Monday, November 25, 2013

A Big Day of Travel! Now Back In PA!

Wow!  What a short night's sleep.  I got involved in the Sunday Night Football Game and stayed awake till there was 5 minutes left in Overtime!  After all that, I decided to turn off the light and go to sleep!  Only found out this evening that Payton and the Broncos lost.  I was sad!

Anyway, Ken and I were up by 5:10, got ready, put things back in the rental car, and enjoyed and very nice breakfast at the motel.  We were on our way home by 6:15.  Could not believe it - we had frost on the car and we were in the middle of SC!  What is that about???  It was 24 degrees when we left!  I kept telling Ken to head South - it is way..... too cold!

The drive went very well.  We made 2 stops for gas, 1 for lunch, Chick Fil A for their peppermint shake, and a couple "potty" breaks.  Every time we got out of the car, we were freezing!  We came home I95, but at Fredericksburg VA we got on 17, then 66, and ended up on I81.  A more scenic route with less traffic!

We were at our home in Akron by 5:30 after 11 hours on the road and 650 miles.  A long day!  Seemed odd to not be towing and not having to by Diesel fuel.  We actually got good gas mileage!  We quickly unloaded the rental car (I can't believe that Ken was able to get all of this stuff in there!) and then drove to the Lanc. Airport to return the car!  We did a lot of racing to get it there before they closed at 7:00.  They are forecasting sleet and freezing rain tomorrow morning around 7, so we really wanted to get it returned tonight!

We watched The Voice and tried to rest and relax.  The last 3 days have been very busy and rather tiring.  Looking forward to seeing family and friends.  Lanie and her family left for Michigan around 4 today to go to Bob's sister, Nancy, for Thanksgiving.  They had planned to leave tomorrow, but because of the snow forecast for western PA, they needed to leave sooner!  We will miss having them with us for the holiday!  Jamie and Dane are hosting Ken and I and Dane's parents on Thursday.  We are excited!

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