Thursday, August 31, 2017

Friday - A Sunny Day and Our Last Full Day at Hershey!

Again, Ken was finished with most of is reading and devotions when I got up at 6:45.  We watched the news and all the devastation from Hurricane Harvey in Texas.  It is so unimaginable!

We had a light breakfast and then did some packing both inside and out for our return home tomorrow.  We took a long walk around the CG and saw Barry, whom we have seen numerous times when we stayed in this CG.  He and his wife Donna are full-timers and winter at Cypress Gardens in Florida near Fort Myers.  Good to see him again!

Upon our return to Wilbur, Ken did more work outside while I showered.  We ate lunch and by 1 we were at Masonic Village to play Pinochle with Dad and Mom. We had a fun time and we each won 2 games - a good way to end our time together.

On the way back to the CG we stopped to buy fresh corn on the cob.  That was our dinner along with a hamburger and Ken had a fish patty.  Before dinner I had packed most of our clothing and dry food from the pantry.  We usually load it in the car so it is easier to unpack when we get home.

We watched the Nightly News while eating dinner and then played 3 rounds of Hand and Foot which Ken won.  Next was a game of 2 handed pinochle which I won!  I worked on the blog and Ken played on his I-Pad.

We were in bed before 10.  We had considered trying to stay at the CG for a few more days or maybe even another week, but after checking our busy schedule for next week and realizing we had to be out by Thursday to be able to go to Sea Pines for 10 days (you have to be out a week before going to another Thousand Trails Park), we decided to go home tomorrow as planned.

This has been a relaxing and fun time!  I don't want it to end!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday - Another Relaxing One at Hershey Preserve, at We

Ken had done some reading and devotions before I got up at 6:45.  We watched the news and at 7:30 he left for his volunteer job at MCC.  It was a beautiful morning around 60 with plenty of sunshine!  It only got into the low 70's with low humidity!

Not sure what I did while Ken was gone, but I kept busy.  I talked to Cindy and then had a long conversation with Joyce, who moved with her husband Rick to Florida.  They are getting settled and enjoying their new home area.  We look forward to seeing them this fall and winter!

I worked on the blog, cleaned-up, and then went for a long walk around the CG. By the time I finished showering and getting ready, Ken was back.  We ate lunch and played several hands of Hand and Foot.  Ken rested and I went outside to continue painting my coconut fish.  Before we had dinner, we played several additional rounds of Hand and Foot.  We are certainly enjoying that game.

After dinner and cleaning up we met John and Cindy at the pickleball courts here at the CG.  The weather was perfect for playing - no wind, in the upper 60's, and the court was shaded!  We had some great games with lots of good volleys. We had such a good time and we love playing together.

They came back to Wilbur so we could have dessert together, a peach pie that Ken had picked up on his way home from work.  It was locally made and positively delicious.  We did a lot of chatting before they left around 9:30.  It is so nice to spend time with Cindy and John!

After showering, Ken and I went right to bed to do some reading!  What a day! 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Rainy, Relaxing Day!

Ken was up early and did devotions and some reading.  I was up a little before 7.  It was raining and in the 50's.  Time for our Eden Pure Heater!

We watched the news and at 7:30 Ken left to have breakfast and a study time with one of his supports from his Step Study Class.

I spent the morning cleaning Wilbur, talking to my mother and then chatting with Noela.  By that time it was 9:15 and I made an egg sandwich and fresh fruit for my breakfast.  Of course, I had to have my cup of chai.  After washing and drying the dishes, I was ready to play a game of Pop Words.

Ken was back by 10:30 and we chatted and then played 2 rounds of Hand and Foot.  Ken keeps beating me and I just don't get it!

I left at 11:45 to go to Hobby Lobby!  This week they have 50% off all Paper Studio Items which includes paper, stickers, punches, cutters, etc.  They only do this special several times a year and it is so worth checking out!  I had so much fun just taking my time walking around the entire store, but spending a lot of time in the paper crafting section.  It is only about 20 minutes from the CG but I only got back around 2.  

Ken had a relaxing time while I was gone and I appreciated that he did the vacuuming!.  We played a game of 2 handed Pinochle and he won again - enough!!!  Then I spent more time painting my coconut fish.  They are starting to have real character!

