Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday - Windy and Cooler!

Ken was up by 5:30, but I only climbed out of bed at 7:15 when Ken woke me!  I got dressed and we drove to Akron to Marty's Garage for the CRV to have some fluids and filters changed.  On our way home from our Life Group we had stopped by our friend, Polly's house, to borrow her car for today.  We really appreciated her generosity!

We were back home by 8 and made breakfast.  I spent time in my craft area getting things together that I want to take with me tomorrow when I spent the day at Masonic Homes crafting with my mother.  Ken and I did take a long walk around Lititz and I wore my SAS.  It was cool (50 degrees) and extremely windy but still a nice day to walk!

When we got back, it was time for lunch.  We showered and then we got a call that the CRV was ready to be picked up.  So, off we went.  We stopped at Polly's to return her car and appreciated a visit with her and the use of her car!

Now it was 4:30, so I headed back to my crafting area to complete some of the projects I had started.  Ken made salads for dinner and cleaned up the kitchen.  Because we had missed Church yesterday when we were at the swim meet, we decided to go to Monday night church which they just recently started.  Sometimes you just can't get there on a Sunday and they wanted to have a "week night" option.  We sat with Ken's nephew, Greg, and it was a wonderful service.  Home by 8:30 and we watched The Voice while I worked on this blog.  Ken watched too but also did some reading.  We were in bed by 10.  I was very tired for I had stayed up way too late the last 2 nights!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Fun Weekend!

Saturday morning was beautiful and relatively mild for this time of year - in the upper 60's.  I spent time in the kitchen getting a tossed salad ready to take to card club, so I was chopping a lot of veggies and hard boiling eggs.  After eating breakfast and doing the dishes, Ken and I decided to take a walk so I could wear my SAS.  It was a gorgeous morning for a walk around town.

After lunch I did some crafting and then we showered and got ready to go to Dan and Jackie's to watch the Penn State Game.  It was their turn to host our couples card club.  Dennis and Gail had other plans for his birthday and Gary and Marcia were attending their daughter's soccer game before coming to Hagy's around 5.  We got there at 3:30 in time for the start of the Penn State vs. Ohio Game.  The 1st half was great for Penn State!

At half time, the 6 of us enjoyed a light, but delicious dinner.   Jackie had made barbeque sandwiches and we had tossed salad with all the fixin's, broccoli salad, and pepper cabbage.  We also had a "snack table" for some "munching" during the game.  

What a disappointing 2nd half.  I almost think Penn State forgot to show up!  They really could do much of anything on offense or defense!  Ohio State "woke up" in the 2nd half and Penn State just couldn't get it together.  It was a tough loss!

The 6 of us played Haus with the men vs. the women.  We won the 1st game rather handily and were ahead in the 2nd game when we decided it was time to stop!  We planned to leave when Gary and Marcia left at 9:45, but we got to talking and watching the World Series and only got home at midnight!  What a fun evening!

Sunday was a cloudy damp and windy day with temperatures in the 60's.  It definitely was a dreary one!  Ken and I left at 8 AM to go to Bria and Cali's swim meet in Hershey.  It certainly is warm around an indoor pool in the fall and winter.  Bria and Cali are now swimming for a new club in Lancaster and about 10 other families moved to that group too from the Ephrata area, so the girls are swimming with lots of their friends.  We sat with Jamie and Dane and the other parents who are also close friends of Jamie and Dane and we got to know all of them so much better!  We had a good time and Bria and Cali did amazing!

The Happy Swimmers!

By 1:30 we were back home in time for lunch and the watching of the Eagles game.  I spent the afternoon going through all my finished craft jewelry sets and then making additional pendants and earrings.  I made salads for supper and by 6 we left for our Small Group at Paparo's house near Mt. Gretna.  7 of us were there and Lori led a discussion regarding last week's sermon.  It was a nice evening with special friends and a great support group!

We were home by 9:30 and we started watching the World Series.  What a game!  It was amazing.  Ken went to bed at 10:30 to read and sleep but I got caught up in the game.  I did change channels and watched the last 4 minutes of the Steelers game - go Steelers!  Then back to the World Series and what a hitting fest!  At midnight I decided I had to go to bed.  I really wanted to see the end, but I was just too tired!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Thursday and Friday In and Around Home!

