Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thursday, New Year's Eve

We were up at 7 and Ken began the 2nd round of his colonoscopy prep - such fun!  He had a bellyache most of the night and had trouble sleeping.  

I did 2 loads of wash and some clean-up around the house.  Ken spent some time at his desk.  I left to pick-up the Happy Happy Happy decorated cake for Samantha, Lanie, and Jamie's January birthdays.  We are celebrating on Saturday, but the bakery closed at 3 today and will not be open again until Monday.

When I got back home, I packed up all my jewelry "stuff" to take to Florida. Then it was 12:15 and time to leave and drive to the Health Campus in Lancaster for Ken's procedure.  Our biggest concern was his coughing issue and whether they will allow him to go ahead with the test.  The 1st 20 minutes after he went back, I was "sweating bullets" for I knew there was a question with his cold/sinuses and after doing the prep, he certainly wanted to have the procedure today!  After listening to his chest and it was clear, they started the colonoscopy.

I went back to him at 1:45 and he was already awake and excited to go home. All went extremely well.  He did have one small polyp removed, but the Dr. said it was of no concern.  Because of Ken's father dying of colon cancer at age 53 Ken will have to go back in 5 years as a precaution.

We were so relieved that Ken was able to have it done today before we headed to Florida and we were thrilled with the results.  It felt like a weight lifted off of our shoulders.  Now we can get really excited about heading to Florida and the packing can begin in earnest.  We are so blessed!

We stopped for some food for Ken and were home by 3.  I did some cleaning and then we both rested for about 1/2 hour.  Got to the New Year's Eve party with our 4 couple card club group at 6 and had such a fun evening.  We have been together on New Year's Eve for at least 20 years and always have a great time.  This year instead of card playing, we enjoyed a long game of Dominoes. We had a toast at midnight, finished our game, and were home by 1:15.

Can't believe another year has passed.  2015 was certainly a special year for us. We spent so much traveling in Waldo and sharing life with many special friends and enjoyed lots of fun and memorable times with our family.  We have every reason to Celebrate Life Daily!

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