Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Gorgeous Morning at the CG!

Ken and I took our time getting up and then got ready to play pickleball.  It was a beautiful, sunny morning.  Today we played pickleball from 9:15 to almost noon - we are going to be so stiff and sore, but it is so much fun and great exercise!  Barry and Donna couldn't play today, but Renee joined us and he is quite an experienced pickleball player.  Gave us some good tips!!!  By the time we left the court, we were tired and very hot.

Back to Waldo for lunch and to hydrate!!!  After refreshing showers, Ken took and nap and I made numerous phone calls.  Talked to our camping friends, Chuck and Melissa, whom we hope to meet up with in August and then again in the fall.  We miss spending time with them.  

We drove to Morgantown from the CG (about 50 minutes) to have dinner with Lanie, Sam and Katelyn.  Had a fun time playing with the little ones and then we all went to Sam's T-Ball game.  She did a great job - paid attention in the outfield and did a good job hitting the ball.  She really seemed to understand the rules and expectations!  Katelyn had fun with Grandma and PaPa.

Lanie helping Sam get ready for the "big game"!

Waiting patiently for the ball to come her way!

Batter up!!!

She stopped the ball and threw it towards 1st base!

Katelyn enjoyed playing in the stones!

Headed back to the CG and played a game of Pinochle outside - so still and no bugs.  But by 9 it started to rain.  This has been a busy, fun-filled day.

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  1. We hope to meet up some where down the road for a game of pickleball. Looks like your having a great time in that MH.