Sunday, December 11, 2016

Our Week in a Glance!!

Well, it's been a busy week and I think I would give you a brief (I hope) summary of what was going on -

Monday Ken spent from about 8:15 to 3:15 running errands while I hosted women's card club at our house.  He had a 9 AM appointment with Dr. Mackey, a dermatologist, and it was his 1st X to be checked by a skin specialist.  He did have a biopsy done on a suspicious spot on his face.  Fortunately on Thursday we found out that the biopsy took care of the problem and no further treatment was needed - hallelujah!

I had a great time with my card club ladies and enjoyed seeing all of them again.  We have been playing 8 months a year for probably 30+ years.  Ken completed many errands during that time.  Ken went to Celebrate Recovery at church that evening and I am proud to say that it was his 1 year anniversary of going without any alcohol.  I am so proud of him!  I spent the evening watching The Voice (love that show!) and working on camping scrapbook pages for our granddaughters!

Tuesday I had a 6 month check-up with Dr. Mackey and all went well.  I do have to use a special cream on a spot on my face but it is nothing serious and she said I only need to come back in a year - Yeah!!    I did a few errands and Ken spent the morning working at his desk and getting our new MI-FI card functioning!  I made some earrings and seaglass pictures - so much fun!  Talked to Noela and they had several inches of snow.  The evening was spent watching The Voice and doing more scrapbook pages.

Wednesday we did somethings around the apartment and then spent the afternoon playing cards with my dad and mother.  We played 4 games and the men won 2 and so did the women.  It was a fun afternoon.  From there we drove to John and Cindy's home.  We hadn't seen since early September.  We had a great visit and delicious chicken salads for dinner.  It was so good to spend time with them.  

Thursday Ken went to breakfast with his friend Gary and then got an oil change and tire rotation on the CRV.  I ordered some inspirational rubber stamps for my sea glass pictures, recorded expenses in our budget program, and organized and cleaned up my craft area and the storage space under our bed!  We have to make every corner count in our apartment!  We drove to Lanie's house at 3:45 to meet Samantha and Katelyn at their bus stop, ordered in pizza for the family, and just had a nice visit.  We hadn't seen them since September and were so excited to see everyone.  Lanie had a bad headache from her Thanksgiving day concussion, so I bathed the girls and got them ready for bed.  Samantha and Katelyn were so much fun and even made a huge poster welcoming us back home!

Friday I met my Curvette ladies for breakfast and to celebrate Nancy's birthday. We did some shopping together in the Bird-In-Hand area and I arrived back home around 12:30.  Ken had kept busy around the apartment.  He went to Costco for a few items and I downloaded photos to have printed at Costco.  It took me over 3 hours to choose which ones I wanted and then edit them.  After dinner I spent more time on the girl's camping books.

Saturday Dane and Jamie brought Bria and Cali to our house at 9 and Ken and I took our granddaughters with us to Masonic Homes to be part of the Christmas Party for the residents there.  My sister and John were there too.  It was a delicious meal and they showed a video of several of the residents talking about a memory they had of Christmas Past!  My mother is a wonderful speaker and did a great job of describing the little village that she created with her mother each year to put under their Christmas tree. 

Our table at Masonic Homes Christmas Party!

Bria and Cali were so patient and friendly
throughout the meal!

That is my mother in the video that we all watched!

We left there by 12:45 and took Bria and Cali to Lancaster to let them help pick their Christmas gifts from us this year.  Both of them love to read, so they wanted to go to Barnes and Noble which we loved!  They picked out numerous books and then I will go online for the ones they wanted but we couldn't find!

They did some playing on their own when we got home but we also enjoyed playing Skip-Bo, Racko, and Apples to Apples with them.  They are great game players!  They wanted to go to the Lititz Springs Park to play even though it was "freezing" outside.  We made a stop at Wilbur Chocolate and then on to the Park.  That didn't last very long, for these old folks go way tooo cold.  Actually the girls did too!  We stopped at a local pizza shop for dinner and then they spent time playing with Barbie before more games for the 4 of us.  We had so much fun with the girls.  They are so grown-up and behave so well!

The ducks at the park were very hungry!

Bria looks rather cold!

Yes, that is ice in the puddles under the swings!

What a pose!

Cali doesn't even look cold!

The girls slept well and all of us were ready for Church in plenty of time, so we played 2 more games of Racko.  We got to Church at 8:45 where they were excited to see their parents. They went home with their parents after the service and Ken and I went out to breakfast and then on to Costco to return a new printer Ken had bought on Thursday to get a different model.  (Our old one "died"!)  Home by 12:30 and we were happy to stay indoors  It was very windy and cold - only in the 20's.  They are predicting some light snow.  We watched football while I worked on this blog and did more scrapbooking.  Looking forward to having some time to do some of my craft projects this week.  It was a good day to complete several time consuming projects and watch football.

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