Friday, December 23, 2016

The Week Before Christmas

Monday morning I started my day with a little bit of an intestinal "bug", nothing that really slowed me down, but I definitely didn't feel 100%.  I am thankful it never manifested, but it did "hang around" through Thursday.

This proved to be a very blessed day.  Ken had a routine check-up with his Dr. in the morning and then his annual visit with his cardiologist in the afternoon. Both of them were very pleased with his blood pressure and cholesterol "numbers" and with his weight and overall health - hallelujah!  I spent the morning wrapping Christmas gifts and having a nice long chat with Melissa.  In the afternoon I had time to make some jewelry.   Then I got a call from Cindy that they had taken Mom to the hospital with very high blood pressure.  Fortunately after lots of tests, they sent her back to Masonic Homes with a clean bill of health and attributed the problem to stress.  We are thankful.

Tuesday was a rather leisure day.  Ken had an eye appointment to get transition lenses added to his glasses  It surely seems like we have a lot of Dr. visits when we are in the area.  Do you think it could be age related?!??  I finished wrapping a few more presents and spent the evening making scrapbook pages for the girls camping books. 

Wednesday morning I still had some stomach cramps and body aches so I ate lightly but was able to continue doing things.  Ken had a finance meeting in the morning and I did some clean-up around the apartment.  In the afternoon we played Pinochle with my mom and dad.  The four of us always have a fun time. I did more scrapbook pages that evening.  I don't think I realized how much work it would be to document the camping trips with our granddaughters when I started this project.  Now I have 4 books to do for every trip and it takes quite a bit of time.  I like doing it, but it certainly is time consuming!

Thursday I went to Wal-Mart while Ken had breakfast with his friend, Gary. When we got back home, Ken worked at his desk while I cut-up ingredients needed for making my traditional potato filling for our Christmas dinner.  Ken went to a movie in the afternoon while I finished the camping pages and ordered them from Costco - hallelujah!!  Then I had fun making a sea glass picture.  Later that evening I realized I had forgotten that Bria and Cali camped a night with us in Tempe, AZ and I hadn't documented that camping experience. So, back to the "drawing board".  I spent the evening doing those 2 pages and even ordered them.  DONE!!!  Now we have to go to Costco tomorrow to pick them up - that should be a ZOO!!!!

Friday I left at 6:30 to meet my Curvette ladies for breakfast.  We exchanged gifts, mostly treats we had made.  We had a fun time and I am so blessed to have these special ladies in my life.  I made my cranberry jello salad and large bowl of potato stuffing when I got back.  Then we drove to Costco to get the scrapbook pages and surprisingly we must have gotten there at a good time because the traffic and lines at the checkout were minimal.  I was so excited to put the final pages in their scrapbooks when we got home.  A job well done if I do say so myself!  After dinner, we met Jamie's family and her in-laws at church for the "Christmas Eve" service!  Then Sue and Dan invited us all to their house for some snacks and fellowship.  It was a very nice evening.

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