Monday, February 27, 2017

Still Not Feeling Great!

We did get up around 9 and decided we had better eat something.  So, we had some cereal and fruit.  Ken did the dishes while I did some e-mails and by then we were tired and ready for another nap.  We slept about an hour. 

Both of us felt a little better so we decided to shower and get dressed.  Maybe that will make us feel "human".  Unfortunately it didn't help a whole lot!  We had to take another nap.

Cindy called to check on us and I appreciated it.  They moved to Victorian Palms Resort on Friday and are really enjoying that CG.  So many activities, about 96 I think.  She joined their choir.  The worst part about Texas is being away from the beach and it is very windy.  They have only had their awning out 1 time!  They plan to return to Florida next winter!

As the day progressed we felt a bit better.  Ken had a nice conversation with Lanie and I e-mailed our small group to let them know we were sick. We both did some reading, but mostly we relaxed.

We did walk to the dumpsters (our big venture for the day) and talked to Doloris to let her know that we weren't feeling well enough to get together tomorrow.  Turns out she isn't feeling the best either.

Ken grilled chicken for supper and I made quinoa because it was time for us to eat something substantial.  I decided I felt good enough to make some sea glass pictures, but after making 5, I was ready to lie down and watch The Voice.  I love that show and the interaction with the judges! By the time it was over, both Ken and I were ready for bed. Hopefully tomorrow we will feel a lot better!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Do Nothing Day!

Ken and I both felt rather sick when we got up.  He said it was his worst night ever - he thought it would never end.  He looked terrible and so out of it.  I knew he was really sick when he said I needed to take him to Urgent Care.  

We were there by 8:30 and they were able to take him quickly.  He was so shaky and clammy.  They prescribed some cough medicine and an antibiotic, saying that he could have the flu (he had a flu shot) or a bad sinus infection.  I stopped at CVS and then Wal-Mart to get his prescriptions filled, but neither Pharmacy opened until 10.  So I drove him back to the CG and he went right to bed.

I left and went back to CVS to get his medicine and by then I was ready to go back to bed - felt achy and my teeth and ears were hurting.  What is going on? After taking the medication, we both slept for about 2 hours.  I did go over to Ernie and Noela to give them an update on what was happening.

Ken went back to bed at 3:15 and I worked on this blog.  Then I went back to bed too!  We actually slept most of the day.  Neither of us had an appetite.  We did talk to Jamie and Bria and Cali had a fantastic swim meet. It was championships and they both did extremely well.

Both of us felt exhausted and achy so by 8:30 we were in bed for the night and Ken was up around 6 but did come back to bed and slept some more.  I never got up until 9. I don't know when we have been so sick and so tired.  Hopefully we will see some improvement tomorrow.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Craft Show/Yard Sale at the CG!.

Ken had taken Tylenol several times during the night for a bad headache. Didn't sound very good, but he said he was fine to help set-up at our site for the craft show.  It was a perfect morning with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. Ken went inside and took an hour nap while I "worked" the show.  Not as good as the one the end of January, but it went well.  Again, the pictures were the big hit.  I will have to get busy and make more for the craft show on Pine Island next Saturday.  

We cleaned up by 11:30 and then went to the office and reserved the same site for 3 months next year.  Stopped by Ernie and Noela's to let them know that Ken wasn't feeling the best and I was not 100% either.  After lunch, I played some Pop Words while Ken napped.  I also made some pendants.

The 4 of us did play 1 game of shuffleboard (Ken wanted too) but I could tell it wasn't easy for him.  Ken and I had salads for dinner and we did go over to Ernie and Noela's for about 1/2 hour to chat and have a cup of tea. She also gave us some delicious oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies right out of her oven. We were in bed right after 9. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday - Day with Fred and Doloris!

Ken woke with a headache, sore throat and congestion.  No good, but of course he said he was fine!  I went to play pickleball for about 1 hour.  Ken had cooked his breakfast while I was gone and set-up outside.  Then he discovered his bike had a flat tire and the glue in the patch kit was dried up.  So, he replaced the tube, loaded our bikes, and took a short nap.  

