Sunday, April 27, 2014

Time to Leave Elk Neck!

Sunday morning was a bit chilly when we got up, but it warmed up quickly. We did some more preparation for heading home, visited with Martins, more work for heading home, and then we played some ladder golf.  The men just can't beat the women!!

By 12:30 Ken and I were on our way back home.  It was an easy drive of only 60 miles, just a nice distance to travel.  By 3, we had everything back in the house and in its proper place.  At 4:30 we headed to church, ate at Subway, and went to our small group from church!

Our time at Elk Neck was certainly a very special adventure.  Enjoyed our time with Fred and Doloris and were so happy that Gary and Marcia were able to join us last evening.

Did talk to my sister and her husband John numerous times while we were at Elk Neck.  They left Florida with their new motorhome on Friday and arrived back in PA today.  I believe all went well and they are certainly excited to begin their camping adventures.  We are looking forward to having them join us for the trip to the Escapade in Goshen IN, leaving May 10th.  

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday - A Fun Day at Elk Neck

Saturday morning was another leisure time after rising a bit late.  Ken and I decided to do some clean-up inside and outside Waldo to get ready for our trip home tomorrow!  We walked over to see Fred and Doloris around 9:45, then we each did some more clean-up will 10:45 when we decided to play some ladder golf.  What a wild competition, but the women were victorious!

While we played golf, we had a little "Happy Hour".  Really enjoyed the delicious cheese and crackers, trail mix, and bugles with red pepper dip.  No lunch for the Happy Hour folks!

We took a bike ride around several of the loops at the CG, but it is pretty hilly in the area, so we didn't go very far!  Ken and I did stop at an overlook and saw a tugboat "pushing" a barge!  As soon as we got back, Ken started a campfire and it was mild enough that we enjoyed being outside.  

A ladder golf battle between the men and women!

Waldo in the background.  Look how far apart and large
these campsites are at Elk Neck!

This barge is on the Chesapeake Bay!

At 5, Gary and Marcia arrived and spent the evening with us.  They had planned on camping with us some of this trip, but Gary has not been feeling 100%, so they just came down for the evening.  The 6 of us played some ladder golf, ate a delicious supper, played more ladder golf until it got too dark, and a few rounds of cards.  Kreiders left around 10:30 after a very fun evening.  So glad they could join us, even if it was for only a short time!  We played a game of cards with Martins and then called it a night.

A nice mild evening for eating outside and enjoying
the campfire!

After the ladder golf, it was time for s'mores!
Another special day at Elk Neck!  

Ken and I found over 1100 pieces of seaglass between
Thursday and Friday!

This is Martins seaglass "stash"!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Our 2nd Full Day at Elk Neck

Ken had one of his best night's sleep in a long time.  Only woke at 7:30 - wow!!  Another slow paced morning with a later breakfast.  By 10:30 we drove to the Lighthouse Trail and began the mile plus hike.  Another very beautiful setting. 

Here we are hiking on the Lighthouse Trail to the Turkey Point
Lighthouse.  A great trail!

Quite a nice view when you get out to the lighthouse!

After we got back to the truck, we decided we would like to return to the sandy beach area where we were yesterday to look for additional seaglass. So, we found the White Banks Trail southern path that eventually got us to that area but gave us a different part of the trail!  The view of the White Banks was incredible.  Eventually we arrived at the same beach area and we found many more pieces of seaglass. Had such a good time!

Love my hiking poles!

Gorgeous photo of the White Banks from the trail!


This butterfly is black and white!

Our camping buddies, Fred and Doloris!

The happy, hiking campers!

The sandy area where we found all the seaglass!

Another view of the White Banks!

We hiked back to the truck and arrived at the CG around 5:15.  We had walked over 15000 steps.  By then it was getting cloudy and cooler so we decided not to start a campfire, but cook on our grill.  Most of today was sunny with less wind and milder temperatures - a very nice day!  It started to rain while the men were cooking dinner on our grill.  Will be a rainy night, so another time of card playing. 

