Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Fun Family Day!

What a great church service this morning at LCBC and we got to spend it with friends from our Life Group and our daughter and her family!  It was special.

We packed up food and drinks to have a picnic lunch at Polo in Rothsville, about 10 minutes from Lititz, with our 2 daughters and their families this afternoon.  Bob, Lanie, Sam and Katelyn stopped by before we left for polo to see our new home!  It think they believe we made a very good decision to make this change! 

If you have never attended a Polo Match it is quite a "throw back" sport and lots of fun to watch.  It is relaxing and fun to be outdoors "tailgating"! It was a perfect weather day and the 4 little ones had such a good time.  We arrived there at 1:15 and only left around 6:15 - such great family time!

Time for our picnic lunch!

Tailgating is a lot of fun!

Standing for the Star Spangled Banner!

PaPa and Grandma with their favorite 4
little ones.  We are so blessed!

Nick, one of the polo players, was so kind and friendly
to Bria, Cali, Sam and Katelyn.  They cheered for him during
the match!

Melissa was another polo player who was good with
the girls, letting them pet her horses and telling them their names, etc.

After the match, Melissa left us feed her horses some carrots!

Katelyn needed a rest and drink!

Dane, Jamie, Bria and Cali came back to our home to see how much we had accomplished since Jamie was here on Wednesday. Bria and Cali really wanted to visit.  They left at 7:45 after a very fun filled day.

Hopefully this week will be a lot more relaxing and restful.  We are so thrilled to be so far along in this moving process.  It is definitely a major event that takes time and energy!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lititz Feels Like Home!

Ken and I got up and decided to walk downtown (about 5 blocks or 10 minutes) to check out the local farmers market that is held every Saturday morning over the summer in a parking lot in the downtown area.  What a nice market.  We enjoyed buying fresh fruit and produce, plus some homemade granola.

We headed back home and hung some blinds, more pictures, etc.  It's starting to look like home and I am amazed how we are finding a place for everything. Ken has had a severe sore throat since Wednesday morning and fighting "something".  He was like superman for the last several weeks and I think it is beginning to catch up with him.   Not only do you get physically tired when moving, but also it is mentally and emotionally draining! 

I went shopping for a few more necessities for the apartment and was home by 5.  I got some hordeorves ready and our friends, Dan and Jackie arrived at 6.  After having some drinks and snacks, we walked downtown to have dinner at Tomato Pie Cafe, eating outside on their patio.  It was a beautiful mild evening with good food and special time with special friends.  We played a game of pinochle and called it an evening around 10:45.  Our 1st visitors in our new home!!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Summary of This Week - Crazy!!!!

Today is Sunday and it is the 1st time this week I am finding time to update my blog!  All went extremely well, but we are exhausted and looking forward to a more relaxing week starting tomorrow!  

Monday I did laundry for the last time at our house in Akron and Ken did the final clean up in the garage.  I finished packing most of the las minute things in the kitchen and bath and then scrubbed all the cupboards and cleaned the baths.  That was our day - last minute packing and cleaning and taking several loads of things to the new apartment.  But, we realized we could not take one more thing there until the movers had delivered our furniture - there was no place to put anything else until the furniture was in its proper place.

Tuesday morning was more of the same, plus loading up all the drawers from all of the furniture we were having moved.  Ken also took the bed and kitchen table apart.  Groff's Moving Company from Mt. Joy were there by 2:15 and had everything in the new apartment and in there proper place by 5:45.  They did a great job.  We would highly recommend them!  Then the fun began - trying to find a place for everything.  Ken went back to the house to bring 1 more load of "stuff" while I continue putting things away.  We went to get dinner around 8:45 and we were exhausted.  Spent out 1st night at our new location, but I think we were too tired to sleep well!

Wednesday my sister, Cindy, was here by 9 to help me unpack.  Jamie and girls arrived around 1 and helped too.  I really appreciated having all of their help!  We even hung pictures before they left.  Wow!  Ken had gone back to the house to finish the cleaning and pack up anything that was still there.  I was feeling so good about all we had accomplished until Ken returned with another car load.  Where did he find all that stuff?????  I was not ready to have more tubs to unpack.  But, by the time we went to bed that night, I had found a place for most of it.

