Thursday, March 10, 2011

Very Breezy but Sunny and Warm Day!

Today was another very nice day in the Bradenton Area.  I mentioned this before but it is worth mentioning again.  We are staying at an Encore Park, Manatee Winter Quarters.  This is a really nice park with larger sites, a beautiful clubhouse with a view of the lake from the 86 degree pool, well maintained shuffleboard courts, and friendly people.  The lay-out of the sites is exceptional.  The only negative is the proximity to Route 75.  Road noise is a definite.

Yesterday we spent time on our computers, but have to go to the clubhouse or office to connect to the internet.  Tengo is available at our site for a fee, but if you have ever experienced Tengo, it is "spotty" at best.  We had used it the last 4 weeks and had good reception at Pine Island, but spotty at Royal Coachman.  Ken tried to subscribe here, but after 1 1/2 hours of frustration, he cancelled it.  By next year we need to have our own way of connecting to the internet.  Not sure what that will be!

Then we decided to head to Bradenton Beach for the afternoon.  It is a nice beach area with places that are fairly remote and quiet.  We enjoyed 4 1/2 hours relaxing.

We decided to try the Cortez Kitchen for an early light supper.  Ken was ready for another grouper sandwich.  It is a nice setting outside at the dock, but we did not enjoy the food as much as the Star Fish Company.  It was a nicer setting too!

Spent the evening in Willie after taking a walk around the park.  Second one for the day!  Had walked 1st thing this morning.  The park is larger than you think, but has a "small feel".

Watched American Idol.  Amazed at all the wonderfull talent this year.  It will be hard seeing contestants leave the program.

Ken took some photos last evening of the cloud formations at the campground.  Looked like huge balls of cotton with a pink tint.  Beautiful!!!


  1. Great sunset pictures! Thanks for the review of the campground. I was just looking at it online last night.

  2. I'm with ya on that Tengo being spotty at best, though I've herd other folks replacing the p and the o in spotty with a couple of other letters fer an even better description.

    Have never ate one of them groupy sandwiches. I can see how it mite save ya a bunch of money over everyone buyin' there own, but does ya slice off where the last person took there bite out of it, or do ya just hope everyones healthy?