Fred and Doloris arrived at 11:30 and after some "chatting" we drove around the CG looking at possible sites we could move to next year.  It didn't take us long to realize we needed to stay right where we are.  It is a great site and we are close to Ernie and Noela.  They had renewed their site for 3 months next year and we will do the same.

We ate lunch outside at Wilbur and then drove to the Cape Haze Bike Trail and rode 11 1/2 miles, turning around at the point where we saw the eagle's nest. We couldn't believe how big the eaglets had gotten.  They are bigger than their mother!

This trail is only about 15 minutes from our CG!

A nice, level trail!

This turtle was busy eating and didn't seem to mind us being close!

We could not believe the size of the eaglets!

Back to the parking lot after a 11 1/2 mile ride!

When we returned to the CG the 4 of us went to visit Ernie and Noela and invited them to play Skip-Bo with us.  Until they arrived, Fred, Doloris, Ken and I played Hause and the women easily won.  Skip-Bo with the 6 of us was another story.  The men were the winners.  Did I ever mention that I really hate that game!  I think the men get all the skip-bo cards!

The 6 of us ate dinner together outside at Wilbur.  Ken grilled meat and Doloris and I made salads and I sauteed lots of fresh veggies.  Ernie and Noela provided their own meat and salads.  We had cookies I had baked for dessert.  After doing lots of dishes, everyone left by 8:15.  Ken was feeling very poorly, so he went right to bed.

It was a fun day with special friends.  We had wanted to go to the beach today, but the red tide was at a moderate to severe level, so that wasn't even a consideration.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Fun Day with Our Life Group from LCBC

Ken and I left the CG at 7:45 and picked up Eddie and Lori Paparo at their CG near Port Charlotte.  Then we were off to Buckingham Farms at Ft. Myers where we met 5 other members of our Life Group for a delicious breakfast.  We were able to eat outside on their patio and it was a beautiful warm, mostly sunny morning.

Buckingham Farm

They grow and sell all kinds of lettuce and veggies!

This is how they grow their strawberries!

We all left there around 10 (we had arrived at 9) and went to Alton and Jane Good's CG, Cypress Trail, also at Ft. Myers.  Wow, what an exceptional Park. You purchase the lots in this Resort, but you can rent a space from an owner, which is what Alton and Jane are doing.  We did our study of the Purpose Driven Life outside and we had lots of discussion and food for thought.  We are all so thankful for the times we have shared while in Florida and how it is bringing our group closer and closer.  It is special!!! 

The back of the site next to Alton and Jane.  It is a paver patio
and a shed with a covered area.  It overlooks the lake!  A lot
more beautiful than the picture shows!

A view of the lake from their campsite.  Plenty of room behind
your RV!

What a special group!

After prayer concerns and joys it was time for some dessert.  Jane had made individual key lime and white chocolate cherry pies and Joyce had brought a peanut butter pie.  Everything was delicious.  Before leaving, we all walked to the clubhouse to check-out all the amenities the park offers.  Again, it was amazing.  It was also fun to walk by the different sites and see the tiki huts, landscaping, and patios.

We left there at 3:00, dropped off Eddie and Lori, and then made stops at Wal-Mart and Michaels, getting back to our CG around 5.  We stopped to talk to Bill and Donna and get information from this morning's meeting regarding Harbor Lakes costs for next year and how to go about reserving the same site.  Ken and I debated about moving and we checked out several sites that maybe available next year, but decided that we are happy right where we are!  So, tomorrow we will go to the office and sign up for 3 months for next year.

Ken left to go to yoga at Edgewater Church and I worked on this blog and ate dinner.  Did some work on my sea glass pictures.  He was back by 8 and after he ate dinner, we went over to Ernie and Noela's and played Uno, which the men won.  Back by 9:45.

Looking forward to spending the day with Fred and Doloris tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Much Needed Rainy Day!