We called and talked to Bria and Cali about their 1st 2 days of school.  They are having a great time and love their teachers.  Bria really enjoys her move to the middle school.  We also talked to Lanie (Samantha and Katelyn had a friend over and couldn't talk to us)  and she said they are happy with school too. Katelyn (1st Grade) comes home a bit overwhelmed and very tired, but still enjoys it!

Ken made salads for dinner tonight and tomorrow and I cooked some long grain wild, red, and black rice.  Ken grilled chicken and we had a delicious dinner. After cleaning up, we played 2 rounds of Hand and Foot and we each won one!

Ken went back to the BR at 8 to do some reading.  I worked on this blog and watched America's Got Talent! There are are so many talented folks on that show!  We went to bed as soon as the show was over!

Ken will go to volunteer at MCC tomorrow morning and I will have more time to work on crafts.  I'm loving it!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday - Enjoying Our Time Together!

After a good night's sleep, we left the CG at 8 and stopped at home to pick-up a few items and then met John and Cindy at the pickleball courts at Rothsville at 9.  What a gorgeous morning with temperatures starting in the mid 60's (in the 50's overnight) with a nice breeze and again, very low humidity.  The winds did interfere with pickleball a bit, but it was still a very fun time.  It was good to spend time with John and Cindy for we hadn't seen them for almost 2 weeks.

From there, Ken and I went to see Jamie and just have time to hear what was going on at their home.  Today was the 1st day of school for all of our granddaughters so it gave us some alone time with Jamie!  After a nice visit, we stopped at a local fruit and produce stand and were back to the CG by 1:45.

We enjoyed lunch in Wilbur and then I recorded all of our expenses (somehow we keep spending money!) while Ken did some reading and studying.  We went for a walk around the CG and returned to Wilbur around 4.  Ken dumped the gray tank, I worked on this blog and he showered and got ready to go to CR tonight.  After showering, I decided to continue painting my coconut fish - fun for me!

He left at 6 and I made myself dinner, cleaned up, and then spent the rest of the evening painting fish while watching America Ninja Warrior.  Also had a nice phone chat with Doloris.  We are so looking forward to spending time together camping at Sea Pines near Avalon Beach in NJ.  The 4 of us will be there for 10 days in September.  Ken was back by 9 and we were in bed around 10.  

It ha been another fun and rather relaxing day!

Still can't believe all the rain and flooding in Houston.  My heart aches for all of those people.  

Sunday, August 27, 2017

What a Relaxing Day - Yeah!!!

I had a great night's sleep but Ken was awake for over an hour reading.  We left the CG at 8:30 to go to LCBC at the Manheim Campus.  It was another great service.  We did enjoy some tea and coffee at the Church's Cafe.

We drove to Wal-Mart in Palmyra, about 30 minutes, to get some needed groceries before heading back to the CG.  By then it was lunchtime and it was a gorgeous day to eat outside.  The humidity was extremely low, temperatures in the 70's, and a nice light breeze - no need for air-conditioning today.  Matter of fact, we turned on a little heat this morning as it was in the 50's.

After lunch, Ken and I played three more rounds of Hand and Foot, before I started working on this blog and he did some reading and work on his I-Pad. Then I went outside to paint coconut fish at our picnic table.  Ken did more reading.

Around 5 I put on my SAS and we went for a walk around the CG.  What a nice evening!  Upon our return, Ken grilled pork and salmon and we had leftover corn and salads (of course!).  While eating, we watched an update on the Harvey.  You can't even fathom what is happening in Houston and there is so much rain still to come.  What devastation! 

After dinner, we played 2 more games of Hand and Foot and then we called our granddaughters to wish them a great 1st day at school tomorrow.  I did a little more painting, finished this blog, and by 9 we were in bed!

I did talk to my sister today.  They just returned from a 10 day camping adventure spending most of their time in a campground with about 13 other folks near Corning, NY.  They had a great time.  We are getting together around 9 tomorrow morning to play pickleball.  We are looking forward to our time together!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday - On to Hershey CG!