Thursday, Ken was up early and left at 7:45 to have breakfast with his friend, Gary!  I had gotten up at 6:30, showered, and then headed to the kitchen where I spent the morning!  I made some of Noela's delicious oat bran muffins, cut-up lettuce, and then washed and cut-up fruit.  It took me most of the morning to get everything accomplished!

After lunch, we drove to Masonic Village to spend the afternoon playing Pinochle with my parents.  We hadn't been with them the last 2 weeks because of being at the Delaware Water Gap, so we were excited to all get together!  It was a fun afternoon with the men winning 2 games and the women 1 1/2 (we didn't get to finish the last game but we were winning)!  

We were back home around 5:30 and we made salads for dinner and Ken grilled.  A neighbor helped Ken try to remove the rusty screw from the door to the water heater on Wilbur and after lots of trying, they finally got it removed - Hallelujah!  Now we can do the winterizing!   I spent most of the evening working on crafts and Ken did some reading.  We were in bed around 10.  So far this has been a rather busy week!

Today, Friday, we were both up by 5:40 and out the door by 6:30.  Ken took me to Planet Fitness to get a ride with my friend, Marcia.  I drove with Marcia to Park Place Diner to meet all the Curvettes for breakfast.  It was Becky's birthday, so we had a little celebration.  Ken had a breakfast meeting with his mentor for Celebrate Recovery at 8.  We both had a very good time!

I was back home by 9 and spent most of my time on the phone.  I got a surprise call from one of our special camping couples, Chuck and Melissa.  It was so good to talk with her.  We haven't been together for almost a year and we are excited to see each other!  We had a very nice chat and we are planning to spend 3 or 4 days with them the week after Thanksgiving while Wilbur is at Lazydays.  We are anxious to see their home in The Villages!  I also talked to my good friend, Jackie, regarding our couples card club tomorrow night.  We will actually get together to watch the Penn State football game and then play cards in the evening.  It will be fun and exciting!

After breakfast, Ken went to visit Chris Decker, a fellow high school graduate,who fell down the stairs over a year ago and is paralyzed from his waist down.  He and his wife are going through such a tough time.  

When Ken returned, we went for a long walk, but it was not a comfortable walk for me.  My leg and back were really out of sorts!  When we returned, we ate lunch and then spent time winterizing Wilbur.  Ken knew what to do and did a great job.  It went really well and we accomplished it rather quickly.  

Then it was time to take Wilbur to his storage area, but not until we filled his gas tank and the propane.  A quick stop at a local roadside market and we were back home by 4:15.  Both of us were very tired after a rather short, restless night, so we took a short nap!

Ken grilled for dinner and then did some reading while I did a load of wash and worked on this blog.  Now it is time to watch some of the World Series (I doubt if we will be awake til the end of the game!  It is just too late for these older folks!!)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today, Wednesday, Ken was up extremely early and did a lot of reading before watching the news!  I only rolled out of bed at 6:45 and got ready for the day.  We knew it was going to be a very busy one!  We did remember to wish each other a Happy Anniversary -48 years.  I think we were married when we were 10!!!!!

We ate a light breakfast and then I drove Ken to his volunteer job at the Mennonite Central Committee.  We never got to the grocery store yesterday, so it was a definite necessity today.  I went to Wal-Mart  and stopped at a local roadside stand.  During my travels I got a call from Noela wishing us a Happy Anniversary and telling us about the trip she and Ernie are having, particularly their most recent stop in Salt Lake City.  They will be traveling until the beginning of December when they will leave their 5th wheel in Georgia and return to Canada for the holidays.  They will be back in Florida the beginning of the year.  It was so good to talk with her and hear about their "great adventure"!  We are looking forward to spending time with them this winter in Florida!

I was back to the apartment for about an hour before leaving again to pick up Ken around noon and then meeting our former neighbors, Russ and Darlene, for lunch.  We have been trying to get together for quite awhile and had trouble finding a time that suited all of us.  They are full-timers who spend about 8 months in and around PA and the rest of the year in the south.  We spent 3 hours at the restaurant "comparing notes" on RVing and had a wonderful time.  We are planning to keep in touch when we are all in Florida camping about 15 miles from each other.