Ken was up early but I only crawled out of bed around 7:15.  After getting ready and eating a light breakfast, Ken started working on the computer checking our accounts and paying bills.  

I called my cousin to offer our sympathy on the death of her mother and my aunt.  Aunt Barbara was my dad's sister and she was 91 years old.  I guess she and my dad have good genes!!!   I also called our friends back home, Sam and Kathy, to see how Sam was doing following knee replacement surgery yesterday. All went well and he should be home tomorrow.

At 10, Ernie, Noela, Jim, Joyce, Ken and I left the CG in our own vehicles to go to Sam's Club, where Jim and Joyce are members.  Ken and I have not been in a Sam's Club for many, many years and they offered to take us "non-members". We had a fun time and bought just a few items.

Ken and I were back to the CG by 11:30  and we kept busy until dinner.  Ken did more work on the computer while I got organized for working on sea glass pictures.  After lunch, we spent about 1 1/2 hours doing more prep work for tomorrow's small group meeting where I will be leading the discussion on The Purpose Driven Life Book study we are doing.  It can be rather intense and time consuming, but definitely well worth the time and energy!  

Ken talked to Verizon regarding their new program of unlimited data.  If you are a Verizon customer, it would be worth your time to check it out.  For us unlimited data is wonderful!  I spent the rest of the afternoon making additional sea glass pictures.  Ken vacuumed and then took a short rest.  

We went to visit Bill and Donna to inquire if they were returning to Harbor Lakes next year and how they liked the location of their campsite.  Yes, they are returning and they have enjoyed their site!  We have to let the CG know by March 1st if we are returning and if we would like our same campsite.  We are gathering information so we can make the right decisions.  We will be returning, but trying to decide if we would like to change sites.  The French Canadians folks on either side of us have annual sites and do speak very little English. Ken likes to socialize with his neighbors, so it can be rather difficult!

After a late dinner and much clean-up, Ernie and Noela joined us in Wilbur around 8:15 and we played one game of Skip-Bo with the men being victorious again.  After they left I downloaded pictures and worked on this blog.  It has been another busy day but we accomplished a lot!!

Did have a nice chat with our daughter, Jamie, today.  They are doing well and enjoyed a long weekend at Rehobeth Beach, DE with her in-laws!  It was warm enough to be on the golf course with just a t-shirt and it was February.  They are predicting temperatures around 70 plus degrees on Thursday - crazy!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Great Day with Fred and Doloris Martin, Fellow Campers From Back Home!

After loading the car with our lunches and beach gear, Ken put the bike rack and bikes on the back of the car and off we went to meet Fred and Doloris at the bike trail in Venice at 9:30.  So excited to see them and spend time together.

After hugs and catch-up time, we rode our bikes into downtown Venice so we could enjoy some delicious baked goods from The Upper Crust Bakery. 

Looks good enough to eat, so we did!!!

Full bellies put a small on all our faces!

Then back on our bikes for our ride on the Venetian Waterway Trail.  That is such a scenic ride and we actually got the Florida scrub jays to take the peanuts out of our hands.  Other riders stopped to watch the "spectacle"! 

Love this ride!

Saw many boats today - a lot more than usual!

Also saw some gopher turtles along the way!

So happy the Florida scrub jays decided to make an

They ignored me at first, but were happy to sit on
Doloris' hand!

This one decided just to come and visit, peanut or no peanut!

They must have liked Doloris, because this one sat on
her head without  having any food for him!

I decided his visit deserved a peanut!

Then another one came and sat on my hand!  These birds
are so much fun and other folks on the trail enjoyed the show!

One of the many boats on the waterway today!

We took sometime to walk along the shoreline of Caspersen Beach before riding back to our starting point in Venice, about a 12 mile round trip ride.  It was a great weather day for bike riding.

A good crowd on Caspersen Beach!

Looks like the Ireland Coastline!

We enjoyed walking along the shoreline, but it was a bit
cloudy and cool!

We decided to go to Nokomis Beach with the hopes that the Red Tide would be better and fortunately, it was.  We spent about 3 hours walking the beach, chatting, and relaxing.  Actually Ken walked almost the entire time.  

