Sunday, July 23, 2017

Church and then the Althouse Family Picnic at Masonic Village!

I got up at 6:30 to start getting ready for church before Samantha and Katelyn got up.  They arose around 6:50.  We allowed them to play on our I-Pads while we got breakfast and finished getting ready.  They enjoyed their normal PawPaw and Grandma breakfast - pancakes and fresh fruit!

We wanted to make sure Samantha and Katelyn got to go to our Church during our movie series in July because the lobby was decorated from the set of Despicable Me and the folks at LCBC did an amazing job!  There are Minions everywhere and today there were even 2 folks in minion costumes so we could take pictures.  The girls really enjoyed seeing it.  

Samantha and Katelyn working in the "lab"!

This is one of the houses that were
built by people at our church!

The 4 cousins playing together on the "set"!

After church, we were back to the apartment for about 1 hour before the 4 of us drove to Masonic Village to the Althouse family picnic.  Everyone was able to come except for Bob, at a party for his friend and best man at his wedding. and Bennett, TW and Arlena's son who is visiting with his grandparents out of state! We have the picnic at the Village so Mom and Dad can be a part of the day and they are very grateful!  There was a prediction of storms mid afternoon, but fortunately it never happened until about 6:30 and by then we had all headed home.   

Ken and I picked up Mom and brought her to the "grove area" where we had the picnic.  Dad rode there on his electric wheelchair.  Samantha greeted him when he came down the paved path -

John, Cindy, Ken and I provided the pizza, paper supplies, and a few snacks, and everyone else brought 1 or 2 food items to share and some outdoor games, a favorite competitive activity of this family when we get together!

Jamie, Lanie and Dane!

Arlena will soon be having the newest member of the
Althouse clan, Westin!  He is due August 12!

My mother, sister Cindy, and the youngest grandchild for now,

Bria is becoming such a young lady!
After lunch, the games began -corn hole, Kan Jam, Ladder Golf, and then Kubb!

Dane and John's son, Dustin playing Corn Hole!

Jamie and I got in on the acti

Jamie was really "on target" today!

Dad wanted to give it a try, but not easy to do from his
motorized wheelchair.  Thrilled to see him try!

Quite a "peanut gallery"!

Time for family Kubb, minus the champ, Bob!  Bria and Sam
did well.  The other little ones had no interest!

Katelyn has great form and dad enjoys
watching his family!
We had spectators for our games -

TW, Heather and Jack, Arlena and soon to be Westin, and Bria!

The grove is a beautiful area for our picnic!
While we were playing games, the "kids" were busy doing their thing -

...and part of Cali disappears!

Cali's back!!!

These 3 love to play together!
At the end of the day, we got a special picture - Mom, Dad, and all of their great grandchildren (Except Bennett!) -

We are home by 5:45, rested watched TV, downloaded photos, and worked on this blog!  It has been a great day!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Great Friday and Saturday!

Ken got me up at 5:30 and brought me a cup of Chai!  We had planned on an early departure so we could take Wilbur to his storage area and he needed to "butter me up". I am no longer an early morning riser!  But, by 6:10 we left Lititz with me following Wilbur in the CRV to Ephrata.  After getting Wilbur in his proper spot, Ken dropped me off at Evergreen Diner so I could have breakfast with the Curvettes.  He drove to Mt. Joy to enjoy breakfast with his sponsor for his Step Study.

I finished cleaning the apartment when I got back from breakfast and by 11, we left to got to Shartlesville to spend time with Rick and Joyce.  After we got there and did some chatting, the 4 of us went to Westy's for a delicious lunch.  Back to where they are staying until they leave for Florida for a game of Skip-Bo, men by 1 card, and then double deck Pinochle which the women won.  I actually had a double run - 1st time ever!  Rick and Joyce will be leaving for their new home in Florida on August 2.  We left there around 5 and got back to the apartment by 6.  We watched the news and then I put on my SAS and we went for a nice evening walk.