From there we went to Jamie's and walked with her and Sampson (dog) to the bus stop to meet Bria and Cali.  It was good to see them and chat about their day and all of their activities.  We visited for about 1 1/2 hours.  While we were there my sister called and she and John sang Happy Anniversary to You!  What a great duet!!!  They will be leaving Jekyll Island tomorrow and plan to be back in PA the latter part of next week!  We look forward to seeing them and playing pickleball again!

From Jamie's, we went to a local supply store that has about anything you can think of!  Ken bought me a great anniversary gift that I have wanted for quite a long time - plexiglass cut to fit the screen door in Wilbur so we can have the door open even when it is cool outside.  I do not like when we have to have the outside door closed and it get rather dark inside.  I feel like I am in the outdoors when the door can be open.  They cut the plexiglass for us on the "spot" and sold us the screws and fasteners we need so it can be easily be removed when it is hot outside!  I am so excited!  What a perfect gift!

Then we thought we should really celebrate the day and go to our favorite store - Costco to get more groceries and pick up some photos I had ordered.  It was also the perfect place to have our anniversary dinner!  (I always was a cheap date!).  Then he really went all out and treated me to a hot fudge sundae at McDonald's! Boy, life doesn't get much better!

We were home by 7:30 and while I put the groceries in their proper place, Ken tried one more time to remove the screw - no go!!!!  We will contemplate his next step tomorrow.  We watched the World Series while I worked on this blog.  We were both in bed by 9:30.

What a special Anniversary!  I am just so happy to spend each and every day with the love of my life!!!!  We have been so blessed and continue to Celebrate Life Daily!  

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Back Home and Back to "Normal"!

Ken and I were up before 7 and took time to watch the National News!  We decided to cook breakfast and then tried to figure out our schedule for the day!  The refrigerator was rather "bare" as well as the cupboards so a grocery run seemed to be a necessity!  It didn't quite work out that way!

We got a phone call from my good friend, Polly, a fellow Curvette, who invited us to lunch.  When I asked her why, she said, "Just say yes"!  So I did and Ken and I looked forward to having some time with her.  She is such a special friend to both of us!

So, Ken and I decided to go for a long walk around Lititz because it was a gorgeous, sunny morning with the temperature in the 70's - amazing!  What a great walk!

Ken went to Waldo when we returned to try to get the cover plate off the water heater so he could drain it and get ready to winterize!  Unfortunately, the one screw was very rusted and would not budge!!!!  So he sprayed it well with WD-40 and figured he would try again when we got back from lunch.

Jamie had left us a message when we were on our walk and said she was coming to Lititz and would like to stop and visit.  So, she was here from 11 to 12:15 and it was so good to chat and "catch up" on what was happening with her family.  Bria and Cali are doing so well with the new swim team they are involved in and did extremely well playing field hockey.  They have been asked to play on a travel team starting in a week or so.  They keep extremely busy but love being active with sports!

We went to Polly's at 12:30 to all go to lunch at the Cat's Meow Restaurant in Manheim, but 1st we loaded up our 2 folding tables that we store at her house because we have such limited storage at our apartment.  We appreciate her willingness to keep some of our "extra stuff" in her basement!

We had a wonderful meal and time together for over 2 1/2 hours.  Ken and I didn't plan on having dessert, but Polly insisted it wasn't a complete meal without dessert, so how could we disappoint her????  Dessert it was and the coconut cream pie was delicious (Ken and I did share it!).  We were so grateful that Polly would take us to lunch.  It was a special surprise, but that is kind hearted Polly!

We were home around 3:45 and Ken tried again to get the screw off the water heater cover.  No success.  So, he went to a local hardware store and got something they recommended for "loosening" rusted screws.  We can only hope!

Ken left at 6 for his Celebrate Recovery and I spent the evening working on some crafting projects.  I also watched The Voice and some of the World Series!  We were both in bed by 10!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Back to Lititz!

Today, Monday, Ken and I only got up around 7:45 and it was 8:45 when we left the CG after unhooking and then hitching the car to Wilbur for the drive back to Lititz.

We only went about 20 minutes before stopping at Perkins to share the delicious Tremendous 12 breakfast.  Ken and I both agreed it was one of the best breakfasts we have had at a restaurant for quite a while.