Well, Ken and I went to bed so tired and would you believe at 3 one of our smoke alarms decided to let out a "wail"!  It was so loud.  At first Ken couldn't decide which one was beeping, so the noise continued.  After removing batteries from 2 different ones, we had silence.  Ken then looked for a 9 volt battery and discovered that the ones we had were about to expire.  This whole process took longer than anticipated, so needless to say, we were both wide awake - not good!

Ken read for quite awhile and I was just extremely restless.  He finally headed to the LR and did get about another hour's sleep.  I slept off and on, but it certainly wasn't peaceful.  So much for catching up on needed rest!

We were both up by 7 to watch an update on Hurricane Harvey and then we made breakfast and got ready to head to Hershey.  Of course, more loading was necessary as well as cleaning up around the apartment.  We vacuumed and I scoured the bathroom.

We left Lititz at 10, stopped for gas, and arrived at the CG a little before 11.  I did some driving around the CG looking for a site, for there were only a couple available that worked for Wilbur.  We are happy with the site we have, but we had to wait for someone to leave to get a good one.  We were totally set-up by 1 and enjoyed our lunch outside.  Had a nice time chatting with the single lady from California who is camping beside us.  This is one of our 1st adventures and she left California in January.  She doesn't plan on returning until after spending some of the winter in Florida.

Ken left at 2:15 for his Step Study Class which is about 45 minutes from the CG.  I decided to "catch up" on my blog - it really does take a lot of time!  I tried to take a nap, but naps just don't work very well for me.  I never did fall asleep.

I got up and started to prep for dinner - made salads for tonight and tomorrow, made shredded chicken barbeque, and steamed corn on the cob.  Ken returned at 5:30 and we decided to have dinner.  We ate inside, as it had cooled off quite a bit.  We played a round of Hand and Foot and then left to take a walk around the CG.  After about 1/2 hour, we stopped to visit with Neil and Nancy Savage whom we hadn't seen for quite a while.  We had a nice time chatting and "catching up on life"!

We were back to Wilbur around 10 and headed to bed.  Looking forward to a good night's sleep!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday - A Day to Regroup!

I was supposed to meet the Curvettes for breakfast, but I was just too tired to be at the restaurant by 7.  We did get up around 7 and watched the news.  By then we were hungry so we made omelettes and bowls of fresh fruit.  

After cleaning up, I put on my SAS and we went for a long walk.  It was a beautiful morning with lots of sunshine, low humidity, and temperatures in the 70's - perfect!  Upon our return, we showered and drove to Costco to pick up some needed groceries for our camping trip to Hershey!  We even had lunch there - can't beat their delicious foot long hot dogs and a refillable drink for $1.50.

After putting some of our purchases in Wilbur and the rest in the apartment, we both decided a nap was needed.  I spent at least 1 1/2 hours downloading photos from the trip with the girls and editing them.

We stopped at a local roadside stand for fruit and veggies and then went to Akron Park for our church picnic.  There was so much food including grilled chicken and hot dogs, lots of salads, and so many delicious desserts.  We left there at 6:50 to visit Dale and Vicki Zimmerman who were our wonderful neighbors before moving to our apartment.  We spent an hour "catching up" on life and then played 2 games of Hause.  We played men vs. women (of course!) and we each won a game.  We had such a good time and were so happy to spend time with them.  Dale was Ken's favorite neighbor ever!!!!

We only got home around 10:45 and decided to watch the news to get up to date on Hurricane Harvey!  How tragic and devastating for the folks in Texas.  I just can't imagine what it would be like.  We need to keep those folks in our thoughts and prayers!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Adventure at Jellystone Comes to an End Today, Thursday!

Last night Samantha decided she wanted to sleep on the sofa.  I was afraid that was a mistake, because of how much she moves in her sleep.  I told her I thought she might end up on the floor.  She said, "no problem".  

They must have been exhausted, for they are always early risers, usually around 6:15.  This morning they only came to our room around 7:35 - wow! Samantha told us that in the middle of the night she woke up on Katelyn's bed on the floor - surprise!!!  Katelyn didn't wake up and Samantha got back on the sofa and went right to sleep - hallelujah!  

