Sunday, September 15, 2013

Craft Show at Sea Isle City!

Ken and I were on our way to Sea Isle City for the Family Fun Festival at 6 AM on Saturday morning - way tooooo early!  Fortunately we were able to park close to the Promenade for unloading for the craft show.  It was only 53 degrees and dark so alittle chilly setting up.  All went well in the set-up process, but it takes longer than one would think.  The show officially started at 9 and we were ready by 8:15 or so. 

At the beginning I was concerned.  Seemed like not too many people and more "lookers" than buyers.  But I was proven wrong as the day progressed.  Lots of favorable feedback and many buyers too!  A winning combination.  It was a windy day too, but we and a large condo in front of us and high dunes behind us, and with Ken's weights that he made for holding down the canopy, the wind was not a problem.  At the end of the day, we were thrilled.  It was the best show we have done so far and it was only a 1 day show from 9 to 4.  And to think that 2 weeks ago we had no plans to do a craft show while in this area.  What a bonus!  We are so thankful!

Got very busy as the day progressed

It was dark and cool when we arrived, but what
a great setting for a Craft Show!

This is our set-up and notice Ken great weights!

A view looking up the Promenade and all the vendors!

This young guy was tossing pizza day right in front of
our craft space.  He was very good!

We were exhausted by the time we were loaded and heading back to the CG.  Unpacked a few items and then sat outside to relax and have a drink.  Talked to Nancy Savage - they ordered a new Redwood 5th Wheel at the Hershey RV Show that will be ready in about 6 weeks.  They are full-timing, so the new rig will be great for them.  We are so excited for Neil and Nancy! 

Martins were back from the beach around 6:30 so we chatted and then the men built a campfire.  We had grilled Caesar salads with our turkey sausage.  Then we enjoyed s'mores.  So good!  It really cooled off, so we played cards in Martins RV.  Surprised Ken with a birthday cake complete with candles.  He worked hard today on his birthday at the craft show, but we have so much fun doing this new venture together! 

Happy Birthday,Ken!  6 plus 3 candles!

No, No Ken!  You are supposed to share!  I guess
you can do whatever you want when you get to your age!

Ken and I were very tired and at 11:00 while playing a round of cards, we were waiting for Ken to play a card when we realized he was nodding off - he had actually fallen asleep.  So we called it a night.  Can't believe Martins had home tomorrow!  These 10 days together had flown by.  It is great to have such special friends who share your love of RVing!!!

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