Monday, June 2, 2014

Time To Head to Hershey Preserve!

Ken and I had a leisure morning at Gettysburg, but were on our way to Hershey by 10.  Only 1 1/4 hours to get to our next CG, the perfect trip!  We set-up, had lunch and left for home in the CRV around 1:30.

Ken wanted to mow and get firewood and I did some wash and additional sorting!  I also had a card club dinner at ViVa with my ladies card club group. Had a delicious meal, but our waiter had no clue what was happening.  (He had only worked there 2 weeks and we figured that our quickly!)  We had a 6:00 reservation and only left there around 8:40 - it was actually rather painful but we did have lots of time to socialize!

While I was out to dinner, Ken went over to Jamie's to see the kids and then went to watch Bria at swim team practice.  Cali had the flu, so she was not able to practice today.

Ken and I had planned to sleep at home and go back to the CG in the morning, but we decided we would rather sleep in Waldo and maybe play pickle ball in the morning at the CG.  So we arrived at the CG at 10:30, happy to be back.  I guess we just love camping!!!

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