Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Fun Weekend!

I had paid to do a Craft Show on Saturday, but after much internal struggle, I decided it just wasn't a wise thing to do.  As the day progressed I can't imagine how we would have done it.  We were busy all day!

Ken was up 1st and wanted to surprise me with breakfast in bed - what a guy!  I spoiled his surprise by getting up before it was ready!  He did make a delicious breakfast for us!

He took a walk (boy we mind the cold weather!) and I did some work to get ready for Ladies Card Club that will be here on Monday from 11:30 to 3.  We used to play at night but now that we are older and retired, daytime is much better for us!  Also, we don't like driving at night - we must be getting old!!!!

Ken and I headed to Agway at Ephrata to buy a small (that is the key word) live Christmas tree and a poinsettia before dropping off some unwanted clothing at Goodwill.  Then on to our favorite store, Costco, for a few needed items, including a pumpkin pie for dessert for card club.  I love their pie, but it is too large to buy for just the 2 of us.  Card club gives me a great excuse to indulge!!

We were back home around 2:30 and continued doing some cleaning and some food prep for Monday.  Then we made dinner and finished in time to watch the amazing Penn State Game.  What a terrific, fun game to watch.  It helped that the Nittany Lions were victorious!  It was a late night!

Today, Sunday, we stopped at Jamie's on the way to church because she offered to store our empty Christmas boxes until after the holiday - we just don't have any place to put them during the season.  Then on to church to hear an inspiring sermon.

We planned to go out to breakfast, but decided to go home and make omelettes.  By noon we were on our way to watch Bria and Cali's swimmeet which was about an hour away.  What a fun time!  We had not seen them swim since the summer and they have improved even more!   Cali swam 6 events for a total of 9 lengths of the pool and in most of them she had a new personal best time!  Bria swam in 5 events and she had her best times in almost all of them too!  They work really hard and enjoy it so much!  It is so good for them in so many ways!!!

We were home by 4:45 and had an early dinner while watching the Steelers football game.  I was so happy to see them win and play such a good game!

Now it is time to watch some of the next game, but we will probably go to bed before it ends.  Last night was a late one and it took its toll on these older folks!!!!

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