Saturday morning we offered to help Jamie and "crew" set-up for the huge Divisional Swim Meet, but she had plenty of help.  So, we went for an early morning walk (it was hot already) and then got ready to go to the swim meet. The older swimmers were in the morning races so we got there around noon to see Bria and Cali.  We did stop at Target to check-out their coffee pots and Ken got his 1st Starbucks coffee!  He would have said he loved it even if he hated it! Actually he enjoyed it.

As soon as we got to the swim meet people were commenting on how well run it was - one of the best!  So proud of Jamie and all her wonderful volunteers. They really did an exceptional job and the whole meet had to be planned in 5 1/2 weeks.  Normally they find out the summer before that they will be hosting divisionals, but the team that was supposed to have it bailed out just 5 1/2 weeks ago so it was amazing how quickly they "pulled it all together"!

It was extremely hot, but fortunately we were able to sit in the shade.  Cali won 1st in all of her races and Bria won 1st in 2 of her 3 events - what a day!  There were over 500 swimmers, so they did amazingly well!

Cali getting ready to take her mark!

Good race for Cali - 1st in butterfly! 
Bria won her back stroke!

Ken had to leave the meet at 2:40 to go to his step class, but he only missed one of Bria and Cali's events.  It was over by 3 (thankful we didn't get the predicted rain during the meet!) and I was so happy I could help with the clean-up.  We finished at 4:30, just when the heavy rain started.  It stopped long enough for us to get in the car and go back to Dane and Jamie's house, about 2 blocks away.  Then we had another pouring rain.  

Ken picked me up at 4:45 and we met Lanie, Samantha, and Katelyn at the local K-Mart so we could keep them overnight.  We also wanted to give Lanie and Bob and evening alone. They did go out to dinner and then spent the evening with friends.  We took Samantha and Katelyn to McDonald's for dinner and then we all got Frosty's at Wendy's.

We were back to the apartment by 6:30 and the girls had fun in the tub.  Then we played 3 games of Racko.  We watched some TV and then we were all in bed by 9.  The girls fell asleep rather quickly!  It was a fun 2 days!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

2 Very Hot Days in Lititz!

On Wednesday Ken and I watched about 20 minutes of the news because we didn't have any TV reception the entire week at Chesapeake.  It was time for us to know what was happening here and around the world.  Not sure we were better people for having watched it!  Maybe not having TV isn't such a bad thing!!!!!

I helped Ken get his breakfast together and then put on my SAS and went for a 35 minute walk.  I wanted to go early before it got real hot - that didn't work out so well!!!!!  Ken left for his volunteer job at MCC.  When I got back, I put in another load of wash, took somethings out to Wilbur and brought a few more into the apartment - certain items will be needed for our family vacation at the beach the 1st full week in August.  I cooked my breakfast and finished the wash.  Also, had a long conversation with my mother, and both she and dad are doing well!  We will go there tomorrow to play Pinochle!

Ken was back home by 12:45 and we ate lunch outside on the patio. He spent time unloadinged some firewood from Wilbur and bringing in the grill and a few more items we will need for the beach.  After showers, we went to Costco. Upon our return, I worked on the blog and recorded expenses while Ken rested.   

At 4:45 we left to go to Jackie and Dan's for a "Party" for their son, Ryan, and his family who were in from Dallas for a few days.  We hadn't seen them for quite a long time and Jackie wanted to have family and friends drop by for a light dinner to have time to socialize with Ryan's family.  During the growing up years of our children, the Hagys and our family were together many, many times including spending a week together at the ocean probably for 10 or more years.  We also went to Hawaii together as well as many other shared activities. We have so much history and memories of wonderful times.  We had great evening visiting with folks we hadn't seen for a long time!

We were home by 9:30 and went to bed to read.

Today, Thursday, Ken was up extremely early after a restless night's sleep.  I only arose around 7:15.  By 8 Ken was on his way to have breakfast with Gary and I put on my SAS and went for a walk.  It was hot again, but at least there was a slight breeze.  Upon my return, I had a light breakfast, read the paper, and then Ken and I took a few items to Wilbur and remade the bed.  I showered and cleaned the bathroom and then we had lunch.