We left the beach at 5:15 and Ernie and Noela had arrived to join us for dinner at the nearby eatery, Casey Key Fish House.  We drove slowly along Casey Key Road to enjoy the spectacular houses and the views of the Gulf. 

Looking out at the Gulf from Casey Key Road!

When we arrived at the Fish House, the parking lot was all but full and there were people everywhere.  We were told it would be an hour wait.  Noela had a headache and they decided an hour was too long of a wait, so they went back to the campground.  We were sorry to see them go.  Fred, Doloris, Ken and I enjoyed our waiting time chatting on the Adirondack Chairs along the Intracoastal Waterway.  What a peaceful, beautiful setting. 

Relaxing and having a good time while waiting for our
table to be ready.

Not a bad view while waiting!

Lots of people were waiting to be seated!
The wait actually was 1 1/2 hours but our time together and the delicious food was worth it.  We were on our way back to the CG by 8:40 with the promise of getting together at least 1 or 2 more times before they leave for PA next Thursday.

When we got back, we unloaded the car and I cleaned up inside while Ken put the chairs and awning away in preparation for tomorrow's rain.  Then it was time for bed after a wonderful day with very special friends.  Thanks, Fred and Doloris for sharing time with us!!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

A Beautiful Day with Plenty of Sunshine and in the 80's!

Ken and I were up early and on the pickleball courts by 8:15.  Not too many players today so we played numerous games.  Both of us felt good about our playing and had a great time.  Both of us were asked to be partners for an upcoming tournament in the Venice area.  We were excited to be asked and to be able to participate in a tournament.

This blue heron was outside Wilbur when we left to go
to Sarasota!

Back to Wilbur to shower and change and by 10:15 the 4 of us were on our way to Sarasota.  I wanted to go to the to Michael's Craft Stores in that area to see if I could find any of the original small white frames I had bought when we 1st arrived here.  The frames were a seasonal item and I couldn't find them anywhere, including on-line.  What a surprise - both of stores in Sarasota had some of them and they were on sale - YES!  I got enough to last me for quite awhile!

Then we stopped at Costco for a hot dog lunch and some groceries - you have to eat!!!!!  We were back to the CG by 3 and by 3:45 we were on our way to a dock where we had a 4:30 reservation for a water taxi ride to Rum Bay Restaurant on Palm Island.  There were 10 of us who went from our CG, all of them folks that Ernie and Noela met and did things with the last 2 years when they all spent 3 months at the CG.  We were so happy to be included.  

We enjoyed the nice boat ride

Dale and Kathy

Bill and Carol

Ernie and Noela

Jim and Joyce

..... and the delicious food at the restaurant.  They had a special that 2 could dine for $22.00 and it included an entree with a chose of sides with one being a salad.  It really was very good and such a nice setting.

Walking from the boat to the restaurant!

Quite a table full!!!

Ken and I liked the way they displayed
these shells.  I think I may try to make
one for us to hang!
After dinner we walked out to the beach area.  Most of the folks on the island do not have cars but get around on golf carts.  It is a beautiful area that I think is rather exclusive. The boat ride back to our cars was so peaceful and very "dark".  We returned to the CG by 8 after a wonderful evening.

How beautiful!

Looks like a great place to sit!

Upstairs is the Rum Bay Restaurant where we had eaten!

Ken and I packed our lunches for tomorrow when we spend the day with Fred and Doloris Martin from back home.  They are here for 3 weeks and already over a week has passed.  They are camping in a park just south of Tampa in their 5th wheel.  Her sister and her husband own a park model there, so we are thankful they are willing to take time to meet us.  Hopefully we will see them several times while they are here!

Ken talked to Lanie today and I had a nice chat with my sister.    Also checked in the Chuck and Melissa because there had been a tornado just north of San Antonio!  Fortunately they were not affected. They are really enjoying their winter in Texas, playing lots of golf! 

This has been another special day in Florida!