Thursday morning was more of the same, but I spent the afternoon shopping for things like shower curtains, blinds, hooks, baskets for above the kitchen cabinets, and under the bed storage bins. In the evening we went back to our house in Akron for a walk through with the buyers.  I thought it would be an emotional time for me, but not at all.  I am already feeling like our apartment is home!  Only had dinner around 8:30.  Another exciting but tiring day!

Friday I went to Curves, the 1st time in a long time, and after breakfast with my Curvette friends, Ken and I took a car load of antique things to a local auction house to be sold at a later date.  At 11, we had settlement on our house.  We were "homeless" by 11:30!  More shopping in the afternoon and then to my sister's home to help her with her garage sale which was from 5 to 8.  I also took some things there to be sold - more things to "to get rid of".  


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hershey on Saturday and Sunday!

I decided it is time for me to complete my recording of our trip with Bria and Cali at Hershey Preserve!  Saturday morning the girls were up around 8 (allowed us to have a good night's sleep), and they watched part of a movie while we prepared breakfast.  The 4 of us ate outside at the picnic table - Pops, Mickey Mouse pancakes and lots of fruit.  We took a walk around the CG and the girls played in the creek.  It was cloudy and a bit cool, so we decided to take the trip to Chocolate World to take the riding tour on how Hershey chocolate is made.  Of course, we had to do the ride 2 times. We all enjoy getting the free candy at the end.  We also shared a delicious cookie and brought some licorice for later.

By the time we returned to the CG it was much warmer and sunny, so we ate lunch and headed to the pool in the CG.  Bria and Cali spent time at the pool and the adjoining playground and enjoyed meeting a new 5 year old friend,  Tiana.  They had so much fun together.  After swimming, we got ice cream at the CG store and the girls played in the creek.  Back to Waldo to continue the movie while Ken and I got dinner ready.  Bria and Cali asked if Tiana could join us when we made s'mores.  So Tiana and her great grandparents spent time with us at the campfire and we all had s'mores.  The 3 girls also spent time playing games and watching a short movie in Waldo.  We spent about 1 1/2 hours together.  A very enjoyable evening

Sunday morning we really took our time getting ready to return home.  We ate breakfast outside again and took a short walk. Bria ad Cali enjoyed playing both inside and out while we got packed up and cleaned up. We were back home by 1:30 and the girls enjoyed coloring and playing on the porch while we unloaded.  We took them to their house around 5 and ordered pizza.  We had them in bed by 8:15 and Jamie and Dane returned home from the 1/2 Ironman in Syracuse NY around 9:30.  Dane completed the triathlon 40 minutes quicker then he expected doing the 13 mile run at the end of the triathlon in around 8 1/2 minutes per mile.  Wow!!!  He is so dedicated.

Ken and I really enjoyed our camping adventure with the little ones.  They are growing up and make our job so much easier.  Loved Bria's comment when we put her to bed.  She said, "I hope I am dreaming and when I wake up I am still in Waldo!"  Both girls said they are going to have RV's when they grow up and take their kids camping!  We are definitely making memories!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Short Night and Bria and Cali Arrive!

Sam and Katelyn slept well until about 4 AM.  They decided it was time to get the day started!  So, Ken and I were awake from 4 AM on.  The girls would be quiet for a little and then they would start talking again.  I would remind them it was to early and they needed to go back to sleep.  They would stop talking again and then the giggles would begin.  We were all up by 6:15!

We allowed them to watch a short princess movie while we got ready for the day.  Ken got fruit ready for breakfast and I worked on the pancakes and getting the girls dressed.  Jamie arrived with Bria and Cali at 8:45 - Bria and Cali wanted to be here for breakfast.  So, we ate the Mickey Mouse pancakes outside.  Jamie left right after breakfast.   Dane, Jamie, and Dane's parents are leaving for Syracuse NY around 2 for Dane to compete in a 1/2 Ironman on Sunday.

Waiting for Breakfast!

After we cleaned up from breakfast we took the girls to the stream to walk in the water and play. They had a good time, but of course Katelyn had trouble jumping over the water and eventually ended up on her knees in the water.  We went back to Waldo to change to go swimming at the neighboring Thousand Trail CG, PA Dutch.  They have a more "kid friendly" pool.  We were there from 11:15 to 3:00, eating our packed lunch at a picnic table around the pool.  The playground is nearby too, so we could go "back and forth"! After lunch we all got ice cream cones at the CG store.  Then PaPa played miniature golf with the 3 older ones.  I entertained Katelyn at the pool.  By the time we left everyone was getting tired.

