Friday, April 25, 2014

Our 2nd Full Day at Elk Neck

Ken had one of his best night's sleep in a long time.  Only woke at 7:30 - wow!!  Another slow paced morning with a later breakfast.  By 10:30 we drove to the Lighthouse Trail and began the mile plus hike.  Another very beautiful setting. 

Here we are hiking on the Lighthouse Trail to the Turkey Point
Lighthouse.  A great trail!

Quite a nice view when you get out to the lighthouse!

After we got back to the truck, we decided we would like to return to the sandy beach area where we were yesterday to look for additional seaglass. So, we found the White Banks Trail southern path that eventually got us to that area but gave us a different part of the trail!  The view of the White Banks was incredible.  Eventually we arrived at the same beach area and we found many more pieces of seaglass. Had such a good time!

Love my hiking poles!

Gorgeous photo of the White Banks from the trail!


This butterfly is black and white!

Our camping buddies, Fred and Doloris!

The happy, hiking campers!

The sandy area where we found all the seaglass!

Another view of the White Banks!

We hiked back to the truck and arrived at the CG around 5:15.  We had walked over 15000 steps.  By then it was getting cloudy and cooler so we decided not to start a campfire, but cook on our grill.  Most of today was sunny with less wind and milder temperatures - a very nice day!  It started to rain while the men were cooking dinner on our grill.  Will be a rainy night, so another time of card playing. 

Waldo at the campground.  Very nice sites!

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