Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back Home Again!

Well, it was time to "touch base again" for a week or so!  We left Ogunquit Maine on Sunday morning and got back home by 5 after 10 hours of being on the road.  Then the "rat race" begins.

I took us 2 hours to unload Willie and put everything away.  Both of us were so tired when we went to bed at 9:30.  I don't drive at all, so it is long and a bit tension filled for Ken! 

We have been so busy yesterday and today, playing catch up from being away.  Grass to mow, edging needed, lots of wash, and reconnecting with our family.  But, I am not complaining.  I am so thankful to have the opportunity to spend so much time on the road. 

Jamie, Bria and Cali were here for supper last evening (Dane had to work) and then we went to visit Lanie, Sam, and Katelyn today had spend time with them at the neighborhood pool.  It was so good to be with all of them again. 

Sam and Kathy stopped by this evening - they bought a new travel trailer yesterday.  Now all they need is a vehicle to pull it!  That will probably happen latter this week.  So happy for them!

Next Tuesday through Sunday we will be camping at Sea Pines near Avalon.  Looking forward to spending time with the Martins and the Kreider family.  Sam and Kathy will not be joining us on this camping advventure!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our Last Day in Maine! I Am Starting to Whine!!!!

This has been an unbelievable 2 weeks filled with good weather and so many wonderful daily adventures!

This morning we decided to go to the adult pickle ball session at 9.  Only 2 older gentlemen were there to play, so the 4 of us enjoyed playing 3 games lasting about 1 1/2 hours.  It was hot and we "sweat" a lot, but we had a great time.  It is a fun game!

Then we decided to start packing up for our trip home, since there is a chance for some storms later today.  Ken did work outside and I prepared the inside for travel.  It was also time to give Willie a good cleaning.  Then at 12:45 we decided to ride bike into Ogunquit, park them at the police station and walk the Marginal Way Trail for the last time!  The views from the trail are phenomenal, but it was around 95 degrees, a bit warm for biking and walking.  The trail ends at Perkins Cove where we enjoyed lunch sitting outside looking at the beautiful coast line.  Ken wanted to have the scallop sandwich that Kathy had when we ate at the Oarweed earlier in our stay.  Then we walked back the trail and rode our bikes back to the CG.  We were so hot and tired.  After cooling down, we changed and headed to the pool for more "cooling".

Again the changing tides are so dramatic!

Swimming in a cove along the Marginal Way!

This is all that is left of the stone sculpture Sam and
I worked so hard to build!

More swimming along the trail!

The scenery here is just breathtaking!

This rock sculpchure was so hot it starting
leaning in the heat!

Not a bad place to sit for lunch!

The Harbor at Perkins Cove!

The next 2 hours were spent during more cleaning and prep work for tomorrow's travels.  After eating our salads outside, we played some games.  Plan to load the bikes right before going to bed and be on our way by 7 tomorrow morning.  We shall see!!!

This place has been a joy and delight!!!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Adventures in Maine Continue!

When we got up this morning, the weatherman said is will get to 99 degrees today.  I thought we were in Maine!!!!!!  So Ken and I decided we should change the activities we planned for today!  We thought we would ride into Ogunquit and walk the Marginal Way again.  Just too hot for that much strenuous exercise.

We really like our campsite!  It is on the end of a row and so large!

So Ken did some searching and after eating breakfast outside, we decided to head north to the Portland area, close to where we had taken the Ferry to Peaks Island.  East End Beach off the Eastern Promenade Trail is the only public beach in Portland.  There was hardly anyone there - do you think the heat had something to do with the sparse crowd?????  Ken had read it was a good area for seaglass and that was correct.  We spent lots of time looking at the sand!  Ate our packed lunch overlooking the harbor - what a view!!!!  After spending more time looking for seaglass, we got in Diesel and headed back to the CG, arriving around 4:00.  It was 99 on our way back!!!  Showers felt terrific!!!!!

This is East End Beach!  Not very large or crowded, but
great views!

Time to get down to work and find more seaglass!

A scenic railroad passed by the beach every hour  or so!

Another Lighthouse - Bug Light! (What a name!)

What a view from the picnic table where we ate our lunch!

All these snails are waiting for high tide to return!

Our days "seaglass catch"!

Ken made salmon for him, a pork chop for me, and corn on the cob on the open fire.  What a meal!!!!  Spent some time chatting with our neighboring campers, John and Nancy.  Great folks!

We plan to take a walk around the CG and then play some games.

Another wonderful, adventure filled day in Maine!!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Loving Maine!

Ken was up by 6:30 and decided to ride to Mile Beach on his bike.  He parked his bike and then walked Mile Beach and onto Ogunquit Beach.  I stayed back and did some chores around Willie including getting breakfast started.  Again, we cooked and ate outside.  It was another hot, humid morning!

The beach was empty when Ken was out early this morning!

We had a thunderstorm around 10 last evening, but it didn't change the heat!  It was still in the 90's today, very warm for Maine!

We decided to head to Wells Beach again today, since we love sitting on the beach there and looking for seaglass.  It was another perfect beach day especially if you sat very close to the water to get the breeze.  We spent 5 hours there and found numerous pieces of seaglass, but not many big pieces.