Waldo at the campground.  Very nice sites!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fun Day at Elk Neck!

What a relaxing morning!  We didn't get up very early and our cooked breakfast was rather late!  It was very windy and fairly cool this morning, so we decided to play Skip-Bo and go for a hike this afternoon.  Ken and I had learned how to play Skip-Bo in Florida with Chuck and Melissa so we decided the 4 of us should try it.  Martins enjoyed it so we played 2 games. Unfortunately the men won both.

After lunch, we drove to the beginning of the White Banks Trail, parked the truck, and began the hike.  What a great trail!  It started near the Beach area and then we started an upward hike overlooking the Chesapeake Bay - gorgeous views.  Then we got down to a sandy beach area and Bingo, we had our surprise and reward for the day - the best seaglass we have ever found and there was so much of it!!!!  Almost every step you took you picked up a very etched piece of glass - amazing!!  It was so much fun!

The start of our hike!

Combing the beach picking up seaglass!

A view of the white cliffs from the sandy beach area!

There was seaglass everywhere!

Some large Canada geese!

1st time I used the hiking poles that Ken bought me 2 years
ago for Christmas.  They are very helpful!  I think I should
have used them before!!!!!!

We got back to the truck around 6 and went to check out the beach area here at the park.  Quite a nice setting and large area complete with a snack bar (of course it isn't open this time of year so there was no ice cream for the hungry hikers!!!!)

The beach area is rather large and has lots of picnic tables,
grills, snack bar, and modern bathhouse!

The men built a campfire when we returned and we had a delicious supper.  Got together in Waldo for more card playing.

We are sad that Sam and Kathy couldn't be with us this trip.  Kathy has  been in pain with a pinched nerve in her neck that affects her arm and hand. After an MRI, they discovered she has a herniated disc and after seeing a neurosurgeon she has to decide whether to have surgery or do steroid shots and physical therapy.  Not an easy decision.  Marcia and Gary were supposed to arrive tomorrow afternoon, but Gary is having some health concerns and they hope to be able to join us for dinner and a fun evening on Saturday night.  Time will tell!

This is our seaglass "stash" for today.  This is only what
Ken and I found.  Doloris and Fred have a lot too!!!!

Elk Neck State Park in MD

We met Doloris and Fred for breakfast at 8 before heading out for our camping adventure.  We were on our way by 9:30, arriving at the Elk Neck around 11:30.  This CG has wonderful sites in the full hook-up loop - very level and totally stoned or macadamized.  Amazing how quickly we can back in and be leveled, and all set-up.  So much easier than it used to be!!

It is a rather cool, very breezy day, but we are camping so it really doesn't matter.  After we ate our lunch together outside, we went for a walk to the park office to get info on the walking trails.  We continued walking till we accumulated our 10,000 steps.  Then it was time to get inside play some cards!!!!  We each had won a game when we stopped to have dinner.  It was too windy and cold to have a campfire, so we got out our grill.

Back to Fred and Doloris's 5th wheel to continue our card playing.  Again, we each won a game.  I guess the tie breaker will have to be played tomorrow.  The guys wore their safety belts, which they thought brought them good luck depending how they wore them!!!!  What is wrong with them?????  We must have married a bunch of duffesses!!!!!  (not sure how you spell that word but it certainly applies!!!!)

Another fun day of camping with the Martins!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Wonderful Family Weekend!

Saturday was a fun day with the little ones!  We met our granddaughters at our former church for an Easter Egg Hunt!  The Church of the Brethren does such a good job each year with this special event beginning with an Easter Story in their sanctuary.  Then they have a big egg hunt outside with a visit from the Easter bunny.  Back to the social hall for a fun craft making time, even decorating cupcakes.  The 4 little girls had a fun time!

Bria is getting so big! 

Katelyn got quite a "stash" at the egg hunt!

After the egg hunt, the 4 cousins enjoyed playing on the
Church playground!

