Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Last Full Day for this Trip!

Gary and Marcia made a "treat" for the group on Saturday morning!  Gary's family recipe of creamed dried beef that they served over potatoes or toast!  What a special breakfast for a camping trip!  Delicious!

After clean-up we rode bike on the trail from the CG into Connellsville.  We stopped en route to walk across a deserted railroad bridge.  Great view of the river!  Headed into town where there was a planned reenactment for later in the day, but there were native Indians and early type settlers there in costume talking about their heritage and displaying tools, foods, etc. of the past. Kathy and I sat with an Indian woman who helped us make a bead bracelet and each bead symbolized the world around us - earth, water, sun, bloodline, and spirit/God.  Very interesting.  We continued on the trail riding a total of 8 miles and then turning around and heading back to the CG.  It was a beautiful bike ride along the river.  Kathy and I never did catch up with the group after we finished our bracelets.  They took the Sheepskin Trail to see the Coke Furnaces.  Kathy and I missed the turnoff for that trail!

In the Middle of the deserted RR Bridge!

This native Indian was in native costume including the loin cloth!

What a gorgeous trail!

Standing at one of the Coke Furnaces!

We crossed over 2 wooden bridges along the bike trail!

We returned to the CG around 12:45, ate lunch and then loaded up our kayak to
drive into Connellsville to the launching area.  The rest of the group rented kayaks at the CG and then were shuttled to this area.  We enjoyed a leisure 3 mile trip down the River to our CG, stopping along the way to watch the young people dive from the RR bridge we had walked along that morning.  They must be crazy to shimmy up to the top of that bridge.  Oh to be young and naive!!
The paddle down the river went through several area with rapids that were a lot of fun, but it would have been better if the water had been abit deeper.  We spent about 2 hours on the river and thoroughly enjoyed our adventure!

Diving from the tippy top and from half way up the bridge!

The Happy Kayakers!!

 Saturday evening was another late dinner cooked over the campfire.  It was a full day and we headed to bed around 11:30.  Can't believe we will be heading home in the morning!

We were on our way back home by 11:15 Sunday morning and in Akron by 4.  What a phenomenal 5 days!  Quickly unloaded and had everything in its place by 5.  Jamie had invited us for dinner so we were there by 5:30.  Lanie's family was there also.  So good to see everyone and Jamie had a delicious meal.  Home by 8:45.  So tired.  It has been a busy 5 days!!!  We will not be back on the road again until Thursday, July 5th when we go with Sam and Kathy to New York to Letchworth and Wellsley State Parks.  It should be a lot of fun!

So Much Fun Camping with the Group!

Yesterday, Friday was a day where we completed one of the things on our "secondary" bucket list!  After a delicious breakfast, the 8 of us headed about 35 minutes away to Fallingwater, the home of the Kauffmans from the Pittsburgh Department Store fame and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright!  What a unique property with beautiful landscaping.  It was built in the late 30's for about $155,000.  The value today would be about  2 1/2 to 3 million.  We enjoyed the tour and found it extremely informative!

The Camping Group in front of Fallingwater!

This home is built over the waterfalls and has soooo many
windows and terraces/balconies!  Feel like you are outdoors
from every room!

The Happy Campers!

From there we headed to Ohiopyles State Park to enjoy the picnic lunches we had packed before leaving the CG.  Stopped to take a short hike to Cucumber Falls - very beautiful area.  It was there that Ken accidentally dropped his camera and it ended up in the water for about 5 seconds.  Upon retrieving it, it did not work at all!  But, Ken is not one to let those types of situations upset him, so we just moved on!

Kathy at Cucumber Falls!

Our Camping Group at the river in downtown Ohiopyles

Went to the town of Ohiopyles to spend alittle time along the river collecting some river rocks, the request of Neil Savage, and to enjoy some ice cream.  Back to the CG by 5:30.  Ken placed his camera in front of the fan to try to dry it out!  Later that evening, it was working, but the battery would not hold a charge for very long.  Hopefully a new battery will solve the problem.  We can only hope!!!!!
We made hot dogs around the fire but not till about 8:30.  The days go so quickly that supper always manages to be late.  Only to prove again that there are less hours in the day when you are camping!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Fun Camping Day!

Yesterday, Thursday, was another very hot, humid day with the temperature in the 90's.  So, we did some exercising, but plenty of relaxing too!

