Monday, December 2, 2013

A Hectic Week In PA

Well, we have been home for 1 full week and it has certainly been busy! 

Tuesday we went out for breakfast since there was no food in the house.  Then off to buy groceries.  Plenty of mail, things to put away, etc., so the afternoon went quickly.  We did visit our daughter Jamie and her 2 girls whom we hadn't seen for about 6 weeks.  We were all excited to see each other.

Wednesday was back to our routine with me going to Curves, then cleaning the house, and starting to put out the Christmas decorations.  Ken enjoyed breakfast with his friend, Gary, and then spent the day at his desk going through all the mail and making necessary phone calls.  Welcome back to the "real world".  We finished decorating for Christmas before calling it a day!

Thursday, Thanksgiving, was a delightful day.  We were at Jamie's house from 10:30 to 7:30 enjoying spending time with her family and her in-laws!  We had a delicious meal including a turducken ( I don't know how you spell it) from New Orleans that was filled with cornbread stuffing.  It was positively incredible.  Jamie is such a great cook and hostess and Bria and Cali are such good girls.  They played together so nicely!

The bowl contained foam leaves that
Bria and Cali had written on each day
of November with something they
were thankful for.  So cute!

All ready for the delicious meal!

Looks good enough to eat!

Friday morning after Curves, Ken and I did just alittle Black Friday shopping and ended up at Costco getting a few more groceries.  After lunch, Ken loaded the car for a craft show on Saturday while I prepared food and set-up for card club at our house Saturday night after the craft show.  In the evening we joined our camping friends at 10,000 Villages to enjoy a light dinner and some great music.

After a short night, we were up at 5:30 to go to the craft show.  I was excited that my sister, Cindy, had the space next to us and we were able to spend time together.  After a successful show, we were on our way home by 3:30.  Unloaded, took a short rest, and then out for a light dinner with the card club couples and an evening of card playing at our house.  Another very late night.

My sister, Cindy, and her magnetic broaches for
attaching scarves, name badges, or glasses!

Sunday was Church, a relaxing afternoon, and then a small group meeting in the evening.

Today, Monday, we drove to see our oldest daughter, Lanie, and our granddaughters, Sam and Katelyn.  So good to finally be with them.  After a nice visit, we were home for lunch with more work on the phone and computers - seems like there is so much to "catch up" on.

Not a fan of this cold weather here in PA.  Love being with family and friends, but the warmth and sun of Florida sounds good!

Just signed up for another craft show this Saturday!  No rest for the weary, but I guess that is how we like it!!!!

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