Friday, April 18, 2014

More Good Times with Family

Tuesday we spent the afternoon visiting my mother and father at Masonic Homes.  It was Dad's 90th birthday and at the top of his list for fun activities is playing Pinochle.  So, we spent from 1 to 5 playing 4 games with them and it ended well!  The men won 2 games and the ladies won 2!  Perfect!!!!  They are always excited when we plan on an afternoon of cards and both of them are sharp card players.   We are all blessed that they are so good both mentally and physically.

Yesterday we headed to Lanie's house to go with her, Sam and Katelyn to Philadelphia to the Please Touch Museum.  What a wonderful place for kids to have a good time.  We were so glad she asked us to come along.  There are so many great areas for playing including McDonalds, a shoe store, grocery store, transportation area, Alice in Wonderland, a hospital emergency area, a building area, water area, musical area, and a gorgeous old carousel.  The old, old building is incredible.  The entire museum was very impressive!

This is the entrance!

Let's Make Music!

Katelyn served me a Rita's Italian Ice!

Working at the cement plant!

We had a "pretend" meal at McDonalds!

A sick baby at thee emergency room!  Doctor Katelyn
was on Call!

A fun carousel ride!

Katelyn was very possessive of her ducks in the water area!
Sam liked sailing the boat the whole way around the waterways!

Thank goodness for the water smocks.  They still got wet!!

Ken had to mow the yard for the 1st time today.  What is that about????? The weeds are "taking off" too!  Obviously, I'd rather be camping!!!!

We do leave next Wednesday for our camping trip to Elk Neck State Park in MD with our camping friends here in PA.  We are so ready to get back in Waldo again!

I will mention again that we are going to Escapade in Goshen IN, leaving here on Sat. May 9th and spending the week.  So, if you will be there, please let us know.  Looking forward to a wonderful, informative time!

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  1. Say Hi to Wanda and Wallace Lewis for us. They were the ones that had owned the shrimp nets we used. They are assistant directors at Escapade. I think you will have a good time. We plan on going to the one next year in AZ