It was another pancake morning, even for Grandma who had one of her favorites, pumpkin pancakes.  It was a cooler morning but sunny and perfect for eating outside.  I went inside to do the dishes and pack up things for our departure.  Ken had lots of things to do outside.  When we were all disconnected and almost completely loaded the girls asked to play one more round of mini golf.  So, we walked there and played the 18 holes.

When we returned to Wilbur, we loaded a few last minute outside things and were on our way to Lititz by noon.  Ken followed the girls and I home.  We were back to the apartment by 1, unloaded a few necessary items, put in a load of wash, and then went to Roma Pizza for lunch.  We stopped at the shop where Ken had bought my birthday present, for the girls wanted to see what other interesting wind catchers they had on display.  Then to Candyology for the girls to choose a special treat.

These girls are so special!

When we got back to the apartment we had time to play 2 or 3 rounds of Uno before leaving to take Samantha and Katelyn back home to Morgantown.  We arrived there at 3:30 and they were happy to see their Mommy.  We got to see the dresses they will wear for their 1st day of school on Monday - so cute!  

Ken and I got to Lititz at 5 and both of us were feeling extremely exhausted. I put in another load of wash. Ken took an hour nap and I relaxed by playing a couple of games of Pop Words and working on the blog.

We watched the Evening News, since we hadn't seen or heard any current events since Saturday (probably didn't miss too much that was really new) and then I put on my SAS and we went for a walk to the downtown Farmer's Market. We shared some delicious beans and rice with sauteed onions.  Then we continued our walk.  Back home and Ken had a nice chat with his sister and brother-in-law.  Dwane had surgery on Tuesday and had returned home today. He is doing well and the surgeon was very pleased with how the robotic surgery went, but they are still waiting for some pathology reports.  

I had a nice chat with my Curvette friend, Polly, and then did more work on this blog.

By 9 I was ready for bed.  We had such a good time with our granddaughters for the last 5 days and realize how exhausting it can be.  We did create wonderful memories for all of us and that is what it is all about!!!

Now I just need to sleep!!!! 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday - Our Day with Samantha and Katelyn!

During the early part of the night, we had a rather severe thunderstorm. Fortunately, Samantha and Katelyn slept right through it.  This time instead of sleeping together on the reclining sofa bed, we had one sleep on the couch without it being open and the other on a single blow up mattress on the floor. Samantha is a "mover and shaker" while sleeping and because the sofa bed is rather small, we thought this might work better for both of them.  It proved to be a good decision.

Samantha and Katelyn woke around 6:15 and Samantha suggested the two of them play Uno until 7:00 when they were allowed to come and get us up. Katelyn is so excited that Samantha will play a game with her!

At 7 they came to our bed and we all chatted.  We allowed them to play on our I-Pad and tablet while we got ready and prepped for breakfast.  It was another beautiful day, so we ate outside and then played a few more rounds of Uno.  

Ken was feeling so tired this morning, so I took the girls to the bouncy area and it was closed until 10:30.  So, they spent time on the playground and then PawPaw joined us at the go cart track.  They had so much fun once they learned how to pedal up the slight grade, but it was not an easy task.  They probably went around the track 6 or 7 times before we went back to Wilbur, changed and went to the waterpark.  

Happy Katelyn and Samantha!

Why climb the pole when you can slide down?

Samantha loved the go carts.....

and so did Katelyn once she figured out how to make it work!

It was a beautiful day to be in the water and we enjoyed going down the big slides with them and having some water gun battles.  The water guns shoot a lot of powerful water, some like torpedoes.  For us older folks, it can be rather exhausting, but we certainly enjoy their laughter and smiles while we were "soaked"!

Water gushes from the tower about every 5 minutes when the
warning whistle blows!

Grandma helped Samantha get the splash
"tower" to work!

Samantha loved just swimming around the pool!

The water shoots out of the geyser and goes higher
than anything in the waterpark!

We went back to Wilbur for a late lunch before returning to the waterpark around 2:45.  After about an hour of playing we were ready for a snack and ice cream seemed to be the treat of choice.  When we finished eating, the girls got their bag of mining "dirt" and then went to the mining area where they sifted through it to find their "gems".  Then it was time for a round of miniature golf that went very well.  PawPaw and the girls went back to the waterpark for about an hour.  I returned to Wilbur to shower and start prepping for dinner.

