Monday, December 28, 2015

Special Time with the Little Ones!

Ken went to have breakfast with his friend, Gary, while I got ready for the day and then prepared for the sleepover here with Samantha and Katelyn.  Ken was back by 9:45 and w drove to Jamie's house.  Lanie was there with her girls and in no time at all the 4 girls had their coats on and were ready to leave with Grandma and PaPa.

We headed to the bowling alley only to find that it didn't open until noon and it was only 10:30.  So the girls wanted to go to our apartment to get bread to feed the ducks and head to the Lititz Park.  That is what we did!  It was rather cold and windy, so we didn't stay very long but the ducks appreciated that we came to feed them.  From there we walked to Wilbur Chocolate Company to get a few samples and just look around.  Now we were hungry, so we went to a local pizza shop for some of the best pizza I have had for a long time.  While we waited for our food, Ken walked to the Post Office to have our mail forwarded while we are in Florida!  It really is going to happen!!!!

The girls like to pretend they are statues when standing on
the large rock in front of our apartment!

We had so much fun with the girls during lunch and when walking around Lititz. Then it was time to return to the bowling alley.  What a hoot to watch these little ones enjoy being together and try their best at bowling.  One game was enough, especially when we mentioned going to McDonald's for ice cream. 

Thank goodness for bumpers in the gutters!

Cali was one happy bowler!

Samantha too!!!!

They really enjoyed the bowling and their time together!

The McDonald's in Ephrata wa recently rebuilt after a fire that destroyed the previous building.  The girls were fascinated by the table top that had different colored neon spots of light on it that could be changed when you waved your hand over the spots. 

We decided Jamie should put in
one of these tables when she
remodels her kitchen!!!

We returned Bria and Cali to their house around 2:30 and then we took Samantha and Katelyn to our apartment for the sleepover.  Ken took a short nap while I played with the girls - legos, coloring, and some hide and seek. After dinner Ken left for a meeting at church and the girls had fun playing in the tub. Then we watched Jungle Book.  By 8 they were in bed and by 9 I told them it was time for the talking and laughter to end.  (They were having a good time!)

I slept on the couch again so Ken would not get whatever I have that is keeping me tired and draggy!

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