Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Relaxing Day at the CG!

Today, Tuesday, was a rather cool and very windy in the Avalon area.  It was 53 when we got up and only got to the mid 60's at best!  We cooked and ate inside! 

Ken spent time on the internet looking for a bike rack for Willie.  Thought he had the perfect one, but after talking to a company rep, realized that the receiver would be to close to Willie - no way to get the bikes far enough away from the RV.  So frustrating.  We really don't like having the bikes inside when we travel.

I did some research on the Internet looking for nickle free headpins and earwires for my jewelry making.  Some are available but I need to do some additional looking!

Ken left at 12:15 to go to the beach to look for more "treasures".  I decided to stay back and continue making jewelry.  I knew it would be too windy and cool for me to enjoy beach time!  He returned around 2:30 with a few pieces of seaglass, but said it was so windy and cold that he had his hood up!  Glad I stayed back!

Looks like most people decided it was too cool
and windy to go to the beach.  Ken could
sit and walk anywhere!!!

The surf was really rough and choppy!

Love finding seaglass in the sand!

Ken's treasures for the day!

After a late lunch, we play 36 holes of golf!!!  Oh, I forgot to mention it was miniature golf here at the campground.  Ken beat me badly!!!!  I must get him back tomorrow!  We walked around the CG and sat on the lounge chairs at the lake.  There we were in the direct sun and shielded from the wind.  It was so beautiful!

More jewelry making before and after supper.  Then we watched the finals of America's Got Talent!  Who will win???  All of the people are so talented and so different!!!!!

Some of the shell pendants and earrings I made
last evening!

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  1. I enjoyed visiting your blog while I was searching for pictures of Maine. I make jewelry as well. Your shell earrings pendants and earrings are beautiful - what a great way to use the treasures you find on your travels!