From 1 to 5 we played Pinochle with my parents at Masonic Village.  It was a great day for the women winning 3 games to 2.  We had some amazing hands throughout the afternoon.  

We were home by 5:30 and after dinner I did clean some of the apartment, worked on this blog and watched a little TV.  Ken read!  I did have a nice conversation with Jamie today regarding the district swim meet she is in charge of on Saturday.  What a huge undertaking!  We will probably help with some set-up early Saturday morning!

I also talked to Joyce.  We are getting together for lunch tomorrow and then playing some cards.  Rick was released from his heart surgeon earlier this week and has no restrictions - hallelujah!  They are planning to leave for their permanent home in Florida on August 2.  We will certainly miss having them around, but look forward to spending time with them when we are in Florida as "snowbirds"!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Homeward Bound

Ken and I were up a little before 6 to get ready for our 7 AM departure.  We worked together and met Cindy and John in the parking lot at 6:45.  They were already there.

By 7 we were out of the CG and on our way home.  They followed us to Denny's, about 2 hours from the CG, where we all stopped for a delicious breakfast.  All of us were soooo hungry!  Ken placed his 1st order ever at a restaurant for coffee - what is happening?????  Things were a bit "pokey" at Denny's (food was worth it) and we were there a little over an hour.  It was a great way to end our time together.

Ken and I had decided to go home via 695 around Baltimore, but John and Cindy thought they would take Route 1 and go through Lancaster for that part of the trip.  They ended up changing their minds and followed us till we got off at the rest stop on I-83 in PA.  

We were back in Lititz by 2 and unloaded, unpacked, and 1 load of wash completed by 4:30 when Lanie and the girls arrived.  The 5 of us went to downtown Lititz to Roma Pizza for dinner.  Then on to Bria and Cali's swim meet at the community pool in town behind the park.  Boy, it was another hot night sitting in the sun watching the girls swim.  They had another fantastic night and Samantha and Katelyn enjoyed being with their cousins.  Ken and I appreciated having time with Lanie and a few moments here and there with Jamie and Dane. They were busy helping with the meet!

We were back home by 8:45 and watched the last hour of America's Got Talent. In bed by 10 to do some reading before calling it a day.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Our Last Full Day at Chesapeake Resort!

None of us can believe we have been here one whole week.  The time has flown by!

Ken was up early and woke me at 6 AM (I told him to) so I could walk down to the river with him to enjoy the sunrise.  Unfortunately it was a cloudy morning - no sunrise.  But, that didn't matter for we did some devotions together and enjoyed our time of being amazed by God's beautiful creation!

We met John and Cindy at the pickleball courts at 7:30 and were mighty thankful that the sun decided to stay behind the clouds, for it was rather humid! Wild Bill came and joined us for about 4 games which gave each of us a chance to sit out for a game.  Ken had another great day and although I started out rather poorly, I came on strongly the last several games.  I would certainly like to think our pickleball skills improved after playing every day since we arrived, but I'm not sure.  Time will tell!

We only left the courts around 10:30, definitely the longest and most games we played in a morning since arriving.  We had so much fun!  I am so excited that my sister is able to play pickleball.

We stopped at Harvey so Ken could have his coffee (I guess we will be buying a coffee brewing system) and we could talk about our fun week together.  Then back to Wilbur to begin packing up for our trip home.  We worked together outside and then Ken finished that area while I did the inside.  

I walked to Harvey and Cindy and I headed to the camp store to get our final cone of Mint Moose Tracks Ice Cream - so delicious.  I skipped lunch so I could have the special treat.  Then she and I headed to the pool from 1:15 to 4 enjoying the refreshing pool water.  John came by for a short time, but Ken decided to stay at Wilbur.  He had a nice long chat with Jamie, showered, and then rested.  

Cindy and I went back to her campsite and we worked together to prepare shrimp kabobs for dinner.  I showered when I got back to Wilbur and Ken and I discussed whether we wanted to go to Hershey CG next week.  When we went on line to make a reservation, there was no availability until a week from Saturday, so we will have to decide if that fits into our schedule.