The 4 of us took a bike ride on the Great Allegheny Passage, leaving right from our campground.  We rode from Adelaide to Roundbottom Campground, a total of 14 1/2 miles.  Very nice trail along the Youghiogheny River.
I am trying to be a good example by wearing a helmet!
Not very wild about it, but it is the right thing to do!

The Roundbottom CG is a stop for riders doing the long trail where they can stay overnight in one of the 2 small cabins and their is an outhouse and running water at the pump.  We rode for about 2 hours before returning to the CG.  Then we spent about 2 more hours at the pool.  After all, it was really hot!!!!  Ice cream seemed like a necessity too since it was available at the CG store. '

Marcia and Gary got here around 4:00 and joined us at the pool.  Sam and Kathy would have arrived about the same time, but Sam was having a lot of trouble with his knee and spent about 3 hours in the ER at home having it evaluated.  We assumed they would probably not be joining us.  But, at 6:30 they pulled in - he has a bakers cyst behind his knee and will see an orthopedist on Tuesday.  So glad they were able to be with us.

The 6 of us had a Happy Hour while waiting for Sam and Kathy and played a game of cards.  (Sam is not a card player)  Fred built a campfire for supper and then we had "snakes" for dessert.  They are always a favorite of the group.  A nice evening of fellowship before heading to bed around 10:30.  Our evenings end alittle earlier as we get older!!!

Picture taken by Ken while sitting on his recliner looking
out the window of Willie!  What a view!!

Our campsite is right across frrom this one! How Beautiful!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Arrival at Rivers Edge CG near Ohio Pyles

Ken and I left home at 7:30 and headed toward Connellsville to Rivers Edge CG.  We drove on the PA Turnpike and enjoyed a great breakfast sandwich (ham, egg and cheese on sourdough bread) at Roy Rogers.  If you have never had one, give it a try.  Probably my favorite breakfast sandwich from any restaurant!  We were at the CG by 12:45.  It is a very nice CG that is well-maintained - completely renovated pool, new picnic tables, new playground, etc.  Impressive!  The setting is wondeful.  It is bordered on the one side by the Youghiogheny River and on the other side by the Great Allegheny Passage, which is a beautiful biking trail.  Very picturesque!  After setting up and having lunch, Ken and I inflated our Sea Eagle kayak and paddled on the Youghiogheny River launching right from the CG.  We came upon some rapids that we thought we could paddle through, but not to be!  We paddled so hard for quite awhile and realized we got no where!  (We were fighting the current!)  So, we turned around and drifted back to the CG with our feet propped and our heads resting on our inflatable seats.  What a life!

Beautiful place to paddle!

The CG is right along the River and you can
there is a launching area right near Willie!

The Martins arrived while we were kayaking.  We took
this photo from our kayak.

This is way to Kayak!!!!

Fred and Doloris got to the CG around 3:45.  It was so hot, hazy, and humid today so we headed to the pool to cool down!  Only got back to our RV's around 7:30.  Where does the time go?  Never did have supper until 8:45 followed by some serious card playing and we each won a game.  The men only won their game by 1 point!!!!

Another fun camping day!  Doesn't get much better!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home on Sunday and Back on Road Wednesday!

Well, it is time to get back on the road again!  We left Thousand Trails on Sunday without any trouble!  Yeah!  Only a 35 minute drive to home, which was nice!  After we were unloaded (left numerous things in Willie for this trip), our oldest daughter's family came to celebrate Father's Day!  We spent the entire day outside with the granddaughters and their parents.  Our youngest daughter and her family arrived around 5:45 - they were at Bethany Beach since Thursday and only got home at 4:45.  We ordered pizza and had the strawberry pie Lanie baked for dessert.  A fun time for all.

Did some visiting and "catching up" on Monday and today I spent time with Katelyn while Lanie went swimming.  Sam was at Bible School.  I was home by 1:30 and the rest of the day I was packing and loading Willie so we will be ready to leave for Connellsville Pa to stay at Rivers Edge CG and tour Falling Water, the Frank Lloyd Wright Home on Friday.  We will be camping with 3 other couples from our Sunday School Class.  We always have such a good time together!  Hope to be on the road by 8 AM.  We can get on the Rails to Trail for bike riding and in the River for kayaking from the CG.  Should be a blast with lots of good exercise!  That's good, for we enjoy eating when we camp!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last Fulll Day at Thousand Trails Near Hershey!

