Friday, September 13, 2013

Spent the Day at Cape May!

Ken and I were only up at 8:30 today!  I guess we are getting used to this lifestyle!  None of us were in fast motion, so we only sat down to eat our breakfast around 10:30.  After doing a few things in our RV's, the men loaded our bikes and we drove to Cape May. 

We unloaded our bikes a block from the main road along the beach and rode to Sunset Beach to look for the Cape May diamonds and possible seaglass.  That area is so picturesque!  We did find about 6 pieces of beautiful seaglass and some "diamonds", but again, it was rather windy.  Decided to enjoy lunch at The Grille at Sunset Beach and the sandwiches were very good.  Rode back to the truck, loaded our bikes and then headed to 2 local Wineries - Cape May Winery and Willow Creek Winery.  The 3 of them (I am not a wine lover) preferred the wine at Cape May Winery.  The wineries were very beautiful.  At Cape May Winery they had just started to harvest the grapes, so we were able to see what they do with the grapes when they bring them in from the vines.


The 6 "alike houses" that a dad built for his 6 daughters!

Nice setting for lunch at The Grille on Sunset Beach!

Note the sunken cement WWII ship out in the
water on the left of the photo!  Don't believe
those ships floated very well!

This winery only opened in December!  It is
quite a fancy, special place!

We enjoyed a glass of wine looking out over the
vineyards.  I actually had sangria!

They had free range chickens on the property and this
was their special hen house!
Entrance to Cape May Winery

So many grapes on the vines!

View from the wine tasting deck!

Bringing the grapes into the juicer!

Back to the CG by 6:30 and Ken started loading for our Craft Show tomorrow at Sea Isle City on the Promonade.  Certainly hope it isn't too windy!  Doloris and Fred went back to Famous Mike's for the lobster special again - they have it on Wed. and Friday nights!  We decided to eat here!  Can't believe we have been here for 8 days already.  The time has gone so quickly!

Tomorrow is a very special day - Ken's 63rd Birthday and he gets to spend it doing a craft show!  What a guy!!!!!!

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