Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Arrived at Circle M in Millersville!

Ken and I were up by 7 and he took several trips to Waldo loading a few more items.  After a quick breakfast, we drove to Root's Market to get some fresh fruit and veggies to take on our camping trip!  When we are at home, I would like to make a weekly trip to Roots.  Love their bargains on delicious fruits.

Back home by 9:45 and thought we should wait until about 10:15 to leave.  I decided to get some jewelry supplies together in case it rains tonight and I am looking for something to do!  My sister called and we had a nice conversation, catching up on their camping trip this past weekend at Gettysburg Farm and on our families and Mom and Dad.  By 10:45 we were on our way Millersville.  Because the CG is only about 1/2 hour from Lititz, Ken just followed me in Waldo.

We were very fortunate to get site C-6, which is fairly level ad a 3 point hook-up.  We could not believe how full the CG is for a Tuesday, but maybe because it is the week of July 4th.  We had decided to get here a day before the little ones, so we could get set-up and have everything ready for their arrival.  We probably needed some time to relax and rest before all the activity begins!

There were many severe storms and tornado watches around the area, but fortunately, they all went around us.  We only had a few "sprinkles".  We took 2 short walks around the CG and then ate dinner outside.  I had a nice chat with Doloris and it appears that it may be difficult to get a chance to camp together before September.  We miss our fun camping times!

Ken and I were excited to watch the World Cup Women's Soccer this evening. We were able to get FOX using our antenna.  What a game!  We did get some rain during the game, but not the severe storms they had been predicting!  We were thrilled that the USA won 2 to 0.  Then we watched America's Got Talent!  Some people are so talented and others are just crazy!!!

Looking forward to having Bria and Cali with us tomorrow and Thursday.  Sam and Katelyn will join us on Thursday morning and then Bria and Cali will leave after dinner.  That will give the 4 of them a whole day to be together at the indoor waterpark!    

Monday, June 29, 2015

A Nice Week in the Lititz Area!

It feels good to be back in Lititz and enjoying our families and the area. Whenever possible we eat all of our meals on our balcony.  Feels like vacation!! The only down side has been my back which has been sore ever since we returned and Ken who keeps having issues with his heel.  Could it be something about the area or is it that we will both turn 65 within the next three months? Medicare is right around the corner!  Hard for us to believe!

Monday I decided it was time to start doing the exercises I had gotten from a local chiropractor and to make it a goal to walk everyday.  Let the fun begin!!! Ken went for part of the walk, but his heel was just too sore.  We did stop part way through our trek to sit outside a local coffee shop and have a chai.  Did have a nice chat with Melissa and we talked about our fall camping schedules. We hope to spend a lot of it being together!   

On Tuesday, we took a walk and enjoyed breakfast on the balcony.  Then we headed to Root's Market where we bought lots of fruits and veggies at such reasonable prices.  After lunch I followed Ken and Waldo to Good's Glass Shop about 15 miles from our apartment.  Waldo will soon get a new windshield. I made some jewelry, finally, and Ken, as his request, made dinner.  What a guy! We had a relaxing evening.

Wednesday was a gorgeous less warm and humid day.  I had to go for a walk without Ken - his foot was just too sore.  After breakfast on the "veranda", I headed to Park City and Marshall's to do some clothing shopping.  Ken met me at lunchtime and then we went to a 2:00 appt. to discuss Medicare supplements.  I can't believe we are old enough to be talking about this.  

After exercises, a walk, and breakfast on the balcony on Thursday morning, I left to pick-up my mother at Masonic Homes and take her to the shops of her choice for the day.  It was nice to spend the day with her including sharing a good lunch.  I was home by 4.  Ken had an appointment with a podiatrist and he got a steroid shot in his heel.  Hopefully it will be better in a week or so.  He will go back in three weeks and possibly get one more shot!  He really misses being able to take walks.  That evening it started to rain, but swim meets are "on" unless there is thunder and lightning.  So, we spent 2 hours watching our little "guppies" swim.  They are doing so well and really enjoying it!