Having fun playing in the stones before going to the stream!

Time for Follow the Leader!

Katelyn has trouble jumping the water.  She always get wet!

A picture on the miniature covered bridge!

Eating our packed lunch at the swimming pool!

Follow the leader continued at the pool!

At 3 years old, Katelyn terrifies me when she climbs the
big kids ladder, but she doesn't want any help!!!!  She's a
big girl!!!!!

A very nice playground at PA Dutch!

Everyone enjoyed their ice cream!

The girls played outside Waldo for a little while and then I changed them and they stayed inside to watch another princess movie.  Everyone needed some "down time".  Katelyn needed it more than the rest - note the "comfortable" sleeping position.  Ken started a campfire while I got things ready for dinner.  Lanie arrived at 5:15 to join us for dinner - hot dogs, mac and cheese, potatoes for the adults, baked beans, and of course, s'mores.  Some "meltdowns" started happening and Lanie , Sam, and Katelyn left by 6:45. Bria helped me wash dishes and then Ken finished while I played some card games with Bria and Cali.  After showers Ken watched a movie with them while I worked on my computer.

Do they look tired from all that swimming?????

Poor Katelyn was so exhausted she fell asleep standing up!

S'mores are a big hit around the campfire!

All of us need a good nights sleep.  Last night was way tooooo short!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Camping with Sam and Katelyn!

Ken and I enjoyed a cooked breakfast that we ate outdoors.  It was cloudy but already warm and rather humid.  We did some clean-up and then left the CG at 9 to meet Lanie, Sam and Katelyn at a church parking lot right down the road.  We switched cars and Lanie was on her way to the outlets here at Hershey.  She was so excited to have 2 days to herself, something that rarely happens for her.  We were anxious to spend time with Sam and Katelyn, but were hoping for sunny weather.

We took the girls to the CG and even though it was cloudy and threatening, we played in the stream and then spent time on the playground.  Showers arrived when we got back to Waldo, so after some play time, we left them watch a movie.  After lunch, we drove to Chocolate World to take the ride telling how Hershey Chocolate is made.  The girls love the singing cows.  It makes them laugh every time.  We actually did the ride 2X's.  (Maybe they just like the Hershey Miniatures you get at the end!)

The playground at Hershey Preserve!

Enjoying the "Singing Cows" on the ride at Chocolate World!

They were excited to follow the Hershey Kiss Mascot!

Back to Waldo to do some coloring and just play.  Around 5 the sun came out (hallelujah) and we went back to play in the stream and then enjoy the playground.  Ken stayed with them while I went back to get dinner ready.  We were able to eat outside.  Then PaPa built a fire and the girls just enjoyed playing outside.  Till the fire was ready, I gave both of them a shower and then it was s'more time.  They roasted their own marshmallows on the fire and loved eating their special treat.  After finishing the movie they started watching earlier today, I read them Rapunsel and then tucked them in for the night.  We hope they can stop talking long enough to go to sleep!  Time will tell.

PaPa said make funny faces!

Doing "a show" under the tree!

S'more making time after getting in the PJ's!

1st time anyone slept on Grandma and PaPa's sofa!  Actually
the 1st time stayed in Waldo besides Grandma and PaPa!

Bria and Cali asked their Mommy, Jamie, to bring them here tomorrow morning in time for Mickey Mouse Pancakes, so we expect to see them before 9.  PaPa and Grandma will be very busy tomorrow with our 4 granddaughters, but that's how you create special memories!  Let the fun begin!!!!

I will add some photos tomorrow.  The camera is out in the LR and I don't want to disturb Sam and Katelyn (as if they are asleep).  Oh well, one can be hopeful!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Chaos Continues!

Thought I better do a post to "catch up" on what has been happening since last Friday.  Every night Ken and I "fall into bed" exhausted from the day's activities.

Saturday morning Ken was up very early to "set-up" again for the garage sale. We had everything at 1/2 price when we opened - some money is better than no money!  Again, it was a successful time.  I think we only had about 4 or 5 boxes to take to my sister's church for their bazaar, plus a large artificial Christmas tree.  We had packed up everything that was left at the garage sale, went to a 1:00 Retirement Party about 40 minutes from our house, visited my parents, and dropped off the "stuff" at my sister's church by 7 that evening.  What a crazy day.  Then we even took a small load of things to the storage area we are renting until we get moved into the apartment.

