Sunday, June 1, 2014

All Our Friends Leave Today!

This camping life certainly agrees with Ken.  He sleeps so much better when we are on the road and sleeping in Waldo.  It was another gorgeous day with plenty of sunshine and near 80.  So, we enjoyed cooking and eating our breakfast outside!

Neil and Nancy wanted to get to PA Dutch CG this morning so they were on their way by 10.  They were so happy to actually have a weekend of true camping.  They are full-timers and go back and forth from Hershey Preserve to PA Dutch every 3 weeks throughout the summer, so leaving for a weekend is special.  I think they really enjoyed riding bike, having campfires, and sharing time with us.  We were glad they joined us!

We spent some time chatting with Fred and Doloris and then started to pack up for their trip back home.  Ken and I said our goodbyes (we will see them at Hershey Preserve later this week) and then drove to Gettysburg.  We walked around downtown Gettysburg and then had great lunch outside at O'Rorke's. What a great little eatery!

The old Gettysburg Hotel.  So pretty!

Then we drove over to the battlefield to do some bike riding.  Not the place for this girl to do a lot of "pedaling".  It is so hilly!  I am definitely a Rails to Trail Bike Rider!  After doing about 2 miles, we turned around and headed back to the car to drive some of the battlefield.  It really is an unbelievable place.  We went into the Pennsylvania Memorial and went up the tower to get an overview of the area.  On June 2, 1863 Union artillery held the line alone here on Cemetery Ridge late in the day as Meade called for infantry from Culps Hill and other areas to strengthen and hold the center of the Union position.  I knew I had a relative who was in the Civil War so we looked for his name on the monument - like looking for a needle in a haystack.  But, I think we actually found his name.  I will have to check with my mother to be sure.

The Pennsylvania Memorial!

A view from the top of the Memorial!

Hard to see, but I think Jacob Fry was a great great
uncle of my mother's.

Back to the CG to rest (after that tough ride), then a walk around the CG, followed by some card playing.  We really enjoy this CG and have had a wonderful time here with special friends.

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  1. We rode our bike all around Gettysburg Battle field, oh wait, ours has a motor on it, maybe that's not the