Sifting the "gems" out of the mining dirt!
Yogi Bear was at the mini golf course!

The Happy Golfers!

Cindy Bear was there too!!!!

Upon their return, the girls showered and then played outside while PawPaw made chicken on the grill and started a campfire.  We also had mac and cheese and corn.  Of course, we had to have s'mores!  It just has to be on the menu when you are camping.  Whoever decided to create square marshmallows and single square graham crackers was a genius.  Nothing like a marshmallow that is actually the size and shape of the cracker.

We played a few more hands of Uno outdoors by way of lantern light before walking to the pool area where there was a DJ dance party.  Samantha becomes quite the dancer when there is music playing and most of it is rather interpretive.  She has the most "amazing" moves and no inhibitions!  It is fun to watch her.  Unfortunately we didn't have a camera with us to take photos.  They would have been fantastic!!!  We walked to the flagpole outside the Ranger Station to wait in line for the glow hayride.  Each child got a glow necklace and we all got on a hay wagon pulled by a tractor.  It took about a 25 minute ride around the CG and whenever we saw campers sitting outside we yelled "Hey"! The girls really enjoyed the ride.  They even got to see the big dipper.  These old folks were rather happy when the ride ended because we had to sit with our knees close to our chin (very crowded) and the hay wagon had metal wheels with no rubber.  Definitely not the most comfortable ride for this lady's back!

We only got back to Wilbur around 9:45 (fortunately we had made up their beds before we left), for they were so tired.  We were too!  I was thankful we got on the 1st wagons that took the ride (there were 2 each trip!)  The staff at the CG said they we probably have to go at least 3 times so everyone could have a ride!

We were all asleep very quickly after a very fun filled day!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

All 4 Granddaughters with Us at Jellystone on Tuesday!

Cali came to our bed around 6:45, probably because both Ken and I got up at 6:15 to go to the bathroom.  We had a nice time chatting.  We all went to the LR to wake up Bria around 7:15.  

Ken and I worked together making the girls favorite breakfast, pancakes topped with whipped cream and then a bowl of fresh fruit.  It was a beautiful morning and we were able to eat outside.  About the time we finished, Lanie arrived with Samantha and Katelyn. Now PawPaw and Grandma have 4 children to keep busy and entertained!  Let the fun continue!

Lanie only stayed a short time and then the 4 girls enjoyed playing outside.  I took the 4 of them to the bouncy area but unfortunately it only opened at 10:30, which was an hour away.  So, they spent time on the playground before we went back to Wilbur to change into our bathing suits.  PawPaw had come by in time to take some photos!

What a special group of ladies!

I don't think that is how that piece of equipment works, Katelyn!

That's more like it!

Cali and Katelyn love to pose for pictures!

We convinced Samantha, who doesn't like playing games to try Uno with all of us.  She reluctantly agreed and discovered that she really enjoyed it!

We had so much fun playing Uno!

All of us, including PawPaw left again around 10:45 and went back to the bounce area where the girls had a fun time together, but it was very hot in the sunshine and we headed to the pool a little after 11.  

Cali was the highest jumper!

These 4 girls love being together!

Katelyn did well too!

....and there goes Samantha!

The waterpark is such a wonderful, fun and entertaining area for the girls.  We had water battles, went down the big slides, and just had fun! 

Bria is quite the Lady!

The youngest, Katelyn, manages very well
to keep up with the other girls!

Cali liked going down on her stomach!

...the others liked that position too!

Then they enjoyed all coming down at the same time!

At 12:45 we went to Wilbur and ate lunch outside!  After cleaning up we all went back to the waterpark.

Back to the waterpark!  PawPaw and Grandma are trying to keep up!

Grandma took her turn too!

Atl 2:15 when we headed to the ice cream shop for an afternoon treat.  Ken returned to Wilbur to shower and started a campfire while I enjoyed another hour with the girls in the water. 

Sitting on the Ranger Station gliding chairs made the ice cream
taste even better!