Friday I left home at 7 to have breakfast with my Planeteers friends.  We all went to Curves early mornings 3x per week, some of us for 10 years, and when they closed in our area, they joined Planet Fitness.  Hence, the new name!  Because of all the traveling Ken and I do, I decided not to join, but fortunately, they include me for Friday morning breakfasts when I am home.  I always have fun spending time with them.   When I got home, I went for my walk, stopping at a Re-use-it shop to see if they had anything of interest.  I left empty handed. We called Chuck to sing Happy Birthday!  He is such a "youngin".  Ken and I both spent the rest of the day at home with Ken working on the computer and I made some new types of earrings.  I wanted to make some homemade greeting cards, but got a bit frustrated trying to find patterned paper that matched.  I sold so much of my inventory of paper when we moved, so I decided to save that creativity until I get some new paper.  We spent the evening relaxing and I went to McDonald's to get us a hot fudge sundae.  We had done well with our eating all week, and decided it was time for a treat!!

Saturday was a very rainy day and of course, the perfect weather for another swim meet in the morning.  We were there to support Bria and Cali and I think we may have gotten as wet as they did!  It really poured!  We went home for lunch and then spent the afternoon playing Pinochle with my parents.  We always have a fun time when the men play against the women.  It was a victory for the women, but I am so thrilled that Dad is able to play just as well as he did before his critical illness.  We left there to have dinner with our couples card club and then an evening of card playing.  It was so good to see all of them again!  We only got home around midnight!

After church on Sunday, we went to breakfast with our small support group. Good to see them too!  The rest of the day was spent at home except for my walk.  I did make a list of planned meals and groceries needed for our camping trip this coming week with all the granddaughters.  We will be going to Circle M so they can enjoy the indoor waterpark.

Today we left early to get groceries at Wal-Mart on our way to pick up Waldo with his new windshield.  Hallelujah!  Good to have Waldo back home.  We loaded somethings and then I went to Costco while Ken had lunch with Kevin. Then we spent more time loading and doing some clean-up at the apartment. Ken made dinner (he wanted to) while I "played" and cleaned up my craft space.  We ate on the balcony and then I finally made a greeting card.  Spent the rest of the evening on this blog and watching American Ninja Warrior.  We both enjoy that show!

Tomorrow Ken and I will go to Circle M and get set-up before the little ladies arrive! It will be a wonderful time, but it will also be exhausting for Grandma and PaPa! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Special Father's Day!!!!

The phone rang while we were getting ready to go to Church.  Ken answered and it was Bria wishing him a Happy Father's Day!  Then she asked if we would join them for breakfast/lunch after Church this morning along with her Mimi and PopPop!  He said yes right away.  (Bria could get PaPa to do anything, for she just melts his heart!

We were excited to see the members of our Life Group at Church and reconnecting with them.  They are such special group and we offer a strong support for each other.  After Church, our family went to a local restaurant where Jamie and Dane treated all of us to a delicious and fun breakfast.

We were home by 12:15, loaded the cooler with drinks and food, and were at the Polo Field about 10 minutes from our apartment by 1.  Jamie's family and Mimi and PopPop came too.  What a delightful afternoon.  Polo is so relaxing and just fun!  It costs $5.00 per person to get in and they play music, have an announcer, and the game itself is very entertaining.  You can bring any alcoholic beverages and food you desire and enjoy eating and drinking while watching the game.  Not too many places where you can spend a Sunday afternoon watching a polo match. 

A goal is scored!

There are usually 4 polo players on a team and they play on such
a beautiful grass, level field!

In between the "chukkers" you go out and stomp the divets!

Not that one, Grandma!!!!!

Bria and Cali love walking up to see and feed the horses carrots before and after the match.  The players are happy to chat and allow you to enjoy "visiting" the horses.

Bria and Cali enjoyed petting the horses before the match!

Mild mannered Toby was their favorite!

Bria eventually liked feeding them carrots.

Then the owner of Toby gave Bria some horsey cookies to feed him!
Cali prefers to not to get that close!

PaPa got in on the action.  One of the handlers of Toby said he
would take the carrot from your mouth.  PaPa gave it a try!


One of the spectators gave us some large carrots to feed the horses!

Ken and I were back home by 7 and both of us were rather tired.  We watched alittle TV and I worked on this blog before calling it a day fairly early.