Ken disconnected the sewer and water and Cindy and John arrived at 6 with the grilled kabobs and sauteed cabbage - YUM!  What a great dinner!  After dishes, we played Skip-Bo and Pinochle and the women won both games.  They left at 8:30 so we could all finish preparing for our 7 AM departure.  

Ken and I walked down to the river for one last look, then vacuumed Wilbur and brought in the 2 large slides.  The 4 of us will stop at Denny's for breakfast about 100 miles down the road.  It won't take us long to be ready to leave in the morning!  What a great week this has been!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Bit Cooler Today!

Ken enjoyed his time at the river and woke me at 6:30.  He got this gorgeous picture of the sunrise -

Another light breakfast before meeting John and Cindy at 7:30 at the courts. Ken had a phenomenal day with so many exceptional plays.  It was a rather off day for me.  We played about 7 games, changing partners after each one, and Ken didn't lose a game - amazing!

We stopped by Harvey so Ken could have another cup of coffee, but I took my cup with chai powder and enjoyed that while they had their "Java"!  After some chatting, we were back to Wilbur by 10:30 and spent time outside talking to our neighbors, working on this blog, and reading.  It was hot, but the nice breeze and shade at our site was so pleasant.

We made breakfast for lunch and then took a walk around the CG and I sweat like crazy in my SAS!  After we got back, Ken took a short nap while I played some games.  We showered and met Cindy and John at the mini golf course here in the CG.  We played men vs. women and we won rather handily.  It was a lot of fun.  

Cindy and John came to our campsite at 6:15 and they provided rice with black beans and corn and Ken had grilled boneless Tony Romo ribs.  We had a delicious supper and enjoyed eating together - the 1st time since we arrived. Then we had some interesting discussions for about an hour before the men beat us big time at Skip-Bo and Uno.  At 9:45 we called it a day.

We all agree that this time at Chesapeake has been wonderful and we need to make it an annual event.  Ken and I only left the CG with Cindy and John on Wednesday to go out for lunch and make a stop at Wal-Mart - amazing!  It has been so relaxing and fun sharing our time with John and Cindy.  Maybe next time we will stay longer, who knows????

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Can It Get Any Hotter??

Again Ken was up early to go down to the river for alone time!  I was up by 6:30, we had a light breakfast and were on the pickleball courts with John and Cindy by 7:30.  Fortunately, the sun was behind the clouds the 1st hour.  Ray, a fellow camper, had not played pickleball, so he came to watch and then we took turns having him substitute into our games.  He did well for a "newbie". 

The 4 pickleball courts at this CG at amazing!

Okay, we don't normally dress like twins, it
just happened!  Sisters have ESP!

Cindy, John didn't mean to pick on you!

So nice to spend time with my sister
and John and to see her on the
pickleball courts despite foot and hip
surgeries that weren't successful! Go girl!

This guy is so special!

We went to Harvey so Ken could have his morning cup of coffee.  I had half a cup, but I would definitely need to acquire a taste for it.  My chai is so much better!  We visited for a little and then returned to Wilbur where we sat outside chatting with our neighboring campers.  (I got to enjoy a cup of chai - so good!) We had a very nice time talking with these 2 couples who are friends.  

Although it was extremely hot, I decided I needed to take a walk in my SAS and Ken graciously agreed to go with me.  We walk for about 35 minutes and when you were in the sun, it was almost unbearable.  When we returned it was time for lunch and we decided to have omelettes, fresh fruit, and a muffin - so good! Ken took a nap while I worked on this blog and played a game of Pop Words.

Cindy and John had left the CG around 11:15 to meet their granddaughter, Alexandra, and her husband, Todd, for lunch and some time on the beach.  They were meeting about 1 1/4 hours from the CG. Unfortunately it rained when they were finishing lunch and they never got to the beach.  They did get a tour of the firehouse where Todd works.