Sunday, Father's Day we went to church and then to Jamie's for a fun luncheon.  We were back home in time to take a couple loads of "stuff" to the apartment.  Both Saturday and Sunday we went to bed very early happy with what we accomplished, but so tired.

Monday we had breakfast with Sam and Kathy to discuss some possible camping plans for July and then went to watch 2 of our granddaughters at swim lessons.  Then to Ken's sister, Priscilla, to drop of some family items that we can no longer keep and wanted to pass on to other members of Ken's family.  Ken spent the afternoon working outside at the house while I spent 3 hours at the apartment putting things in their permanent (maybe temporary) place.  I only got home around 6:15 and Ken had supper ready.  Thank goodness!  I was too tired to think about it.  

Tuesday was more of the same!  We loaded the CRV with drawers from some of our furniture and then Lanie arrived with her girls and we loaded her van with more drawers and extras.  We all went to the apartment to unload.  Lanie was the 1st person to see our new apartment.  Then we went to the Littiz Springs Park to see the ducks and have lunch (Lanie had packed for the 3 of them!).  Ken and I left to go to Costco.  Then home for Ken to mow while I cleaned the furniture that is in our basement and we will be taking to the apartment.  Time to load Waldo for our Wed. to Sunday camping trip with our granddaughters.  We had planned this 6 months ago before we knew we were moving.  Dane, our son-in-law, is doing a 1/2 Ironman in Syracuse NY this weekend before the full blown Ironman in Lake Placid in July.

So, this morning we went to breakfast in Lititz, took another load of things to the apartment, and finished packing Waldo.  We arrived at Hershey Preserve CG at noon and got set-up.  Both of us rested after lunch and then took a short walk.  Spent about an hour sitting outside discussing all that is happening and how draining it can be emotionally, mentally, and physically.  We are not complaining because it is our choice, but it is still challenging.

Ken did changes of address on the internet while I talked with Melissa and Bonnie, 2 of our camping friends.  Bonnie and her husband sold their home that will settle July 15th and become full-timers in their 5th Wheel.  We compared "notes" on what is happening and how you wonder if the chaos will ever end.  It is harder for them - they can only keep what fits in the 5th wheel.

But, we know that all of this will pass and life will settle down.  Hey, it may even get boring!!!  Boring sounds good right now!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

What a Week!

Not much time for blogging this week!  My dad returned to Masonic Homes on Wednesday after spending 3 days in Intermediate Intensive Care.  Fortunately, the infection never reached his bloodstream, but he was very sick.  The antibiotics did their thing, but it will take another week or so before they expect him to be feeling back to his good old self!  It is amazing how quickly he did "bounce back" and we all feel very blessed.  So, there was a lot of time spent at the hospital throughout his time there, but we were just glad we were able to be there.

We got the key to our new "home" on Tuesday evening around 6:30 and took 2 trips there with the SRV filled with things.  By the time we returned home, we were exhausted, but excited.  The new place looked great with the fresh paint and all new carpet.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent taking things to the apartment and trying to get ready for our garage sale.  The hours you spend getting ready for the sale are incredible.  You think you will never get done sorting, pricing (the worst part), and setting up for the sale.  We advertised the sale to start at 7 AM and there were several buyers outside right after 6.  It has been raining off and on all week with very little sun, so we had everything in the garage and on the porch.  But, Ken went out at 6 to start setting things in the driveway - it wasn't raining!  Amazing!!!!!    It was a very successful venture and I appreciated my sister's help and the support of many of our friends.  It started to rain at 1 and the sale ended abruptly.  By then we were tired and ready to be done!  After all, we get to do it all over again tomorrow morning!

We finished getting everything packed up in the basement for the antique auction and for the apartment.  We are excited to be just about finished in that area.  We hope to take additions things to the apartment on either Saturday or Sunday.  It will just feel so great to have the garage sale behind us.  Whatever isn't sold tomorrow will go to Goodwill or to a sale at my sister's Church!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Martins Go Home Today!