When high tide is in, the water will be all the way to this sand
area in the foreground!  The changing tides are amazing!

Ken found this starfish and it was dead.  So sad!
This is our seaglass and pieces of shells for jewelry that we
found on the beach today!

These rocks get covered too at least 1/2 way up the hill!


Ken wanted to drive by the Nubble Lighthouse 1 more time to get some last photos of it and the beautiful setting.  It really is gorgeous.  Then we enjoyed some ice cream at Brown's, right near the Lighthouse.  Just a bit of advice if you stop there - order a Kiddie cone.  It is the size of a large back home and was very good ice cream.  Just too much!!!!!

What a beautiful setting.  Wish you could go out on the island!

Homemade ice cream right near the Lighthouse!

Back to the CG by 5 and the clouds were starting to roll in.  The weatherman says we will have storms later tonight, but I think we could have rain sooner. 

We passed this along Route 1 near Ogunquit.  It is an old gas station
that is now a place to get coffee, pastries and sandwiches.  What
a great way to "refurbish" an old station!  Ceiling fans in the roof
that used to cover the gas pumps.  Love it!!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Gorgeous Days Continue!

After cooking and eating breakfast outside, Ken and I headed to the pickle ball court at 9.  Unfortunately, no pickle ball today.  We were disappointed!

So, we packed some snacks and water and got on our bikes to ride along the coastline.  We headed out Mile Road, took a left and headed towards Moody and Wells Beaches.  What a beautiful ride.  We stopped a few times to enjoy the view.  We parked our bikes in Wells Beach and walked the beach for about 2 miles.  Another huge beach during low tide, but it changes quickly when high tide begins.  The we got back on our bikes and continued riding out to the point - can't go any further.

Sandy beaches, but lots of rocky areas too!

Ken loved seeing these baby piping plovers on the beach!

Note the width of the beach!  Will change a lot with high tide!

No high rises along Wells Beach Front.   Strictly residential!
Riding back and into the wind!  It was a beautiful ride!

Got back to Willie around 1:30 after riding about 10 miles.  We were into the wind on the way back which made riding abit difficult, but the breeze was welcomed because it was a very hot day.  After lunch we drove Diesel to the Farmer's Market in Wells, but were rather disappointed - not many vendors.  We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in the CG.

Ken made a delicious supper for us while I read - what a guy!!.  He likes to prep salads and he also made quinoa.  We had leftover meat to add to the meal. 

We played some games outside and talked with a fellow camper.

Another great day in Maine!!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Perfect Beach Day!

Ken and I had a great night's sleep and were ready for a day of adventure.  So, we packed our lunches and loaded up Diesel to head to Short Sands Beach in York, Maine.  It is such a beautiful, scenic drive to that area.  We were on the beach by 10:15 and were amazed at the size of the beach at low tide versus high tide.  You should be able to see it on the photos.  We got there at low tide when it is supposed to be the best for finding seaglass.  We found numerous pieces, but most of them were very small.

This is how the beach looked when we arrived at low tide!
1st the sandy beach, then lots of rocks, then some shallow
water, and then more beach area!

The sand beach disappeared farther out, so everyone moved
to the area where we were sitting!

This photo gives you a perspective of how close the water
came to our chairs during high tide!

So, we did some reading and enjoyed relaxing.  After eating our packed lunches, we walked in the little seaside town, going in and out of the small shoppes.  Then back to the beach for more reading and then looking for seaglass when the tide came in.  Again, we were successful.  We have so much fun searching!!!

Our "catch" of seaglass today.  Exciting!!!

Back to Willie by 4:45 to make salads for dinner and enjoy cooking and eating outside.  Made reservations for 2 weeks of camping in Sea Pines near Avalon NJ in September.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Said Goodbye to Sam and Kathy!

We were up at 6 this morning to meet Sam and Kathy at the Maine Diner for breakfast at 7.  This famous diner has been on the early morning TV shows as well as Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  They have served over 6 million customers and have an interesting menus at reasonable prices.  We left the Diner at 8 and Sam and Kathy began the trip back home.  We are going to miss being with them, but so happy they were here for 1 week of our adventure.

After getting groceries, we relaxed, ate lunch and packed up our bikes to head to Footbridge Beach.  We carried our chairs on our back during the 2 mile ride.  It was a hot, humid and sunny day, but beautiful.  Also a nice breeze when sitting on the beach.  We took a walk down the beach and saw a piping plover on its nest on the beach.  It is a protected bird and they had placed a fence around it and ropes to keep tourists from getting too close to the nesting area.

A walk over the footbridge to Footbridge Beach!

A perfect beach day!

A piping plover sitting on its nest in the sand!

This piping plover was outside the fenced nesting area.
Could it be the father????

Lots of people in the water today.  Love the sailboat in the

We rode back to Willie by 4:45 where we showered and I took a short nap.  Ken hung our dragonfly lights, went through all the brochures, maps, etc. we had collected and then started a wood fire to cook our steak and salmon.  We had a delicious supper.

Took a walk around the CG and settled in around 8:45.  Did stop to meet John who is a friend of our mutual friends, Chuck and Melissa. 

Tomorrow we hope to head to the beach in York and look for more seaglass. 

Here is the collection of seaglass we found yesterday!