Ken and I showered and then walked to the camp store to enjoy a cone of delicious mint moose tracks ice cream.  It was amazing!  Back to Wilbur to play a game of Pinochle outside and I was the winner!  Ken grilled cod and chicken for dinner which we enjoyed on our salads.

Cindy and John joined us at 7:15 to play Skip-Bo but 1st Ken and John had a nice time talking to the gentlemen on either side of us, one retired Air Force and the other Marines.  Cindy and I stayed indoors and had our own personal time. It was a fun evening even though the men won the game "big time"!  They left around 9:45 and we went to bed.

Can't believe our time here at Chesapeake is on the downside.  It is going so quickly.

Friday, July 14, 2017

And the Heat Goes On!!!!!

Ken was up early so he could take his chair down to the river to do his devotions and reading while enjoying the sunrise.  He says this is probably the best campsite he has ever had!

I was up by 6:30, did some reading, and then we enjoyed a light breakfast before meeting John and Cindy at the pickleball courts at 7:30. We hoped to beat the heat - NOT!  By 8 AM it was already 85 degrees and extremely humid.

We played 6 games and had a great time, but we were definitely glistening. Walked back to Harvey so Ken could have another cup of coffee - wow!  This is such a new thing and he is even drinking it black - what a guy!!!

John and Cindy gave us their gallon of vinegar and huge box of baking soda so we could put it down all of our drains.  It is supposed to "break up" anything that could be partially clogging them.  We weren't having any problems, but we thought it would be a good thing to do.  After putting in the baking soda followed by the vinegar there is a lot of bubbling action.  Unfortunately in our shower the drain must have been partially clogged because some of the liquid remained in the shower.  So, we had to borrow a plunger from the CG to get it open.  So much for preventative maintenance.  All the drains are now working and hopefully any unnecessary odors are gone!  Time will tell!

Ken and I made salads for lunch and extra ones for dinner and then for some reason, did a lot of dishes.  I talked with my mother and then at 1:45 we headed to the pool to play some water volleyball.

There was a large group of players at the pool and the 4 of us joined in the games around 2:00.  I actually did an okay job today, not great, but better! Play stops at 3, so the 4 of us stayed in the pool chatting.  The boys got out and Cindy and I continued talking and enjoying the refreshing water.  We were back to Wilbur by 4:30 and showers felt spectacular!

I did have a short conversation with Mom, but she was getting company just when I called.  We did some reading and I worked on the blog before dinner.

After dinner and clean-up, I worked on the computer and we did some reading. Cindy and John were here from 7:45 to 9:45 and we played 2 games of Pinochle which the women won LARGE!  It was a fun evening.

We went right to bed to do some reading.  Another great day at Chesapeake!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Another Extremely Hot, Humid Day!

Ken was up around 5 and took his chair "Down to the River" to read and watch the sunrise.  I preferred my cozy bed!

We made muffins and fresh fruit for breakfast and met Cindy and John at the courts at 7:30.  Again, no one else joined us!  We played at least 5 games and they were extremely competitive - so much fun!  It was very hot, but not quite as bad as yesterday, although the 90's are the 90's.

We walked back to Harvey (their motorhome) to chat and relax.  Ken also wanted to try drinking coffee.  We both are beginning to think that there must be something wrong with us that we don't drink it, for it seems like everyone does. Who knows, with time we might actually become coffee drinkers and enjoy it! Maybe we aren't too old to change!

We were back to Wilbur around 10:15 and I decided I really had to put on my "big girl panties" (actually my SAS) and go for a walk.  I have not been doing that since we arrived because of the heat.  That velcro suit is so hot!  But, enough of the excuses and Ken willingly went with me.  We did head towards the section of the CG that is mostly shaded, but had to go quite a distance before arriving there.  Guess what????  I survived!