Back on the road and only one more stop at a Speedy for drinks and a potty break!  We did see some beautiful colors along the roadway while still in the higher elevations.  These aren't the best pictures because I took them on Ken's phone while he was driving -

We pulled into our home at 12:15 and then the work began.  If someone would have told us we would keep very busy till about 4:30 we would have say "no way"!  But, that is exactly what happened.  We unloaded, unpacked, put things away and then started doing loads of wash.  Ken took off the bikes and bike rack and then unloaded firewood that we didn't use on this trip.  He also cleaned out and reorganized some of the basement of Wilbur. 

While Ken was running the generator, I decided to use the vacuum and clean  the car.  The floors were so dirty from being in the woods for the last 2 weeks.  Around 4:45 I downloaded some photos and did some work on my blogs.  (I needed to add photos!).  

By 5:30 we were both ready to relax a little, so Ken took a short nap and I made salads for dinner.  The wash was still drying!!  

After dinner the wash was completed and it was time to just sit and relax.  We wanted to watch some of the Eagles game, but unfortunately we were not able to get it because it was on CBS Sports.  Oh well, we were tired anyway and didn't need to be up so late!  We will watch The Voice!  Nothing pushing tomorrow morning as we don't have any thing special on the schedule!  We are supposed to have a bad storm overnight with strong winds.  I hope it doesn't keep us awake!!!!

A "Working Day" of Preparing to Go Home!!

I had a bad night's sleep not because of pain, but my mind just wanted to race from one thing to another - crazy!  Ken was up first, but I finally got out of bed at 8:45.  We had a light breakfast and then the clean-up began.

Ken spent all morning outside loading things that we had put outdoors during our 2 week stay!  I went through many different things inside and started packing up food and clothing that we load in the CRV making it easier to unload when we get home. Then I began the cleaning, scrubbing, and scouring process throughout Wilbur!  

By 1:15 we were ready for lunch and we decided to got to the Environmental Center and take the 2 mile Scenic Gorge hike.  Ken loves to take photos at the pond in front of the Center, which he has done every time we come to this area.  He took photos there about a week ago and it was amazing how the color of the leaves had intensified since then.  We have definitely seen a great change in the vibrant color of the leaves since we arrived in the Delaware Water Gap!

Here are photos Ken took of a neighboring pond at the Environmental Center that Ken took about 1 week ago -  Quite a difference!

It took us about 1 1/4 hours to complete the hike, stopping every so often to take photos and just enjoy the beautiful and peaceful area.  No big waterfalls today, but there was a tiny one!

This was a rather rugged trail (more natural) but not as strenuous
as many of the others we had hiked!

Lots of ferns on this north side of the mountain.  This looks
like it has new growth!

Okay, it isn't a large falls, but none the less, it was

We got back to Wilbur around 4:30 and thought we would watch football and play Hand and Foot, but no!  We kept finding more things to do in preparation for tomorrow's departure - vacuuming, dishes, loading more things in the CRV, making salads for dinner, etc.  Ken also checked all the house batteries and added water, but not before we had a big spark!  He will never do it again without turning off all the electric to Wilbur!

After dinner, we looked through the photos Ken had taken today and then he washed the floors while I worked on the blog.  We also watched some football.

Just a side note from today!  While I was cleaning the toilet, the brush part of the toilet brush separated from the handle and went right down the "chute"!  Now what?????  We could see it, but how could we get it??  We put our 2 heads together and Ken brought in a long branch and we duct taped a twisted paper clip onto it.  After many tries, bingo, we were able to retrieve it!  Hallelujah!  That could have been a major problem!

We did play a few rounds of Hand and Foot before calling it a day around 10:00.  We were both very tired and couldn't imagine that the 2 weeks here had flown by so quickly.  We certainly had a wonderful time!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Another Hiking Day!

Ken only got up at 6:45 and I joined him in the LR at 7:15.  We made omelettes for breakfast, cleaned up, and then we both did some devotions and reading.  We played one round of Hand and Foot and then changed for hiking and packed some snacks and water.