I just want to share some of my thoughts on fathers.  My dad is one amazing, tough WWII Marine.  Not a very emotional man nor a man of many words, but his strength of character, contentment with life, and his positive attitude no matter what obstacles have confronted him are amazing to me and traits I would love to possess.  He has lived without a bladder for 20 years and was told when they removed his that they would give him 5 years.  (He never shared that fact with any of us!)   He had throat cancer in the 80's and prostate cancer after his bladder was removed.  Over the last 20 years he has had numerous trips to the hospital, several where we were almost certain he wouldn't survive.   One of those stays he was on a ventilator for 3 or 4 days.  But, he has never once complained about his situation or been fearful of the future.  He is just thankful for each and everyday.  Life has not been easy for my dad from his teen years on, but he says he is one very fortunate man.  Thanks, Dad, for being such a good example!

Then there is the love of my life, Ken.  We have been married since 1969 and our love just keeps on growing.  He is a very positive influence in my life and always see the bright side of almost every circumstance.  He has been a shining example of a tremendous father figure for our daughters and the same as a PaPa for our 4 granddaughters.  They all love and admire him so much.  We have shared so many wonderful times together throughout our married life and since his retirement in 2013, the adventures just keep getting better and better.  I am so blessed to have all of these years to share with this unbelievable man.  He makes each day special and continues to support, uplift, and let me know I am loved each day.  Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Our Last Three Days - BUSY!

Thursday was the day we got to see Jamie's family and "catch up" on a few things.  In the morning we actually took a walk around Lititz, got Waldo ready to go to the storage place, and were on our way to Jamie's house by 12:30.  We drove to Jamie's house separately, parking Waldo in front of their house.  Bria and Cali loved getting in Waldo and looking at our photos and pins we bought on our West Trip.  We were so excited to see them and spend time checking out their rooms and playing games.  We are so blessed.

After getting Waldo in his level, well-stoned spot at the storage area we stopped at a local produce stand for fresh fruits and veggies.  The strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are so delicious and we are so grateful to have so many roadside stands for buying garden fresh veggies and fruits in Lancaster County.

That evening we went to Bria and Cali's swim meet in a nearby town.  It is amazing to see how much they have improved in the last 2 months.  Both of them are strong competitors and love being part of the team.  They continually improve their times.

Cali lost her front tooth at the swim meet.  Earlier in the day
it was soooo loose and she was obsessed with it falling out.  So
glad it happened before her swimming events this evening!

They may be small but Bria and Cali are mighty swimmers!!!!

Friday I was able to me my Planeteers (formerly the Curvettes) for breakfast. So good to see all of them again.  We had a nice time chatting and "catching up" on life.  Ken had breakfast with his friend, Gary.  Then we both did some errands and by 2:30 we drove 40 minutes to visit Lanie and her family.  Katelyn and Samantha were playing at their water table and running through the sprinkle when we arrived.  Again, it is so great to reconnect with family.  Lanie and Bob made a great dinner and we had so much fun spending time with their family.  Again, we are so blessed.
Katelyn did well not getting us wet with her squirt gun, but I
think she really wanted to!
Katelyn loves running through the sprinkler!

Sam too!!!!

Saturday, we took a walk and then Ken went to another swim meet.  I decided I needed to stay home and do some clean-up and work on Katelyn's scrapbook pages that should have been done for her birthday in April.  I am almost finished with the twelve 12 x 12 pages, but it is rather time consuming.  I enjoy doing it, but fining the time to do it is the biggest challenge.

We spent the afternoon visiting with my parents at Masonic Homes.  Dad has been in his room except for going to the dining room since he returned there Friday, a week ago.  So, Ken brought him to mom's room on a wheelchair for a change of scenery.  He really wanted to play Pinochle and we thought it would be a good thing for stimulating his mind and memory.  Well, there is no longer any doubt about his mental capacity!  Ken and Dad won 2 our of 3 games and Dad was as sharp as ever!  So thankful that he is doing so well and recovering so rapidly.  Dad told Ken on the way back to his room that it was a GOOD day!

Doesn't Dad look great for 91 and all that he has recently
gone through concerning his health.  He is one tough Marine!!!!

In the evening Fred and Doloris came by and we sat on our balcony having margaritas and visiting.   We were so happy to see them and we also discussed the dates for some possible camping trips this summer. Then we went to La Piazzo for a delicious light dinner, returning to the apartment to play Skip-Bo and Pinochle.  It was a victorious night for the men. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 68 - We Arrived At Our Apartment in Lititz!

