Friday, September 13, 2013

Another Beautiful Beach Day!

We have had positively gorgeous weather every since we arrived in Avalon.  Sunny and warm.   After cooking and eating our breakfast outdoors on Thursday, we played a round of miniature golf here in the CG.  It was so hot and humid so we stopped after the 1st round with the woman being victorious.  Changed and headed to the beach by 12:30.  It was warm and not too windy when we 1st arrived, but by mid afternoon, it got extremely windy.  Ken and I walked the beach and found more pieces of seaglass.  Then the 4 of us played a game of Bocce, but it was chilly and so windy!  I think we let the men win rather quickly just to head back to warmer conditions!!!

By the time we were ready to leave the beach, we
were the only sunbathers still there!!!!

We only arrived at the CG around 6:45, so the men started the campfire right away.  All of us were so ready for a shower after being "bombarded" with sand.  It seemed to be everywhere!!!  We only sat down to eat around 8:00 - not sure if it was breakfast or dinner????  As soon as we got inside Willie to do dishes, the rain began.  Just got finished eating at the right time.  We spent the evening at Martins RV playing more cards, splitting the wins.  Stopped at 11:30 when all of us were too tired to focus!  Another great day in the Avalon area! 

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