned up by 12:15 and went inside for lunch.  The 4 of us met at 1:15 to play shuffleboard, but the courts were full, so we played Bocce instead. Again, it was the men vs. the women, and they were victorious both games.  They were very close, especially the last one.  Back to our RV's by 3:15 and all of us took a nap.  I started with either a cold or sinus issues last evening and didn't feel the greatest today.  Just sort of out of it!!!  But, the Vick'ed Puffs seem to be helping!!!! 

They have 4 very nice Bocce courts at this CG!

I talked with Nancy Savage around 4:30 and they spent 2 nights at Jekyll Island, leaving tomorrow to start heading north to PA.  Loving their time in Florida and Jekyll.  We packed our dinner (salads) and the 4 of us drove to the Eustis Lake Walk right in the downtown area.  It was a beautiful place to walk right along Lake Eustis and we were able to see many different birds, plus turtles and even an alligator. Eustis spent quite a bit of money making this walkway.   After the walk, we sat at a picnic table in the park to eat our dinner and finished just in time to enjoy the beautiful sunset out over the water.  It was gorgeous!  Then Ken and Melissa also got some photos of the full moon.  From there we headed to McDonald's for a hot fudge sundae. (I really wanted a Shamrock Shake, but a medium one has 650 calories!  Imagine that!  A hot fudge sundae only has about 280, so the choice was rather simple.)  I still might have to go back for a Shamrock Shake before they are gone, calories or no calories!

The beginning of the Eustis Lake Walk!

This is about a 4 lb. catfish!

Lots of Ibis in the trees!

Need to look up the name of this bird!

Boats can dock here free and the boaters go into town
for dinner!

Metal sculptor of a heron in the park!

The anhingas are drying their wings!

A unique metal sculptor!

Ken loves seeing and photographing
the bald eagles!

Ken was so happy to find 1 alligator, even if he was
fairly small!

What a nice setting for eating dinner!  So close
to sunset!

Ken's famous sunset photos!

The sun sets and here comes the full moon at Eustis!

Back to Waldo by 8:15 for more game playing in Waldo!  2 more games of Pinochle with each of us winning a game.  It was so much fun.  Called it a 
night around 10:15.  Another great day with Melissa and Chuck!