Sunday, April 27, 2014

Time to Leave Elk Neck!

Sunday morning was a bit chilly when we got up, but it warmed up quickly. We did some more preparation for heading home, visited with Martins, more work for heading home, and then we played some ladder golf.  The men just can't beat the women!!

By 12:30 Ken and I were on our way back home.  It was an easy drive of only 60 miles, just a nice distance to travel.  By 3, we had everything back in the house and in its proper place.  At 4:30 we headed to church, ate at Subway, and went to our small group from church!

Our time at Elk Neck was certainly a very special adventure.  Enjoyed our time with Fred and Doloris and were so happy that Gary and Marcia were able to join us last evening.

Did talk to my sister and her husband John numerous times while we were at Elk Neck.  They left Florida with their new motorhome on Friday and arrived back in PA today.  I believe all went well and they are certainly excited to begin their camping adventures.  We are looking forward to having them join us for the trip to the Escapade in Goshen IN, leaving May 10th.  

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