We woke to another gorgeous, sunny, warm day!  Positively beautiful!  Had a light breakfast and got ready for another morning of Pickleball.  Did have some serious discussion regarding my parents and Ken and I planning to be away so much over the next year.  Usually my sister and her husband were around while we traveled, but now they have a motorhome and plan to be snowbirds in Jan., Feb., and March, as well as heading south in the fall.  I am thrilled for them, but it does complicate how our parents get the attention they need when we are all gone.  Mom doesn't drive anymore, so she can't go to the hospital when we are not around.  It is something we need to think about, but my dad would be the 1st to say that we can't put our lives on hold just in case something could happen to them.  He always says, "Do things while you can.  Life can change in a minute and you need to travel while you are able". Not sure what all that means, but we will figure it out!

We had a great time playing pickleball with about 10 other players.  What a special group of people.

Mom had left a message while we are playing.  They had moved dad to Intermediate Intensive Care with a severe infection that was on the verge of entering his bloodstream.  Not a good thing.  So, I talked with my mother and said I would leave the CG very soon to pick her up and take her to the hospital.  In the meantime, my sister called and we decided she would take her in and I would pick her up later in the day.  The doctor had called mom and told her that Dad's "numbers" were very slowly improving so it appeared that the antibiotics were doing their thing!  

Fred and Doloris left the CG around 1.  We had so much fun with them, playing games, riding bike, walking, sitting around the campfire, and enjoying meals together.  What special friends who really understand the love of RVing!

I tried numerous times to call my sister and my mother with no success.  So, Ken and I decided we should just head home so we would be available whenever we were needed.  Just when we were about to leave, I got a call from Mom - she was going to go home with Cindy so Dad could sleep and rest.  Ken and I still decided to go back home.  We were home and unloaded by 4:30.  There are so many boxes and stuff sitting around to get ready for the move and the garage sale, that it doesn't seem much like home.  The rest of this week will be busy with taking Mom back and forth to the hospital and continuing going thru things and packing.  I will be glad when this whole "moving thing" is over!

After working on my computer and Ken spending time at his desk doing paperwork and reading through the mail, we relaxed watching some TV.   It was the right thing to do to come home early, but right now Waldo seems like home!  Our time at Hershey was so much fun and we met so many special people through playing Pickleball.  RVers really are a friendly and happy group of people that we can relate to so well.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another Beautiful, Warm, Sunny Day!

Wow, this weather has been awesome!  Sunny and warm, but usually with a very nice breeze!  Today was no exception!  A perfect day to be outdoors.

Ken and I got up and made a cooked breakfast, which we ate outside, before heading to the pickleball court.  Again, we were the 1st ones there so we did some warm-ups.  Soon we had at least 10 players and had so much fun and plenty of exercise.  By 11, we were tired and hot, and since we wanted to go for a bike ride later, we decided it was time to get back to Waldo.  Fred and Doloris were just finishing breakfast and clean-up.

We chatted for alittle while and then got ready to go to the Rails to Trail starting at Colebrook.  We started our ride at that location and headed towards E-town.  We rode to the end of the trail and then back to our cars, a total of 18 miles.  We really love this trail.  Scenic and not very hilly!  Ken and I treated ourselves to ice cream at the local Twin Kiss.  By then, we were ready to be done exercising for the day. 

What a beautiful, scenic trail!

My mother called around 4:30 - Dad has been sick all day and they will probably send him to the hospital.  Would know around 5.  We left to meet our card club group at the K-Ville Tavern for dinner, but I was waiting to hear from my mother.  She called at 5:45 - Dad was going to the hospital with what they thought was a bad infection, probably urinary.  So when we were finished eating, we headed to the Lancaster General Hospital Emergency Room to be with my dad.  His fever was gone and he looked good, but he definitely didn't feel "right".  So, they eventually admitted him after starting intravenous antibiotics.  Hopefully he will be out of there in a few days.  

We were back to the CG by 10:15 and played a game of cards with Fred and Doloris.  It's been a busy, full day.  Just thankful that my dad is where he needs to be and being well taken care of! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

A Fun, Active Day at Hershey Preserve!

Fred left the CG at 5 this morning to go to work!  What a guy!  Ken, Doloris, and I were not up very early.  Doloris had a migraine headache during the night, so pickleball was not in her plans this morning.  Ken and I headed to the pickleball court at 9 and we were the only ones there.  So, we did some practicing.  Didn't take long until there were about 12 of us.  We had such a good time, but again, Ken and I probably played too long.  We are not used to such strenuous activity and our bodies are not sure they are happy about our new found "entertainment".  Doloris was feeling better and came to watch around 10:30.  We chatted for awhile after we were finished playing, getting back to Waldo around noon.  