It was around 50 degrees when we left, but the sun was shining and it was predicted to get in the low 70's.  We were on our way by 10 to go hiking on the Kittatinny Point Trail which we had done before and it is a rugged, rocky, steep hike that brings you to a gorgeous overlook for a panoramic view of the Delaware Water Gap.  When we arrived at the huge parking area, there was absolutely no place to park.  We drove around numerous times, but there wasn't even one spot.  So we decided to come up with another plan and went to the Douglas Parking area and decided to hike to the Sunfish Pond.  

The Douglas Trail was marked moderate/strenuous and they knew what they were talking about.  Most of the path was uphill but fortunately the gain of 1,000 feet was not straight up, but you definitely knew you were going uphill.  Soon after we started hiking, there was a deer on the trail.  

Named after the Supreme Court Justise,
William Douglas!

We are definitely on a "climb"!

Hard to tell, but it was a deer that was right on the trail!

Yes, Ken, we are still climbing.  Come along!

We also were on the Appalachian Trail for about .7 of a mile and that was uphill too and it took us to the Sunfish Pond.  What a beautiful setting and the leaves around the pond had brilliant color.  The pictures you see have not been filtered at all.   We enjoyed some water and snacks while sitting there and then began the hike back to the car.

At this "bend" we started walking the Appalachian Trail!

Just a little info for you!!

A large pond that was so still!

What a variety of vibrate colors!


Obviously the trail back was a lot easier than the hike up the hillside, but both of us were very ready to be done when we got to the car.  We had left at 11 and only returned at 2:45 after hiking about 4 1/2 miles.  We were proud of ourselves!

We decided we should go for pizza to get back all those calories we probably lost on the hike - such logic!  By this time we were both extremely hungry!  We stopped and had pizza at a place near our CG and were able to sit outside in their patio area.  It was great to be able to eat outdoors.

We were back to Wilbur by 4:15 and Ken decided he needed a short nap.  I played on the I-Pad and then we both showered.  We went through the photos Ken took today and I worked on the blog.

We watched the Penn State game and what a game it was!  Needless to say it was a late night for these folks!

Friday, October 20, 2017

More Hiking to See Beautiful Waterfalls!

The temperature was in the upper 40's when we got up this morning so it felt rather chilly!  We decided tostay at the CG until close to lunchtime so it would warm up for hiking.  

We had omelettes and fresh fruit for breakfast and after doing dishes, we finished our game of Hand and Foot.  I was victorious again - YES!!!  We played 3 more rounds and figured we would finish the game later today.  Ken talked to both of our daughters while I finished 3 more sea glass pictures.  

We packed lunches and snacks and left the CG around noon and headed to George Childs Park Trail within the Delaware Water Gap.  It was about a 35 minutes drive from the CG but took a bit longer because of road construction.  Of course we had to make a stop at the nearby Turkey Hill for coffee for Ken and Pumpkin Spice cappuccino me.  I would say I am a bit "hooked" on that drink and it will only be available for a short time so every time we pass the Turkey Hill I think must have one.  I don't even like coffee!!! 

We had never been to this trail on our other trips to this area but were intrigued when it mentioned there were 3 waterfalls along the trail.  After reading that we knew we had to take that hike!  We were not disappointed!  It was such a spectacular trail with lots of wooden stairways, bridges, and of course, the 3 falls.

This was the surface on the 1st part of the trail.  

Fulmer Falls was the 1st one we came to -

The next one was Deer Leap Falls and it was beautiful too -

Don't you just love the bridge in the background??

As we got near the end of the trail we had a great view of Factory Falls -

Time to relax and just enjoy!

Sometimes I just need to pass and admire
God's handiwork!

.....and then the Woolen Mill Ruins -

When we returned to the CRV we got our lunch bag and went to a picnic area near the entrance to the Park and enjoyed our lunch.  We had hiked a couple of miles and loved every "step".

We got back at 4:00, unloaded the car, went through the pictures Ken had taken today, and took a walk around the CG before sitting outside to finish our game of Hand and Foot.  I could hardly believe I won again!  By then it was starting to get dark so Ken grilled chicken and potatoes but we ate inside.

Ken did some reading and checked things on his I-Pad.  I played some games.  After showers we played 1 more round of Hand and Foot before heading to bed to do some reading.

It was another day to celebrate life!!!!