Upon our return, I sat outside to work on this blog while Ken did more reading. After lunch, we headed to the pool to meet John and Cindy and enjoy some "cooling off" time!  At this CG they have a separate, nice sized adult pool where water volleyball is played every afternoon between 1 and 3.  The set-up is pretty amazing.  So, they encouraged us to join them which the 4 of us did.  We played about 1 1/2 hours and had a good time, but I must tell you, this girl is not a volleyball player - never was and probably never will be.  Fortunately, it is more for fun and the players are very low key.  The pool water was about 90 degrees, but even that felt a bit refreshing compared to the sunny, humid day with temperatures near 100.  Cindy and I spent time in the pool just chatting and enjoying the water while John and Ken sat on lounge chairs talking.  I am not sure how they did that - it was so hot!  We all left the pool a little before 5.

After showers, we started dinner- grilled cod and pork, salads (of course!) and grilled corn on the cob.  

John and Cindy came over at 7:15 and we played 5 Crowns (M) and Wizard (L).  We had a great time!  We ended around 9, knowing that we wanted to meet on the pickleball courts around 7:30 tomorrow morning.  After all, we need our beauty rest!

Another fun day at Chesapeake CG.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Fun 1st Day at Chesapeake CG in VA

Ken was up before me and did some reading.  We made a cooked breakfast and met John and Cindy on the Pickleball courts at 8 - it was already hot and humid! We had a fun time switching partners after every game and again, the scores were very close.  It is so exciting to have Cindy on the courts with us and even though she has trouble believing it, she is playing so well!

After about 5 games of continual sweating, we decided we had better stop this activity for the day.  Again, no one else showed up to play.  What is wrong with people????  Cindy and I watched the "boys" play a game of chess on the huge lawn game and after about 45 minutes, Ken was victorious.

It was time to head back to Wilbur, do some reading, shower, and get ready to take a drive into Gloucester so we could have lunch at Olivia's, a place where we had eaten with Fred and Doloris about 3 years ago. (Do you remember, Fred and Doloris?)  Ken and I were excited to go back for more of their delicious food.  We rode with the top off in John and Cindy's jeep and fortunately we didn't have to stop very often, for that sun was so hot when you were still!  

After stopping at the Post Office to pick-up a new camera that had been shipped to John and Cindy (their old one stopped working when it dropped on the carpet - imagine!) we drove to Olivia's.  It is a very busy place and it should be - friendly with excellent food.  John really enjoyed his shrimp creole soup (rather hot) and everyone loved their entree.  Ken particularly enjoyed his mixed seafood with rice and Cindy, her chicken Parmesan.  

The guy got in the back of the jeep, since it is a 2 door and you
have to a contortionist to get in that area!

Olivia's is a quaint little restaurant that is extremely busy!

John and Cindy are enjoying their soup, especially John.  Cindy
had their seafood chowder which thought was a bit fishy (imagine
that) and had a spice that taste like mud!  Sound inviting, but
she ate the whole bowl!  Must not have been too bad!!

The back entrance to Olivia's!

This was Ken's meal.  Obviously, not mine!

We made a quick stop to Wal-Mart to buy some river tubes before heading back to the CG.  Then we did a drive around the CG checking out all the sites.  It is a rather large CG with many shaded sites, especially in the lower section where there are mostly seasonals.  

Later, we all met at the river with our new tubes that Ken and I planned to blow-up with his compressor.  Unfortunately, that didn't work so well, so we blow 3 of them up the old-fashioned way - hot air!!!!!  We couldn't understand why no one else was enjoying being in the roped of swimming area.   The water was very warm and nice.  By the end of our 1 1/2 hour float we learned why we were the only people out there - jellyfish.  When we got on shore all of us were "stingy" around our ankles.  I bet other campers were laughing at us being out there.  We probably won't be doing that again!!!

Another shower was in order and then Ken and I had salads for dinner.  Cindy and John came over around 7:30 and we played 2 games of Skip-Bo and believe it or not, the women won both - hallelujah!  Ken did leave for just a short time to go down to the river for a few sunset photos.  We called it a day around 9:15 and decided to meet at 7:30 for pickleball.  Hopefully it will be a bit cooler, but probably not.

Another beautiful sunset!

This was a fun day and we are happy to be spending time with John and Cindy!