Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Homeward Bound!!!

There was a light shower when we got up this morning, but it was very short.  We started getting the inside of Willie ready for our trip home today!  Then we cooked breakfast and got to eat it outside! The rain had stopped!

We met Duane and Louise at the Pickle Ball court at 8:30 and had so much fun playing!  We look forward to playing more often and hopefully improving!  It think we need better paddles!!  Isn't that what everyone says????  We said our good-byes (but we plan to see them again in Jekyll Island in mid October!  Maybe we will go to Hershey Preserve with a day pass to play Pickle Ball with them next Monday or Tuesday before they leave that CG. 

Chris Sinclair came over to Willie to say good-bye and tell us the good news - she was offered a job in Florida, but would have to be in Texas for training by Sept. 7. and she would have to go to Florida 1st to get her truck!  Not sure what she will do!  We will await to hear the rest of the story!!!

We were back home by noon and starting the process of unloading Willie and doing wash!  It rained off and on all day!

After a trip for groceries, Ken and I went to Jamie's to walk to the bus stop to meet Bria as she arrived from school.  So good to see all of them.  Jamie also gave her Dad his professional haircut.  So kind!

Jamie, Bria, Cali, and Grandma (PaPa took the
picture), on the way home from the bus stop.  3rd
day of 1st grade for Bria!

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