Saturday, October 8, 2011

We Bid Farewell to Harbor View CG and the Colonial Beach Area

Ken and I were up by 7:30 and slowly started packing up for the trip home.  We decided to take our last walk on the 2 mile "loop path" in front of the CG that bordered along the Potomac River.  We have taken many walks along this road and enjoy it every time.  The view of the water is spectacular and the area is quiet and serene.

Then we finished loading everything in Willie and the truck and got "hitched" for the trip.  We stopped by the office and said our good-byes to Jan, Jill, and Sis's husband.  Sis wasn't around this morning so we had said our goodbyes to her last evening.  They are the nicest staff we have learn to know since we have been RVing.  We will miss all of them.  They were hoping we would stay tonight for the retirement party for Mike and Jill.  They have managed this park for 5 or 6 years and decided to retire about a week ago.  Of course, I would have stayed, but being the practical one, Ken said it was time to head home. 

We walked down to Gary and Leesa rig to say our good-byes and let them know we plan to see them again in the near future.  We were on our way to PA by 11:15 and fortunately it was an uneventful journey.  The truck ran so well.  Hallelujah!!!!

Arrived at our house around 3:00 and immediately went to work unloading.  Ken did some raking and mowing.  Welcome back to reality!!  It looks like we will not be doing anymore RVing until we leave for Florida in January.  That doesn't sound right!  We may have to rethink our plans!!!!  Time will tell!!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Last Full Day at Harbor View CG!

Today was such a phenomenal day in so many ways!  We got up alittle later (tired from all the driving yesterday) and decided to take a walk around the park.  Ahead of us we noticed a guy walking his 3 dogs who appeared to be staring at us.  As we got closer we realized it was Gary, one of the folks we learned to know at the RV Dreams Rally in Hershey several weeks ago.  What a surprise!  Neither one of us had any idea that we would be at the same park.  His wife Leesa poked her head out of their motorhome to say hi.  We chatted for awhile and then we told them we planned to have a campfire this evening and make hot dogs.  Invited them to join us.  We knew we would have alot to talk about.  Then we walked alittle further and met up with Steve and Chris, folks we have met here at the CG this week who live only about 1 hour from away.  They knew we planned to have a campfire this evening and said if we didn't care they would walk up and join us.  So our evening plans were set.

Ken and I took our 2 mile walk near the CG and talked with a gentleman who was getting ready to haul his boat back to Florida.  He and his wife had some great stories to share with us about some of their boating adventures like boating on the intercoastal waterway from New York to Florida in an 18' boat that they slept on.  Imagine!  Then he shared about his numerous boating trips in Alaska and how closely he shared the waters with 3 killer whales.  It was fascinating.  Amazing what stories you hear when you are out for a walk on a relaxing day!

We drove to get a few groceries and decided to go into Colonial Beach for another look at the area.  When we were there last week, it appeared to be a depressed area with a beach that was in rather bad shape.  Today it looked like a new beach.  Obviously Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee had done so much damage to their beach area.  They now had cleaned off the beach, leveled the sand, and it looked beautiful.  We walked along several of the streets and found a wonderful little market shop that had fresh baked goods, homemade granola, sorbet, soups, salads, etc.  We purchased a wonderful scone - apricot, raisin, walnut, and white chocolate.  Today really changed our feelings about Colonial Beach.  They have lots of activities in the summers, concerts frequently, and many folks drive around in their golf carts on the roads.  Some of the houses remind me of the cottages in our area in Pa called Mt. Gretna.

Then at 6 Gary and Leesa came to our campsite to have supper with us.  We built a large campfire and had hot dogs, potatoes, beans, and of course some wine and beer.  Just when we finished eating, Steve and Chris joined us.  They brought some pumpkin pie and whipped cream.  I introduced everyone to "snake making" using crescent rolls and how to make cinnamon rolls in the cast iron pie maker.  Gary and Leesa have been full timing for about 3 months so we enjoyed listening to their on the road experiences and we all shared some of the trips we have taken and CG's that we should try.  It was such a fantastic evening.  This world is so small and it is amazing how many wonderful people you meet along the way.  We have enjoyed getting to know Steve and Chris and so thankful that we were able to meet up with Gary and Leesa again.  They are hoping to workcamp in the hills of South Dakota next summer and fall.  Who knows, maybe we will meet up with them in that area and they can show us around.  That would be great!!!  We ended our evening around 10:15 with hugs and hopes of seeing each other on the road again in the near future.  Life is good!

Can't believe we have spent 2 weeks in this CG.  The time has past so quickly even with all the truck issues.  But, life is what you make it, and even if we would have known all of this ahead of time, we would have still made the trip.  Sometimes you just have to make lemonade out of lemons!  Why not?????

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Big "Round Trip" Travel Day

I got a nudge about 3:45 this morning.  Ken had been awake for about 45 minutes and wondered if I wanted to get up and get ready to go to PA.  What's a wife to say???  So by 4:15 we were on our way home to pick up our repaired truck and bring it back to VA.

