Saturday, December 7, 2013

Another Busy, but Good Week!

It really is a very short time from Thanksgiving to Christmas this year!  Seems like I am having trouble deciding what needs to be done 1st.  Also, I love to make gifts for people, but this year that isn't happening.  We did a craft show last Saturday and again today (only found out on Monday that someone cancelled and I was able to get a spot at Wilson Middle School).  It was a good show and we were very pleased with the outcome.  Actually signed up to do it again next year!

Wednesday we had a very special visit with my mother and father at Masonic Homes.  We played cards all afternoon and we had such a good time.  They were so happy to see us after we were away for 6 weeks and they hadn't played cards during that time.  They enjoy playing pinochle and are such good players.  It really is a fun time and we are blessed that we are able to do that with them. From there Ken and I went to the Dutch Apple Theater for dinner and a musical version of A Christmas Carol.  The food and the show were excellent.

Last evening we enjoyed having dinner with our Life Group from Church and did a gift exchange playing now you have it now you don't.  Rick and Joyce were great hosts and served us delicious lasagna , both regular and seafood.  What a wonderful group of friends.

I also spent most of Thursday at Kitchen Kettle in the Village of Intercourse, not far from our house.  The Curvettes, my fellow exercising gals went there for lunch and to check out the shoppes.  I am very blessed to be a part of this group too!

Right now I am in our Family Room enjoying the fire that Ken started in the fireplace, the 1st one for this winter season.  It is relaxing and WARM, much better than the cold temperatures outside.  Tomorrow they are predicting some snow.  Florida, take me away!!!!!!

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  1. Pretty nice having an indoor fire! Love that. Sorry I couldn't talk more today. Still hanging out at Scott's.