Well, today officially ended our western adventure.  We were up at 7 and by 8:30 Ken and I and Cindy and John were leaving Hershey Preserve to head to our homes.  It was only a 40 minutes drive, so I drove the car home instead of towing it behind Waldo.

We were home by 9:10 and the work began.  How quickly you can get back to reality.  We backed Waldo into the apartment parking lot and thus began the work of unloading.  Did we really have this much "stuff" with us for our trip out west?????  It is amazing how many trips you make when unloading.  We have gotten smarter and load the CRV with things and then drive up the parking lot and unload in front of our apartment.  We do live in a 2nd floor apartment, so it is a bit more tiring then just going right in the front door.  We had most everything inside before lunch and I also started doing laundry.  

After lunch, we drove to Costco to stock up on some food items.  When we returned I continued doing more laundry.  Ken stopped by the Post Office to have our mail delivery started.  Then we went to my friend Polly's house to drop off the bikes and the bike rack.  She is so kind and allows us to store them in her basement along with just a few other items.  Thanks so much, Polly!  When we returned we took the washed sheets and towels back to Waldo and I cleaned the refrigerator.  By now we were both so tired!  The last week has been rather crazy and I hope we can take it a bit slower tomorrow.  We shall see!!!!!

Ken, the great guy he is, offered to make salads and some pulled chicken sandwiches for dinner while I "caught up" on my blog.  I really appreciated his making dinner.  He cleaned up too!  He sure knows how to spoil me!

We spent the evening watching some TV and just relaxing.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 67 - Time to Relax at Hershey Preserve!

Ken and I were up at 7 after a good night's sleep.  All that driving had caught up with us.  We got ready, made a cooked breakfast and headed towards the pickleball courts.  We decided to take a short walk around the part of the CG where Neil and Nancy Savage often stay when they are at this CG.  Sure enough we spotted their Redwood.  Imagine their surprise when we knocked on their door.  They had no idea we were here at the CG.  We went inside and chatted for about 45 minutes.  They were so welcoming and we were excited to see them.

We headed to the pickleball courts, which they just resurfaced.  They are great! There was 1 gal teaching 3 people how to play, but no one else.  Ken and I hit back a forth and then Cindy and John came by.  John joined us, but had never played before.  We hit around and then played some games of 2 on 1.  We had a good time.  Cindy and I hit some balls, but she didn't do any moving.  She is still having struggles with the hip that she had surgery on in November and then foot problems from all the weight that was on that foot while her hips was healing.  It is like "robbing Peter to pay Paul".  Hopefully all that pain and then total healing will be behind her.  She was a good tennis player and wants so badly to get on the pickleball court!

We were back to Waldo by 11 and Ken made some phone calls while I did some work on the blog.  We ate a light lunch and then I headed to the pool with Cindy and John.  Ken took an hour nap and then relaxed outside, reading.  I was at the pool from 1 to 3 and then returned to Waldo to shower and do some more relaxing.  

We sat outside and ask each other what we see us doing as far as travel the next year.  So, we had fun comparing what each of us sees as possibilities for the future.  About that time, Melissa returned my call and we left them know that we would like to do more extensive trips with them if they have an interest. Chuck said just let us know where and when.  We shall see where our RV's take us!!!!!

Ken and John grilled while Cindy and I got the rest of the food ready for dinner.  We ate in Harvey!  After dinner and following clean-up, Neil and Nancy stopped by for a short time to say hello and to chat.  They had been away all day weren't able to "hang out with us".  After they left, we played Up the River and Skip-Bo and had a fun time.

A beautiful sky from the door of Waldo!

Fun playing games with Cindy and John in Waldo!

They left around 10:45 and we did some clean-up in preparation for tomorrow's departure to our apartment in Lititz.  I'm still not quite ready to go home but Ken reminds me it is time!!!! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 66 - Heading to Hershey Preserve!

Ken and I were up at 5:45 and on all hooked up and on Interstate 81 by 6:30.  Time to head to PA.  We stopped at 2 rest stops, one time to go through the gears on the CRV and 1 gas stop where we made our lunches and ate on the drive.  

So nice to see all the greenery in VA and PA!

Note the little "prism" coloring on our broken windshield!

A very pretty drive along Interstate 81!

Yes, you could really see the fog in the distance!