Jamie helped Bria and Cali make bunny headbands
in the church fellowship hall!

More fun at the church playground!

Which way do we go on the sliding board??????

Then Ken and I kept Sam and Katelyn overnight so Lanie and Bob would have time alone to get ready for Katelyn's party and the family Easter dinner.  The girls were so good.  They even took hour naps.  

Sunday we were at Lanie's by 10 for another Easter egg hunt, the distribution of Easter baskets, a delicious meal, and then a Birthday party!  So nice to have both of our girls and their families together for the day.  Jamie's family had to leave at 3:30 for an meal with her in-laws.

Another Easter egg hunt and Lanie and Bob's for all
4 little ones!

Aunt Lanie decided to try out the bunny sunglasses courtesy
of Aunt Jamie!  She couldn't see anything!!!

Katelyn loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so it was the
theme of her birthday party - cake and gifts!

Ken and I bought each of the "families" a parachute for Easter!
It was fun for the girls!

The happy Hosler family!!!

Sam just learned to ride a two wheeler last weekend, so
she was eager to show us her riding skills.  Made Papa
very nervous!

Yesterday and today were very busy days getting ready for our camping trip. We leave tomorrow morning to go to Elk Neck State Park in Maryland with Fred and Doloris Martin.  Marcia and Gary Kreider will join us on Friday and we will all head back home on Sunday.  Hopefully the weather will be cooperative. Today we spent time with Lanie - Ken went with her to a large consignment sale for children's clothing and toys that will take place near Exton this Thurs through Sunday.  The amount of work that is required to bring items to this sale is incredible, but the quality of the items and the pricing is incredible too! I took Sam to Pre-School and then spent time with Katelyn till they returned. This evening we went to see Bria and Cali at their tap dance class where they were rehearsing their acts for the dance recital this Friday night. Unfortunately we will be away and will not be able to attend - that is why we went to the rehearsals.  The recital was rescheduled to this weekend instead of when we 1st returned from Florida in March.

Our camera is already packed away in Waldo so no pictures for me to post tonight.  I will add them tomorrow.

Really looking forward to a relaxing and fun camping trip with special friends.

Friday, April 18, 2014

More Good Times with Family

Tuesday we spent the afternoon visiting my mother and father at Masonic Homes.  It was Dad's 90th birthday and at the top of his list for fun activities is playing Pinochle.  So, we spent from 1 to 5 playing 4 games with them and it ended well!  The men won 2 games and the ladies won 2!  Perfect!!!!  They are always excited when we plan on an afternoon of cards and both of them are sharp card players.   We are all blessed that they are so good both mentally and physically.

Yesterday we headed to Lanie's house to go with her, Sam and Katelyn to Philadelphia to the Please Touch Museum.  What a wonderful place for kids to have a good time.  We were so glad she asked us to come along.  There are so many great areas for playing including McDonalds, a shoe store, grocery store, transportation area, Alice in Wonderland, a hospital emergency area, a building area, water area, musical area, and a gorgeous old carousel.  The old, old building is incredible.  The entire museum was very impressive!

This is the entrance!

Let's Make Music!

Katelyn served me a Rita's Italian Ice!

Working at the cement plant!

We had a "pretend" meal at McDonalds!

A sick baby at thee emergency room!  Doctor Katelyn
was on Call!

A fun carousel ride!

Katelyn was very possessive of her ducks in the water area!
Sam liked sailing the boat the whole way around the waterways!

Thank goodness for the water smocks.  They still got wet!!

Ken had to mow the yard for the 1st time today.  What is that about????? The weeds are "taking off" too!  Obviously, I'd rather be camping!!!!

We do leave next Wednesday for our camping trip to Elk Neck State Park in MD with our camping friends here in PA.  We are so ready to get back in Waldo again!

I will mention again that we are going to Escapade in Goshen IN, leaving here on Sat. May 9th and spending the week.  So, if you will be there, please let us know.  Looking forward to a wonderful, informative time!