Ken and I planned to ride bike today, but decided it was time to enjoy and relaxing day!  So we sat outside for about an hour chatting and drinking our tea.  Already a beautiful warm morning.  Then we made and ate our cooked breakfast outside.  A bit more relaxing and then we went for a walk around the CG.  Decided to go the membership center to hear about upgrading your Zone Pass to an Elite Membership.  Can't see the value of doing that at this point in our camping adventures.  Just doesn't make sense for us!

Back to Willie for lunch, reading, napping for Ken, and some jewelry making for me.  Then I beat Ken at a round of miniature golf!  Played a game of 2 handed Pinochle and then made a salad for each of us and then cooked hot dogs and beans over a campfire.  Did some prep work for heading out tomorrow.  Can't believe we have been here a week!  Where does the time go when you are having fun!  I had come up with the idea of having the "Curvettes" here for 2 days while we were in Florida in Feb. and now it is all over already! 

We had invited Neil and Nancy Savage to join us for supper, but they did so much work at their stick and brick house this week and especially yesterday and today, that they were just too tired.  They did stop by our campsite for about a 1/2 hour and Nancy said no one should have to go through what they have experienced the last 2 days.  They are exhausted, but still so excited about their decision to full-time.  Things should be so much better in about 10 days when their home settles.

We will be home by about noon tomorrow when Lanie, Bob and the little ones come to our house to celebrate Father's Day! 

Our Last Few Days Camping Near Hershey!

Thursday and Friday were so busy that I didn't have time to post.  Ken left to go home on Thurs. by 7:15 so he could "escape" before my "Curvette" ladies arrived.  Deb, Nancy, and Shirley arrived at 8:45 and the fun began.  We unloaded their car, chatted, and then took long walk around the CG.  By 10, Linda arrived and the chatting continued.  Around 11:00, Polly came with a lunch she insisted on bringing for all of us.  How nice of her!  We had chicken salad, crab salad, delicious unique cheeses, a wonderful tossed salad, steamed shrimp, and a fruit tray with dip.  What a feast!  After lunch the 6 of us played 2 games of Kubb, with each team winning a game.  Then we played the board game, Cue Me.  It was a lot of fun, with some of us seeming to enjoy it more than others!!!!  I won't mention any names!!!

Polly "catered" our lunch!  Delicious!

Lunch time at Willie!

We went to the Blue Bird for supper at 5:30 and Becky met us there.  More fun had be all.  Polly and Linda headed home from dinner, and the 5 of us went back to the CG  to start a campfire (Ken had it all ready to go - all I needed to do was light a match!)  We played a very close game of Ladder Golf while we were waiting for the fire to be ready for s'more making!  Shirley could hardly wait the 25 minutes for the s'more making!  She really enjoyed using a Peanut Butter Cup instead of the regular Hershey Bar.  It was a silly, fun evening.  Becky left around 9:15 to head back home.  The rest of us slept in Willie!

Good food and fellowship at the Blue Bird!

Ken had done such a great job of getting the fire
ready for me before he left for home.  I only needed a match!

Friday was another gorgeous day that began with strawberry and blueberry pancakes, a walk around the CG, some serious chats, and then a trip to Hobby Lobby to get some jewelry making supplies.  Back for a quick lunch and then we sat outside making some earrings.  So of us did the "making" while the 2 others, we won't mention their names but Nancy and Shirley you know who you are, did the designing!  Ken arrived around 4:45 after spending 2 days at our sticks and brick house.  At 5:30 Fred, Ray, and Lloyd arrived, my Curvettes husbands, to join us for dinner and enjoy an evening making s'mores and snakes around the campfire.  I think everyone had a fun time.  They all left by 10.  These last 2 days have been very busy, but such a delight!  I am blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends!

Earring making time!  We had a blast!!!

A full table for supper on Friday night!

S'more making time!  Shirley is up and ready!

A new experience!  Making snakes over the fire!

Left CG for Oregon Dairy

It was beautiful morning and we were on our way back home (just in the CRV for we were returning to the CG) to met our daughters and granddaughters at Oregon Dairy for Farm Days.  Thought we were going to do it yesterday, but a very rainy day!