I talked to our daughter, Lanie, while we were on the road and they had a great time in Chicago, celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary.  (Can we really have a daughter old enough to be married 15 years????).  Their 2 daughters stayed with Bob's sister in Michigan from Thurs. to Saturday so they could have some time alone.  A nice break for Lanie and Bob.

We drove 371 miles, arriving at Hershey Preserve around 1:45.  We decided to camp here until Wednesday, since my sister and her husband will be here until Wednesday, too.  We thought it would be fun to surprise them.

It is a bit hard to see, but out of Ken's window is the
skyline of PA's capital, Harrisburg!
Their car wasn't here when we set-up across from them, so we headed to Masonic Homes, about a 1/2 hour away to visit my parents.  They were so surprised to see us.  Dad's looking great, but you can tell he is frail and tired.  His mind was fine, but he had to think and spoke more slowly when talking to us.  I think he just needs some time to regain his strength.  He goes to the dining hall for his meals and can eat without help.  They are giving him physical and occupational therapy and they seemed to be of great benefit.  He is hoping he can soon ride on his "electric chair" and go outside.  Patience will be be difficult for him.

We visited about 1 1/4 hours and then headed back to the CG.  Ken and I decided we really wanted to throw Cindy and John "off guard" so I called to ask if she had an update on Dad.  When she said no I told her I would call Mom and then let Cindy know how he was doing.  She asked if we were close to home and I said fairly close.  Then she asked where and I said not far away.  I could hardly hold back the laughter.  When we got to the CG Ken got out of the car to talk to the gate attendant and who pulls up behind us but Cindy and John.  John said, "That looks like Ken".  Then the laughter and hugs began.  Cindy had said to John when we finished our phone conversation, "That was a strange phone call.  She didn't want me to know where they are.  I think they are back in Lititz, but don't want anyone to know".  

The 4 of us sat outside chatting and catching up on the last 2 months.  Then we each had dinner, cleaned up, and got together to play Pinochle.  Good to be together!

Ken and I decided to stay at Hershey for these 2 nights so we could gradually get back to reality!  When you have been on the road all but 4 weeks so far this year, it is hard to get back to a so called "normal routine".  You have to go slowly!  We will return to Lititz around lunch time on Wedesday!

No pictures today.  Sorry!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 65 - A 2 Day Stay at Fort Chiswell RV At Exit 80 Off Interstate 81 in VA

After talking to our high school classmate, Stu Shenk, we decided to stay an extra day here at Fort Chiswell RV so we could hear him play music today at the Blue Ridge Music Center this afternoon and then go to dinner with him and his wife, Susie!

We were up and about by 7:15 and Ken made us a great cooked breakfast while I got ready.  He worked on the computer and spent time hooking up our Rand McNally GPS to our computer to get a LARGE update.  We hadn't updated it since we bought it 1 year ago and it took lots of memory!  Our other GPS quite working, so we had to pull out this RV Rand McNally one.  We had been very disappointed with it when we bought it, but we thought we would give it another chance.  It seems to be working well, but I still don't find it the most user friendly!

Then it was time for a haircut for Ken, so hairstylist, Bonnie, went to work.  He looks like a new man!!!!!  I decided Waldo needed a good cleaning, so that was my project for the rest of the morning.

After lunch, we left to go to the Blue Ridge Music Center, about 40 minutes from the CG.  We spent some of that time driving on the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.  It was created in the depression days of the 1930's, and was the nation's first rural parkway.  Standards for road design and engineering were pioneered here.  It is also the nation's longest parkway stretching 469 miles to connect the Shenandoah National Park in VA with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in NC.  Talked to Doloris back home and we had a nice chat.  We are looking forward to some camping trips with them this summer and fall.

We arrived at the Center at 2:00 and we all recognized each other right away.  It is a very informal music "jam session" and all the "listeners" got the story of why we were there, how long it has been since we have seen each other, some funny stories about our growing up years in school, etc.  We had such a good time.  Stu plays both the fiddle and banjo and is quite accomplished at both.  He plays there every Sunday afternoon and the other musicians can vary week to week, but I think there is usually a "core group".

This is our high school friend, Stu Shenk,
well known in this area for his banjo and
fiddle playing!

It was a foursome when we got there!

Later, 2 more joined the group. 
The other fiddle player was so good.  I am also amazed how
these players need no music.  Just give them a key for starting
the song, and off they go!

