Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Monday thru Wednesday Dec. 12 - 14

Early Monday morning, Ken got a call from the dentist and they had a cancellation at 12:30 today, and since he was due for a check-up and cleaning and we are only here for a few more weeks, he agreed to go.  Before he left, he spent a frustrating time trying to get our new printer to work.  He finally got it to print if he plugged it into our computer, but it wouldn't work using the wireless feature!  What a pain!

I went to Target to get a few Christmas gifts and a pair of boots for me.  While he was at the dentist I recorded all our expenses and then upon his return, I went to Park City in Lancaster to try to find a pair of stretchy dress pants for me - success!  I did discover again, that shopping is not one of my favorite things to do!

Ken went to Celebrate Recovery in the evening while I did some "crafting" during The Voice.  Did I tell you I love that show!  I thought Billy was amazing.

Tuesday Ken went for a walk (too cold for this girl) and then he drove me to Cindy''s house so he would have the car for the day.  John, Cindy, and I went to Masonic Homes and spent 2 hours rearranging my dad's room.  He needed to get rid of some furniture so he could maneuver around his room more easily with his electric wheelchair.  We were extremely successful and he was very happy with the new arrangement!

John went back home and Cindy and I took mom out for lunch and then as part of her Christmas present we all went to a local, very professional music theater to see their Christmas Show.  We have taken her there for the last 4 years and it is something she always looks forward to.  We had a very nice time.

Ken went to visit a friend from high school that was paralyzed from a fall about a year ago.  He is making a lot of progress, but still has a way to go.  Then Ken went back to the dentist to get a filling on a tooth where there was decay under an old filling.  Now he is in good shape and that is wonderful considering that he has been cavity free for a long time.  That is quite a change from years back when he always seemed to need major work!

Cindy dropped me off at AC Moore and Michael's to do a bit more Christmas shopping and Ken picked me up at 6:45.  I called Noela to see how things were going in Canada!  They had 8 inches of snow on Monday to add to what they had before.  It is very cold there too, so it probably won't be "disappearing" for a while.  We are looking forward to spending time together in Florida from Jan. to April 1.  I spent the remainder of the evening working on some Christmas gifts and watching the finale of The Voice!  I really wanted Billy to win, but I also enjoyed Sundance very much.  So, I was happy with the outcome!

This morning Ken took a walk while I made pretzel squares with a melted chocolate coating wafer topped with a peanut butter M&M. At 10 our personal hair stylist came by the house to give both of us a haircut (our daughter, Jamie). We really appreciated it!  She also gave us some gift ideas for our granddaughters and helped us order them on Amazon.  Jamie is a wonderful and creative cook/baker and gave me some good ideas for some snack type candies to make for Christmas gifts for friends and neighbors.

Ken and I spent the afternoon playing Pinochle with my parents at Masonic Homes.  We always have a fun time but unfortunately the men won all 3 games!

After getting a few items for making my Holiday Christmas "treats" we spent the evening relaxing and I worked on a few more Christmas projects.  Loved the wonderful Christmas special by Pentatonix.  What great voices! 


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