Fortunately we got to the Dairy by 9:45, for we expected a big crowd due to yesterday's weather.  We were right!  We got on the 2nd that tractor pulled wagon was driven through the large barn so the children could see all the cows.  Did you know that a single cow produces about 35 cups of milk a day!  Wow!.  This dairy/grocery store/restaurant is a huge operation and so well run.  They had a large tent with animals for the children to pet and hold, plus areas were they could make crafts from recycled materials.  The girls held little peeps and pet the sheep, goats and alpacas.  The second large tent offered free chocolate milk, ice cream, and popcorn.  I even got to enjoy some pickled deviled eggs - new thing for me.  I had tried both before, but not red beet eggs that had the deviled filling.  Very good!

Heading to the Barn!

Lots of cows on this Farm!

The girls also got to ride the tractor pulled train.  By the time we finished our tour, the crowd and lines were huge.  We were glad we had come so early.  We bought 4 barbecued chicken meals and headed to a local playground to have a picnic and enjoy playing.  We all departed around 12:45 - soon nap time for the little ones.

Getting to hold the little peeps!

Time to milk the cow!

All the girls had fun at the playground!

Ken mowed the grass and I did a load of wash before we headed back to the CG.  So nice to get "back home"!  Ken spent so much time getting ready for the arrival of my "Curvette" friends.  He wants to make sure everything is "Perfect".  What a great guy!  He even got the fire ring all setup so I have no trouble making a campfire tomorrow night for my friends and hung the lights on the awning. 

After cooking supper, we walked to Neil and Nancy Savages campsite to sit around the fire and discuss how things are going as they are in their last 2 weeks of owning a sticks and brick property.  It is now down to "crunch time" and it is getting tough to know what to do with some of their possessions that have not been sold.  This 2 weeks will probably be rather stressful and tiring!  But their dream is within reach and they are so excited.  Abit overwhelmed, but so happy about their decision!  We are thrilled for them.

Back to Willie by 9:45 and looking forward to the arrival of my fellow exercising friends.  I know we will have a great time!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Washout Day!

It started raining during the night and only stopped around 7 PM.   We really had lots of rain that was rather heavy at times!  But we didn't mind.  It was a great day for rest and relaxation!

Only ate breakfast at 10 after watching Good Morning America.  Ken and I worked together to make a delicious cooked breakfast.  Then I spent sometime cleaning Willie.  The Curvettes, my exercise friends from Curves, are coming to spend the day Thurs., sleep overnight, and then enjoy Friday at the CG to, so I want to make sure the RV is presentable!  (Ken is heading home 1st thing Thurs. morning!  Wonder why????)  Then on Friday evening the husbands will join us for dinner here at the CG for supper over an open fire complete with s'mores and snakes.  Ken will be back in time on Friday to build the fire.

I left at 11:45 to head to the Lancaster Bead Company near Rockvale Outlets to take a class, Earrings 101.  I met Deb Eberly there, one of the Curvettes, and we took the class together.  That way we can help each other!  It was an excellent class where we learned many of the basics. 

I arrived at the CG at 4:15 and it was still raining.  Ken enjoyed his hours alone, reading, napping, and sitting outside under the awning watching and listening to the rain.  Life is good!

Did get a text from our youngest daughter, Jamie, today.  Our 3 year old granddaughter had her cast for a broken wrist removed after only having it on for 2 weeks.  Oh to be young!

Plan to go home tomorrow morning to meet up with our daughters and granddaughters and go to Oregon Dairy, a local farm and large grocery store where they are having Farm Days.  We will get a hayride through the barn,see the chickens, the petting zoo, and have free ice cream and chocolate milk.  They will enjoy the playground too!  We plan to be back to the CG by early afternoon.

Another enjoyable day in Willie!

Monday, June 11, 2012

1st Full Day at Thousand Trails Near Hershey!

Another beautiful day in the Hershey Area!  We had a late breakfast and then took a long walk around the CG.  It certainly is a sprawling one!  Many different areas to camp with numerous amenities.  Really is a very nice setting!

Looking across the small lake towards one
of the camping areas!

Lots of geese and their babies, plus a duck with her
little ones on the little pond in the CG!  So cute!

Took sometime to relax and then made reservations for future camping adventures this summer - Circle M for 3 days with our 3 granddaughters and then 5 days in August at Sea Pines near Wildwood.  Most of July we are on the road - 1st a 2 week trip to 1000 Islands in NY and then to this CG near Hershey with the 2 other couples we camp with many times throughout the summer.  Lots to look forward too!!!!  Then we spent time trying to learn how to use our new handheld GPS to do geocaching.  I guess we aren't to electronic savey, for we had so much trouble trying to understand how it worked.  Ken ended up calling Magellan support and the lady was so patient and helpful.  So we downloaded 3 geocaching sites from that were in the Mt. Gretna area.