Stu is also a great fiddle player.  He learned
to play the fiddle in West Virginia, where they
hold it this way instead of under their chin.
That is for more "uppity" players who play the
violin, or so they say in West Virginia!

Quite a nice setting for listening to their music!  So glad it was
in a shaded area, for it was a very hot day!

His wife, Susie, got there around 3:45 and it was so good to see her again too. None of us had been together since about 1979, so we had a lot of "catching up" to do.  The 4 of us went to a local restaurant and had a very nice meal with plenty of conversation.  We said our good-byes around 7:15 and we were back to the CG by 8.  What a special day!  Thanks so much, Stu and Susie, for spending time with us.  We had a great time!

It is always special to meet up with friends from your past!

Ken disconnected things outside while I prepared the inside for an early departure tomorrow.  I had a nice, long conversation with Melissa.  It is hard to imagine but they are in Tennessee already and only have about 80 more miles to drive to get to her mother in Nashville.  They are such "road warriors" driving 560 miles one day and over 600 the next.  I told her we had dealt the cards for Pinochle and they never showed up!!!!  We miss our nightly card games!

Ken had a long chat with his brother, Paul, who had called for an update on my father and to ask about our trip.  We could go on and on and on about our special trip.  It was beyond our greatest expectations!

Also talked to my sister today regarding our Dad.  She had visited him and today he was not confused at all.  They had great conversations.  He knows at times he is "not all there" and it bothers him.  He is not sure what is actually fact and what is fiction.  She told him to not be concerned about the past, but just concentrate on the future and getting well.  Good advice, sis!!!!

We went to bed by 10:30 and hope to be on the road by 6:30 tomorrow morning!  PA here we come!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 64 - Left Tennessee and Into Virginia

Ken and I were up around 6:30 and slowly got ready to depart.  We spent some time talking with Lois and then we said our good-byes and went to the end of her street and hooked up the CRV.  We were on our way by 8.  Talked to Nancy and Neil Savage asking them about CG's they had stayed at along Route 81.   They were extremely helpful and we had a nice talk. 

Lois is such a capable lady.  She is a widow since 2007 and she
drives a 40/foot motorhome towing a car and also has a
large Harley.  Quite the lady!!!!  She built this house after the
unexpected death of her husband and she was the general contractor!

I realized that the CG we planned to stop at tonight, Fort Chiswell RV, is about 38 miles from a friend we graduated with from High School in 1968.  We haven't seen Stu and his wife, Susie, since 1978 and we decided I would go on line and see if I could find an address or phone number for them.  It took a lot of searching, but eventually I was successful.  I left a message and we waited to hear from them.

I got a call from my sister and she was so excited.  Dad got dressed this morning and actually went to breakfast in the dining hall via is electric wheelchair.  Then the physical therapist had him do some exercises and he was able to fully extend his arms and lift his feet off the floor - what a change.  Cindy and Mom said it is a miracle!

I also left a message for Melissa today to see how everything was going on their drive back to Tennessee!.  We never did connect but I will talk to her soon!

We stopped at a Flying J for gas and they just "happened" to have a Denny's.  So another shared Grand Slam for Ken and me.  We continued on and drove 300 miles, getting off Interstate 81 at exit 80 and only going about a 1/2 mile to the Fort Chiswell CG.  We got a fairly level pull thru site with cable, 50 amp, W&E, and free WIFI for 34.75.  Not a bad deal and we were so tired we were just thrilled to be able to stop for the day.  It was 3 when we arrived, but we had gained an hour on this drive.  Our bodies keep trying to adapt to all these time changes!

Soon after we were set-up, our classmate Stu called and he is a mountain usic group and will be playing about 1 hour from here tomorrow.  So, Ken and I will stay an extra day so we can hear him play and have dinner with him and his wife, Susie.  We are so looking forward to seeing them and catching up on the last 35+ years.  

Then I got a call from my mother.  She was so thrilled with how good Dad was this morning, but when she went to his room late this afternoon, he seemed to be somewhat confused again.  We are hoping he is just tired and needs some time to "reconnect" to being back to Masonic Homes.  It seems like he may have tried to do too much today.  

