Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fun Day at Elk Neck!

What a relaxing morning!  We didn't get up very early and our cooked breakfast was rather late!  It was very windy and fairly cool this morning, so we decided to play Skip-Bo and go for a hike this afternoon.  Ken and I had learned how to play Skip-Bo in Florida with Chuck and Melissa so we decided the 4 of us should try it.  Martins enjoyed it so we played 2 games. Unfortunately the men won both.

After lunch, we drove to the beginning of the White Banks Trail, parked the truck, and began the hike.  What a great trail!  It started near the Beach area and then we started an upward hike overlooking the Chesapeake Bay - gorgeous views.  Then we got down to a sandy beach area and Bingo, we had our surprise and reward for the day - the best seaglass we have ever found and there was so much of it!!!!  Almost every step you took you picked up a very etched piece of glass - amazing!!  It was so much fun!

The start of our hike!

Combing the beach picking up seaglass!

A view of the white cliffs from the sandy beach area!

There was seaglass everywhere!

Some large Canada geese!

1st time I used the hiking poles that Ken bought me 2 years
ago for Christmas.  They are very helpful!  I think I should
have used them before!!!!!!

We got back to the truck around 6 and went to check out the beach area here at the park.  Quite a nice setting and large area complete with a snack bar (of course it isn't open this time of year so there was no ice cream for the hungry hikers!!!!)

The beach area is rather large and has lots of picnic tables,
grills, snack bar, and modern bathhouse!

The men built a campfire when we returned and we had a delicious supper.  Got together in Waldo for more card playing.

We are sad that Sam and Kathy couldn't be with us this trip.  Kathy has  been in pain with a pinched nerve in her neck that affects her arm and hand. After an MRI, they discovered she has a herniated disc and after seeing a neurosurgeon she has to decide whether to have surgery or do steroid shots and physical therapy.  Not an easy decision.  Marcia and Gary were supposed to arrive tomorrow afternoon, but Gary is having some health concerns and they hope to be able to join us for dinner and a fun evening on Saturday night.  Time will tell!

This is our seaglass "stash" for today.  This is only what
Ken and I found.  Doloris and Fred have a lot too!!!!

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