Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cindy and John Leave Us for Home in PA

Cindy and John arrive in Florida!  Happy to see them!

Cindy and John leaving Florida.  Time went so quickly!
 Cindy and John stayed in Willie with us on Monday night, their last night in Florida.  We were all up at 5:30 so everyone had some time in the bathroom.  We were on our way to Sarasota Airport at 6:30 for their 8:15 flight home to Lanc. County PA.  We had so much fun together going to many different beaches and having shuffleboard and game "tournaments" of men vs. women.  We were more victorious at the games, but the men were strong winners in shuffleboard.

After dropping them off at the airport, we did some computer updating at Panera Bread before heading to the diesel garage in Sarasota for some adjustments for our truck.  Nothing major, just some jerking whenever it shifted gears.  What an improvement after they did some adjusting!  Drives so much better!

We decided to take it easy today and played some shuffleboard and relaxed by the pool at the campground.  Both of us were tired from lack of sleep and so much activity over the last 6 days.  Needed some down time.

Grilled our dinner and played some cards.  A relaxing early to bed evening.

Can't believe Cindy and John were really here for 6 days.  There are definitely more hours in a day at home compared to when you are on vacation.  Not sure how that works!!!!!!

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  1. We had our boys for 10 days at Christmas and it just flies by. Never enough time when you are with those you love.