The ride home went very well.  Our only traffic congested area was on Route 83 getting near Route 322.  So we got on the Turnpike and exited at Lebanon.  We actually ate breakfast at the Quinten Restaurant and then went for the truck.  We know for sure that we did the right thing by having the truck towed back to PA.  The cost for the towing, inspection, oil change and repair was less than what the Ford Dealer quoted us for the 1st three things he said needed repair which made it possible for them to see what else needed fixed.  Can't imagine how much that would have cost!!!! 

While home we got to see our daughters and grandaughters, since Lanie was visiting at Jamie's.  We spent about an hour there, took the car to our house, and were on our way back to VA by 11:15.  The truck  drove very well and we were at the CG  by 3:00,, after 3 quick stops.  2 of the managers at the CG came right over when we arrived to make sure the truck was doing well.  How nice when people show concern.

When we left this morning it was 58 degrees, so Ken wore shorts and I wore capris.  It was so much cooler when we got to PA, only 42.  It was sunny and mild when we returned to VA, so 2 more games of shuffleboard.  I have to stop winning or Ken soon won't agree to play!!!

After dinner, Sis, a sweet lady who works here at the CG, knocked on our door and invitied us to join the CG workers at their campfire.  So, we took our s'more "stuff" and spent several hours with Jill, Mike, Jan, Barb, and Sis for some ice cream and s'mores.  Mike, Jill and Jan are full-time RVers, so it was so interesting to talk with them.  All of them have been so kind to us while we have been at the CG.  They invited us to the retirement party for Jill and Mike who have been managers at this park for 5 or 6 year.  They will not be back next year, so a celebration on Sat. night has been planned.  Unfortunately, we are leaving Sat. morning and will miss the fun.  It surely has been a pleasure getting to know all these folks.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Gorgeous Sunny Day - Finally!!!!

This was a positively fabulous weather day!  Ken and I took a bike ride to the private beach near the CG, Berkeley Beach and sat on the dock just taking in the sun and view.  Back to Willie for a cooked breakfast before heading back to Sandy Point to look for more sea glass.  We were like "kids" again walking the beach and collecting our treasures.  We found almost as much sea glass as the last time we were there. 

The wood "boundaries" on each side mark the width
 of the public beach! Big, huh!

The actual public beach is about 30' wide, probably enough room for a couple dozen beach chairs if they were on top of each other.  But, they entire time we were there, about 2 1/2 hours, we did not see one person on the beach and we walked a large part of the primitive area.  It was so beautiful.

Came back in time to play 2 games of shuffleboard and I was the winner of both games.  It is now the talk of the staff here at the CG, since no one else seems to play and they always want to know who wins.  There are 2 couples, a widowed lady who full-times by herself, and a young local gal who run this CG.  They are so friendly and helpful.  Everyday they asked about our truck situation, and today the one gentleman stopped by to wish us luck for our trip home and back.  They are genuinely concerned.  That makes this place even more special!

Before dinner, we took a bike ride and got a photo of a road over a dam that was washed away during the flooding from Tropical Storm Lee.  They had 22'" of rain in less than 24 hours!  Ken also wanted to get a sunset picture.  He always does that on all our trips.  It was a beautiful, clear evening! 

We are planning to leave early tomorrow morning for PA, get the truck, take the car to our house, and then turn right around and return to Harbor View tomorrow evening.  We figure we will be driving about 9 hours or so.  We just hope we get back here safe and sound and that all of our belongings here in VA will be back in PA on Saturday. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We Could See Shadows Today - SUN!!!!

We had some rain during the night, but woke to sunshine!  Yes!!!  Again, we relaxed in bed reading, had a light, late breakfast, and then spent the rest of the morning cleaning out the basement of Willie.  Actually went through everything.  Really didn't have much extra "stuff", but did reorganize! 

Entrance to the Grounds!
Standing near the foundation of the original house! 
The reproduction is in the background!

After lunch, we took our 1st car ride and headed to George Washington's Birthplace, only about 7 miles from the CG.  What a beautiful place.  It is run by Forest Rangers and it is very interesting.  They have a 14 minute film the Washington Family and the land, and then a Ranger takes you on a guided tour of the house and some of the grounds.  The actual home he was born in burned and in 1937 a home was built on what they thought was the site of the original home.  It ended up being about 100 feet from the original location - oops!!  It is not intended to be an exact replica, but similiar to the homes of that class and time!  The setting is on Popes Creek which is connected to the Potomac.  The nature trail around the property was closed due to Hurricane Irene and Lee.  Many trees fell and there was major flooding. 

Back to the CG for 2 more games of shuffleboard (we split the wins) and then a wood fire to cook our dinner.  It was nice to be able to be outside so much today. 

Today Ken and I became an aunt and uncle to Bennett, a son to my sister's son, TW and his wife Arlena.  How exciting!!