Ken and I had dinner and cleaned up.  Then he watched the World News while I went outside and read.  Later we took a walk around the CG.  It is a beautiful evening with milder temperatures and a nice breeze.  Ken had a long talk with Melissa.  They were still driving, doing about 600 miles today.  They are "road warriers".   Ken talked to his buddy and our friends, Dave Horst.  When we are in Florida, Dave and Sharon take us out on their boat to some rather remote islands where we find incredible shells.  We always have a such a wonderful time with them.

Ken did prep work for breakfast (he just loves doing it) and we went to bed fairly early.  We are looking forward to a relaxing morning and a day with very little driving!  We need it!!!! 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 63 - Spending the Night Near Cookeville Tennessee!

Ken and I were up at 6:15 and on our way by 7.  We spent almost the entire day driving on Interstate 41 through the 2nd half of Arkansas and then about 2/3's of Tennessee.  We felt fortunate during our drive for we went around Memphis and Nashville with very little delay, but both cities were rather busy.

Yet another state to add to our map in Waldo!

The skyline of Memphis!

We think this may be some kind of sports complex sponsored by
Bass Pro Shops, but we aren't certain!

St. Jude's Children Hospital founded by Danny Thomas
that is located in Memphis!

The skyline of downtown Nashville!

Yesterday Ken got a comment on his Facebook from Lois Wheatley Howard, a fellow RVer we had met about 2 years ago at Hershey Preserve on the Pickleball court.  She said she lives about 10 miles off of Interstate 40 in Cookeville, TN and if we have the time and need a place to park Waldo for the night, we are welcome to stop by her home, park in her driveway, and hook-up to her water and 50 amp service.  What a great offer!  So I gave her a call and said we would love to stop by this evening and spend the night.  She e-mailed me directions from Interstate 40 to her home and the rest is "history".  

We stopped for gas around 9 and there just happened to a Denny's, our favorite place to have breakfast, at the Flying J.  We decided we should share the pick you own Grand Slam.  What a treat!  Back on the road stopping at 2 rest stops and one more time for gas.  We made sandwiches in Waldo and ate while traveling.

We arrived at Lois' home around 3:30 after driving 442 miles and it was so good to see her again.  What a gracious hostess.  This is just one of the many reasons we love RVing.  You meet the nicest folks!  Of course, when we arrived the CRV would not start and Lois came to the rescue and we were able to "jump it" from her CRV.  By the time we were set-up we both needed showers and at 5:30 we were sitting in the screened porch in her home.  What a beautiful home and wonderful location. 

What a great place to park Waldo and share time with a
special fellow Rver!

After spending time sharing camping adventures and catching up on mutual acquaintances, we left around 6:45 and she drove us around Cookeville to see the Tennessee Tech Campus and some of the beautiful homes in the area.  We had dinner at Cheddars and Rachel, our waitress was unbelievable.  She was so vibrant and such a joy!  Her sister, Hannah, worked there too and she came to our table to meet us since Rachel had told her how special we were and that she had to check us out!  What a hoot!  Spending time with Lois and meeting Rachel and Hannah made this one special evening.

Bonnie, Rachel, the waitress, and Lois, our RVing friend!

We got back to Waldo at 9 and we were tired.  We called it a night and will see Lois before we leave in the morning.

An update on my dad.  He actually left the hospital late this afternoon and returned to his room at Masonic Homes.  Mom said he looks great and is so glad to be "home".  His confusion is gone and he no longer has the shakes - what an amazing improvement!

I also talked to Melissa today and they left the Canyonlands and are on their way back to Tennessee.  It's a shame we will be out of Tennessee by the time they get back.  We could have had a "fix" with the Gregorys until we meet up again!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 62 - Leaving Oklahoma and Heading Towards Arkansas!

Well, we got to add another state to our US map after spending the night in Oklahoma - yes Chuck we spent another night in a new state!!!!  We were awake early, but I didn't get up till 6:30. We have had too many early mornings and long days and I needed a bit of a "beauty" rest!

We decided to take a short walk around some of Red Rock Canyon SP before having an easy prep breakfast.  We stopped to dump our gray tank at the exit to the SP and hooked up our CRV.  We were leaving the park by 8:30 and then stopped for gas.

It really is a lovely place to stay!

After some debate and checking the weather in several cities, we decided to take Interstate 40 and then Interstate 81 to PA.  We think it will be more scenic and will have no tolls compared to Route 44 and then Interstate 70.  I guess time will tell if we made the right decision, but I think it will be a more enjoyable drive.

