Monday, March 14, 2011

Hang out at Campground Day!

We felt like we have been on the go so much recently, that we decided to spend today, Sunday, at the campground after a trip to the Red Barn for produce and to Wal-Mart for some additional groceries.

We were back to Willie by 12:15 and I headed to the clubhouse to check our e-mails and do some posting on our blog.  It is challenging when you do not have internet at your campsite, especially when I like to blog in the evening.  Ken stayed at our campsite and did some "prep" work for our trip home.  He also checked the pressure in all the tires and was prepared to tighten the lugs but all of them were fine!!

We got to the pool around 2:15 and enjoyed reading and resting.  We also played a game of shuffleboard which Ken won again.  I was so far ahead and he still managed to "just" beat me.  (I did win a game yesterday)

A couple in the campground that we met the first day we arrived, Norman and Cheryl Deffibaugh, stopped by Willie to visit.  They actually only live about 3 miles from our home in Akron.  They live along Rothsville Road.  So nice to get to know them.   We will keep in touch when we return to PA.  They are in Florida till the end of the month.

We talked to family at home after grilling our dinner.  Can't believe tomorrow is our last day in Florida.  We are looking forward to going to Venice to enjoy the bike riding and the beach in that area.  Then we will have to get "packed up" for our return to PA.  So sad!!!!!

An overview of the Campground from the bridge on the
road outside of it!

The large pool overlooking the lake!  Beautiful!

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  1. the large pool overlooking the lake is beautiful! i didnt see the name of the campground listed.. but the campsite should use that pic for marketing! :)