Sunday and Monday Still Near Colonial Beach

We spent Sunday and Monday doing much of the same - relaxing!  (Except for 2 loads of wash that needed to be done!)  The truck drama is on hold for now, so we decided it was time to take it easy and just wait!!!  The weather was the same for both days - cloudy and very cool.  Stayed in the 50's and was damp.  So, we stayed in bed late, reading, had a late breakfast, and then took the two mile walk on the circle near the CG.  Spent time on our computers - I did some digital scrapping and some e-mails while Ken checked e-mails and made some important phone calls.  Talked to Denny at the diesel garage near home.  The truck was towed to his garage and they have found one thing that needs repaired.  Will continue to check it out. 

Monday afternoon the SUN came out for alittle, so we played some shuffleboard - I was victorious both games!  The evenings we spent in Willie watching some TV (hardly did that at all this summer) and doing more digi-scrapping.  Life is good, but alittle more sunshine would be appreciated!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Big Driving Day!

This morning Martins and us ate breakfast in our own rigs, for we are heading back home.  We will be spending another week at this CG, but will ride home with Martins so we can get our car to have at the CG since our truck is in the garage in PA.   The 4 of us left the CG at 10:30 and made only 1 stop.  We did have to detour to the west of Route 83 in PA due to a major accident that had all the lanes closed around Hunt Valley.  We only got to our house in Akron around 3:30.  We loaded up a few items and Ken and I were back on our way to Colonial Beach in our Honda Accord by 4:20.  Stopped about 1 hour to eat a salad at Panera Bread and to get a few groceries at Wal-Mart.  Back in Willie by 9:00.  We rode and drove about 400 miles today, but we are looking forward to more camping time.  Good we both feel the same way about all the driving and agreeing to turn right around and return to the CG the same day.  Fortunately we didn't encounter too much rain.

We are looking forward to some relaxing time and just enjoying camping and being in Willie!  The weather after Monday looks so nice!

Friday in the Colonial Beach Area

By 8:30 all of us, except Doloris, left for a bike ride around the area!  We wanted to see the same sights we saw on our last ride since we enjoyed it so much.  Back for breakfast and then Sam and Kathy were on their way back to PA by 11:00.  They have a wedding to attend on Saturday afternoon.  We were sad to see them leave.


Martins and us decided we would like to head to a beach area since today was the most sun we have seen since arriving last Sat.  I called a local winery that was located near a place called Sandy Point to ask if they had a public beach area.  Susan Albert, who works at the winery was so kind and helpful.  She said there is a small public beach area but that her sister has a home right along Sandy Beach with a private beach area, so we should just park at her house and enjoy her beach.  Wow!  Sandy doesn't even know us!  So, we drove about 45 minutes to Sandy Beach and there were 2 cars in her sister's driveway.  Called Susan back and she recommended we park at her brother's house which was 2 houses away from her sister.  Then she said we should walk down the beach to the primitive area and look for sea glass which is often found there.  Ken and I were so excited for we have always wanted to find sea glass and have never been successful.  So, as soon as we got there, we headed to the primitive beach area and began our search.  BINGO!!!!  We found about 40 beautiful pieces.  What a day!  Only bad thing was the biting flies, but when you are on a sea glass search, you can overlook the pain!!!!

Back to the CG to play some cards, have a fire for cooking chicken, then more cards.  It was a victorious night for the men.  (We have to let them win some of the time!!)

A Decision is Made!

Today, Thursday, Ken and I have reached a decision!  Denny, our PA mechanic is having his garage come to VA to pick up our truck and tow it back to PA.  The Ford Dealership did come up with some options for the repairs, but we did not feel confident that they knew what they were doing.  So, home it goes.  They will pick it up tomorrow morning and have it finished by next Thurs. or Friday.  So, we are going home with one of the couples we are camping with, getting our car, and driving back to the CG for the next week of our trip.  We have planned to spend the 2nd week in another location, but Colonial Beach will be our home for another 7 days.  Then we will drive back to PA,, get the truck, and drive it to the CG to bring "Willie" home.  It feels good just to have made a decision even though the cost does not make us a "happy camper".  Who ever said RVing is the reasonable way to travel!!


Before breakfast the 6 of us took a bike ride on quiet country roads near the CG.  We had wonderful views of the Potomac.  We stopped at a Private Beach, Berkaley Beach, and had the opportunity to walk on their pier.  3 beautiful swans flew in and swam up to where we were standing.  They were looking for a "treat".  Unfortunately, we did not have any food with us.  We think it was a mother and her 2 older "children".

At least it is mostly sunny today.  Hasn't been that way since we arrived.  Ken, Kathy and Sam went to tour the Stratford Hall Plantation which is only about 12 miles away.  Unfortunately, most of the grounds with the walking trails overlooking the Potomac are closed due to the heavy rains they have had in this area.  Fred and Doloris went to check out 3 nearby wineries.  I chose to stay at the CG and just relax and work on my blog.  Also got to "catch up" on some phone calls to the girls and my mother.  Sometimes downtime can just be what a girl needs!!!!!!

Everyone was back by 4:30.  Ken started a fire and we sat around drinking wine and enjoying cheese.  Had a delicious supper and then played more Cue Me.  Of course the women were victorious again.  Tonight we even made s'mores. (Our 1st time since we arrived!  What is wrong with that picture?????)