After lunch, the 3 of us went to Wal-Mart to get a few groceries.  Then it was back to the CG to shower and rest.  We spend the morning playing pickleball and the rest of the day recovering!!!!!  Fred got here around 3:30.  The 4 of us took a walk around the CG before the men started a campfire to cook dinner. There are so many Canada Geese here in the park and three families with little ones.  Great night to cook over the open fire and then eat outdoors.
This is the lake in the CG and a view of some of the campsites
up on the hill.  They have quite a view!

Lots of geese roaming the CG so sometimes you have
to be careful where you walk!!!!

Waldo sits on a smaller hill on the other side of the CG.
Note the beautiful campfire the men  built for cooking dinner!

It did cool off so we went inside Waldo to play games including 1 game of Hause which the men won, followed by Skip-Bo which the women finally won, and then the ladies won 5 Crowns.  By then it was 11:30 and we were all tired and ready to call it a day!

Let the games continue and may the women win!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Off and On Sunny Day!

We had lots of rain during the night and a little more early this morning!  We knew the pickleball courts would be too wet to play 1st thing this morning, so we slowed down our pace and made a cooked breakfast.  I decided to go to Tanger Outlets here in Hershey to return something I had bought for my mother.  When I got there, Bon Worth was gone!  Apparently they are closing all of their stores by the end of June - bankruptcy!  But I did enjoy doing a little "looking" and finding some good buys at IZOD.

While I was gone, Ken took a long walk around the CG.  The sun was in and out all day and it only got into the low 70's.  After lunch, Ken and I drove to Masonic Homes at E-town to play Pinochle with my mother and father.  They love when we play cards together.  They have not found anyone to play with at the Home - Dad says most people forget what is trump, etc.  He has always been a "card shark" and even though he is 90, he is as sharp as a tack when it comes to playing cards.  The men won 3 games and Mom and I only won 1 1/2!  It has been this way the last 3 times we played!  Next time will be different!

We got back to the CG around 5:30 and Ken started a campfire.  Fred and Doloris arrived around 6:15 and we had drinks and cheese and crackers waiting for them.  After they were set-up, we cooked our dinners on the fire.  Then we met in Waldo to play games.  Unfortunately, we had to quit by 10:30, since Fred has to go to work tomorrow.  He will sleep here and leave from the CG around 5 AM.  Doloris will spend the day here and Fred will return tomorrow evening.  We will all be together this weekend, except Ken and I will join our couples card club for dinner and card playing on Saturday night.  But, we will return to the CG after cards.

So far, this week has gone by so quickly.  We haven't spent the whole day here since we arrived at Hershey Preserve!  Tomorrow will be the 1st!  We look forward to "staying put"!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Gorgeous Morning at the CG!

Ken and I took our time getting up and then got ready to play pickleball.  It was a beautiful, sunny morning.  Today we played pickleball from 9:15 to almost noon - we are going to be so stiff and sore, but it is so much fun and great exercise!  Barry and Donna couldn't play today, but Renee joined us and he is quite an experienced pickleball player.  Gave us some good tips!!!  By the time we left the court, we were tired and very hot.

Back to Waldo for lunch and to hydrate!!!  After refreshing showers, Ken took and nap and I made numerous phone calls.  Talked to our camping friends, Chuck and Melissa, whom we hope to meet up with in August and then again in the fall.  We miss spending time with them.  

We drove to Morgantown from the CG (about 50 minutes) to have dinner with Lanie, Sam and Katelyn.  Had a fun time playing with the little ones and then we all went to Sam's T-Ball game.  She did a great job - paid attention in the outfield and did a good job hitting the ball.  She really seemed to understand the rules and expectations!  Katelyn had fun with Grandma and PaPa.

Lanie helping Sam get ready for the "big game"!

Waiting patiently for the ball to come her way!

Batter up!!!

She stopped the ball and threw it towards 1st base!

Katelyn enjoyed playing in the stones!

Headed back to the CG and played a game of Pinochle outside - so still and no bugs.  But by 9 it started to rain.  This has been a busy, fun-filled day.