After lunch we loaded the bikes and headed to Mt. Gretna to ride the Rails to Trail and to try our skill at geocaching.  Two new benchmarks were accomplished today - I actually wore my brand new helmet to ride and we found our 1st geocache!  Boy, what a day!  Did I mention that finding the 1st site was a bust!!!!  Never could figure out that one!  Oh well, 1 out of 2 isn't so bad!!!  Also saw a deer today while riding the trail.  Another day to remember!

Bike helmets are so attractive!!

Ken, are you sure this device is working properly?

Success!  Our 1st finding!  A paper to sign
 in a small hollowed out stick!  Note
the attractive helmet!!!!

We love seeing deer!

Also picked up "Diesel" on the way back and only had to pay $86.00 to get an oil and filter change and a lube!  Wow!  After some of the other bills we have had the last 2 years, this was nothing!!!

Tomorrow is expected to be a raining day!  Sounds like relaxation to me!

Another Camping Adventure

We left our house yesterday, Sunday, around 11 to go to the Thousand Trails CG near Hershey.  It is only a 35 minute drive from home and we are looking forward to a relaxing week!  I followed Ken in our CRV.

Set-up went well!  This CG offers a sprawling setting with very large campsites.  It is a nice Encore Park.  After we had lunch, we drove "Diesel" to Zimmey's, our diesel mechanic, which is only 4 miles down the road.  It will be serviced while we are here!  That's handy!

Yesterday was a sunny very warm day, but beautiful.  We met up with Neil and Nancy Savage, who have a 6 month seasonal site.  They live not very far from us, but we met through the RV-Dreams Rally at this CG in Sept.  We also had met up with them in Florida.  They sold their home, which will settle the end of June, when they returned from Florida and are in the process of selling their possessions and become full-timers.  They actually brought their 5th wheel to this CG on Friday and from now on it will be their home!  They will return to their Sticks and Bricks house until it is totally empty and ready for settlement.  We are so excited for them.  It has been their dream for a long time and we share in the joy of them fullfilling that dream.

 Yesterday was Nancy's birthday, so they came to our camper for some strawberry pie!  We can't think of a better way for Nancy to begin a new year of her life - living a dream!

We are looking forward to a wonderful week.  Bonnie

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another Fun Camping Day!

This camping trip has been more relaxing than most and not nearly as much exercising was done!  After having a great breakfast, we all drove in Fred and Doloris SUV to check out some of the places on the local Art Tour.  Stopped at several homes to see some locally made jewelry and some paintings and photographs done by local artists.  We also stopped at Wanamakers Country Store that had numerous items that we had not seen for a long time.  We bought some of their homemade PB Almond Granola - it was delicious. 


This was the sign on the side of the store!

Martins went to another local winery but drop us and the Frankhousers back at the CG. After enjoying some cheese and crackers it was game time! The 4 of us played 2 games of bean bag with the men and women each winning a game. When Fred and Doloris returned, it was time for a game of Kubb. Actually we played 2 games and the women won both games by a large margin. The women are having a very winning weekend. We actually stopped in the middle of the 1st game and raced up to the CG's miniature golf course to get in a round before the office closed. (They had the clubs and balls and they had to be returned before they closed). Again the women won, but on by 1 point. We enjoyed a delicious supper over the campfire and Doloris had brought brownies with ice cream for dessert. Are we living large or what?????

Bean Bag Toss with Sam and Kathy

Calling to check on how soon we had to play
miniature golf to be able to get the clubs!

The women take their positions for the winning throw!
The Queen is down!  Another victory for the women!

Relaxing before dinner!

This morning, Sunday, we decided to play a few more games before departing. The men were determined to beat us and gain the lead for the weekend, but we knew that was almost impossible. So we left them choose the games. Bocce was their 1st choice, but again we really beat them. Then on to the bean bag toss with another win for the women. We were starting to feel bad for the boys - NOT! Ended the morning with another round of golf of which the men won by a large margin. But, the weekend score was women 9, men 5.
We all started to pack up and were on our way home by 1:00. It is so nice to have only about an hour drive to get back home.
Another fun weekend of camping with special friends. Also nice to meet up with Chuck and Melissa - an unexpected pleasant surprise!
Live is good!