We joined Ken at Wilbur and Bria, Cali, and I showered while Sam and Katelyn played outside.  We all cooked hot dogs over the campfire and had delicious corn on the cob.  Then it was time for our special treat - s'mores! 

Looks like they are having a great time - not!!!!!  

We loaded the car with all of Bria and Cali's "things" and Ken drove them to meet Dane's mother, Sue, who is keeping them overnight until Dane and Jamie return from California very early tomorrow morning.  They had to rearrange their return flight since BMI and DC airports had cancelled all their flights for this afternoon and early evening!  What a mess!

I cleaned up from dinner and then Samantha and Katelyn showered.  When PawPaw returned we were outside playing Uno, so he joined us.  Samantha discovered there is a card game she really enjoys playing - YES! 

We went inside around 8:00 and all watched some of America's Got Talent! They were asleep by 9.  I got a call from our good friends Chuck and Melissa and we chatted for about 45 minutes.  It was wonderful to reconnect with them. They have been renting a property in The Villages in Florida since mid May and are really enjoying their time there.  We are planning to connect with them for 3 or 4 days when we head to Florida right after Thanksgiving.  It will be so good to see them.

This has been another great day with our granddaughters!

Pictures will be posted later, I promise!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday - Our 1st Full Day at Jellystone!

Bria and Cali awoke around 6:30 but stayed in bed to read and play my handheld Yahtzee game which they learned to play yesterday.  They really enjoy it!

By 7:15 we were all up and about and the girls played games while we got ready and made breakfast.  Grandma did her special pancake breakfast and PawPaw got all the fresh fruit ready.  It was a great morning to eat outside.  

After cleaning up, we played some more Uno and then I put on my SAS and we went for a walk around the CG.  It is very large and I think I counted about 80 log cabins that are available for rent throughout the season.  Ken sat at the bouncy area watching the girls while did more walking.

Cali gets so high when bouncing!

Bria did well too!

How about some flips?

By then it was time for the waterpark to open, so we headed back to Wilbur to change into our suits, lather with suntan lotion and go to the water area.  It is such a fun place with so many powerful water guns and cannon like "things" as well as 2 large water slides.  The 4 of us had water battles and the girls had a great time going down the water slides over 25 times.  Ken and I participated some of the time, but we also just enjoyed watching them.

Water squirting and splashing everywhere!

Ken and I were on the bottom "shooting" water on Bria and
Cali.  I think it was a tie!

Right now they might be winning!

We returned to Wilbur for lunch and then it was back to the water area.  After another "fierce" water battle, we decided to play a round of mini golf and then we deserved another ice cream treat.  Ken took the girls back to the waterpark and I went to Wilbur to shower and start prepping for dinner.

Yogi was overseeing our game!

They were back by 5:45 and everyone showered before we had a delicious dinner of grilled chicken and fresh corn on the cob.  We were able to enjoy eating outside.  They also enjoyed playing the ball tossing game I had brought along.

What a great campsite.  So spacious and well shaded!

By then it was 6:45 and time to head to Bingo where the prizes were candy bars.  PawPaw stayed back to clean-up and then joined us later.  Fortunately we won 1 time and the prize was 6 bars of candy!  Of course, we had to try some of them.

The girls wanted to go to do more bouncing, so we watched them until the area was closed down at dusk.  Next activity - a laser hay ride around the park.  It was a fun thing to do and everytime you passed a site where people were outside we all yelled "hay"!  (Get it????)

We were back to Wilbur by 9:30 and as soon as the sofa was made into the girl's bed, we all called it a day.  The girls were asleep almost immediately.  I worked on this blog and then was sooooo ready for a good nights sleep.  It has been a fun day but rather exhausting for the "old folks"!

Looking forward to the arrival of Samantha and Katelyn around 9 AM tomorrow. The 4 cousins will have so much fun together.  Bria and Cali will be leaving after dinner to tomorrow night and Samantha and Katelyn will be with us until Thursday, that way all of them have equal time with Grandma and PawPaw.

We felt fortunate that we didn't get any rain today.  In Lititz they had bad storms with heavy rain.  So glad it missed us!  We were too busy having fun!

Again it is too late to add photos!  I will do that when I am not so tired!!!!!