We drove along the outskirts of Oklahoma City, another rather busy area where Ken had to stay very focused.

The skyline of downtown Oklahoma City!

Not sure what this "funky thing" was off the overpass?!?!?

We stopped to get gas early in our travels, at the Visitor's Center when we entered Arkansas, and then stopped at a Subway for lunch.  I spent a lot of time searching for a CG while we were driving and we finally decided on a KOA at North Little Rock.  It is a good CG for an overnight stay, since we have a long level site and we could keep the CRV attached.  We had driven 384 miles today arriving at the KOA at 4:15.  

During our drive, I talked to Melissa and they were leaving Antelope Canyon area and going to  Canyonlands.  Then they we slowly head back to Nashville!  We miss our card playing times and everything in between!

I also talked to my sister, Cindy, who had been at the hospital to see Dad.  He was more improved today and was able to drink and eat by himself.  They also had him sitting in a chair.  He is off his antibiotics and should be able to return to Masonic Homes in the near future.

After dinner and clean-up Ken disconnected the water and we took a short walk around the CG.  Also had a nice conversation with Ken's sister, Priscilla.

We will probably spend a long day driving tomorrow, so we will go to bed early.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 61 - Arrived in Oklahoma

 Ken wanted to get an early start so we were up by 5:30 AM and on Interstate 40 by 6 AM.  It was a cloudy morning, but warm. 

By 8 AM we were getting hungry, because we had decided to wait to have breakfast until we had been driving for awhile.  So, we pulled into a rest stop, turned on the generator and I made an English Muffin and some Chai.  Ken just enjoyed his cereal and fruit.  It was a quick meal and then we were off again.

Kind of an interesting photo!  Those are clouds below the

Lots of "rays" coming out of the sky!

Melissa called to check on us and we both admitted that we are going through "friend withdrawal".  It seems so quiet without all the laughing and fun we had together.  We did some reminiscing and said we will continue to keep in touch regarding our drive home and the condition of my father.

About my dad - he had the stent removed from his back today and they are going to start him on oral antibiotics.   My mother said there has been a tremendous change in his condition the last 2 days and there is even some talk that he may be returning to Masonic Homes later this week.  Hallelujah!  Thanks everyone for your prayers and messages of encouragement.

We stopped at 2 rest stops today and also made one stop for gas.  Other than that, we just kept driving.  Albuquerque, NM was a busy area with lots of highways, interesting bridge overpasses, and retaining walls!

From a distance, I thought these were metal sculptures of
bicycle parts.  I was wrong!!!

Lots of highway "options"!

 From there we headed into Texas and it was obvious many places that they have had a lot of rain.  Some areas it looked like the roads would have been closed because of flooding! 

Then we saw more of the cattle "farms" (poor cows) and even driving by the smell was terrible!
Not much of a life for these guys!!

Also saw these colorful cars "buried" in a field along
Interstate 40!!

Ken does such a good job driving and stays so focused!
Outside the window is a steakhouse where you get a 72 ounce
steak FREE if you can eat the whole thing!!!!  That's a lot
of bull!!!!

 We drove 573 miles in 11 hours and even gained an hour when we crossed into Texas.  We struggled trying to find a decent CG in Oklahoma - most of the reviews were terrible.  When we entered Oklahoma we stopped at the Welcome Center (probably one of the nicest rest stops we have ever been to) and the lady there was very helpful.  She suggested we drove another 100 miles and stop at Red Rock Canyon State Park and that is what we  did. 

What a gorgeous sign when entering Oklahoma and
stopping at the Visitor's Center

 What a lovely place!  The sites are large with cement pads and shade.  Since it was 98 degrees when we got there, we were happy for the shade and breeze.

Loved our quiet and relaxing site!

They have walls for repeling!

Aren't the red rock beautiful???

 We are both exhausted from all the driving (I really feel for Ken who does all of it) and decided we will take our time getting ready tomorrow and leave at a later time.  We may slow down the pace for the remainder of the trip since Dad seems to be doing so much better.  Driving over 500 miles everyday is just too much!

We sat outside for a short time, but the flies were rather pesty.  But it was already 7 and we needed to eat.  Made dinner and then worked on this blog.  I think we will call it a night rather early.  Not sure what route we will take for coming to PA.  We keep checking the weather to drive in the least amount of rain.

Good night!!!