Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of Christmas Week!

Well I am behind again with this blog so I will give you a quick summary of the days before Christmas!  We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Monday I had breakfast with my Curvette friends and what a fun time we had. Ken met me at Wal-Mart and we drove to see Katelyn, our youngest granddaughter, and her pre-school Christmas program.  She played Mary and was so adorable (spoken like a true grandma!).  After some refreshments, we went back to Lanie's and Ken entertained Katelyn while I helped Lanie wrap "Santa's" Christmas gifts.  After lunch we headed home and after checking my phone, I realized 5 people had responded to our ad on Craig's List for the sale of our 2001 CRV.  We quickly made an appointment to have it inspected at 3 (wow, that was quick!) and the 1st possible buyer we spoke to said he would stop by our apartment at 4:30 to check it out!  Long story short, by 5:30 we had a cash deposit and an appointment for 6:30 on Tuesday to finalize the sale - less than 24 hours.  Wow!

We said our goodbyes to a very faithful friend!

After a walk on Tuesday morning, Ken cleaned out the CRV and I started cutting celery, onions, and bread for making my potato stuffing on Wednesday morning. Ken had lunch with Kevin and when he returned, we drove to Masonic Homes to spend the afternoon playing cards with my parents.  We always have a fun time! After a quick dinner, we went to the Notary and our 2001 CRV is no longer ours! I spent the rest of the evening making jewelry!

Wednesday morning Ken and I went for a long walk since it was so mild outside. Ken had breakfast with his friend, Gary, and I made my potato stuffing ( a family tradition) and cranberry jello salad for our Christmas dinner at Jamie's. After lunch, we spent some time cleaning the apartment and organizing things. Ken took a short nap (he is still fighting some sinus issues) and I made some pendents out of pieces of seaglass we had found.  Cindy and John arrived at 4:30 and the 4 of us met Jamie and Dane at Church for an early Christmas Eve service.  What a phenomenal worship service.  After Church, Cindy, John, Ken and I went for a delicious dinner at Fiorentinos.  Back to the apartment where the men won Up the River.  By bedtime I had a sore throat and felt rather achy! Oh no!!!!! 

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