Saturday, December 24, 2016

One of Our Best Christmases Ever!

Our immediate family started a tradition several years ago of getting together to celebrate Christmas on Dec. 24th at Jamie and Dane's house.  They are such gracious and generous host and hostess.

Ken and I arrived at 10 and Lanie and her family were already there.  We enjoyed fellowshipping while the little ladies played in the basement.  Jamie served a delicious breakfast of western quiches, iced cinnamon monkey bread, fresh fruit that Lanie provided, and lots of varieties of drinks.  We quickly cleaned up and headed to the basement to exchange gifts.  Our granddaughters were so excited and happy with all of their gifts.  Bria and Cali love to read and do craft projects so that was the majority of their gifts!  They are so thrilled to get books.  Lanie's girls still appreciate toys, but also like craft kits.  It was lots of fun to buy for them.

Jamie put on her special hat to start the
gift exchange!
I think Katelyn and Samantha liked their gifts
from Aunt Jamie and Uncle Dane!

Cali is excited to do her new craft project!

Samantha enjoyed wearing her Christmas hat!

What do you mean that the gift exchange is done????

Lanie liked her new exercise outfit from Dane and
Jamie and really appreciated the Reese's PB
cup with Reese's pieces!

Kubb Champion Bob liked the special shirt
that Jamie and Dane bought him!
Surprise!  Electric teapots for the girls!

How do you get these toys out of the box???? 
I think Katelyn wanted Samantha's gift!!

Bria and Samantha liked the calendars that I made for each
of their families that highlighted photos we took throughout
the year!

The girls enjoyed the additional scrapbook pages I added to
their camping books highlighting our trips with them this
past year!  It made all that work so worth it!!!

Our girls and Bob and Dane were so generous to Ken and I.  We will have fun spending the Amazon gift cards they gave us and Ken will enjoy his tee shirt and I am so happy to have a pedometer again.  The little ones, with the help of their mommies, made us a picture using the girls finger prints to make a heart.  Each granddaughter used a certain color so we can identify their prints!  What a special gift!

Ken and I had a fun time playing cards with Lanie and Jamie even though they beat us - what is that about???  The men went outside and were in charge of deep frying the turkey while the ladies prepared the rest of the trimmings! 

Preparing the food was definitely a family project!

It warms my heart to see the love Lanie and Jamie have
for each other!

Fortunately it was in the 40's, not bad weather for deep
frying the turkey!

These girls were ready to eat!!!

The 4 little ladies were downstairs playing most of the day.  Bria did spend time upstairs painting one of her craft projects.

Cali and Bria spend so much time reading!

Bria was the one who was terrified of dogs.  Now she and
Lulu are great buddies!

Ken carved the "beautiful" turkey and I think Bob ate a whole leg while the carving was in process.  We had a delicious dinner and after a quick clean-up (we have gotten smarter and use disposable plates and silverware) it was time for another card game.

One of the family members needed a nap!  Do you think it
may have been too much turkey????

Jamie took advantage of the "Kodak moment"!

Then we used the Christmas "props" to do some family photos.  It was a very special family day that only ended around 8:45.  Ken and I are so blessed!

Dane, Cali, Bria, and Jamie

Bob, Samantha, Katelyn, and Lanie

Thanks, Samantha!

Time for the ladies to be silly!


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