Monday, January 31, 2011

Locked out of our 5th Wheel

We had some excited on Monday night before we left Holiday Travel Resort.  Ken and I went outside to play pinochle on our picnic table and the door locked itself when we closed it.  We honestly did nothing!!!!!!  Bingo, we are outside with no keys for Willie or our truck, no cell phones, and Ken was in his slippers, which he never has on when he is outside.  Wow!  Fortunately, our neighbors were outside and we learned to know them very quickly.  They were very generous and allowed us to use their phone to call Good Sam.  Good Sam's personnel wanted our membership # before we could be connected.  Dah!!! The card was in the 5th Wheel.  So we used the neighbor's card.  When we explained to the person at Good Sam's our problem and that the only way we could get through was using our neighbor's #, she said we would have to call back and go through the whole thing again using our number.  Which part of this story is she NOT getting!!!.  Eventually Ken convinced her to look up our number on her computer and she was able to find it.  YES!!!!  After 3 hours of being outside, a locksmith came and picked our door in less than 30 seconds.  Really makes you feel secure when you lock up at night!!!!!!!

We will never go outside again without a key and we also made sure we have one in a safe place on the outside of the 5th wheel!!!  Live and Learn!!!

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